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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 3: Proclamation of the Holy Days
Section 2: Parents’ Day, Background
Section 2: Parent’s Day, Paragraph 10

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Section 2. Parents’ Day


The engagement ceremony of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han, on the 1st day of the 3rd lunar month in 1960 (March 27) at the original Cheongpa-dong headquarters church in Seoul, marked the day on which True Parents publicly appeared on earth. Therefore, in the following year True Parents retroactively proclaimed that March 1, 1960 was the first Parents’ Day. On the 35th Parents’ Day in 1994, they instructed that the names of all major church holy days should include the term “True,” so the day was renamed True Parents’ Day.

1  God never had God’s Day, Parents’ Day and Children’s Day. God’s ideal of creation is oneness in heart with His children. The purpose of creation is to accomplish a straight line of heart from God through Adam and Eve to their children. God used the principle of harmony in creating the world. Therefore, God also bases His strategy of re-creation on this fundamental principle. God desires to establish God’s Day, Parents’ Day and Children’s Day and to celebrate them with all humankind. Then, finally, the purpose of these holy days will be achieved.

2  It was possible to establish Parents’ Day only on the victorious foundation of having indemnified both spiritually and physically all the mistakes made by the first parents, Adam and Eve. They should have become True Parents, but because they fell, Jesus Christ had to come as the Messiah and lay the foundation for True Parents on the national level, centering on the chosen people of Israel. This is a fundamental rule.

3  For True Parents to fulfill that position on this earth, they must present accomplishments for the Will. They have to qualify to be True Parents, and then they must be victorious. First, Father had to subjugate Satan, then subjugate the parents of the adopted children in the spirit world. True Parents had to go through the three stages of the original parents—formation, growth and completion. After doing that, they have to meet the overall conditions to save all people who are born on this earth in the position of children: helping people grow spiritually and helping them sustain their lives. Otherwise they cannot become True Parents.

What made the people on earth the way they are? It was because their first parents went wrong. Therefore True Parents are responsible to revive these children who are dead. Unless they find the means to revive them, they cannot become the True Parents. This is why in history there is a course that goes through the parents of the three stages of formation, growth and completion. Among them the True Parents, who emerge with the authority to determine victory over Satan in the physical world and the spiritual world, will remain until the end.

4  Unless heaven and earth are united, that is, unless the spirit world and the earthly world are united, we will not have accomplished complete unity. Even if a great person tries to unite the world with his teaching, since the unity he brings extends only as far as the physical world and because the laws of heaven remain and God clearly exists, whatever he tries to do will be in vain.

What is the reason for the inability to achieve unity? It is because all the ways are blocked. Until these blockages are broken down, unity cannot be achieved. If we are unable to eliminate the impediments that exist, not only those in the world but also in the heart, mind and life, we will be unable to achieve unity.

The blockages that we need to eliminate exist not only on earth but also connect to the infinite spirit world. So how are we to get rid of them? This responsibility lies with human beings. It is people who need to accomplish it. Therefore, before the Returning Lord emerges on this earth, he has to engage in a protracted struggle with the blocked spirit world. The reason the worldview of the Unification Church is emerging on earth today is because the work of unification is taking place in the spirit world as well. The work being carried out in the spirit world is being reflected on earth, unfolding as physical reality.

How can unity be achieved? It begins by establishing Parents’ Day on earth. Parents’ Day is the day that determines the victory in heaven and on earth. God long desired its establishment as the day of victory, the day that can bear the historical fruit hoped for by humanity and through which He can recover the lost owners of the entire universe.

5  Up to this point, the lineage of True Parents, from whom people were to have been born into goodness, has not appeared on earth. This is why people today are like orphans. In short, they are born as sons and daughters of the enemy, that is, as sons and daughters of Satan. From the viewpoint of God’s law of love, all people are destined to return to the heavenly kingdom, but today’s situation is that Satan has bound us with chains and is ravaging us to prevent us from leaving him. Parents’ Day is the starting point of the hope of humankind, when we can finally sever the chains that bind us to death, and take the path of life.

6 True Parents must be two people. If they are not two, they cannot stand on the standard of True Parents. Even if one or the other has established the standard of victory through his or her spiritual battles, unless they together become True Parents as physical human beings on earth, they will not have substantiated the standard of victory in the world. Even though the spirits in the spirit world have established the condition of victory there, unless the True Parents are inaugurated here on earth, these spirits cannot establish a foothold on earth that corresponds to their foothold in the spirit world. Therefore, once the True Parents come, from that time on they must dedicate their lives and fight on behalf of heaven and earth.

