Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 151

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission
Chapter 1: True Parents’ World Tours
Section 4: Letters from True Parents during the World Tours, Paragraph 08-10

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8  To Omma: I have created many new memories during this time, and it is hard to believe that 70 days have passed already. It must be natural to yearn for our homeland when we experience a different way of life. I find myself reminiscing deeply about the path I have walked for 45 years. It was a path for the Will that no one knew. Only heaven supported me as I endured the cleaning up of our homeland's past and strove with tears in all seriousness and determination to succeed in the course of restoration.

Let us advance toward victory, singing praises for the mission of the noble True Parents, who are the only ones who are offering their lives in this way. Let us express genuine gratitude for the sake of the nation, passionately paving the way of hope for our homeland. Since my life is for the sake of the Will, I am making a new resolution before heaven to offer all my determination and loyalty.

Today is one day before April 17 (16th day of the 3rd lunar month), the anniversary of the day I anointed you, Omma, to fulfill heaven's mission. It reminds me of the past, when I toiled hard and endured long to pave this road. In this foreign country I offer sincere gratitude for your great heart. Ever since I placed you in charge of the heavenly mission and set you on a path that even heaven and earth have been concerned about, it was your heart that created the path to victory.

As the mother of several children, you again are in a position of having to worry, but I sympathize with your path, and will spend April 17 together with you in my thoughts. The more ups and downs there are in our past, the more we should be able to sing praises for the value of what we have experienced in the face of history, should we not?

Let us run the course of restoration with strength. We must invest all our sincerity and effort for the sake of our kingdom of heaven, our world and our blessed land. In the course of our determined life, for whom are we going to run? We only have one precious life. Let us offer sincere gratitude for the ultimate purpose of our life, and offer high praise for the mission of the noble True Parents. With sincere gratitude let us advance toward victory tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and on and on.

I think about how great you will be five years from now, and I begin to imagine a picture of what you will become in the future. If ten years pass, and then ten more, I expect that the world will look at our past as it unfolded and recognize that we acted nobly. When that time arrives, the public image of the Will we pursued and of our family will be different from today. I am resolved to build the family of the original homeland as the true example that God desires. I know you also will have spent March 16 reflecting on the past. Who knew that our Holy Wedding was so historic? Wasn't it a day when heaven alone rejoiced, while Satan grieved? When I think that when we started the family of the new heaven and earth, heaven was trying to give us blessings and Satan was trying to slander us, I wish that we had offered even greater devotion and sincerity at that time.

I also think about our young children; I miss them. Of course I look at their pictures from time to time. Spring is arriving here now. I believe it is probably spring in Korea as well. It would be nice if you could take some time to enjoy the spring weather. I hope you can find solace in loving all of creation as if I were with you. I am going to visit several historic sites in Washington, D.C. with our members. In the middle of your busy life, please be at ease and take care of your health during your pregnancy.

Please also try to take vitamins. Hearing your voice last night on the phone was deeply moving for me. Let us gather many stories to share when we are next together. Forgive me for not writing more neatly. —April 16, 1965, Washington, D.C.

9   Dear Hyo-jin's Omma: We departed on April 30 and arrived in New York after four days, on May 3 at 10:30 pm. In the car on the way back, they were saying that there were letters waiting in several places.

So I was praying aloud, and hoping in my heart that your letter would be there too. As soon as I arrived I asked, "Are there any letters for me?" and I was surprised to receive letters from you and the church president. The last time I received a letter from you, I wrote a reply then and there, and gave it to Bo-hi to mail to you, but since you indicate that you have not received it yet, I think it may have gotten lost. I am trying to remember what I wrote in that reply as I write this letter. This will be the first time I am sharing news with you since our last phone call. I'm sorry to hear that your pregnancy has made you exhausted. By the time you receive this letter it will have been more than 15 days since you last heard from me. Not knowing your situation, I had been looking forward to receiving your letter, thinking that you already received mine. I met with many important people, mainly in Washington, D.C. during that time. I will explain that to you more in detail later. I think that if they had seen Hyo-jin's Omma, they probably would think more highly of me!

All I am worried about is that you are healthy. Please do not be anxious about going into labor; everything will work out. Since that moment is close at hand, do whatever you think is best. When I went to New York, I realized that in order to place you on the world stage, it will be necessary for you come to America and learn how to live in America by living with me. However, I'm sorry that our current circumstances do not allow it. Whenever I come to New York, and am unable to be there together with you in Seoul, I think about you more and more. Every time I think about you, I believe it is helpful for us and I am grateful to heaven for it.

