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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 4: The Annual Mottoes and Setting Goals for Each Stage of the Providence
Section 2: The 1970s
Section 2: The 1970s, Paragraph 10

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Section 2. The 1970s

In the 1960s True Parents laid the foundation for their family and for the church. In the 1970s they focused on the national foundation that could impact the world, with external activities including Victory Over Communism and the Christian ecumenical movement. True Father declared a motto for each year. In 1970 it was “The victorious united front.” In 1971 it was “Securing the foundation for unity,” and from 1972 to 74, “Safeguarding the front line of unity.” The five-year period from 1970 to 1975 was a time to marshal the troops in preparation for moving into the world arena and carrying out full-scale activities.

In 1972 True Parents welcomed the new year in America and began preparing for world mission activities launched from the United States. In the following years Father went on speaking tours, speaking in more than 40 cities around the country. On January 1, 1975, at the original Cheongpa-dong headquarters church, True Parents declared the motto for the year, “The realization of the kingdom of heaven,” and proclaimed the start of the third seven-year course. In 1976 it was “Realization of the kingdom of heaven by God’s children.” In 1977 it was “Realization of the kingdom of heaven through ideal families.” In 1978 the motto was “Realization of the kingdom of heaven through the formula course,” and in 1979 it was “Building the kingdom of heaven through home church.” Through these annual mottoes True Parents charted a specific course for realizing ideal families and activities for building the kingdom of heaven.

The victorious united front

1 We now welcome the 1970s. We must run continuously throughout this year based on the motto I established, “The victorious united front.” During the first two years of the second seven-year course, I said that we have to move forward under the motto “Charge forward with all our might.” We had to charge forward with all our might in order to bring victory.

This year we must do activity that rises to prominence in Asia and also in the world. I established the motto, “The victorious united front” because we have entered the era when we must fulfill that kind of responsibility. It is not easy to be victorious. God has been carrying out the providence of restoration solely to welcome this day of victory. Continuing down through 6,000 years of history, from Adam’s family, through Noah’s family, Moses’ age, the age of John the Baptist and Jesus to today, God has been fighting with the single purpose of welcoming this one victorious time.

2  This morning as we greet the 1970s, the Unification Church is taking its first step to rally the people on behalf of Judaism. We have achieved victory on the individual level, victory on the family level, and now victory on the tribal level. Next we must establish a foundation for victory on the level of religions and advance toward the next stage. We are entering an era similar to when Judaism and the nation of Israel were linked directly to God’s Will.

To prepare for this age, God has made preparations throughout history. He guided the current of the times so that even the world at large would conform to this realm. The present state of affairs is the result of God having guided the situation. Therefore, if we cause even a ripple, a new history will spread out beyond Asia and have impact worldwide. The 1970s is the time when we can do that.

We have lived in an age full of resentment, an age of indemnity, and an age full of indignation in which we had to pay compensation. But, beginning in 1970, we need to bring an end to all these things and enter a new era of history. The time has come when our fight for the sake of the Korean people and nation of Korea will bear fruit for their glory.

3  All of you must expand the victorious united front, beginning with yourselves as individuals. The victorious united front means uniting centering on God’s love. When the mind and body unite, God can come and dwell in that individual. Multiplication is certain to arise when God dwells in the place where this type of giving and receiving is happening. If God does not dwell there, multiplication cannot take place. That is the fundamental rule of the creation of heaven and earth.

God’s love is the motivation for the creation of all things. Consequently, without God, there is no way for multiplication to arise. If there is giving and receiving centering on God’s love, God enters there, dwells there, and multiplication occurs.

We must go out and expand our united front, like a rope linking the individual to the family, to the clan, to the people, to the nation and to the world. Presently, the Unification Church has advanced to the position where we can go out and recover a people and then a nation. The time has come when we can influence the Korean people and the nation of Korea. We are now on the threshold of dealing with the global political situation, having made all the necessary preparations. On the day we break out of our shell, we will soar upward.

Securing the foundation for unity

4  The motto for 1971 is “Securing the foundation for unity.” In other words, it means we have to secure the foundation for the unification of Korea. During the ten-year period from 1960 until now, we were engaged in pioneering the environment so that God’s providence for the Will could advance outward under mottoes that I designated such as “Let us charge forward with all our might” and “The victorious united front.”

From 1960 until 1970 we literally fought a war of attrition. It was not a fight to gain ground. On the road that the Unification Church traveled, we paid the price with many sacrifices in order to break down the external barriers that were blocking our way. We did not begin our path from the top. Suppose we are in Seoul; we ought to be able to begin with the leading citizens of Seoul. Looking at the standard for the fulfillment of the Will, we should have been able to start from the top. But because we were opposed by the Korean people and numerous Christian churches, we had to start from the rock-bottom and climb up. That is how we were able to advance to our current level.

