Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 130

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 4: The Annual Mottoes and Setting Goals for Each Stage of the Providence
Section 2: The 1970s, The realization of the kingdom of heaven
Section 2: The 1970s, Paragraph 20

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The realization of the kingdom of heaven

11 In 1975 we will proceed under the banner “The realization of the kingdom of heaven.” What must you do according to God’s Will? From now, what is the fastest road? It is not to go around here and there and proselytize. Rather, I am telling all of you to return to your hometown. After you return to your hometown, you must work harder and witness with more sincerity than you ever did when you were witnessing in the outside world. If you make more effort, you will make progress.

When you understand this, you have to follow the path to rally your clan, your tribe and your people, centering on your family. Beginning in 1975 this became the standard of the completion stage. Thus, the time is coming when you will be able to relate to your tribe on a horizontal level.

Consequently, I believe the road before you will open rather easily from now. How much territory you are able to claim for the realization of the kingdom of heaven on earth will determine your ownership rights when you go to dwell in the heavenly kingdom. It will be given to anyone who takes action. You must take action centering on this new plan for the realization of the kingdom of heaven.

12  I designated the motto for 1975 as “The realization of the kingdom of heaven.” It is not enough to know these words. The issue is how to actually realize them. In order to realize the kingdom of heaven, we have to center on the principle of God’s creation, which is the original standard of the kingdom of heaven.

The fallen world became hell on earth. The kingdom of heaven is a place that has nothing to do with the Fall. God is the absolute being. His Will does not change. Because it is the Will of He who is the one and only, that Will remains as the one and only Will, even though humankind fell. Therefore, unless He establishes that absolute Will and completes it, even though He is the Lord of Creation, He cannot have His authority and dignity as the omniscient and omnipotent God.

Consequently, God has had to pursue a long, historical course that passed upward through a series of reversals from the age of the servant of servants to the age of the servant, the age of the adopted son through the age of the children, to the age of the parents. Through this process, God is manifested in the kingdom of heaven.

What I am saying is that you need to stand in the position in which you no longer need to go through this process of re-creation. As long as re-creation is required, the realization of the kingdom of heaven will not be realized. Only when re-creation ends and the purpose of creation is realized can the kingdom of heaven be established.

Realization of the kingdom of heaven by God’s children

13  The motto for 1976 is “Realization of the kingdom of heaven by God’s children.” The realization of the kingdom of heaven comes about because of you—not because of True Parents. Until 1975, we spoke of the realization of the kingdom of heaven only in a broad sense. But now, because it will be realized through you, God’s children, I am speaking more concretely about how to realize the kingdom of heaven.

When the universe revolves around the universal commitment to love, your overall sphere of influence unfolds to embrace everything. That is why, although you are but one individual, you can create the atmosphere of the kingdom of heaven in which your family and you can dwell. Your influence will connect to every level. Also, as the kingdom of heaven emerges in the tribal realm of the Unification Church, and as the kingdom of heaven emerges within the realm of the nation, on that basis the kingdom of heaven will be realized on earth.

14  On January 1, 1976 the annual motto reads, “Realization of the kingdom of heaven by God’s children.” This means that if you remain the same as you used to be, you will not be the kind of children who can realize the kingdom of heaven. You must change completely. From the moment you change, you will come one step closer to realizing the kingdom of heaven on a new level.

The kingdom of heaven is not realized because of God. It is accomplished by His sons and daughters. Had Adam and Eve believed in God absolutely, they would have become God’s son and daughter. However, because Adam and Eve could not believe the words of God absolutely, they fell and became Satan’s son and daughter. In this time, you must become the sons and daughters who believe the words of God absolutely. Accordingly, if you come to believe absolutely that the words of True Parents are the words of God, you will become the sons and daughters of God.

Realization of the kingdom of heaven through ideal families

15  The motto for 1977 is “The kingdom of heaven on earth and ideal families.” In other words, it is “the realization of the kingdom of heaven through ideal families.” What has been God’s hope? The providence of restoration has been seeking one family that stands on the world level and does not receive Satan’s accusation in the fallen world.

Because of the Fall, we could not see the origin of the family in God’s direct dominion. Therefore, a perfect family must emerge, one that is able to enter the realm where it can receive God’s love directly. It must not have anything to do with the Fall and must not be subject to Satan’s invasion. That is, we have to establish the original family that can be totally one with God. It must fulfill the ideal standard that should have been attained by Adam and Eve.