The period of their struggle will be 40 years. What kind of battles are True Parents going to fight during this 40-year period? First they have to go through trials in the spirit world. After that they need to undergo trials on earth. They can establish the standard of True Parents both spiritually and physically only when they have fought until the end and held fast without collapsing. That is how they will accomplish the hope of 6,000 years of providential history. Parents’ Day, the day on which the reality of True Parents began, was the day that marked the starting point of true success, of achievements both in the spirit world and on earth.


If Adam and Eve had become the God-centered True Parents, Parents’ Day would have been established right then and there. However, the achievement of Parents’ Day was delayed due to the Fall of Adam and Eve, and God has worked His providence to this day to realize it. As can be seen, Parents’ Day was instituted on the foundation of True Parents’ success in spiritually and physically indemnifying the failures of Adam and Eve.

7  The Messiah is the person who comes in the position of having transcended fallen nature. He is equipped with God’s love and is the original, ideal model of masculinity, with his body and mind united as one. A person like this comes to earth in order to become the center and make all the world’s people resemble him so that they are qualified to enter the kingdom of heaven. But what does that Messiah have to find? He comes as the Bridegroom, looking for his Bride. The Bride is in the position of Eve. Since Eve was lost in the Garden of Eden, the Messiah must come to earth and find the new Eve.

In the Unification Church, Parents’ Day marks the fulfillment of this search. It is the first time in history that a day with the title “True Parents” was ever declared. This day was established to celebrate the day on which a man and woman became husband and wife based on the original love of God. It celebrates the beginning of the ideal realm of human completion that God has long desired. It celebrates the complete unity of the mind and body of a man and the mind and body of a woman, achieved horizontally with God as the center.

8  Since the ancestors of humanity fell, there are no children of God’s direct lineage whom He can love; instead there are only adopted children. God needs to bequeath His grand endeavor of creating heaven and earth to someone, but there are only adopted children from a different bloodline, and do you think He wants to bequeath it to them?

If you were a parent, would you want to bequeath the great work you had achieved in heaven and on earth to a stranger’s child who shows up uninvited to your house and claims that he is your son? It goes against the original, fundamental rule of creation. God wants to bequeath His great work of creation to His original son and daughter. History has been the quest to find this original son and original daughter.

The Lord at his Second Advent is the person who comes with the qualifications and mission of the true Son of God. Therefore, the most excellent Bride is she who will become the wife of the Returning Lord. Together they will become the Father and Mother of humankind. Once the Father and Mother emerge, they will give birth to sons and daughters. The day when the Father and Mother appeared was none other than Parents’ Day.

This day is a proud day that is celebrated only in the Unification Church. Now for the first time in history, Parents’ Day has come into being. What this means is that the Parents have finally come who represent the lost glory of God, who celebrate the coming victory of humankind, and who exercise the authority to judge evil by the law of public righteousness. This is the gospel of gospels.

Parents’ Day was proclaimed on the 1st day of the 3rd lunar month. If the first human beings had not fallen, we would not have needed to declare Parents’ Day. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, but instead had grown to perfection and given birth to children, the day when their first child called them Mother and Father automatically would have been both Parents’ Day and God’s Day.

9  We established Parents’ Day, but it should not be the Parents’ Day of the Unification Church alone. All people in the world should celebrate it. This day is imbued with the heart of True Parents, who even now are in anguish as they go over the hill filled with the bitter sorrows of tens of thousands of generations. Therefore, we need to act with an urgent heart so we can transform this world of sin and evil. We have to welcome the day when joyful shouts of liberation and the fanfare of trumpets fill heaven and earth.

We have to carry out our mission as a liberation army. Otherwise, we will not be able to say we fulfilled our duty as loyal and filial sons and daughters of True Parents. This day is not a day that should be celebrated by only a small group inside the Unification Church; it is a day that all people should celebrate. It is a day that should be praised forever. All generations should commemorate it with praise as a day of pride, joy and glory.

10  You need to establish Parents’ Day as your individual Parents’ Day, family Parents’ Day, community Parents’ Day and national Parents’ Day. Then it can be established as the global Parents’ Day. Its establishment as Parents’ Day throughout the world and then as Parents’ Day of the cosmos will complete the ideal of creation for which God originally intended to establish the True Parents. Only then can we relieve the sorrows arising from the fact that the Fall prevented the inauguration of Parents’ Day. Establishing Parents’ Day throughout heaven and earth will completely erase the bitter sorrow of restoration history.

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