Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 148

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission
Chapter 1: True Parents’ World Tours
Section 3: The Third World Tour, Paragraph 07-18

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7  My initial, front line strategy was to connect the world together focusing on three Asian nations: Korea, Japan, and the Republic of China. Now, however, we are entering a global age. Because we could not defend Asia against communism, the entire world is being affected. America, as the second front line,must defend itself against the communist advance. If America cannot do so, it will be Germany's turn, as the third front line to confront communism. The year 1977 marks the 60th year since the Communist Party began in 1917. That's why I went to America and said, "In 1978, America will no longer be able to defend itself against the threat of the communist world." Before this comes to pass, I am suggesting that Unificationists undertake a three-year period to completely prepare and expand our defensive front line. My third world tour is the cornerstone of this three-year preparation.

8  Christianity is a religion of spiritual salvation, so its truth has been elusive. The history of restoration up until now has been a history of restoring the archangel, the realm of spirit. This is the reality of the history of the spirit world up until now. Jesus died and is now in the spirit world. He accomplished the mission that enables him to receive the love of God. A son should be able to go to his Father's house, but Jesus cannot enter there. He remains in paradise. Therefore, the providence of spiritual salvation through Christianity took on the responsibility and mission of restoring the archangel.

So if the Unification Church, in terms of the spirit and the flesh, can create an ideal greater than that which Jesus created, as he was hounded to his death, the archangelic world will surely fall into submission. The reason Jesus could not enter his Father's house is that there was no victory on the national level, and thus no decisive victory over the archangel. For this reason, if we can break through the national level, the archangelic world will become absolutely obedient. If this happens, we will realize the original realm of the spiritual Adam. The purpose of the third world tour was to make this breakthrough.

9  The Unification Church has yet to establish a victorious foundation on the national level, in terms of both the flesh and the spirit. However, if you look at the national and world levels from a spiritual and philosophical standpoint, we are standing at the apex of the world. No one can match our ideas. The Unification Church will soon be officially recognized as a bona fide religion. Externally, we may not have everything prepared, but in terms of content we are more than prepared.

We have restored an Abel-type standard beyond the national level, and with that in place, we can begin to work on the Cain-type restoration. During my third world tour, I visited key nations of the Christian cultural sphere, which stands in the position of the spiritual Cain-type world, and proclaimed, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." I made this proclamation to America because it is the nation that represents the Cain-type world.

After proclaiming the position of Abel centering on spirit and flesh, Jesus was crucified. Therefore, we will start to enter the new era of physical restoration on the day I make a proclamation about this nation from a spiritual position without risking my life or facing opposition, the day when I can stand in this position and be welcomed. This is how the Principle works. I commenced the third world tour to expand such a foundation. Since I have accomplished this, Korea will be able to establish the internal foundation for physical restoration.

10   This time in America will be the first time in my life to hold large-scale crusades. I plan to hold them in at least seven cities. If I spend three days in each city, the speaking tour will take 21 days. This is the very beginning of our journey in proclaiming the Word publicly. You must all feel responsible for these plans. There will be opposition and persecution. But there will also be those who welcome us. Therefore, I am asking you to promote these rallies through the radio and newspapers. If you can prepare a detailed plan and schedule for each city, I will speak there. I am also going to hold rallies in Germany and England. This is a historic effort. Since this is the third world tour, I must speak directly. I have long awaited this day.

11   From a spiritual perspective, True Parents' leaving Korea indicates we have already gone beyond Korea. A spiritual milestone has been achieved whereby Korea must now follow the direction of the Unification Church. This is because we have risen to the level where the present government and Christianity must support our path and movement.

From a spiritual perspective, we accomplished the indemnity condition to surpass the national level, going beyond the achievement of Christianity. During the three-year course of 1972, 1973 and 1974, I had to leave Korea and connect to the whole world based on my work in America, which is the world’s central democratic country. When you look at the Christian democratic world, the Adam nation is America, the Eve nation is England and the archangelic nation is Germany. The 1972 speaking tour in these three nations was the effort to connect them from a spiritual perspective. Jesus had to connect to Rome through Judaism. Corresponding to that, this was an aggressive tactic to proclaim the new gospel and connect it to the nations.

12   In addition to seven cities in America, I spoke in England and Germany. Why did I choose cities in these three nations? It is because these countries are world leaders, with influence on other nations. However, no matter what, this is still a spiritual movement. Therefore, in order to connect the spiritual foundation with the physical realm, a connection must be made to Korea through these speaking tours.

