Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 128

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 4: The Annual Mottoes and Setting Goals for Each Stage of the Providence
Section 1: The 1960s, Let us become victorious lords
Section 1: The 1960s, Paragraph 18

Let us become victorious lords

9  The motto for 1963 is, “Let us become victorious lords.” The last three years were a period when we had to complete all the conditions to receive the inheritance as human beings. However, from 1963 we are going beyond that stage, and we will restore all things of creation. Therefore, we will continue to use the same motto for several years.

We need to establish holy grounds. To do that we will have to buy land for the holy grounds, and once we have purchased it we absolutely must not sell it. When you choose a place to live, go live near a holy ground, and when you choose a place to be buried, be buried near a holy ground. To establish a holy ground, we must collect blood money to buy it. In other words, we must offer the blood money for which Jesus, who came as humanity’s Parent, was sold.

In order to become lords of creation, we must first be victorious. That victory must be centered on God. That is the greatest victory, and that is our standard.

10  We should be willing to suffer in order to create our own living histories. For this, for the next five years beginning in 1963, we must work based on the motto “Let us become victorious lords.” So far we have withstood difficulties well, but from now on let us take the offensive. Now let us restore the creation. I am going to make you into living testimonies. The period of the mission on the church level is over, and we are beginning the struggle on the level of the people. We have passed through the period when we focused on the family based on the efforts of individuals, and we are about to enter the period when we will focus on the level of the people based on the efforts of families. We must establish a new people centered on God.

11  If you are going to become a victorious lord, before you hope to achieve victory for the whole, you need to first lay the foundation of victory as an individual. Victory is something that people wanted in the past, aspire to in the present and will seek in the future. God also has desired it, earth has desired it, and our ancestors have desired it. From the day of the Fall until today, humanity and God have been unable to attain victory in this world that God created for His ideal. Instead we have come to this day possessing only sorrow and misery. Until we completely remove all the negative circumstances in our lives, we cannot say that we have complete victory.

12  What is the nature of the victory you must win? You should be victorious in your faith. You have to fight until you have gained complete victory and received official recognition from the whole, which includes both heaven and earth. Then finally you will become the victorious lord who has made faith the first priority. When it comes to public recognition, it is not enough to receive it only within the limits of the present reality. You must receive public recognition that transcends the past, present and future. Everything from the individual to the world must be included. You should receive that kind of official recognition. As you are recognized for your faith, you should receive the same recognition for your hope and love.

13  I said that the motto for the four years in the latter part of the first seven-year course is, “Let us become victorious lords.” During this period we need to recover the land for God. The responsibility you have in this four-year period is to create a safe and free environment, where all will welcome you wherever you go, from the level of the family to the tribe, people and nation.

God has not had dominion over heaven and earth from such a victorious position. He has not had a victorious base on which He could have dominion over heaven and earth and humankind as the Lord of Glory. Nor could our countless ancestors who upheld the course of restoration become victorious lords.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus, the only Son of God, came for the sake of completing that mission, but he too could not become the victorious Lord on earth. Accordingly, for 2,000 years to this day, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have been fighting in order to prepare the foundation for the victorious Lord. God is the final standard of this victorious lord. Certainly God must first achieve this level of victory. Until God reaches it, no one on earth will be able to reach it. The Lord of the Second Advent is the person who comes to establish the position of the victorious Lord of heaven and earth.

14  Today the Unification Church will have to attend the victorious True Parents, and it will have to form a group of victorious servants, victorious adopted children, and victorious children. No matter what position you go from, you have to defeat Satan. Whether you are in the position of a servant or an adopted child or a direct son or daughter, you have to repel him. Needless to say, even though you go further, to fight in the name of the True Parents you have to drive Satan away. Only when you stand in the position of having defeated Satan can you have the title of victorious lord.

Whatever position you may be in, whether a servant, an adopted child, a direct son or daughter, or a parent, you have to achieve the title of victorious lord. If you are victorious in your positions and if you can all unite, then, whatever position you are in, you will achieve the right to make decisions as a victorious lord. In that case, you should not be limited by your environment. If you are a victorious lord on the level of the people, all the people should be able to welcome you. Then you have to go beyond the dignity and authority of the level of the people and reach the level where you possess the highest national authority and can speak to the world. Then you can claim victory on earth. With the supreme authority of the nation, you will be able to give commands to the world. Then God will finally secure His position on earth and begin to build the kingdom of heaven on earth in earnest.

I have the historic destiny that I must pass through the positions of servant of servants, servant, adopted son, son, and reach the position of parent. As I am responsible for everything, I must put all this in order as the victorious substantial being who has indemnified horizontally the history that has been flowing down vertically.

15  If the first seven-year course can be compared to a mountain pass, it would be the tallest pass; if it were a gorge, it would be the deepest gorge. The blood, sweat and tears that I shed are deposited in this gorge. I am not leaving this mountain pass or gorge just as they are. I must level them into a plain. In making that plain, it is not enough to excavate the mountain and fill up the gorge, I must completely eliminate any traces of a hill. As a general rule, this seven-year course occurs only once in the history of the providence of restoration. There is no second chance. Therefore, you must go over the final mountain pass with single-hearted devotion and become a victorious lord. If you cannot become a victorious lord, you will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Let us charge forward with all our might

16  What kind of road must we take in 1968? I am saying that we should set out on the second seven-year course with the spirit, “Let us make an all-out offensive that leads the way to peace.” Our marching orders are, “Let us charge forward with all our might.” This is the motto at the beginning of the new year, and this is the task that I am exhorting all Unificationists who are scattered throughout the nation and world to accomplish.

17  The motto for 1968 is “Let us charge forward with all our might.” Or we can say “advance.” In carrying out our activities under this motto, first we must prepare our internal church resources, second we must establish clear goals, and third we must bring results as victors. We must satisfy these three conditions and be absolutely victorious. Don’t advance recklessly, but first make all the necessary preparations. You need to know the enemy and discern the environment day and night; then you can implement your strategy.

18  In 1968, as we embarked on the second seven-year course, we set the motto, “Let us charge forward with all our might.” We do not charge forward based on the individual, but rather we move out to the world and charge forward based on the whole. In the same way that the Unification Church is doing that, the time will come when Korea will do that. In the same way that Korea does that, Asia also is in the position where it must advance, and then the world must do so as well.

However, neither the world nor Asia nor our country has a clear goal. If they just follow the trends of the current era without having a clear goal, they will be unable to overcome the challenges of the era. Then, not even individuals will be able to attune to the direction for the whole.

Under this kind of circumstances, the Unification Church is calling its members to charge forward with all their might centering on God’s goal. If we cannot accomplish an all-out victory here, only the motto will remain. In other words, although we began with this motto to charge forward with all our might, we have a long way to go to accomplish that goal.

At least, we have to reach the standard that the Unification Church is fully acknowledged nationally in the Republic of Korea. Until then, we must continue under these conditions. That is why I am also making “Let us charge forward with all our might” the motto for 1969. That is why I am commanding you to fortify your strategy and activities centering on this motto. You must do this all the way to the end of the year.