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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 4: The Annual Mottoes and Setting Goals for Each Stage of the
Section 3: The 1980s
Section 3: The 1980s, Paragraph 10

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Section 3. The 1980s

In order to develop full-scale home church activity, True Parents announced home church-related mottos for four consecutive years, from 1980 to 1983, at the World Mission Center in New York. The motto on January 1, 1980 was “Home church is the base of the kingdom of heaven.” He continued with “Home church is my kingdom of heaven” in 1981, “Victory of home church” in 1982 and “Home church is our land of settlement” in 1983. Beginning in 1984, the theme of the mottoes was building a God-centered homeland, “Creating and building the fatherland” in 1984 and 1985, “Creating and building the kingdom of heaven” in 1986, “Unification of the fatherland” in 1987 and 1988, and “Unification of Korea,” in 1989.

Home church is the base of the kingdom of heaven

1  Where will members of the Unification Church go in the 1980s? From 1981 we must develop full-scale home church activities. By the end of the third seven-year course, we need to have fully developed home church, and everything in our church must be operated based on the home church system. This is what I see we have to do from the viewpoint of the Will.

Accordingly, in 1979 you worked with the motto that was given at the beginning of that year, “Home church and the completion of the kingdom of heaven.” During this year, 1980, you will work with the motto “Home church is the base of the kingdom of heaven.” Without home church, the kingdom of heaven cannot be accomplished. Without it, we cannot accomplish our ultimate goal. This is why I am saying that home church is the base of the kingdom of heaven.

What is the kingdom of heaven? The place we call the kingdom of heaven is a place where we can rest, where happiness dwells and where love dwells. It is a place of peace. When we rest, would we want to rest all alone, only by ourselves? Naturally we would want our parents, our children and our family to be resting there with us. Also, we would want our tribe and our people to be there. We would want even the entire world to be included in that place. However much we as individuals want to rest, if our own parents are not able to rest there with us, if our own spouse and children are not able to rest there with us, we will not be able to truly rest. Looking at the Unification Church, since you are attending True Parents, if they are in a position where they cannot rest, then the people who heed the direction of the True Parents also will not be able to rest.

2  The statement “Home church is the base of the kingdom of heaven” is not just some casual phrase. You do not know how much indemnity I paid to open the path to home church. The great physical suffering of religious people through the ages, who shed their blood and tears, was ultimately to open the way to home church.

Until the day the words “home church” could be introduced to the world, God heaved great sighs of anguish. Now, with the introduction of home church, I am able to spread my wings and confidently stand tall in heaven and on earth. With home church, the Unification Church moves into a realm where it can stand proud. Therefore, you too should take pride in home church. You should boast enthusiastically about home church, even more than you boast about your mother and father, your siblings, your beloved, or even your children. Then you should do home church work; once you do it, it will become gradually easier and easier. You will see the difference between this year and next. It will become easier.

Home church is my kingdom of heaven

3  The motto for 1981 is “Home church is my kingdom of heaven.” You should think, as a Unification believer, “I must accelerate my home church activities.” Should you as messiahs stay at home? Just as Jesus went out from his home for the sake of carrying out his mission, you also must go out from your home. In 1981 you must all do home church, because this is the time for it. I have been teaching you about home church for three years, 1978, 1979 and 1980. I have taught you about it at every opportunity. Now the preparations have been completed. Therefore, you must go out from your home and do home church work.

4  All members of the Unification Church must fulfill home church activities, reaching 360 homes. By yourselves, you cannot go beyond the individual level to complete the indemnity conditions for the family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmic levels. Therefore, True Parents decided to create home church as a microcosm of the world, where you can complete world-level indemnity conditions. As a microcosm of the world, home church provides a place where you can make decisive conditions in front of God and Satan.

This means that even though you may do other things very well, if you do not fulfill your home church responsibility, you will not be able to go to the kingdom of heaven. When we say kingdom of heaven, it means an environment where Satan has no grounds to accuse, that is, a place outside the realm of Satan’s accusation. The place to create that environment of the kingdom of heaven is home church.

What caused Adam to fall? It was because he did not have an environmental kingdom of heaven. If you can establish such an environment on the tribal level, the family kingdom of heaven is automatically included. God’s original ideal is to realize the family kingdom of heaven. Where there is a tribal kingdom of heaven, the family kingdom of heaven forms naturally.

Thus, home church is where you can secure the realm of victory to expand the environment of the kingdom of heaven. You joined the Unification Church to attend True Parents, but if you do not do home church activities, you cannot attend them or connect to heaven.