As we entered 1972 on such a foundation, I started anew, mustering members from the leading nations of England, Germany and Japan. On the basis of the spiritual foundation I made during the first world tour, between 1972 and 1974 I gathered Unification Church members from around the world. I brought them into harmony through this foundation. This is work that is done spiritually, not physically. I am not the only one who must make a spiritual foundation; the members too must do so as they become one.

Foundation for the global mission

From December 5, 1971 to May 8, 1972, True Parents conducted their third world tour, visiting 15 nations. They held public speaking engagements in three major countries: the United States, Great Britain, and Germany. In the United States, True Father spoke publicly and significantly expanded True Parents' activities there.

True Parents traveled to London on March 16, 1972, where True Father addressed the public from March 20 to 22. The next day, March 23, they traveled to Essen, Germany, where Father delivered addresses from March 28 to 30. True Parents proceeded to the Netherlands on March 31, continued their speaking tour through France, Austria, Italy, Greece, Israel, Iran, India, Thailand, the Republic of China and Japan, and finally returned home. Through this third world tour, they were able to spend some time in America directly educating members. They also improved the system for missionary activities in the US, preparing for a new era of mission work.

13   I have now done all that I can through my focus on the nation and the Unification tribe. The time has come for you, for my sake and for that of the Will, to expand the scope of your responsibilities for the world and act globally. In other words, you have simply followed me up until now, but from this point you can no longer just do that. To be clear, only when you have shouldered my burden will I truly be able to assume my position. When I look at myself as an individual, I still have not been able to find my proper place.

This also holds true from wider perspectives. Only when my family successfully assumes its proper position can blessed families assume theirs. All blessed families indeed must assume their proper positions. If such a foundation spreads widely and one nation of righteousness is established, world restoration will be accomplished within a short time.

14   The problem is whether or not you will be willing to take over my mission. If I fight for this nation and face persecution for its sake, then you should be resolved to endure an even higher level of persecution for the world's sake. Only then will the nation be protected. In other words, if I am being attacked personally on a certain issue, the question is whether you would be willing to take responsibility for that issue and defend me before the world. I am completing my third world tour, and you too must embark on a new path to tour the world at least three times. You should do this both individually and as a family. We need families who, when confronting any sort of ordeal, will take complete responsibility on their own and resolve to protect everything from Satan.

15   If we look at the nations of the world, we can see that the Communist Party may easily sway America, along with Japan, Korea, and Germany. They are all being pursued by Satan's realm. All the free nations have forgotten the purpose of this struggle and have no idea what direction to follow. Such a time is the Last Days. On the other hand, the Unification Church already has expanded the foundation of restoration through the individual, family, tribal and national levels. It has created a horizontal foundation for the world. Through the third world tour, I connected the results of my 20-year struggle in Korea, horizontally, to the world.

16   We must advance toward the global age in the physical realm. If I tell you to face a life-or-death situation, you need to do so without reservation. We must create not only a mobile Korean front line but also a mobile international front line. Because we must defend the front line both inside our movement and out, relating to both the communist and democratic spheres, the motto for 1972 is "Safeguarding the front line of unity."

I am working toward this goal in America as well, and you cannot imagine how much Satan is wrestling with me. I can go to the American members and speak to them one, two, even three times, and they still do not believe what I say. This is why during the third world tour I took the lead myself while building a protective foundation. This time I am going in order to give deeper education to the task forces. This is the goal of the 4th world tour. I will create a strong foundation and then gradually step onto the global stage.

17 Although I had very little time during the third world tour, I met with ten U.S. senators and 15 congressmen. I have now become a prominent person. There was an article about me on the front page of The New York Times and another in The Washington Post. This was because this Mr. Moon held revival meetings in seven of America's largest cities. He rented out Lincoln Center and did things no one else imagined doing. When I asked to meet with U.S. legislators, they were curious to meet me.

When we met, we discussed America's future prospects. In addition, the fact that I warned them not to get entangled with the Communist Party likely challenged many of them. I met with ten percent of the 100 senators and talked with them in this way about the current international situation, and everything I said will surely spread around. So when I go to America during the 4th world tour, they will all be curious about the influence I will have. I never sought out a single member of the Korean National Assembly, how did I do so in America? It is because the United States is at the core of our future strategy. Koreas not the problem.

18   In the not-so-distant future, I will embark on my 4th world tour. I will go to New York City, where we will hold the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences on November 23, 1972. I am the one who put this conference together. We must eventually bring the world's most distinguished people to Korea. In this way, Korea will be saved. In the future, in fact, Unificationists will pave the way for the world. A global environment for unification is imminent.

I will leave now and return in several months. I am not leaving Korea forever. I just quickly need to seek out more American church members and bring Korean members to each of their homes. This is so we all can live together in harmony one day. That is why I need to create this foundation.

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