Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 142

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission
Chapter 1: True Parents’ World Tours
Section 1: The First World Tour, Significance
Section 1: The First World Tour, Paragraph 11

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Chapter 1    True Parents' World Tours

Section 1. The First World Tour


True Father left Korea January 28, 1965, and started on the path of his historic First World Tour. He visited 40 countries in all, including Japan, America, Canada, several nations in Central America and South America, 17 in Europe, six in the Middle East and eight others in Asia. On October 10, he returned to Korea, after passing through Japan. True Father undertook the world tour because it was providentially significant to connect 40 countries for the worldwide restoration of Canaan in a way similar to the way Joshua spied for 40 days at Moses' time.

1  We have registered our movement with the government in Korea, establishing a national foundation. Now we must prepare a world-level offering. God's instruction to Adam to have dominion over creation must be realized in Korea under my leadership, and then expanded to the rest of the world. I set the conditions for the Blessing, based on the standard prior to the Fall. Therefore, the spirit world was set in the position of the archangel before the Fall, and the earth was set in the position of Adam before the Fall. Through the establishment of this standard, the spirit world is able to cooperate with the earthly world.

The condition for angels to assist unfallen Adam was thus established. Therefore, I set out on a 40-nation world tour and returned 256 days later. Forty multiplied by 6 is 240, and 4 multiplied by 4 is 16, giving us a total of 256 days. We must restore the numbers 4 and 6. Therefore, returning from the tour on October 10 holds special significance.

2   We must commence missionary work in 12 countries before the end of 1965. I know this is a difficult task. However, restoration cannot occur at just any time. Restoration is like seizing one spray of water in the middle of the ocean. The time of restoration is like the time when one grain of millet is worth as much as the entire ocean. There is only one such time. There will always be people and money, and there will always be tomorrow and thousands of years from now. But the right time is something that is rarely available.

I know that going out to do missionary work at this time in your life may wear you out. But it is impossible to accomplish restoration without challenging our limitations. Sacrifice is often necessary. Therefore, restoration is not something that is accomplished with one's leftover time or money—one's very blood must be offered to heaven's side. Restoration can be accomplished only by using all the driving force of our strength, even to the point of shedding our blood.

3   The heavenly positions and center that Cain and Abel were supposed to establish through indemnity must be realized in Korea. The mission of the seven-year course is that we advance toward this goal. We now have reached the time when we must set up the tribal and national standards and enter into a global era. This is an era in which the ideology of one nation is not restricted to only that nation but becomes global. Therefore, we must understand how great is the heavenly significance of today's Unification Church.

Up to this point, we constructed a bridge for the fallen world and built a providential base upon which we moved up. At the end of the (1960 to 1967) seven-year course the Unification Church had to advance toward the world-level Canaan; that is, the world-level Israel. To prepare for this, I visited 40 nations and I established missionary departments in 14 of them.

4   Since 1965, members from Germany were sent to many neighboring countries to carry out pioneer missions in those countries. The number of mission countries should be more than 14. We need to have the goal that we will have 40 mission countries by the end of 1967, and for this a worldwide strategy, materials and plans are needed. This is why I am looking for those countries in which we can establish missions. To establish our original homeland, nation and world, which is our ultimate destination, we must find these countries and go to them. We must know that this is the way to assist in fulfilling God's Will. We must go without hesitation to build the historic foundation where the tradition can be passed on. We must be ready to shed sweat and blood on the worldwide level.

5   I anticipated many historic ups and downs during my first world tour. If there weren't any, it would mean my path was not the path of God's Will. I must be able to pave the way and bring peace, even in the midst of a howling typhoon. Someone who feels compelled to peacefully pave the way will be oblivious even to a typhoon. We must be the ones to pull through the furious typhoon and raging waves. We must become people who can block and calm the 6,000 years of twisting waves that have driven humanity to this suffering world of spiritual death. This is why we go forth with strong hearts, and continue on even when confronted with tempests.

