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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission

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Book 6    The World Tours and the Global Mission

God sent the Messiah at his Second Advent to earth to save humanity. In advance, He prepared the environment to realize a world of peace. Through scientific advances, God granted the development of international communication. God developed a form of democracy that acknowledges freedom of religion as a basic human right and protects the expression of religious values in politics, economy and culture. God chose America, the central nation of Christianity, as the Second Israel.

Starting from January 1965, True Parents conducted several global tours in order to build a foundation for world restoration. During the first and second tours, they established holy grounds and missionary headquarters, and they fulfilled other sacred duties such as officiating at marriage Blessing Ceremonies. The focus was on laying a foundation for mission work. On their third tour, they established a robust world mission organization, with the United States as the central mission country. During the first tour, they offered prayers and made conditions of devotion throughout the United States, and during the second tour, they organized the world mission headquarters in New York.

On December 18, 1971, beginning from Washington, D.C., they began a campaign to awaken America to her role as God's leading providential nation. On a seven-city tour, True Father spoke on crucial matters such as the responsibility of Christianity and the serious threat of communism. Newspaper advertisements were placed promoting speaking events and a prize of $100,000 was offered for the best novel about Jesus' death on the cross. All of this created a shock wave throughout America. True Parents went on to proclaim God's Will and vision to the world through major rallies: at New York's Madison Square Garden on September 18, 1974, where 30,000 gathered; at Yankee Stadium on June 1, 1976, where 50,000 gathered; and at Washington Monument on September 18, 1976, where 300,000 people gathered.

In June 1967, accompanied by Korean leaders, True Parents visited Japan numerous times to encourage missionary work. The International One World Crusade visited Japan in 1975. The crusade had been mobilized in America in 1972 with members from multiple nations, and it had gathered large audiences for Day of Hope banquets and rallies to save the nation. Based on this and following the successes in America, True Parents convened a meeting of missionary candidates in Japan in February of 1975, and assigned them their nations. They confirmed 127 mission nations and sent missionaries to 95 of them. By 1999, Japan had dispatched 12,000 missionary women to 150 nations. As the Eve and Mother Nation, the Japanese movement endeavored to fulfill all its responsibilities.

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