Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 14

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 1: True Parents’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Section 4: The Embodiments of God, Paragraph 16-20

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16   God is the eternal, incorporeal, internal Parent of all humankind. Adam and Eve are the eternal, corporeal, external parents of all humankind. When the incorporeal Parent as subject partner and the corporeal parents as object partners give and receive eternal love and become totally one with each other, they manifest supreme love and bear fruit. True love naturally manifests as unity, connects us to divine life, and leads us to realize the ideal.

God’s most precious object partners are Adam and Eve. Centering on His love, they are to totally harmonize and unite with God as parent and children, as subject partner and object partners, as the incorporeal Creator and His corporeal embodiments in the substantial world. In this way, they are to realize the ideals of eternal love and eternal life. This is God’s Will.

People up to now have generally asserted that created beings cannot stand in a position equal to the Creator. However, if that were true, it would be impossible for the Creator to realize His ideal of love. God’s ideal of love is to relate to His children, Adam and Eve, as His corporeal substantial object partners and attain oneness with them for eternity. God wants to dwell in human beings. The moment that those human beings reach perfection as His object partners is the starting point for the incorporeal God to realize His ideal of love through substantial human beings.

17   Adam and Eve, the horizontal True Parents, are the earthly king and queen. The heavenly king is God, the vertical True Parent and King of love. When Adam and Eve make love as man and woman, the Creator and the created beings who are to be the True Parents come together in a sacred union. That loving union is the starting point for the manifestation of the horizontal king who can usher in the kingdom of heaven on earth and the manifestation of the vertical king who rules over the kingdom of heaven in heaven. Therefore, the focal point, the most precious things in the world, are the reproductive organs of man and woman.

They are the original palace. Only one person can own that palace—only one man for the woman’s reproductive organ and only one woman for the man’s. That palace is the palace of life and of lineage. There can be only one king for that palace in the kingdom of heaven on earth and for that palace in the kingdom of heaven in heaven. Hence, the wedding day of Adam and Eve is God’s wedding day. When they enter into loving union, they can finally perfect God and place Him in the position in which He is liberated.

18   The first human beings were to inherit the seed of life, and represent God. God is the origin of the seed of life. These human beings, who inherited God’s seed, must then procreate. They are the True Parents, the owners of the seed. From them, life is multiplied and expands horizontally in all directions. This is the formula.

Accordingly, the most blessed people are parents who give birth to many children. Parents with many children can establish the foundation to receive many blessings. When their children manifest their value as individuals, they are bound to inherit their family’s foundation. When they marry, they will unite front and rear, and right and left.

This is the point of perfection; that is where God dwells. This is where the perfection of children, the perfection of siblings, the perfection of husband and wife, and the perfection of parents is realized. This is the point where everyone can connect to the invisible God.

This family is everything that we human beings truly desire. This is the family that everyone seeks to achieve. It is where God can fully manifest Himself in visible form. The love of brothers and sisters, the love of husband and wife, and the love of parents and children are all included here. Such love is something parents can bequeath to their children.

When the invisible God began His creation, it was as if He were making an appearance in the visible world. In creating human beings, God has four ideals: the ideal of parents, the ideal of husband and wife, the ideal of brothers and sisters, and the ideal of sons and daughters. As God is the Parent of all humankind, all parents have these same ideals. That is why parents want to give birth to children. As children grow, they relate to their siblings. Later, they marry and become husbands or wives and look forward to becoming parents. A husband and wife perfect their relationship when they are in total unity, revolving around each other in all directions. At that point another creation comes into being. The invisible God, the Creator, is manifest in a husband and wife. This is how they can become an ideal couple. God comes and shares their first wedding night with them.

19   When the original Adam and Eve marry, God, the incorporeal Parent who dwells in their external forms, becomes the eternally existing Parent in the corporeal world. Then Adam and Eve become the True Parents, the true ancestors of humankind. Thereupon, God becomes the Father with a form, and the incorporeal and the corporeal become one. This symbolizes the oneness of heaven and earth. For this reason, God created Adam and Eve in His own image and likeness. When Adam and Eve ascend to the thrones of the palace in heaven, God will build His palace in their hearts. This is the kingdom of love.

20   If Adam and Eve had become God’s embodiments, He would have dwelt within their hearts, reigning over earth and heaven, the corporeal world and the incorporeal world. The sovereignty would have been not only God’s but also Adam and Eve’s. Hence, they would have expanded God’s kingdom—the kingdom of peace—on earth. Adam and Eve would have become the king and queen of the kingdom of heaven on earth and also the king and queen of the kingdom of heaven in heaven. Inheriting all the attributes of God, they would have become absolute and unique beings with dominion over all created things. They would have become the substantial parents, the substantial king and queen, the substantial owners, and the substantial teachers of eternal and unchanging true love. Had this happened, then today all human beings would be God’s second selves, the very embodiments of God.

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