Numerous individuals were sacrificed during this period, and I honor the many sacrifices made by Unification Church families. In Korea alone, many people who were connected to us suffered harm on our account, including the relatives of church members and those people who established bonds of heart and affiliated with us. In any case, we have invested great effort during the ten years since 1960 to usher in this era necessary for our country. We worked focusing on the single goal of pioneering the road to victory, breaking down the barriers of persecution and opposition. Now, for the ten years from 1971 until 1980, we have to establish a firm foundation of unity among ourselves.

5  “Our cherished hope is for unity.” This means that on the basis of mind and body becoming one, husband and wife must become one, children and parents must become one, the family and tribe must become one, the tribe and the people must become one, and the people and the nation must become one. This is the unity that we are seeking. Because I wanted to establish this standard, I designated the motto for 1971 as “Securing the foundation for unity.” The foundation for unity is firmly established only when it spreads out from the individual level, to the family, tribe, people and nation. Only then will we establish a national-level foundation for God to achieve the unification of the Korean Peninsula.

Safeguarding the front line of unity

6 I established the motto for 1972 as “Safeguarding the front line of unity.” This motto means that this year will be the historical starting point for our church. Simply put, by establishing this motto, I am calling for us to secure the inner workings within the church.

When an outsider takes responsibility for the whole of an organization and does whatever it takes to stabilize its inner workings, so that the inner workings become harmonious, the result is that the entire organization is elevated. Therefore, each and every member of the worldwide Unification Church must move in one direction according to the direction of that center. The more individuals, families, tribes, peoples and nations there are that move in this way, the more those individuals will be global, those families will be global, those tribes will be global, and those nations will be global. When this comes about, the kingdom of heaven will be created automatically and will be manifested globally.

In safeguarding the front line of unity, there must be a philosophical foundation, an economic foundation and an activity foundation grounded in this basic principle. Otherwise the ideal of the kingdom of heaven will be impossible to achieve. Because I understood that beginning in 1972 you must carry out this mission, I decided on “Safeguarding the front line of unity” as the motto for this year.

7  We must build a defensive line in order to prevent a crisis in the nation and the world. This is why I decided on the motto “Safeguarding the front line of unity.” We must cast a global net based upon all the foundations we built in Korea. The spirit world will be coming in and taking control. So now the issue is simple: How much are you united and to what extent are you willing to be mobilized for the sake of the nation?

Unification Church men and women must mobilize 100 percent. When the Israelites left Egypt on their way to the promised land of Canaan, everyone, whether male or female, old or young, had to leave. This is a time exactly like that. We are heading to the worldwide land of Canaan. It is the same as the time when the Israelites departed from Egypt. The Israelites left Egypt in order to create the realm of the chosen people in a new nation. In the same way, when I give the direction, everyone must mobilize.

8  In 1972 we heard the remarkable motto “Safeguarding the front line of unity.” We cannot limit this safeguarding to ourselves as individuals. We have to shoulder the crucial mission of defending the world in this land of Korea, which is situated at the borderline. What is it that we have to defend first? In the worst case, if there is an attack on heaven's territory at this time, then heaven will have to counter-attack. But our first purpose is to prevent this scenario in order to protect the world and prevent damage to the worldwide providence. Even as God has been living for the sake of the world, I am saying that we have to pave a path to build the base for God to have Sabbath rest in His heart.

9  From now we have to establish a tradition that no nation has ever had. We must establish the tradition that no country can ever change. By doing that we can make a condition to establish the foundation by which God can protect the democratic world. From this perspective, not only are we to become one as the nation of Korea, we have to establish the condition for all peoples of all the nations of the world to become one. By doing so, we can safeguard not only the front line of unity of the individual, but also the front line of unity of the family, tribe, people, nation and world. Because of that, we are devoted to more than just safeguarding the individual front line of unity. Our problem is how to protect the front line of unity of the family, tribe, people, nation and world. This is the final mission entrusted to the Unification Church.

We must become completely one and go out to accomplish this. If we become one and really develop this foundation of unity in America, our foundation will spread throughout the nation. Then the communist world will begin to decline. When goodness rises up, evil cannot rise together with it, but must go down. When this work is accomplished here, then even if Japan is in Satan’s realm and even if Korea is in Satan’s realm, the way to rescue them will appear. This is what I have been planning to do in America during the three years from 1972 until 1974. Until 1974 many members from throughout the world will be active in all regions of America. We must demonstrate that we are a group in America that others can trust and follow. I believe everything will be resolved.

10  In 1972, 1973 and 1974 we have been advancing under the motto “Safeguarding the front line of unity.” This does not pertain to a particular individual or to a limited region or to a certain country. We are the group that stepped forward and pledged in front of heaven that we will safeguard the front line of unity for the entire world. Safeguarding the front line of unity means connecting with the entire world, moving forward to accomplish God’s Will, and securing the position where we protect and nourish the world, so that it will not be invaded by Satan’s forces.

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