Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 12

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 1: True Parents’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Section 4: The Embodiments of God, Paragraph 0-8

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Section 4. The Embodiments of God

The vertical Parent and horizontal Parents

Adam and Eve were created as God’s substantial object partners—Adam as the representative of God’s masculinity and Eve as the representative of God’s femininity. God is the self-existent incorporeal subject partner, whose dual characteristics are in harmony.

In the beginning, when He created the first human beings, one man and one woman, His purpose was to assume a body, which He needed in order to relate with the substantial world. God wanted to freely communicate and interact with the substantial world through the bodies of the two human beings, Adam and Eve. This was because as long as God was an incorporeal being without a body, He was limited in relating to the corporeal, substantial world.

Therefore, had Adam and Eve, on the foundation of reaching perfection by attending God and becoming one with Him, married and had children to form a family, they would have become the external, horizontal True Parents, and God would have become the internal, vertical True Parent.

1   God exists as an incorporeal being; hence, we cannot see Him, not even after we die and go to the spirit world. Accordingly, for God to have a relationship with human beings who are in the flesh, He needs to manifest Himself on earth as the Father with a physical body. It is because of this natural law that God created Adam and Eve, the first human ancestors. In and through them God intended to manifest Himself in both incorporeal and corporeal forms. The harmony and unity between Adam and Eve in both spirit and flesh thus would have symbolized the harmony and unity of the incorporeal world and the corporeal world, and would have brought the cosmos into oneness.

How can we human beings who were born in the flesh become the body of God, who exists as an incorporeal being? God has four fundamental attributes: He is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. God created human beings as His ultimate masterpieces, to whom He could bequeath these attributes. However, the flesh cannot be eternal, because it is made with finite material substances based on the principles of the physical world. Therefore, when Adam and Eve attained perfection in the flesh, God wanted to live within them in total oneness and maintain that oneness in spirit as an eternal relationship of true love—God within them and they within God.

Had Adam and Eve not fallen but kept God’s commandment, they would have attained individual perfection and married with God’s blessing. Then their children also could have become embodiments of God, and all human beings would have inherited God’s attributes from generation to generation into eternity.

2   God created human beings as His absolute object partners of love by totally investing Himself in them. He needed substantial object partners with whom to share His love. However, not only in the earthly world but also in the heavenly realms, He cannot fully relate to His children if He has no substantial form. That is why He needed to assume such a form. That form is that of True Parents who have attained perfection.

God created human beings because He needed object partners with whom to share His love on earth. It is for this reason that He endowed human beings, whom He created as His absolute object partners, with the ability to procreate, so that they could continue their life on earth forever. Love, life, and lineage are the three elements of God’s creation of human beings. God is the root of love, the root of life, and the root of lineage. He is also the root of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.

Had the Fall not occurred, God would have entered the hearts of Adam and Eve at the time of their marriage and He would have experienced the union of love through their bodies. Thereby He would have become the vertical True Parent, and Adam and Eve would have become the horizontal True Parents. Thus, human beings would have possessed a mind that stemmed from two sets of parents: God, as well as Adam and Eve. at mind would be the vertical self, and the body, the horizontal self. They would have lived their lives in oneness in heart, oneness in body, oneness in thought and oneness in harmony.

3   True Parents can be likened to God’s body. They are Adam and Eve in perfection. Perfection means that the vertical God and the horizontal Adam and Eve are one. Adam and Eve are like God’s body, and God is like the mind of Adam and Eve. What makes this possible is true love. In love, the vertical God and the horizontal Adam and Eve live for the sake of each other. They represent heaven and earth.

4   Unless you attend God and True Parents, the value of your existence is lessened. You become true human beings only when you are in relationship with God and True Parents, that is, with the two sets of True Parents—the vertical True Parent and the horizontal True Parents. It is because there is oneness between God, the vertical True Parent, and Adam and Eve, the horizontal True Parents, that human beings can have unity between their mind and body and thus connect to God and His kingdom. Therefore, if people do not attend God and True Parents, they cannot achieve anything in the true sense. The heavenly realms are represented by the central family of the cosmos. When this family appears on earth, a vertical axis is formed; and centered on that axis, concentric circles expand through eight levels.