6   There are many things I felt deeply in my heart as I traveled and observed the world during this First World Tour. There are many people who say that today's world is like this and that. However, they are not correct about where the problem lies. What is important is heaven's objective. By standing in the position that heaven desires, we must represent Cain and become sacrifices in the position of Abel. We become world-level sacrifices to fulfill national and global responsibilities. We stand in the position to win over Cain for the sake of the nation, and then in the position to be sacrifices for the world. Only then will heaven be established.

7   Seeing so many crosses during my world tour reconfirmed to me that my mission is to remove them all. Even if I have to do it through my children, I will get rid of the cross completely. Christianity is not the way of the cross but the way of revival and resurrection. From this perspective, Jesus did not offer a sacrifice; rather, he overcame Gethsemane and Golgotha as a means of offering a condition for a future of hope.

8   Today's Unification Church has experienced many difficulties. We are the first to overcome the crises that 30 million people in Korea will eventually face. This is the path of sacrifice. Through sacrifices, we can save people who are dying, and we can atone for our sins. If a person becomes an offering and is the first to face difficulties and sacrifice, as he spills blood before God he will receive grace and the people will be restored. In doing so, a person who becomes an offering can be revived by receiving grace. Unificationists must walk such a path.

Young people must take up this mission, but so many are declining to do so. While I toured the democratic world, I could not see anything else. All I thought about was which nation God could dwell in and which nation He could love. All people must love God, but popular trends have now created the perfect social conditions for people to completely forget about God.

9   Although I always prayed for Korea as I traveled to 40 countries during my world tour, I also prayed a great deal for the world. When I would visit a country, people there would think of me as just a Korean person. So I was curious: For how many months, days and hours would they go on thinking like this? I wondered how they felt about a person who grew up with a different historical and cultural background.

This is what concerned me most when I visited Japan. I realized that if my attitude was, "I am Korean and you are Japanese," then they would start to have the same attitude. If that had happened, no matter how much I urged everyone to develop a global perspective, no one would have been moved to do so. I prayed much on this matter. Going to a different place and meeting people is not the issue. It is more fundamental than that. Whether you go to Japan, America or anywhere else, you must break out of the mind-set that your mission country is a different country.

120 holy grounds in 40 nations

Between October 5 and October 7, 1962, True Parents selected five holy grounds throughout the Seoul area, beginning with one on the grounds of the Cheongpa-dong church. They collected soil and stones from each. Then in 1965 while visiting 40 nations, True Parents established holy grounds in each nation and buried some of the soil and rocks from Korea at each site. This was to engraft the holy grounds from Seoul, Korea's capital city, to the rest of the world, and in this way to distribute the foundation of victory and sincere devotion equally to each nation.

Through the establishment of the 36 Couples and 72 Couples, True Parents created the central pillar for one people, and through establishing the 120 Couples (often referred to as the 124 Couples) True Parents created the foundation of the nation of the unified world. True Father explained that 120 holy grounds in 40 nations were necessary to enter the providential age of the one world nation. The act of creating holy grounds symbolizes the creation of all things before the Fall. This represents the standard of heart of Adam's victorious realm. Thus, when missionaries in the position of heavenly children were dispatched to each nation, the foundation for economic restoration was already prepared.

10   For me, the worldwide mission is to find God's authority, God's people and God's land. Based on this, the next duty is to become a patriot and a filial son. The third duty is to sanctify the environment. A dedication ceremony must be made with these three duties in mind. Holy grounds are created for this purpose. Becoming one based on this, we must connect with heaven. I must find and establish the standard according to which I can stand in place of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God. After this, the dedication ceremony can be offered.

11   From this point, the fortune of the Unification Church will pass beyond the nation and expand to the world. If this nation and this people do not receive this, the world's people will. The day will surely come when all 30 million people of Korea will open their hearts and welcome us with open arms and shouts of joy. In order to meet such a day, holy grounds were prepared in Korea as the base of victory. These are established in accordance with God's Principle of Creation and the laws of restoration through indemnity.

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