Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 153

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission
Chapter 1: True Parents’ World Tours
Section 4: Letters from True Parents during the World Tours, True Father’s letters to the members
Section 4: Letters from True Parents during the World Tours, Paragraph 19

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True Father's letters to the members

16  To president Eu Hyo-won and all members: How have you all been doing? I have started to miss all of you. It has already been 20 days since we parted. On the day I departed from Gimpo Airport, we said our goodbyes, and my heart was deeply moved as I thought about the past, present and future. I was grateful to heaven for the gathering of almost 1,000 young people who came out to send their Teacher off with such a sincere farewell. I felt sorry that I would be leaving them behind, but I offered that feeling in my heart for heaven's glory. The resolutions I made as I was saying my farewells and waving goodbye are still resonating in my heart. While I was circling the plaza and heading toward the deck I vividly remember you members waving goodbye with your hearts full of hope that I would fight hard, just as you also pledged to fulfill the Will. I finally entered the boarding platform, and later, as I looked at the ground of my homeland below, I thought, “Land that has been with me for more than 40 years, take care," and was so filled with gratitude I could not say anything else. In that moment, as I departed for my first world tour, I prayed and pledged my heart to heaven, saying, "My homeland, please nurture and raise our members well."

As the members were cheering, I prayed in my heart as I boarded the plane. I wanted to stay a bit longer to look at the members, but the crew advised me to just go inside. I took my seat and was looking out the small circular window, hoping that everyone would remain well for two months, when the plane started to move and I could not see anyone anymore. Several minutes later, we started heading toward the runway and finally took off. The airplane rose slowly above Gimpo Airport and reached more than 10,000 meters before turning east. When the land of Korea disappeared and Japan started coming into view, the landing lights turned on, and we landed.

As I prepared to receive the Japanese members' greetings, I saw that it was late in the day and starting to get dark. At that moment, the Japanese members recognized me and received me with enthusiastic cheers, crowding in front of the control tower. When I tried to exit through customs, I was completely overwhelmed by the members' cheers. After that, we rode on the expressway for 40 minutes to get to the church headquarters. The area near the highway has been developed so much in 20 years; it is completely different from the image I have of it from before. All the members participated in a welcome rally where I spoke about my thoughts and impressions and gave a lecture in Japanese. I stayed there for 12 hours and then went to Tokyo. After that, I toured Japan for 15 days before departing for America on the 12th, where we arrived at 5:00 a.m., also on the 12th. I felt a new sense of dignity as I met the American members who came out to welcome me with happiness. After that, we drove to the church and I gave a message of greeting. Continuing my life in America, I have visited many scenic spots and the prominent features of each city. It was not until several days had passed that I thought of Korea and picked up a pen as I called out our members' names.

Although I know you will have a lot of work to do and will have to make a great effort with a complicated schedule, I will not worry and only wish for heaven's protection upon you. On the 19th, I am going to leave San Francisco and embark on my tour of the entire American nation. I am planning to arrive in Washington, D.C. on either March 24 or 25, so almost 40 days will be spent touring America. I will be sending the schedule from here in San Francisco, so you will have to send letters to those addresses as well to make sure I get them. I will send you the next part of the schedule later on, so just be aware of that, and please work hard to sincerely fulfill your responsibilities. Goodbye everyone. —February 15, 1965, San Francisco

17  To all family members: Through the news that you have conveyed, I know that my country is safe. When I left Korea, the mountains and rivers of my homeland were in their winter season. But spring has already come and gone and now it's the summer season. Already six months have passed. As I miss my home country, which is so very far away from here, I start thinking that the way of the Will changes in the same way that nature changes. How can I forget my land and my people, especially you church members, whom I have come to know through my blood, sweat and tears over the 40 years of my life? Even in my dreams, I can never set aside my hopes for your peace and good health, as well as the peace of my homeland in the future. However powerful and dominant is the culture of a foreign country, I only bow my head naturally before the noble power to which I am connected in heart. I truly realize there is a cohesion that is stronger than the bond forged from the common suffering we have endured together through many ordeals. That cohesion is the tie to our homeland, a reality that transcends the ages and the world. How can someone like me forget the mountains and rivers of my native land? The more countries I visit, the more I experience the heart with which I prayed while I was touring Korea. There is a poignancy there that I cannot find in any foreign country.

When I visited Japan and America, I felt that our ancestors did not accomplish their responsibilities. My thinking was that we, as their descendants, must indemnify their responsibilities in our age. I realize that the present Unification members stand in this position. However, when I think about how patient we will have to be, and how long we will have to fight, I feel that we must prepare to bear the cross again. But I feel that heaven's misery is much greater than that of our people. When looking at the path of the Unification members, who are the pillars of heaven and earth, I see we are pitiable. Nevertheless, who knew of the great agony and sorrow of Heavenly Father, who has been educating and leading us? When I think that it was human responsibility that brought the great mistake upon heaven and earth, I just want to cry with embarrassment and sorrow to the point of choking. Nonetheless, we, who are standing in a sacrificial position, decide our fate and whether we move upward or downward on restoration's path. We must not forget that we ourselves are sacrifices, and we do not look around, question anything, or leave the altar. We are the ones who must know that, although there are hardships in Korea, greater hardships exist in the world, and we must triumphantly bear the nation's cross and move forward to overcome the worldwide Golgotha.