Now in the Unification Church, we too are entering the family realm where we can receive the direct love of God. As these families multiply, we enter the time when the more Satan opposes us, the more it will benefit heaven. From now, the more opposition there is, the more Satan’s world will crumble. In direct proportion to that opposition, we will advance and expand.

16  The pressing task faced by the Unification Church is to realize the kingdom of heaven. To do that, each of you as individuals, wherever you are, must establish the foundation for your ideal family. This will be a starting point for completely overcoming Satan’s world that is collapsing around you, and for constructing your own foothold.

From now on, what are you to think about? You have to think about living the kind of life that was to have been lived by unfallen Adam and Eve together with God in the original ideal world. You have to think about living the kind of life that is in complete alignment with True Parents’ family in all aspects, be it your family life or your life in society. If you do not do that, you cannot become a true family in God’s dominion.

The ideal that God originally envisioned for creation was that children live together eternally with their parents and never be separated. You have to be able to feel that you yourselves stand in that position. If True Parents and all of you were in a parent-child relationship, it would be the relationship between a true parent and a true son or true daughter. However, no matter how much you and True Parents try to realize that relationship, you just cannot do it by yourself, nor can True Parents make it happen by themselves. God must be part of it. Just as God participates in True Parents’ family, God will be with your family also and bind your family to their family. Only then will you on earth be able to experience the heart of a new family of heaven.

Realization of the kingdom of heaven through the formula course

17  The motto of the Unification Church for 1978 is “Realization of the kingdom of heaven through the formula course.” In order to bring this motto alive, the mother and father and sons and daughters, who are in a parent-child relationship, must be one in heart with God. The mother takes care of the children in a family, and leaders are in the position of the mother. Therefore, they must make that bond of heart with the members. Centering on this formula, you have to advance boldly. You must fight with boldness and courage. That is why I gave you this motto, and I am asking you to practice it centering on God’s love.

18  The nation is an extension of the family. America consists of people from numerous ethnic groups coming from countless cultural backgrounds. The president of the United States is in the position of the god of that nation, meaning that the president represents God to the nation. Also, the US president is like the parent of the nation.

In your family the father and mother are the gods of your home, meaning that they are God’s representatives. The same formula applies to the nation. If the sovereign of a nation is totally one with his or her spouse, and their sons and daughters become totally one with them, that nation will be completely united. That sovereign and his or her children are not people who live for the sake of their own families, but people who live for the sake of the nation. The sovereign and the children ought to be the life of the nation, they ought to be the love of the nation, and the circumstances of their life ought to be centered on the nation. Even as the president must be able to build his individual kingdom of heaven centering on God, he has to be able to build his family kingdom of heaven based on the relationship with his spouse. With that as the core, there must be oneness between them and the nation.

Building the kingdom of heaven through home church

19  The motto for 1979 is “Building the kingdom of heaven through home church.” The term “home church” was originally to have started in the Garden of Eden. When we talk about a church we are referring to religion, and we cannot exclude God from discussions about religion. If we interpret the Chinese characters for religion, they mean “floor-like teaching.”

Religion is like the floor in a house. Among all teachings, it is the center, the principled teaching that provides all the fundamental rules. Therefore, if God were excluded, the cosmos would crumble. Religion is the foundation of the providence to build the house of a new cosmos. Religion is also like the ridge beam of a house. Even if you level the site, erect the pillars and complete everything for that house, if you do not put up the ridge beam, the house will not be complete.

20  As active workers for home church, you must become people who teach like God and love like God. When you are the kind of person whose church loves its members from the position of parents, and when the nation becomes like that and every person in the world becomes like that, then God will be able to visit any place on earth and earth will become the kingdom of heaven.

In home church, education is to be given first. Then love will follow on. Therefore, you must sacrifice to give the proper education. When you sacrifice for your home church, because truth and love are there God will not be able to leave it. Then the people there will attend God as the Parent, and they will learn from Him, attending Him as the Teacher. Then they will dwell together with God.

In order to substantiate this teaching, there must be Abel-type people on God’s side. Among these Abel-type people, there must be a king. There must be individual level champions, family level champions, tribal champions, champions of entire peoples, national champions, and a world champion. Finally, there must be a champion who represents the whole cosmos, who is responsible for God’s providence from the very beginning of history.

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