Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 121

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 2: The Seven-Year Courses and the Overseas Foundation
Section 6: Educating Society’s Leaders, Paragraph 18-24

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18  Through the Professors World Peace Academy, we will make a global professors’ association for the research of principles. We are working on this project in Korea and Japan. As a result, professors are researching the Unification Principle and are frequently publishing their findings. Up until the present, we have connected with scholars primarily through the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, which we have hosted numerous times. Now we need to consider how we can hold Unification Principle seminars for the leaders of the nations where these scholars live.

The discussions should bring together the leaders with these scholars. Members of the clergy who oppose Unificationism should dialogue with these professors. Those Christian leaders will bow their heads when they do so. After that, these leaders will need to contact large numbers of people, working closely with the other major faiths. When churches flood to our side, large groups of people will also come over to our side. By carrying out such multilateral activities, we should expect to secure and educate at least 30,000 people in groups of 600. When we move on to the national level, young people will come flocking in.

Workshops and international seminars

True Parents founded the International Federation for Victory Over Communism on January 13, 1968, and they regularly held workshops on Victory Over Communism theory and Unification Thought for leaders from all fields and social classes, specifically to prepare for the reunification of North and South Korea. The International Federation for Victory Over Communism also arranged for leaders of society to go to the United States and Japan, where they were introduced to the Unification Principle and True Parents’ worldwide activities. These leaders were greatly impressed.

19  We need to implement an organizational structure to prepare for the unification of North and South Korea. By empowering ambassadors for peace with Victory Over Communism theory, Unification Thought and the Unification Principle, we can gather this world together. Without fail, we must station ambassadors for peace in 120 locations. They need to be stationed in all administrative units: hamlets, villages and towns in rural areas, and neighborhoods and precincts in urban areas. Once this is done, we will have an integrated organization. As we shape this organization, we need to empower the people ideologically day after day.

20  We need first to educate those people whom I have acknowledged as patriots. We need to teach the members of the National Assembly the Principle, Victory Over Communism theory, and even Unification Thought. If you do not have anything with which to surpass me, you should just follow me.

Korea’s current political trend is accomplishing nothing. This also is true for the United States and Japan. I have carried out the peace movement until now based on absolute values. I am the only one who has done this. The world highly respects me for it, but it should not end with that. It needs to convert that foundation of respect into time-honored traditions and leave these as a legacy for future generations. Such a base is necessary.

21  Christians are amazed when they learn the Unification Principle. Many among the participants of the seminars in the United States were Christians. They could not have any objections. By then, they had heard good rumors. In the past, when they had heard the same words, they interpreted those words as bad; their eyes read them as bad and their ears heard them as bad. They had listened with such a heart. They feared that those words would overwhelm or consume them. Now, however, rumors about this training have spread, and those same people are beginning to think that they should listen to it in earnest, at least once. Indeed, if they listen with open hearts, the words will hit home for them 100 percent.

Nowadays, there is nothing to prevent good education from helping nations achieve their purposes. Because of this, people from the Ministry of Education came several times and asked our educators to teach them as well. Now everyone is lining up to take part in the seminars in the United States. At this time, I plan to take Christian elders there. Now that the number of people who have received this education is close to 20,000, I believe that most of the middle class has heard about it, and that there is not one person that knows nothing about it.

22  The International Federation for Victory Over Communism and the Unification Church have trained and educated a great many people. You need to link together all those people who have formed connections with us. After that, you need to link together all the professors and the principals of elementary, middle and high schools who have attended the seminars in the United States. For this reason, we have centralized the organization of our church at this time. Until now, the students of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles worked separately from us, but the time for organizing in that way has passed and the time has come for all of us to live together under one roof. All our enemies have collapsed. That is why we are linking our organizations.

We now will make a student department. All the professors, principals of middle and high schools, and even elementary school teachers will be linked together through the student department. Families naturally relate to educational institutions. Since their children go to elementary, middle and high schools, or colleges, families are impacted when those schools make a move. Once you have turned the teachers around, the students and families automatically will move as well. We can move the students. To turn the students around, the teachers bring them together and teach the Principle.

23  The number of people who will have participated in the United States seminars should reach at least 50,000. I believe the number of participants has currently reached a little over 30,000. If we can send 50,000 people, each county in Korea will have at least 200 of those people. I have sent them to be trained in the United States because we need leaders who can move the country. I feel that, after they have been educated, if our country is not brought together centering on the vision of the Unification Church, it will have no hope. Ours is not only a national level. I know that the Unification Church foundation offers the only way to build connections that lead to and expand to the world. People are turning to us because they realize that ours is the direction of true hope.

24  Parents plan to focus on activities in middle and high schools. Among the teachers, principals and vice principals of middle and high schools who have attended our seminars in the United States, about two-thirds are related to our organization. Hence, as we become one with these principals and vice principals, we will naturally educate the students. The fastest way to make this into an educational system is through middle and high school teachers, rather than through college professors. Therefore, activities emphasizing school personnel and educational curricula are absolutely necessary. Those activities need to take root.

Colleges are a step away from that. Because colleges are divided into departments, even those who have graduated in the same year cannot easily form a connection of heart with one another. Middle and high school students, on the other hand, have teachers who are responsible to teach all students the same content. In this situation the students can and do form connections of heart with one another, almost as if they were siblings born of the same parents.

For this reason, what is most important is the method through which we can introduce principles into the educational institutions. This is an essential condition. Thus, we are providing education on such a strong underlying foundation. Once the principals and students come to praise us, the parents will automatically follow them. By educating them, we must create a family movement.

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