Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 11

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 1: True Parents’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Section 3: Completion of the Providence of Restoration, Paragraph 17-23

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17   Adam and Eve were to have been perfected by uniting with their Heavenly Parent. Had they united with their Heavenly Parent, all their descendants likewise could have stood in their parents’ realm of victory. This should have unfolded through eight levels: the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. When Adam and Eve fell, it was only the two of them, so the Fall occurred on the individual level. Now, however, the realm of the Fall has expanded throughout heaven and earth. Just two individuals, Adam and Eve, fell, but the result has spread not only to the physical world but also to the spiritual world, from earth to heaven. Only by finally achieving that realm of victory on every level will the liberation of humankind be possible. 

Multitudes of religious believers have been making indemnity conditions in their efforts to escape the realm of the Fall. However, since they themselves are descendants of the Fall, it is impossible for them to escape on their own. Adam and Eve, the first human ancestors, caused this situation when they fell. Therefore, it is necessary that good first ancestors come and pioneer a path to escape the situation. Unless these new key figures succeed in overcoming the Fall, no one will be able to escape from it.

It is the Returning Lord and his Bride, the True Parents, who can accomplish this. True Parents must also bring perfection on all levels, from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. And finally they must liberate God.

18   Human beings originally were created as God’s children, but because they inherited Satan’s lineage, they came under the rule of Satan. That is why to this day humankind has been treated as the enemy’s children. Accordingly, True Parents must recover these children for God and, in the process, become the ancestors of humankind. They have to clean up everything that became defiled throughout human history and put Satan in a place where he cannot make accusations. They must pave paths that Satan cannot accuse, whether traveling from the physical world up to the spiritual world or from the spiritual world down to earth. True Parents have to travel back and forth and overcome all the conditions that Satan can accuse. Satan has been able to make accusations due to the mistake made by the ancestors of humankind. Therefore, True Parents, coming as the true ancestors of humankind, must completely pave the way from the past, to the present, and to the future.

19   From the beginning of human history to this day, God and Satan have been at war with each other. God cannot stop it, nor can Satan. That war began due to the Fall of Adam and Eve. How, then, can this situation be resolved? God intends to re-create them. The course of restoration is the course of re-creation. Unless they are re-created, there can be no solution. That was His purpose for inaugurating religion: to re-create Adam and Eve. Among numerous religions throughout the world, Judaism, Christianity and the Unification Church are at the center. They comprise three stages, culminating at the time of the Second Coming in the Last Days when True Parents will emerge.

True Parents know all the secrets of God, Satan and humankind. Satan’s world is full of chaos. Above and below, right and left, and front and rear, nothing is in its proper order. At the Second Advent, True Parents will come to earth and begin to clean this up. Starting from themselves as individuals, they will clear the way to recover the family, tribe, people, nation, world and even the spirit world. Then God’s ideal of creation, which humankind has long awaited, will appear in the mainstream of history.

Hence, the challenge faced by the Unification Church is how to establish ourselves as the mainstream. We must build the highway, so that everyone can travel along it and arrive at the ideal world, the kingdom of heaven. In that ideal world nothing can hinder anyone on the path; even Satan cannot be there. It is simply a clean and pure world. It is a world where all people can fulfill their purpose of life. It is a world where all are free, both in the spiritual world and in the physical world. That world is our original homeland.

Due to the Fall, people have been in misery. Until the True Parents appeared on earth, no one has been able to solve this problem. Only through their coming can everything be set straight again.

20   The path we have taken as True Parents has not been level and smooth. We have had to make the way smooth across the gorges and canyons. During this time God has been with us every step of the way. This is why we can say that God is our Father and Mother.

Jesus’ disciples and Christian believers are supposed to take responsibility for the bitter sorrow that our Heavenly Parent has been carrying for tens of thousands of years, as well as for the pain of Jesus, who should have become the True Parent by finding his Bride on earth. Yet none of these believers are determined to liberate our Heavenly Parent, or even Jesus, who was to have been the Parent on earth. Most of them just want to receive blessings by believing in Jesus. When they go to the next world, they will find themselves in trouble.

All the while, God has shed tears like a waterfall. Knowing this, we, the True Parents, undertook the work of liberating God as our mission.

21   The Returning Lord establishes the True Parents of humankind, and they recover the realm of true love. Then they go on to establish the position of the True Parents of Heaven and Earth. is is how they are to complete the providence to restore humankind.

The True Parents of Heaven and Earth must begin with a family in which they, as God’s filial son and daughter, attend God, honor Him and glorify Him, even better than the family of Adam and Eve would have done had they reached perfection.

The True Father, the Messiah, who is centered on true love, is the head of the family, which is the ideal core of humankind. He is to begin history anew by connecting human beings to true life and true lineage as they form blessed families, thus establishing the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.

22   The event at which, for the first time in human history, God’s chosen Bridegroom and Bride joined together is that glorious and honored event that Christians speak of as the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. This was the event at which the Bridegroom and Bride, enraptured with eternal love, praised their eternal life with God and its value forever. On that occasion they joined together representing myriads of people; this was the coming together of God and original human beings.

Yet, reaching the position of a bride and groom was not their ultimate goal as the original human beings. It is just one position on their course to perfection. Parents are the beginning of life. The life of the original human beings began in the presence of the Heavenly Parent, and all human beings must find a way to return to their Parent, God.

Those who start out as parents, the root of new life, must start from the same position in which God stood when He gave life to the first human beings. From that position they should grow in the realm of God’s protection and then emerge as the Bridegroom and Bride. After that, by becoming parents they can return to the Heavenly Parent.

That is why I am saying that the positions of the Bridegroom and Bride are not the ultimate ideal. Likewise, your final destination as human beings is the place where you attend God as your Parent and become His true sons and daughters. Certainly that should be the summit of your hope, the place you all should desire to reach.

Based on this view, the Unification Church presents the ideal of True Parents. By going through the process of becoming bridegrooms and brides, you also can arrive at the position of original sons and daughters. God created human beings, but they fell. So you should be restored and reach perfection, and by attending God as the True Parent you should attain oneness with Him in eternal value, in eternal life and in eternal love. All of you need to start anew. This is the reason it is necessary for True Parents to come to earth and guide humankind toward this goal following the path of restoration. God’s purpose for leading the providence of salvation for humankind thus far has been to arrive at this destination.

23   There must be a true man and a true woman who attend God and unite with each other. They must establish a conjugal relationship that cannot be broken, no matter what. And then they must give birth to true sons and daughters. That man and woman are the True Parents. They are centered on God, are a true husband and wife to each other, and give birth to true sons and daughters, thus establishing the four-position foundation.

True Parents are God’s true Son and true Daughter. They are to be the center of humanity and the universe. A nation that centers on them will become a central nation. On the other hand, a nation that lacks that center will come to ruin, and a world that lacks that center will drift into oblivion. For this reason, the culture that is centered on the True Parents will advance throughout the world. The culture that starts from that center will never perish.

Therefore, all families should make True Parents their center and attend God as True Parents do. All the people of the world should live by the example of True Parents, by their value system, and in line with their views on national and world affairs. The values they present will become widely held throughout the nation and the world, and eventually all humankind will share these values and adopt them as their own.

Humankind has proceeded in hope for the time of the Last Days and is now heading for that one gate. True Parents’ hope is to establish the God-centered true family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. If we all do this together, we can restore even God’s love.

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