Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 13

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 1: True Parents’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Section 4: The Embodiments of God, Paragraph 9-15

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9   The true vertical parent is God, and the true horizontal parents are the True Parents. Those who do not know these parents do not have the right to inherit the cosmic realm of God’s blessing. Within the realm where hearts are bonded in true love, parents and children, God and True Parents, have equal ownership. However, we must clearly understand that the vertical parent is God and the horizontal parents are True Parents.

10   Because God is the only Lord of vertical love, we call Him the vertical Parent. The original human ancestors who have nothing to do with the Fall are the horizontal Parents. Their relationship exists at a 90-degree angle to the vertical. In whatever direction it turns, their relationship maintains its perpendicular position, its 90-degree angle to the vertical.

When there is perpendicularity between the vertical and the horizontal, no one complains even if east–west turns to above–below. In other words, whether the wife leads her husband, or the children lead their parents, or the grandchildren lead their grandparents, no one complains because everyone feels connected. Right there, the realm of unity is formed. Once we have such family relationships structured around a 90-degree angle, this creates the foundation for total oneness. There is no waste, no struggle, only peace, for all eternity.

God’s eternal manifestation

In the original world of creation, Adam and Eve were to reach perfection and unite completely in true conjugal love. This would have created the basis for God to dwell within them and take His place as the vertical True Parent of humanity. Once Adam and Eve, who resemble the incorporeal God as His substantial object partners, had become perfected and united as one with God, they would become the True Parents. They would have begotten children to form an ideal family and then an ideal world.

Once this had come to pass, Adam and Eve, as the perfected human ancestors, would have connected the spiritual world and the physical world. Had they become True Parents with perfect spirit selves, God then would have become manifest in the image of Adam and Eve, the True Parents. God would then dwell with the True Parents, perfected Adam and Eve, and His manifestation through them would continue forever. Therefore, now that True Parents are transforming the fallen, sinful world, restoring the original world of creation, and establishing the nucleus of the ideal world, they have become the eternal image of God, on earth and in the spirit world.

11   God divided His dual characteristics to create Adam and Eve as the embodiments of His original internal character and original external form, with man the embodiment of His original masculinity and woman the embodiment of His original femininity. In the same way, all beings in heaven and on earth are manifestations of God.

God is a being of dual characteristics in harmony. In terms of position and status, He is the subject partner and in the male position. When God enters the True Parents, who become His embodiments, God and the True Parents then become one in lineage, love and life. In the position of total oneness with God, as families of the heavenly kingdom, as inheritors of the world where God is transcendent over all, immanent in all, and omnipotent, where the ideal of creation has been completed, each of you must occupy the position of families that are owners in the heavenly kingdom of eternal life. God wants that world, the world that achieves substantial victory both spiritually and physically.

12   Why did God create human beings? First, He wanted object partners to love. He created Adam and Eve to multiply and fill His kingdom with those who were His physical manifestations, who would eventually come to live with Him in the kingdom of heaven.

In order for you to go to this kingdom in the other world, you must meet the original qualifications. You need to have people whom you can lead on God’s behalf. Also, you need to have your object partner whom you can love on God’s behalf. You need to perfect your husband–wife relationship on earth.

When convex and concave finally become one, it means that heaven and earth become one. Man symbolizes heaven; woman symbolizes earth. Whether you are a man or a woman, you must have your own object partner in eternal love. Next, you must become God’s image.

You must become like God. Human beings and God have the same attributes; therefore, be assured that each of you is a little god. Because the world of human beings is eternal, when you go to your place of glory, we can say that you have returned.

Using the word “return” to describe death is revelatory. It indicates that the purpose of one’s life on earth before shedding the physical form is to prepare for one’s return to the other world. We need to become God’s object partners on the levels of the family, tribe, people and nation, and then live forever in the infinite world as the embodiment of all glory. This is our ideal.

13   The universe is the substantial entity whose appearance resembles God symbolically. Human beings are substantial beings in God’s image, while God is the Substantial Reality. Everything resembles the Original Being. The beings who resemble Him the most are the ones in His image, human beings. Other beings—all things of creation—while resembling human beings, who are their subject partners, are symbolic expressions of the Original Being.

God, the world of beings who are in His image and the world of all things as symbolic expressions of God are not separated from each other; they are actually one. Although I describe them using different words—symbol, image and substance—they have a common center. Since they have only one center, they cannot help but dwell at that place of oneness. Each desires oneness with Him, whether they are entities that resemble God in symbol, beings in His image, or the Substantial Being Himself. In this world, all things of the creation are beings in symbol, human beings are beings in God’s image, and God Himself is the Substantial Being. God is invisible and incorporeal. The ideal of creation is for the incorporeal God to manifest as the corporeal God.

God is already the substantial reality of the invisible world, but He also wants to be substantiated in the visible world. This is the reason He created human beings; they are His substantial selves in the visible world.

The starting basis for human beings to become God’s substantial selves is the True Parents. In the visible world, the True Parents are the center of entities in symbol, the center of beings in image, and the central focus of the Substantial Being. The central focus of the True Parents, who represent this visible world, is to be united with the reality of God’s invisible world.

The same applies in the spirit world. In the spirit world as well, there is a world of beings in symbol, a world of beings in image, and the world of the Substantial Reality. We cannot see such beings with our physical eyes, but just as in the visible world, each consists of an inward nature and an outward form. Nevertheless, the center of everything is the One. Whether it is in the visible world or the invisible world, the center is the One. is invisible substantial center is where we will settle in the spirit world.

14   While the original Adam and Eve were growing, they could see God in each other with their spiritual eyes. God manifested Himself through Adam and Eve, who were His embodiments. It was as if He were sharing Himself with them. Although invisible, He would share everything of Himself with Adam and Eve; in this way God would come to them and manifest in their bodies.

Although the mind is invisible, it does not mean that the mind does not know things. It does know. In original human beings, the mind leads and guides everything in the position of subject partner. Adam and Eve were not to live as their bodies wanted them to; they were to live in unity with God centering on their minds.

That is why we all have to absolutely center on the mind. The mind knows before our parents know, before our teachers know, and even before God knows. Upholding the ideal of love, it wants to benefit us a hundredfold, a thousandfold.

Thus, had Adam and Eve reached perfection, they would have been able to feel God Himself. They would have been unable to do anything against Him. They would have been able to feel His presence and know Him. They would have been able to sense, “God and I are one!”

15   Once you go to the spiritual world, God will appear to you as True Parents. You will be able to see God in them and through them, because He dwells in their hearts. God created human beings because He was in need of object partners. Unless you have an object partner, you cannot feel love. Thus, God created human beings for the perfection of love; that is why He wanted to assume substantial form. Further, He created them to multiply Himself. Without a substantial body that can procreate on earth, it is impossible for God to multiply Himself. God created for these three reasons.

God needs to assume bodily form, and in order to do so, He needs His object partners. It was Adam and Eve whom God created as His object partners, in and through whom He was to assume substantial form. Therefore, to see Adam and Eve would be to see God.

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