5  The period that starts from 1981 is your time. Now your time has come. Now all of the responsibility that True Parents undertook on behalf of God is being passed on to you. Wherever you are, you carry out your Parents’ work. Hence, the time has come where what you do will realize the Will.

This is the third year of the three-year period from 1979 to 1981. Therefore, the time has come for you to work entirely for home church. I gave the first motto about home church in 1979, “Building the kingdom of heaven through home church.” In 1980 it was “Home church is the base of the kingdom of heaven.” You have been preparing for two years with these mottoes. On this foundation, the motto for 1981 is “Home church is my kingdom of heaven.” In this motto, the phrase “my kingdom of heaven” is not True Parents’ kingdom of heaven. It is the kingdom of heaven with you at the center. It’s not True Parents’ kingdom of heaven but the kingdom of heaven centering on you.

Until now we aimed to reach the standard collectively, as expressed in the mottoes “Building the kingdom of heaven through home church” and “Home church is the base of the kingdom of heaven,” but now we have entered the era when each of you can fulfill it directly, with you at the center.

Victory of home church

6  The motto for 1982 is “Victory of home church.” Home church is necessary because fallen parents came about. Jesus came as a parent for the sake of restoring those parents, but instead he died because the family of Zechariah and the family of Joseph failed to unite. This must be indemnified. If we do not indemnify that sin, we cannot enter the heavenly kingdom.

Will home church be the end of our work? Will it be the final level we need to reach? We will need home church to expand to churches encompassing the tribe, the people, the nation, the world and the cosmos.

7 When you bring victory in your family, centering on God, you can go on to establish the foundation for your tribe. The way you build the foundation for your tribe is home church. With the successful foundation of your family, you should advance to build your tribal foundation.

You can succeed in establishing your family as the Abel family by uniting Cain families with your Abel family. The next step is to advance to the Abel tribal realm and set up the tribal foundation; only then will your family be perfected. Unless your family has the protection of the tribal foundation, there is no safe place for it. This is what I mean when I say that your family can only be perfected after you set up the tribal foundation. You have to restore the tribal foundation in order for your own family to settle securely. This way you can provide a safe place for your sons and daughters. This is why, even though you have completed your family and can rest, the work is not over. You must go to the next level and achieve the tribal victory. Having achieved victory in your family, you must continue and bring victory in your tribe.

Home church is our land of settlement

8  The motto for 1983 is “Home church is our land of settlement.” This is not just a daydream. Home church was set up and we have been advancing it for this very purpose.

As a global citizen in the future, in order to enter the kingdom of heaven and bring others with you, you need to become a teacher of the Unification Principle, a teacher who works to unite religions and overcome communism with Unification Thought. Those who enter the kingdom of heaven on earth transcend religion and communism.

The mainstream teaching for this is not knowledge, power or money. It is love. Up to now human love has been self-centered love, but God’s love is sacrificial love. This is a simple truth. This is why we as True Parents have been sacrificing to this day in America. We are doing it to plant seeds of love. We are doing it to leave behind the tradition of loving the enemy.

9  Now True Parents must settle. We have completed our responsibility toward the free world. You too should be able to settle, and the way to do that is through your home church foundation. Therefore, 1983 is a very important year. Soon the entire world will study the Unification Church with new, fresh eyes. We have made all the necessary preparations, and the time has come for us to go over this new hill. The sun is rising for us. Perhaps I will mobilize the world’s famous scholars and theologians and hand everything over to them. If mainstream white American scholars do not do the job, I will bring scholars from Asia and ask them to do it, or I will seek out scholars from among the minorities in America and invite them to take on the task.

10  The motto for 1982 was “Victory of home church,” but was there a victory? In 1981 I set forth the motto “Home church is my kingdom of heaven,” but how much did you love the people in your kingdom of heaven? In 1980, when the motto was “Home church is the base of the kingdom of heaven,” how seriously did you think about it? Also in 1979, it was “Building the kingdom of heaven through home church,” but how much effort did you invest to build it?

I have given a direction to mobilize all the blessed families in Korea. The blessed families in Japan will also be mobilized, as well as all the blessed families in America. If you do not participate in this, you will all end up like gypsies, forever wandering around. You will not be able to settle. Even in the spirit world, you will not be able to come and visit True Parents. Instead, you will find yourself in a family-level paradise realm, just like the individual paradise where Christians go. In that family paradise, your spouse and your children will accuse you. The accusation will not come from Satan. Your wife or husband, sons and daughters will accuse you. You must understand how miserable this would be.

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