5   God is the origin of life, the origin of love and the origin of lineage. Therefore, God’s love, life and lineage should be one with human beings’ love, life and lineage. God is in the position of the vertical Parent, whereas the unfallen human beings, Adam and Eve, would have been in the position of the horizontal Parents. Adam and Eve were God’s children, but at the same time they were like brother and sister to each other.

In time they would have become husband and wife, and later, by giving birth to children, they would have become parents and ascended to a position next to God. By giving birth to children and then loving them, Adam and Eve would have inherited everything from God, who rejoiced after creating human beings, His children. Because they had received divine love, they would have loved their children more than themselves and treasured them so much that they would never have exchanged them for all of heaven and earth.

6   Adam’s sons and daughters could not dwell within the realm of God’s love. Had they been the children of an unfallen Adam, the kingdom of heaven on earth would have been realized with them, as they made horizontal connections on every level. But because the vertical and the horizontal did not meet together, the kingdom could not come.

Thus, as God’s sons and daughters, human beings must inherit this kingdom in two realms. Through the Blessing you have inherited the lineage of the kingdom in heaven and the kingdom on earth, the vertical kingdom and the horizontal kingdom, and the vertical Parent and the horizontal Parents. You have become children who can inherit all that is internal and external from both the vertical Parent and the horizontal Parents.

Royal family members are those who actually live their lives based on this twofold inheritance—from the kingdom in heaven and the kingdom on earth. Once you become members of the royal family, you stand on the foundation to be accepted by both kingdoms at any time. Then, based on this way of life, you should expand children’s love, siblings’ love, love between husband and wife, and parents’ love. Once your family is officially recognized for living by this standard of love, it will become a perfect family on earth and in heaven that receives the vertical kingdom and the horizontal kingdom as its inheritance.

Those who have experienced God’s internal heart and all the elements of Adam and Eve’s external substance come to belong to the realm of the royal family. Centering on true love, God is their vertical Parent and Adam and Eve are their horizontal Parents. Their children are Adam and Eve’s blood relations, who inherit the ideal of both worlds.

7   If we consider God to be the first generation, then True Parents are the second generation. The second generation must receive the marriage Blessing from God, and then they must bequeath that true lineage to their children. Otherwise God would have no third generation. The restoration of those three generations is the ideal that the Unification Church is pursuing.

God is our vertical Father; He can connect us to the infinite spirit world. We also have a physical person as our horizontal father. Our vertical Father is God, and our horizontal father and mother are the True Parents. In love, God meets True Parents at a 90-degree angle at the point where they unite as husband and wife. The place where a husband and wife become one is their reproductive organs. Except by means of the reproductive organs, their lives cannot become one. Becoming one through that union makes the connection of lineage.

After inheriting true life centered on God’s love, perfected Adam and Eve relate to each other as subject partner and object partner. Their marriage is, at the same time, a marriage of God, the incorporeal substantial being, and Adam and Eve, the corporeal substantial beings. Hence, on their wedding night they will experience God’s love. Thus, the marriage of the perfected Adam and Eve is not simply the union of two human beings. Their wedding is the core event in the universe.

That is why you must seek for nothing but God and True Parents. You should seek nothing else but the love, life, and lineage of God and the love, life, and lineage of True Parents. 

8   God is vertical. When Adam and Eve join together horizontally at the center, they meet the vertical God. The standard of equality between man and woman lies in the vertical. When they embrace and make love, the vertical is present, absolutely. They whirl around, centering on that vertical axis.

Love means to attain oneness. Without love, the phrases “oneness between parents and children,” “oneness between husband and wife,” and “oneness between brothers and sisters” would not exist.

The bodies of man and woman are God’s substantial forms. I mean that their bodies are God’s body. In their physical union they seek to ascend in pursuit of God, the vertical standard, but in fact, it first connects to them. The vertical standard descends quickly, as if pulled by gravity. It comes down more quickly than the horizontal comes together. In their physical union, revolving around the vertical standard, everything together creates a spherical form of love. The vertical becomes the core, and Adam and Eve revolve around it like satellites to complete the spherical form of love. That is where Adam and Eve, God’s son and daughter, are perfected as God’s loving embodiments.

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