We must become champions dashing forward to carry the cross of the nation and world. As I have been passing through foreign countries, I keenly felt that I must plan for the worldwide foundation and decide to dispatch young people from Japan and America to each nation. This year we must go to more than 12 countries and furthermore, we must soon go to 20 countries. I am thankful to heaven for young foreign members who are resolved not to be defeated by the young Korean members. I am now in Washington, D.C. and am very pleased to see young Japanese members who are assigned to do missionary work in Brazil. I am pleased with one young Unification member's courage. He may be but 21 years old and ignorant of the language, but he is headed to a foreign country at the risk of his life.

You members in Korea, in order to save the face and dignity of Korea, please realize that the foreign members are truly hoping that you within the mother country will fulfill the responsibilities that are required by heaven. Korea must set a model of how to go the path of the cross by shedding blood, sweat and tears as a tradition in front of young Unification Church members throughout the world. We need do nothing other than that. Is there any more precious treasure?

As we move forward, going on and on in patience, a bright tomorrow will soon welcome us. Korea seems to be having a severe drought, however the more difficulties we encounter, the more we must overcome by believing that a path of loyalty will be revealed to us. For that reason, I intend to begin this in the hottest season. As I shed sweat in the heat of foreign countries, I would like to feel as if I am experiencing sweat and difficulties together with you members who are working hard in Korea.

Tomorrow is July 1, and about half the time of my visit in America remains. I am trying to glorify our church members' futures and their loyalty through fulfilling the heavenly responsibility throughout the world. I would like to tour the foreign mission countries after writing a letter saying that we are all working together. I am praying that the protection of heaven will be upon you members rather than on me.

As I write this letter, it looks as though I am asking you all to follow the path of suffering again. But what else can we do, as this is our destiny? Is not the world of people who have inherited the way of the Teacher and the way of the Father coming toward us, the Korean people? Let's go forward in patience.

Let's try our best to be loyal. The summer witnessing period is coming again. What will the three-year course and four-year course bring to us? Seeing the current conditions of Korea and the world, I hope that you will become people who will receive praise by putting up with these situations, surviving, and not dying.

If I proceed now, I will arrive in Korea in the middle of October. Please understand when I cannot respond to all the letters from so many members. I should ask to be excused for not being able to convey news regarding the foreign countries. Even though there are many things I would like to write, it is time to say farewell and stop writing, as I hear applause and I must make my appearance. Based on the reports from Seoul, I want to thank you members who are working hard. Let me excuse myself now with this letter, hoping that all of you will become loyal servants in front of this heavenly mission and hoping you will all be healthy until we meet again. I hope that you have peace. —June 30, 1965, Washington, D.C.

True Father's letter to his son Heung-jin

18  Heung-jin-ah! Our gentle and diligent Heung-jin, do you miss Appa and Omma? Appa and Omma are the ones who love our Heung-jin more than anyone; that's why we miss you so much. We are now in San Francisco, which is the closest part of America to Korea. We are going to New York on the 26th. You and your brother and sisters are loving each other and getting along well, right? When Appa and Omma come back, I'm sure you will have grown a lot. You must study hard so that you can get better grades than your older brother and sister. You are the handsome one, Heung-jin, so if you can do that, how fine that would be... I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We really miss you and want so much to see you. We will say goodbye for now. —December 24, 1972, San Francisco

True Mother's letter to her son Hyo-jin

19  Hyo-jin-ah! I miss you and want to see you. My son, whom I always call out to and think of and run to and hug, my good, cute, precious, beloved son, whom I never want to let go of, I miss you. The heart of heaven which loves your parents is like that. So Hyo-jin, though we are separated for a while, you are heaven's happy son and your sister is heaven's happy daughter. Whether you are asleep or awake, and whether something is big or small, if you live a life of consulting heaven for everything, you will experience greater blessing and love. Our filial son, Hyo-jin! Our good-hearted and wise Hyo-jin, I love you. I know you will become a filial son of heaven, a filial son of earth and a filial son of the universe; you will become a good example of a filial child.

On Children's Day (the Korean national children's day on May 5th), we only talked over the phone, and I could hear how much you have grown into a young man. Both Appa and Omma feel so sad that we are too busy following the Will and have such little time to spend with you. Yet we feel so proud and secure because of you. Hyo-jin-ah, you are different from other children. Even though you run around with your friends, you must remember your origin, God, and not damage His dignity. So you must study harder than others, make more efforts than others, and strengthen your abilities more than others. In order to do so, you must study when others are sleeping. Don't waste even one minute, even one second. You must surpass world-famous PhD holders. I know my Hyo-jin will be able to accomplish anything if you really want to. Appa and Omma are always proud of you. When we see you in the near future, can you surprise your Appa and Omma a lot? Hyo-jinah, I am sending a few photographs so you and Heung-jin and your sisters can look at them together.

Please love Heung-jin a lot. Since you are the older brother, you represent Appa. If there is some good food, let Heung-jin have some first, and if there is anything good, think of your younger brothers and sisters first. There is no one else in the world who is like each of you to one another. You and Heung-jin are precious brothers to one another. Isn't that right? "Appa, Omma, please love Heung-jin more than you do me." You should be able to say this, right? You'll become the best older brother, won't you?

Being the best does not only mean wearing nice clothes and being good-looking. That is just the outside. Your heart is what really makes you the best. You know this well. Appa and Omma have huge dreams for you. I am talking about dreams for the amazing and filial Hyo-jin. Omma is waiting and always praying for that. Stay healthy. Goodbye. —May 12, 1973, Belvedere

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