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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission
Chapter 1: True Parents’ World Tour
Section 4: Letters from True Parents during the World Tours, Paragraph 04

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Section 4. Letters from True Parents during the World Tours

During his first world tour, True Father sent handwritten letters of encouragement to True Mother, True Children, Church President Hyo-won Eu  and other members. He sent the first letter from San Francisco on February 15, 1965. This was followed by dozens of letters and postcards. He described the tour and offered his encouragement to those he had left behind in Korea by expressing his feelings. In these letters we can especially get a glimpse of True Fathers deep love and high expectations of True Mother, True Children and all Unification Church members, along with his thoughts and emotions regarding the tour. The leaders at church headquarters also reported their activities to True Father through letters. Most of this correspondence was lost, but True Mother saved the letters that Father sent to her, and she made this precious treasure trove available for this book.

Letters from True Father to True Mother

1  Dear Omma: It has already been 20 days since I left home. I left behind me a lot of history as I passed through Japan. But now I am in San Francisco, and as I gain a sense of a new cultural lifestyle and visit scenic spots, I think of you.

When I think about how you are alone, living in such complicated circumstances for the sake of the Will, I am so concerned. I am sure you have a lot of uncertainty due to your inexperience. Nonetheless, I hope that during this period you will be victorious over your circumstances through a lot of prayer.

After coming to America, and as we remain apart, I realize all the more how precious we are to each other, and what a great mission we share. The feeling that comes with that realization is something I am very grateful for.

How crucial is our lifelong duty! Our historical destiny as a couple is to take responsibility for heaven and earth. We have a mission to do what no other couple can do. We occupy the central position where our deeds, both good and bad, will influence the whole. Therefore, we must become a shining couple our whole life long, one that fulfills the duty of loyalty and filial piety toward heaven, working hard for the world, and to liberate and accomplish the historical Will.

In order to fulfill this serious responsibility, I am offering all my sincerity before the American members, the Japanese members, and heaven. When I see the earnest expressions of the members and the sight of them devoting themselves, I feel they are indeed heaven's children. The more I feel that, the greater the awe in which I hold True Parents' position. I am slowly becoming familiar with the various problems and issues. Japanese members and American members are very different from each other. I will omit the details and save those for next time, but we must possess heaven in our hearts and convey the heart of heaven to others.

Please comfort the people who are close to you and develop your motherly presence. I will also work to complete this tour with strength. I focus my concern on the position of our homeland and our international mission, imagining a new tomorrow. There is so much I want to say, but I will stop here and wait for the day when I can see you again to deliver those words to you. I wish you well. Please forgive me for stopping here. —February 15, 1965, San Francisco, California

2  Omma, the days are flying by. It has already been a month. As I think about the mountains and rivers of Korea, I feel as if it is a foreign country far, far away. As it says on the stationery, I am in Las Vegas. This place is famous worldwide for its casinos. I left Los Angeles this morning and created one holy ground on Mt. Whitney, a high mountain, and another in Death Valley, the lowest elevation in the western hemisphere. After establishing these holy grounds, I traveled for three hours and am just now settling into my hotel room.

I will be departing at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, so please know that I will be keeping up with my tour schedule. I do not think I will have time to write a letter tomorrow. Even if you do not hear from me, please do not worry about how things are going. I ask that you fulfill your mission, studying English according to your set schedule and trying to resolve all problems with prayer.

I received the letter you sent to Los Angeles the other day in answer to my letter from San Francisco. I was so happy to hear about Hyo-jin and Ye-jin! It is definitely true that nothing can stop me from thinking about them no matter how far away I am from them. Please be careful in the middle of your pregnancy and take care of your health. I am following my course, and my sense of duty is directing me to fulfill my responsibility in America.

I am keeping to my itinerary today and tomorrow and heading toward the southern part of the United States. I am working sincerely to accomplish this great heavenly mission. I felt very close to the American members that I met in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I am well, with hardly any discomfort. Since they are all family members, I hardly feel any distance, so please know that I was at ease. From now on, America's fate depends upon their efforts.

I only pray with hope that this large American continent will be set ablaze with heaven's fire. The people who are traveling with me are Young Oon and Bong-chun, and two young Americans, making a total of five people. We will travel throughout March until we arrive in Washington D.C. I am keeping my mind strong, since I was told we have to cross through the desert for a week because several states in addition to Nevada are in desert regions.

I deeply realized that the future destiny of the Unification Church is to fight here in America. I am astounded by its widespread modern facilities and advanced transportation system. That is why I realized that the full-scale development of our movement cannot ignore America. I feel that Korea is such a small country. Nevertheless, when I consider our devastated homeland from a providential viewpoint, I feel the greatness of our mission and pray for its success.

