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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 4: The Annual Mottoes and Setting Goals for Each Stage of the Providence
Section 1: The 1960s
Section 1: The 1960s, Paragraph 08

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Chapter 4   The Annual Mottoes and Setting Goals for Each Stage of the Providence

Section 1. The 1960s

Beginning in 1960, True Parents began to announce yearly mottoes that set the direction and goals of the year for all members of the Unification Church. During the 1960s, after the Holy Wedding, True Parents personally led the providence and set the direction for all Unificationists worldwide by walking their own seven-year course. During this seven-year course, True Parents gave birth to True Children and conducted marriage Blessings for members.

The annual mottoes during this time were to inspire members to give their all in their activities. In 1960, the motto was, “Let this be the year of the best result of our lives.” In 1961, it was, “Let us become Heavenly Father’s representatives.” In 1962, it was, “Let us have something to show and be proud of.” From 1963 to 1967, it was, “Let us become victorious lords.” In 1968 and 1969, it was, “Let us charge forward with all our might.” In particular, at 3:00 a.m. on January 1, 1968, True Father proclaimed God’s Day. With this he concluded his 21-year course and the members’ first seven-year course, and he launched the second seven-year course.

Let this be the year of the best result of our lives

1  The motto for 1960 was “Let this be the year of the best result of our lives.” 1960 was the year when we restored vertical history through indemnity, horizontally. Accordingly, we had to bring the greatest results in front of God. In order to obtain the greatest results, we had to increase our command over the environment before launching our restoration work.

Externally, 1960 was the year when we removed Satan’s accusation. In this period, we had to establish True Father’s status as Messiah on the levels of one people and the nation. That year was a time when we received persecution from society. We were anxious for the time to come when we could freely convey God’s Word. It was also the time when we had to take things back and make them God’s. “Let this be the year of the best result of our lives” means that we had to bring results and free ourselves from the condition of Satan’s accusation.

2  What is the meaning of “Let this be the year of the best result of our lives”? Because human beings live in Satan’s world, we have to establish a foundation of indemnity so that we can stand in the position of having separated from Satan’s world.

To be victorious, you have to reverse through indemnity all historical evil. In other words, you must restore the individual. That is the hope of humanity. You need to become sons and daughters of God by restoring yourselves as individuals, and you need to become children having the authority to judge Satan on God’s behalf.

3  At the beginning of 1960, I declared in front of you the motto, “Let this be the year of the best result of our lives.” It means, “In this one year, make the greatest achievement that you will not forget for the rest of your life.”

Do you have money in your hands? Are you fighting in order to earn money for the sake of your own happiness? If you have that kind of money, you must use it for the sake of the heavenly kingdom. Have you been fighting until now in order to own a luxurious house? You must forget that kind of thing and instead strive to become people of the heavenly kingdom. You should have this serious determination.

If everyone in today’s world lived this way, world peace would be achieved. The Prince of Peace is the person who takes this road. He will establish peace. I am emphasizing to you that you need to embrace the 30 million Korean people who are crying out in distress. I am emphasizing to you that you should become people who, shedding tears with your teeth clenched, cry out for Heavenly Father, saying, “If there is any place where people suffer abuse and are being cursed, I will go there.” This is the path I have walked. Far more than you, my heart is desperate to do this. In other words, I am ready to do anything for the sake of heaven.

Let us become Heavenly Father’s representatives

4  The motto under which we should move forward during 1961 is, “Let us become Heavenly Father’s representatives.” I hope that during this year you truly experience that you are Heavenly Father’s representatives.

God created earth as the counterpart of heaven. He created the first human ancestors to become His substantial object partners, who can represent Him. God created human beings in His image after first creating all things as His symbolic images. If we look at all creation on a large scale, it is one entity. If we look at it on a smaller scale, it is composed of beings that each represent God. To stand in the position of His representative, we must have the ability to give a clear explanation concerning the Center. In other words, if we say we represent God, we have to be able to explain, “What kind of being is God? What kind of relationship do I have with God?” Don’t forget that God and human beings were originally to be one body. God and human beings were meant to exist in an inseparable relationship as one body. If heaven is called the head of the body, we are the trunk of the body, and if heaven is called the trunk of the body, we are the limbs. We say that God cannot disconnect from us even if He wants to.

