Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 152

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission
Chapter 1: True Parents’ World Tours
Section 4: Letters from True Parents during the World Tours, Paragraph 11-15

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11  Dear Hyo-jin's Omma: How hard you have been working! I am very sorry to hear that you were worried about giving birth prematurely, and it is a relief to hear that everything is progressing normally. In addition, hearing that Ye-jin and Hyo-jin are playing cute tricks and getting along well together makes my heart yearn for home. Furthermore, I know that the first ten days of August are when you may go into labor, and I am extremely sorry I will not be able to make it home before then. However, I know that heaven will be with you. During the first ten days of July, I will pass through Canada and South America, and then I will arrive in London, the capital of Great Britain, on July 15 I will pass through the continent of Europe, and depart through Greece to Egypt and Jordan, finally crossing over Asia to arrive in Korea during the last ten days of September or the first ten days of October. I know how anxious you are. I especially hope you can take care of your body and stay healthy. I know that you are living in crowded and complicated circumstances, but even if things are difficult, please hold fast and soon the day will come when everything will be resolved.

My lifestyle here in Washington is no different from my lifestyle in Korea, but when I eat and when I wake up in the morning, there are times I am immersed in thoughts of my home in Korea. I know you are curious about what is happening here, and how you must be waiting day after day for the mail carrier, and I feel apologetic for not being able to send you letters daily. Yes, it is now 4:15 a.m. on June 8, and I should be getting ready to go out, but I started writing to you instead. During this time, I have met many people. I try to study English when I have time, but my proficiency is not improving. Yet I still continue. You, Omma, also will have to study English. I realize this even more after coming to America. Even if you only do a little at a time, please continue your studies. I am stopping the flow of time to send you my sincere devotion for the Will. I will end here, as I pray for your peace and good health. —June 8, 1965, Washington, D.C.

12  To Omma: I was just looking at the picture you sent me that Ye-jin drew, and I am very pleased with the wisdom of our growing children. Looking at the picture makes me think of how much they have grown and developed. I really want to see them so much. Hyo-jin also looks like he has become quite the little cutie now. The image of him looking for me, his Daddy, is clear in my mind. They must have grown a lot. I want to come back home quickly and see them.

When I think of our new baby, my heart leaps, and I am counting on my fingers the days until August 7 when our new baby will be born. You seem to be worried, but just entrust everything to heaven and there will be no need to worry. I offered a prayer to Heavenly Father, and my heart is with you even though I am not there. Since things are no doubt becoming more difficult, please be cautious. I got a glimpse of your worried heart in Ye-jin's letter. You should proceed with the childbirth however you think best. I just want you to be able to go through it with a peaceful heart. Also, this is a time when loyalty is demanded of us. The efforts of headquarters and our mission countries are also necessary. It is great to hear that Korea is doing well. I am grateful whenever I read their reports.

Everything is going well, thanks to heaven's efforts. We must have even greater resolve to accomplish our true heavenly mission. Japan reported that they are developing like Korea. America is also developing. I was really grateful when I realized that heavenly fortune was working together with me when I visited all of these places.

All we need to do is quickly accomplish the establishment of God's Day. We must advance with that goal in mind. I want to do everything to help you go over the hill victoriously and obtain the glory of the victorious Mother. Let us keep going with hope that a bright light will illuminate our path. Please take care of your health. Let us take care of the members and prepare for the future so that we can establish blessed families and offer them to heaven. Then, let us hasten the restoration and bring results and success to heaven and earth.

You will receive our travel plans from Bo-hi. We will travel according to this itinerary. I want to follow the Will knowing that you will pray for the heavenly path that we are about to walk. The American members are making a lot of effort both spiritually and physically. Please keep in your mind this image of our sincere members following the Will. I met many people during this time. I guess you must be quite curious. The members here, including my travel companions, are healthy. As I watch heavenly grace cover the entire movement in anticipation of the selection of the remaining holy grounds, I am preparing for our departure. —June 22, 1965, Washington, D.C.

13  Dear Hyo-jin's Omma: I know the daily newspaper is publishing false accusations, but I am praying for peace. Before we know it, we will enter a global transition. It already has been six months since I left home. Because tomorrow is July I when I leave for Canada, we are very busy with preparations for our departure. As of today my work in America is finished, and tomorrow I will begin touring again to establish holy grounds around the world. There will not be a moment's rest.

I returned from meeting with two United States senators before writing this letter. From this meeting I was able to make a rough assessment of America's circumstances. In addition, I met former President Eisenhower on the 25th, and more senators a couple days before that. Meeting with the current leaders of the world, I came up with many ideas. I know that there are a lot of things that relate to the world mission centering on our great Principle. I am so grateful for you whenever I think about how hard you are working to fulfill your responsibility. I only ask that you face heaven and carry out your responsibility as a filial daughter. I am writing this letter as I sit in front of Hyo-jin's and Ye-jin's pictures. I feel as if we can see each other. As I look at their pictures and write this letter, I think to myself, "I have to return quickly to see them." How I truly miss them.

