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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission
Chapter 1: True Parents’ World Tours
Section 2: The Second World Tour, Encouraging members
Section 3: The Third World Tour, Paragraph 06

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Encouraging members

While following a rigorous schedule during the second world tour, True Parents encouraged missionaries and members in each country and gave new directions and guidance. Notably, they conducted Blessing ceremonies in the United States, Germany and Japan, for a total of 43 Couples from ten countries.

9   As I toured the world I asked members what they wished for. They always answered, "Send me to Korea." In all honesty, I do not need to send them; they could just go to Korea if they wanted. But there is a condition they must fulfill if they do come: they must speak Korean. English is now the world’s common language, but just wait and see what is going to happen. Once I set the tradition for Korean during my lifetime, without a doubt, the Korean language will become the universal language.

During my second world tour, I held a meeting in Germany with missionaries from 11 countries. By April of 1970 I plan to send missionaries to at least 40 of the nations where I established the holy grounds. And in three years, I will send missionaries to 120 nations. Our time is drawing near. You must understand how great is the truth of our teaching. That is not all. You need to know that in the future, throughout the world, all Koreans will be proud to be Korean. Furthermore, you need to understand that you will also be proud to have joined the Unification Church.

10   While I traveled to different parts of the world, I met overseas members who clung to me and shed tears. Whenever I saw this, I felt both joy and sadness. Where did this incredible bond of heart come from that makes so many people miss me and cry when I leave? It came from 6,000 years ago.

When Adam and Eve bore the consequences of their sin, they tearfully left God's bosom. Thus, a sea of tears must appear here on earth when human beings, who had lived in despair, meet in hope and joy the original man and woman they had longed to see. Without such tears, restoration paid through indemnity will not be completed.

Thus, people transcend boundaries of ethnicity and nationality, as well as cultural barriers between East and West, when they cross the intersection of tears. You also have to resolve to be this kind of people. And when such a person dies, you need to have the heart that you are willing to die with them. If you can do that, even if you fall into ruin along the way, you will be able to feel that you have been victorious.

11  What hope did I hold on to during my 21-nation world tour? Many people of those nations looked down on Koreans. But what is so good about someone like me? I am Korean, yet people are drawn to me and feel like following me as if it were their destiny. What I wanted was not for them to follow me but to follow God, and to love me only after loving God..

As a man with such an enormous responsibility, there is one thing I never forget whenever I meet people. That one thing is whether or not I am in their debt. I never allow myself to remain in debt. If you were stay up all night offering devotion, I would stay up all night with you. I do not allow tiredness to be a problem.

Thus, if millions of grieving spirits who have come and gone in this country revere me, I have to do something for them. The question is how our hearts can be attuned to each other. I am careful never to fall into debt. Therefore, if I have incurred any debt in the countries I have visited, that debt must be quickly solved.

12  As I toured the world, I instructed our missionaries everywhere to offer devotions for Korea, the homeland of our faith, for a period of four months starting from June 1, 1969. Please be aware that members around the world are facing Korea and earnestly praying every morning.

This world tour was a great battle for me. I could not have been more exhausted. Yet since the people whom I met had been sincerely anticipating my arrival for years, I did not put a time limit on our meetings. Because I knew their desires were to have me stay even just a little longer, no matter how tired I became, I could not ignore their hearts and rest as I needed, even when it became midnight or 1:00 a.m. I had the mental strength to persevere throughout my tour as I traveled from America to Germany and other places in Europe, and then to Japan. Otherwise, I would have collapsed. I truly pushed myself to my limit.

13  I gave the Blessing to many people in America, Japan and Germany during my second world tour. Whether in Blessed families or secular families, for men and women to live together in a family is the same. What is the difference between the two? If you were to compare the poorest person to the richest person, what would be the difference? They both have eyes, a nose, a mouth and ears.

If you took the wealthiest person in Korea and clothed him as a beggar, he would look like a beggar. Even though he is not an actual beggar, if he were to dress and act like one, he would be viewed as one. But if that rich person who acted like a beggar died, no one would say that a beggar died. They would say that a rich person died. The external appearance may be the same, but that does not mean the inner content is the same. Likewise, families who live for God are precious.


Section 3.The Third World Tour

Foundation for the global mission

From December 5, 1971 to May 8, 1972, True Parents conducted their third world tour, visiting 15 nations. They held public speaking engagements in three major countries: the United States, Great Britain. and Germany. In the United States, True Father spoke publicly and significantly expanded True Parents' activities there.

