Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 122

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 3: Proclamation of the Holy Days
Section 1: Resurrection of Heart and Resurrection of Substance, Background
Section 1: Resurrection of Heart and Resurrection of Substance, Paragraph 11

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Chapter 3  Proclamation of the Holy Days

Section 1. Resurrection of Heart and Resurrection of Substance


True Parents proclaimed April 17, 1960, the day after the Blessing of 3 couples, as the Day of the Resurrection of Heart, and April 17, 1961 as the Day of the Resurrection of Substance. After True Parents’ Holy Wedding, the foundations for the resurrection of heart, the resurrection of substance and the resurrection of all things were completed, and God’s lost realm of heart was resurrected in substantial form. Then, upon the establishment of Parents’ Day, children and all things could be restored.

1  Strictly speaking, Parents’ Day should have appeared after the proclamation of the Day of the Resurrection of Heart and the Day of the Resurrection of Substance. When you examine the process of resurrection, the resurrection of heart and substance precedes the resurrection of all created things. In the beginning, God lost all things through the Human Fall, then He lost the substance and then the heart. Therefore, God has worked in reverse, first to carry out the resurrection of heart, then the resurrection of substance and lastly the resurrection of all things. Parents’ Day, Children’s Day, and the Day of All Things were established accordingly. In order to accomplish this, I paid indemnity while I walked a path amid adversity. Because I set this indemnity condition, which removed the condition for Satan to accuse, I was able to establish the blessed and holy day of Parents’ Day.

2  Parents’ Day, Children’s Day, the Day of All Things and God’s Day were defiled due to the Fall of Adam and Eve, the first human ancestors. That is why the Unification Church established these holy days, which are unprecedented in history. These holy days are invaluable; everything fallen had to be restored in order to establish them. Due to the Fall, all things were tied to the problem of heart and the problem of substance, and they were entangled with the archangel. There was an order in which the Fall occurred: first the archangel, and next the heart. Everything, including the mind and body, was entangled, and everything remains entangled. To restore this, we must move forward with a heart that is in one accord with God. That is why in the Unification Church we have the Day of the Resurrection of Heart; the resurrection of heart comes first. The heart and the body were defiled when Satan and human beings united as one; this was the result of the Fall. In the course of restoration, things are done in reverse. First we proclaimed the Day of the Resurrection of Heart, and then we had to proclaim the Day of the Resurrection of Substance.

3  The Holy Wedding held in 1960 established vertically the parental position. Because of that, as you go through the process of restoration, you must walk that model path. For this reason, I first established Parents’ Day, and then I declared Children’s Day in the horizontal position. Parents carried out the resurrection of the Word, the resurrection of heart, and the resurrection of substance. Through accomplishing the Blessing, centering on one man, we entered a new historical era. The first Parents’ Day marks the beginning of the transition from the old world to the new world. Because Parents emerged, you can receive the Blessing as sons and daughters of the new era. In the indemnity course, you do not need to pass through the process of the resurrection of substance as Parents have. Through the Blessing, Parents engraft to you; as long as you follow, completely uniting in heart, you can move forward without receiving Satan’s accusation.

4  Adam fell to a position far below the world of heart. Not knowing God’s heart, he fell. Jesus is the only person in the ages of history who has deeply experienced the heart of God. However, he was unable to establish the standard of the restoration of heart by himself. Adam did not violate God’s heart alone; Adam and Eve violated His heart as a couple. Until Adam and Eve become one in heart, God’s heart cannot be liberated.

Jesus, in the position of the Second Adam, needs to come again and achieve the realm of the resurrection of heart. Christianity made countless sacrifices for 2,000 years. Nevertheless, it was unable to prepare the foundation of heart through the Principle and the heavenly way, and to proclaim, “May the heart of our Heavenly Father be gratified now!” A couple who can achieve this must appear and do this work, so that God’s heart can be liberated. When this comes to pass, the gate of the heart that leads to the heavenly kingdom will open, and the form of the kingdom of heaven of true heart will begin for all married couples.

5  A wall was built in the heart of God. One man and one woman, having achieved oneness in heart and mind, need to establish the indemnity condition and say, “We will bear the cross You have been carrying and will fight and win on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world.” It is essential that the cross be transferred from the world of the heart of God to the world of the heart of human beings in this way.