Around 25 members accompanied me as we visited the most important locations in New York City. I will send you pictures later. I realized deeply that the power of this civilization will make a major contribution to building the kingdom of heaven in the future. Today I received letters from London and Rome. We will build churches in these places. We also will go to the Netherlands, and we will go to France. During my time in America, I will select a number of missionary countries and implement this plan. Please anticipate this and pray hard for its success. I seem to be tired. Please forgive me. I will stop here. Please take care. Please send the church president my regards. Everyone is doing well, right? If you are planning to write to anyone else who is close to us, please give them my warmest regards as well. —May 4, 1965, Washington, D.C.

10  To Hyo-jin's Omma: Time flies by so quickly. In just a few days it will be four months since our parting. I felt at peace when I heard the news about headquarters, so thank you for sharing that with me. I understand that you are doing well, and I hope you will continue to be loyal before the great mission. Until now, without me, you have been carrying a heavy responsibility with a serious heart, and whenever I am given reports about it, I always feel reassured. May you establish the way of loyalty and filial piety in your heaven-given mission forever! I constantly picture you being honored throughout all generations. Upon you, so pure and precious, may God's peace dwell for eternity.

Truly, I sincerely wish to comfort you after you worked so hard for the Parents' Day event that just passed. I imagined that you fell fast asleep after it was over, and I prayed that peace and health would surround you. I was deeply concerned about you, and before the ceremony began I prayed for God's blessing and good fortune. I know that your heart is full of love for me. I am looking forward to the day when everything you have deeply experienced during your life course will be a blessing to our family.

It is now 1:40 a.m. It is a calm night on this side of the world. These nights make me miss the nights back home. When I think about the fact that it is afternoon right now in our hometown, it seems so strange. But I am writing this letter now, just thinking it is nighttime. I am wondering how Omma will be sleeping. I know you are always thinking about America. I know that you wish me to come back as soon as possible. Amid that kind of precious heart, may you have a sweet sleep. That is what I wish for you. I hope that although we are separated between our home and a foreign land, tonight everything you are talking about and thinking of will become a condition that God can be proud of, that emits a beautiful fragrance

You are pregnant now, and I hope the baby in your womb is healthy. Mother, please be grateful that heaven is greatly protecting our family. How much I hope that we can become a family that brings grace to the destiny of heaven and earth. God and the Unification Church members also think this way, so I feel we must concentrate more on the education of our children.

As I joyfully imagine changing the course of restoration, which is full of sadness, pain and heavy burdens, into a great and glorious achievement, I think about how much more I will have to endure, and I make my determination to do that. Likewise, my having to advise you to become not just my faithful wife but also a faithful daughter for heaven pains me, knowing how much you will have to endure to go such a path. Again, as my Omma you should be able to be honored by all women even after you go to the spirit world, and all heaven and earth should be able praise you; that is why I have to tell you again to go this path. Yet my heart aches to do so.

All those who are working closely with me want to see you. As we share the same destiny with heaven and earth, I hope your blood, sweat and tears can become the fertilizer for you to soon become True Mother, blooming like a peaceful, sweet flower. That is why I want to advise you and raise you, so please accept my words joyfully.

After I return to Korea, again I will have to push you and bring you with me. I am in that kind of position, so please sympathize with me. Heaven will have to do it; the earth will have to do it; it is all because they know the preciousness and greatness of your position and are trying to lift you up. So even though the final cross of heart comes to you, I hope you will triumph over it in a beautiful way.

Please become the Mother who will be truly respected by people who empathize with her precious life as a woman and become the example of meritorious virtue for all time to come. Omma, your life should be able to disclose even greater height and preciousness than mine. Whenever you tell me how busy it is in Seoul, I feel immense gratitude toward everyone for their hard work. Their accomplishments are directly proportional to their efforts. I received the letter that the members signed in blood and you forwarded to me. Likewise, I am keeping my own 21-day condition. I just took a bath as preparation for it, and now I am resuming my letter to you. This letter is getting longer and longer because I am thinking that you may be wondering about the news here in America. If you examine the lifestyle here, the meals are fine, just as in Korea. During this tour, Suk-hee and Kisuk are totally dedicating themselves to serve me, so I have not felt uncomfortable or inconvenienced.

When I have time, I struggle to master English. I really need a lot of time. Omma, you should also do some conversation practice. I have concluded that memorization is the best method. Besides that, most of my time is spent meeting people. I can see that the progress is as I had imagined. I think about living with you in America in the near future. I think of this whenever I see something good. Also, please take care of your health and keep your spirit up. Offer solace to the members and to heaven by singing cheerfully throughout the day. I will stop here. Please give the members my best regards. —May 21, 1965, Washington, DC

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