True Parents traveled to London on March 16, 1972, where True Father addressed the public from March 20 to 22. The next day, March 23, they traveled to Essen, Germany, where Father delivered addresses from March 28 to 30. True Parents proceeded to the Netherlands on March 31, continued their speaking tour through France, Austria, Italy, Greece, Israel, Iran, India, Thailand, the Republic of China and Japan, and finally returned home. Through this third world tour, they were able to spend some time in America directly educating members. They also improved the system for missionary activities in the US, preparing for a new era of mission work.

1  The third seven-year course begins in 1975, and we must start laying a foundation three years beforehand. If we cannot prepare this foundation, the worldwide seven-year course will be neither effective nor victorious. Therefore, I have set a three-year period of preparation starting this year, 1972.During this time, we must overcome all obstacles. I am responsible to connect Korea to the rest of the world through the third seven-year course. I will establish a foundation with important nations in the world, such as America, so that they can engage in reciprocal relationships with Korea. I will not return to Korea until I have done so. The purpose of the third world tour is to establish that foundation.

2   We conducted a marriage Blessing Ceremony in Korea in 1970, for 777 Couples from ten different nations. This Blessing was bestowed in order to prepare for the third world tour. In addition, it had the purpose of connecting other nations to the foundation in Korea, thereby expanding that foundation horizontally. This is why those who participated in the Blessing Ceremony had to come to Korea.

3   I am planning to institute a global strategy through the third world tour. I have been trying to save Christianity in Korea, but from now on I must work to save America and Christianity on the world level. Therefore, I am preparing to work from a new angle and direction internationally. To do this, I need considerable resources. I have to prepare lecturers and young missionaries for this purpose.

The time will soon come when I will create a worldwide revival team representing Korea. We will have an organization that can dispatch revival teams all over the world. In the near future, I will create another organization to form revival teams representing other nations to travel the world. The revival teams of several nations can work together as a single group, or they can conduct revival activities in several countries at the same time.

4   We must prepare to set up a global foundation. Both at home and abroad, the time has passed for the Unification Church to be driven into a corner. We must shake up the world. Just as communism has realigned in order to advance into different parts of the world, so too must we realign heaven's side in order to expand globally.

To this end, I purchased the Yeouido property. My intention is to build the world headquarters there. I bought the Cheongpyeong land in order to create a global training center. And I bought land to establish an international university. We are in a time when we cannot advance into the world without being equipped externally, so I have been working to prepare our movement. I feel that my mission during this world tour is to establish missionary outposts in at least 40 nations before I return to Korea. Then, within the next several years, we must set up missionary departments in more than 120 nations.

5   The Korean War started when North Korea attacked South Korea. At that time, the democratic world helped South Korea stave off North Korea's assault. Sixteen nations came to South Korea's aid, and this number comes from multiplying 4 by 4. So why did these representative nations of the democratic world come and fight in Korea? From the providential perspective, Korea stands as their homeland, and they fought because the democratic world would not have been able to survive had they not shed blood for their homeland's independence. By doing so, the democratic world helped both me and their own nations. The democratic world helped me by liberating me from prison, and they helped themselves by protecting their own nations from providential failure. Because of this, a path was opened that allowed the democratic world to receive God's blessings once again.

Now, however, America is declining, as is England. At this point, I am working to repay a debt to the democratic world. I have to lead America and England out of decline. Only if the Unification Church completely establishes internal and external foundations for victory according to the proper spiritual standard, centering on the Holy Spirit, will it be able to lead the spiritual Christian realm in the democratic world. The purpose of the third world tour is for the Unification Church to connect to the world in this way.

6  The middle year of the second seven-year course is 1971. The third world tour that I have launched this year has great significance. I departed from Korea, traveled to Japan, and entered America via Canada, because Canada, an extension of England, the Eve nation, is in the position of Eve to America. I overcame many obstacles to arrive in America, but difficulties will gradually diminish as time goes by. True Parents are working to extend the victorious foundation that we harvested in Korea to Japan, Canada and America. Satan worked hard to prevent True Parents from connecting America to our victorious foundation in Korea. This is why I faced so many difficulties in coming here, including resistance from the US State Department. But since I broke through these difficult conditions, you were able to inherit the victorious foundation of restoration that heaven has built in Korea.

After my work in America, I will go to Germany, but I must first pass through England. If I can do all of this successfully, the difficult conditions will recede. The providence of restoration cannot be accomplished without adhering to the proper formula. We have to follow the formula precisely.

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