5  We live in a world of confusion. If people in this chaotic world ask us what it is that they need to think about, we should answer, “You should understand the original central purpose for which God created human beings.” We need to be able to articulate a clear answer to this question.

We are meant to become one with the Father. Heaven and earth are meant to be one. They are not two separate spheres, but one. We stand in front of one Center, and whether we live or die, we are destined to become one with it. Moreover, given that this goal exists, if we are to achieve it we need to share the same purpose, the same circumstances and the same heart as the Father. Otherwise, we will not be able to accomplish it completely.

God has the responsibility to lead fallen humanity to the garden of hope, where we can understand God’s circumstances and unite with His heart. Therefore, as we are situated in the position where we have to become one with God, we have the same purpose. There cannot be two. God’s Will has to become my will, God’s circumstances have to become my circumstances, and God’s heart has to become my heart. Unless you can experience this and confidently say that you stand in that position, you cannot become God’s representatives.

Consequently, fallen people should pursue the goal to become one with God. In order to become one, you need to have the same hope and same circumstances and ultimately attain a meeting point of heart. Otherwise, as fallen human beings, we will not be able to achieve unity with God.

6  We Unificationists have been walking a difficult road, but we have not disappeared. The person who remains until the very end is the Father’s representative. God is screaming until His throat hurts, saying, “Go forth as My sons and daughters, and be My representatives who live for the sake of the 30 million people of Korea.” God the Father wants to send His representatives, the children who receive the Father’s love, to every place. He wants you to become people of whom He can say, “You are My representatives, My sons and daughters.” For this, you must become people who defeat Satan and receive God’s true love.

Your path is not one of sparkling grandeur; it is one on which you will have to die on behalf of God. You are His sons and daughters because you are in the position to traverse the path of death on behalf of our Heavenly Father. Having been placed on the path of death, you have to go out and fight.

Let us have something to show and be proud of

7  The motto for 1962 is, “Let us have something to show and be proud of.” What I mean is that we should become people who can show something to God and have pride in doing that. To do this we need to chase after the fleeing Satan all the way to the end.

Now, since God wants to show off individuals and families who are doing these things, we must fight for this and be victorious. Only if we can achieve that can we become sons and daughters who connect the spiritual world and the physical world. We can be proud if we win the battle. You must fight for the restoration of God’s family.

In 1962, you must establish the standard you can be proud of. When in the fight, you must light upholding God and God’s family at the center. Accordingly, you must be victorious. When fighting, you must fight in the toughest position. You must start from the most difficult and arduous position as a laborer or a king of beggars, climb up from there to the top, and subjugate them all. You must carry this out in a joint operation with True Parents. It is the time for True Parents and their children to work together in witnessing. We must be one family of Parents and children, armed and fighting side by side to create the heavenly family, tribe and people, ultimately restoring the entire world. From now on you must fight as families.

8  1962 is a historic year that will not be repeated again. Therefore, how do you think we should greet this year? We must greet the new year with the goal that even though no one else is taking responsibility, at least we, the believers of the Unification Church, are resolved to dissolve God’s bitter sorrow and fulfill God’s hope.

This year, you should avoid Satan’s accusations, lest you become an object of concern for God. Become people with no deficiencies front and back, left and right, above and below, inside and out. Become the substantial beings of hope whom God has wanted to be proud of while carrying out the providence. Also, this year, become the substantial beings who receive recognition in front of heaven and earth and all creation. Go further and take pride that you can show something to this earth and even to Satan’s world. I hope this is the year that you can truly practice this and demonstrate it.

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