The first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, fell, so it is humankind that is in the position to relieve God’s suffering. In short, it is human beings who can liberate God and free Him from His cross of the heart. This requires a married couple who are willing to bear the cross of love on the path of sufferings of the heart. While bearing the cross, they must work on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. There must come a day when they can declare that they have crossed over each of these summits. They will say, “Just as God loves His children and all things, we do the same.”

That is why on April 17, on the 70th day after True Parents’ Holy Wedding held on April 11, 1960, I proclaimed the Day of the Resurrection of Heart. I proclaimed the resurrection of heart in heaven and on earth. When all the problems of the human heart are resolved, the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven will be realized without fail.

6  The standard of perfection will be established by achieving the realm of resurrection of heart, with God’s love manifested on earth. Thus, I proclaimed the Day of the Resurrection of Heart centering on that realm of resurrection in the Unification Church. The resurrection of heart is the foundation for the resurrection of substance. Ultimately we become one with God centering on that oneness of heart and the love of God and, centering on that oneness of heart and the love of God, the body must become one. For the sake of the body accomplishing the realm of heart horizontally, we must go beyond the standard of accusation by which we received invasion from Satan’s realm. Unless we complete the resurrection of substance, we will not connect to God’s heart horizontally. By proclaiming the Day of the Resurrection of Heart and the Day of the Resurrection of Substance in 1960 and 1961 respectively, the perfected Adam and the perfected Eve are able to appear.

Resurrections of heart and of substance

True Parents emphasized that the Day of the Resurrection of Heart was the day when God and human beings formally connected in heart for the first time in 6,000 years. All people can receive the Blessing and enter the realm of grace, standing in the presence of God, when they have set the condition for the resurrection of substance, which means being born again.

7  We need to pass through the gate of heart on all levels. Without setting the condition of having passed through the gate of heart, we cannot be resurrected. Jesus was not able to solve the problem of heart and was unable to enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, the heart is the alpha and the omega. The gates to the kingdom of heaven can be opened when the gate of heart is opened; those who have no more wounds in their mind, body and heart can enter.

8  In resurrection, our heart is the problem. We must in reality become people who provide the flavor and true value for which heaven hopes. Until now, no person has completed resurrection in heaven or on earth. We must bow our heads and be thankful for the fact that resurrection is beginning to happen here, in this wretched country of Korea.

Individuals who have achieved that standard cannot be exchanged for all the money in the world. Even though they might seem to have lost everything, they actually have everything. They are the sons and daughters who return joy, happiness, and comfort to the Father, who comes as the champion of love and heart. That is why we need to be engrafted with his world of heart. God is our Father; the Lord is our Bridegroom. God has allowed us to understand His heart of longing, His truth, and loyalty to His heart. Now we can begin the work of connecting all philosophies through the hearts of a father and son, a husband and wife, and a king and his subjects. There is no circumstance that cannot be solved and nothing that cannot be forgiven, in the name of the Father. Everything can become one through loyalty at the footstool of a king. This is the entire conclusion of the resurrection of heart.

9  When Adam and Eve fell, their standard of heart was not aligned with God. Therefore, we must rise above that. We must be willing to do anything God commands, even if it means severing ourselves from all earthly things. This kind of self-awareness must emerge. In other words, the stage for the resurrection of heart must exist. We conducted the Ceremony of the Resurrection of Heart for the sake of this path.

10  If you are going to carry out the resurrection of substance, you must indemnify the historical standard and be victorious, not collapsing in the midst of fighting the realities of life. Only then are you able to carry out the resurrection of substance. This is the Day of the Resurrection of Substance. The person who inherits the mission of Jesus on this earth and the heart of God becomes a hero of this world. The resurrection of substance first has to go through the heart. That day is the day when heaven and earth are restored. Substantial parents and children are necessary for the Day of the Resurrection of Substance. You must advance to the position of glory through substantial resurrection. You must fight a bloody battle for the sake of doing so, and establish glorious sovereignty. This is the path you must walk, whether you live or die.

11  Strange things happen when people come to the Unification Church. Right away they want to pack up all their belongings and join the church. You cannot imagine how people are filled with hope. In such a situation, they seem to feel as if they have just escaped from somewhere. If this is how you feel and act, that is the resurrection of substance. You receive a voucher by which your body has entered the heavenly realm; this is the realm of substantial resurrection. The resurrection of heart and substance is the starting point that will enable you to connect to God’s lineage through His love.

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