And as the days come closer to your delivery, I am so sorry that I cannot be there. Please discuss with church president Eu Hyo-won and come up with a plan for when you go into labor. Please be cautious about your meals and consider your nutrition. I am concerned that in Hyo-won's report, the lack of funds is affecting you. But at the same time, I am grateful that you are very frugal. Everyone must offer everything with a sincere heart and filial piety, so that heaven can take responsibility.

We are all doing well here. The American members are making effort both spiritually and practically. I am praying that God will guide them for their future. I am again sending you my itinerary, so please look at it and ease your heart. I will be protected and will return safely. In the meantime, you will have to work hard for the children.

We are planning to visit 40 nations. After we depart, I will let you know where you can contact us. I am praying for Korea's current situation. Thinking this trip is for the purpose of paving the way for Korea's future, I would like to relieve my regret about the Korean people. I am worried because you said the drought is severe. The worse it gets, the more the church members must exert themselves. I am sorry that the members have to work so hard during this hot season. I sympathize with you having to take the position of being an example to the members under such circumstances. I realize how important the role of the leaders is. I pray that you may find peace. Please excuse my hasty writing. I am in the middle of a hectic schedule. Please be safe until we meet again in the middle of October. Take care of yourself. —June 30, 1965, Washington, D.C.

14  Dear Hyo-jin's Omma: We just left Madrid, Spain and are flying toward England. It is 8:15 pm. on July 14. The sun is shining down on the fields and mountains of Spain. It will be twilight soon. Spain is an agricultural country, but their fields do not look very fertile, and there are not many mountains or trees. Looking from the airplane, the distant sky and land look soft due to a faint fog. In two hours, we will arrive in London, England, the central nation of western civilization, and I am flying with great wonder and thoughts of meeting with Young Oon Kim. She said she witnessed to several people over the course of two months, and I believe that she will bring them with her to meet me today. The sun is beginning to hide behind the western clouds, and the fields and mountains are starting to darken. As we fly over the Straits of Dover, I hope our visit will open a path that elevates the Will. Going to England truly makes me feel like I am returning home. Today, we rode a tour bus in Spain and visited the palace and museum. The royal palace was built over a period of 26 years, and an incredibly great number of works of art that encompass all of European civilization are kept there. The museum has around 3,000 paintings, including many famous masterpieces. The airplane is now entering the clouds. The sunlight is changing to an evening sunset glow and flickering in through the window. Now the stewardess is pushing me to have dinner, so I will have to stop writing you here.

Flying to England, I am eagerly anticipating news from home. I am thinking of all the church members, and hope that they are doing well. Also, I hope that you, Omma, are healthy, and that our children are healthy. I want to hear about all the activities, and again I am looking forward to the day we can all meet again. Please put your heart at ease and know that all of us are safe and sound. Please give my regards to those members close to us. As I ride on the white clouds and look across the fields and hills spread out like a garden, I am crafting memories from the sounds on the plane and the view from the window. The sunlight is now dimmed by dark clouds, and even the bright cabin has become dark, so I will stop here. Take care. —July 14, 1965, in an airplane heading to England.

15  Dear Hyo-jin's Omma: It has been a few days since we arrived in Germany. In comparison with the American members, I feel more loyalty from the members here. The German citizens are very diligent, and I felt it even more when I saw how their country has recovered since the war. Around 60 percent of the entire country was in ruins after the war, but the German people created their nation anew. Taking in this fact made me reflect upon Korea's position, and I realized the weight of our responsibility. I was looking forward to hearing news from headquarters after arriving in Germany, but I have not heard anything yet, so I am wondering. Today is August 4. I think about how today reminds me of you, and offer a prayer in memory of this time last year. Since it is August already and you are heavy with child, you must be really worried and concerned, so please entrust everything to heaven. I was in the living room getting ready to go out when I saw that our itinerary had changed, so I decided to write you a report. As for the name of the baby, if it is a boy, we should give him the "Heung" character, and if it is a girl, we should give her the "In" character. Thanks to all of your prayers, everyone in our group is safe and sound. We will leave Germany tomorrow and arrive in Italy on the 18th. Please send your letters there next time. You will probably have given birth by then. Please give everyone my regards and please take good care of your health. I keep thinking about my homeland. The children are doing well, right? And please tell the church president to prepare 20 handkerchiefs like the ones I brought from America, and put the same stamp on them. I want to bring gifts back, but because of the weight issue, I do not think it will be possible. Please tell him to do this as a substitute for the gifts. I hope that you may all find peace. Our lodging in Italy has been changed on the itinerary. —August 4, 1965, Germany

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