As I anticipated, the American members who joined us for the Principle are the same as church members in Korea. When it comes to the Will, we are no different. Other than that, I feel responsible for the close family members whom you have been working hard to raise. Please take good care of them. They are in a position of a sacrificial offering for the sake of the Will. I am truly grateful to you, Omma, that even though you bear responsibility for such an enormous mission, you are able to relate to them with a steadfast heart and treat them all in the same way. For this I am truly grateful to heaven. Please maximize your talent for doing that, make good progress and bear good fruit during this period.

This is the chance for us to experience the preciousness of our relationship with heaven. Please tell our children that I am doing well. Please give my best wishes to all the members. I am using this time while I am traveling to briefly write to you. Please take care of your health and fulfill your responsibility. That's all for now. —February 25, 1965, Las Vegas, Nevada

3  Dear Hyo-jin's Omma: I am wondering how our church is doing. I hope you and the children are safe and sound. I would like to hear about the results of the revival team. Whenever I think of you doing your very best to fulfill your responsibility as a young woman with a delicate frame, I believe that heaven will look upon you tenderly. Now my thoughts move across the Pacific Ocean to Korea, where I miss the people and the land that I love. It is natural for people who are separated by distance to yearn for the ones we love.

Because I am the type of person who adapts well to foreign countries, I do not feel uncomfortable here at all as I travel around the American continent. It is already March 6, 1:05 a.m., and I am writing to you after having traveled hundreds of miles, arriving at the Rose Motel in Little Rock, the state capital of Arkansas. Just a few hours ago in another state, at 8:00 pm., I selected a holy ground. This is the tenth state in which I have made a holy ground since coming to America. During this tour, I find myself thinking about the tours I did in Korea before 1960. O, America, when will you bend your big body and bow in service to heaven?

In order to accomplish this mission I am leading heavenly programs, and my only desire is to bring victory and build a foundation for the restoration of the world. I came here saying that I would not write letters, but I felt sorry when it occurred to me that you might be expecting them, so I am quickly writing to you. Our mission is becoming greater and greater. Our members at home and abroad are the same. I feel their profound sense of duty from the way they treat me.

I cannot help but worry about your heavy responsibilities. Please study hard. Keep your body healthy and pray a lot. I feel sorry that you have such a burden despite being so young and delicate and I am grateful to you for following me so well. Please take good care of your health, as I am thinking of bringing you here to America. I entreat you to stand large and victorious before heaven. May you be at peace at all times. In case I cannot write a letter to the church president, please convey this to him. I will stop here. —March 6, 1965, Little Rock, Arkansas

4  Dear Omma: This is Washington, D.C. I am writing to you from the capital of the United States. One month has passed, and I have experienced so many different environments. That is to say, as I went about my busy schedule I never before experienced such huge changes between the environment and climate of one location and the next as I have in the course of this tour. As of today, I have selected 21 holy grounds, including the one in Washington, D.C. that I established this morning at 11:00 a.m. You will be able to see pictures of all the holy grounds later. After coming from the west to the east, we will be heading north. While touring this large continent and selecting holy grounds in each state, I am hoping for the future development of America. When I first met the American members, there were many things that left an impression on me.

As I experience all of these things, I think about how sorry I am that you could not come with me. However, I know that it will be better if you come after I pave the way, and I am grateful for everything, as this is the way of the Will. I also know that it is valuable for people who love each other to be apart while thinking about each other, because then when they reunite they rejoice all the more.

I believe, Omma, that you are doing much internal reflection and making resolutions for the future. I pray that this can be a productive period, during which we can be more filial before the Will and be examples for others. I know you are working hard to take care of the children, but I have hope that your preparing for the future with patience and gratitude will bring light to shine brightly on your path of responsibilities. Please take care of your health, study hard and pray about many points. I hope your path will be lit up before you.

I miss the children. Whenever I think that our children are waiting for Daddy, I take out photos of the children and look at them. I look at your picture as well. Our children say, "We love Mommy." As much as our children have such a special love for you, so do I. I want to hear about all the things they are experiencing while I am away.

The American members are also very high-spirited. I feel that the members at headquarters are working hard to fulfill their responsibilities. Today is Sunday the 14th, and we will be holding an evening meeting. On the 12th about 60 people gathered, so probably that many will gather tonight as well. The future of America rests with them and their efforts.

Please give me an update about the headquarters. I soon will begin touring the northern part of America. Please tell the blessed members, regional leaders and other members that I cannot send them letters, but that I hope all is well. Please give them my best wishes.

The climate in Washington, D.C. is the same as the climate in Korea. I went sightseeing and saw many historic places yesterday. I went on a tour of the White House and the US Capitol. I learned a lot through these visits. I traveled around the city while praying for America to have a bright future. I will write to you again. Goodbye for now. —March 14, 1965, Washington, D.C.

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