Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 118

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 2: The Seven-Year Courses and the Overseas Foundation
Section 5: Grassroots Outreach, Paragraph 20 - 28

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20  Without home church, you cannot proceed to your hometown; and if you cannot proceed to your hometown, you cannot proceed to your homeland; and if you cannot proceed to your homeland, you cannot proceed to the kingdom of heaven. When you successfully establish your home church, your hometown will be successful, your homeland will be successful, the world will be successful, and finally, the kingdom of heaven will be achieved. You must make oneness by loving more than anyone else. You must bring all beings, whether people in the spirit world or on earth, to make unity. They need to unite through love. When this comes to pass, something like a little sun and little stars will come out in your home church. After one of them comes out and then two come out, the gates to the brilliant kingdom of heaven will open in this world of darkness. Then, God, who is like the sun, will dwell there.

21  When you go to home church, you should not go because you feel obligated. You should go because your heart is filled with love. If your son or daughter is in prison or the person you love is in prison, you go there to visit them, not because you consciously thought you should go there, but because your feet carry you there even without your thinking about it. You need to go to home church with such a heart. It is the place where you go with a heart of love while hearing the bell-like sound of love. You go there, not because you intended to go there, but because even without thinking about it you cannot help but go there. Home church does not lead to destruction. It is the place that makes you the inheritor of the love of the kingdom of heaven, the love of God. To make this happen, God guides you there, and for this you should be grateful.

Community outreach

True Parents instructed that from January 1, 1988, grassroots outreach should begin in earnest, to break through in communities and neighborhoods in preparation for the unification of North and South Korea and a general election encompassing the North and South. Accordingly, education of local activist leaders proceeded in order to raise the awareness of people down to the deepest roots of the social structure. True Parents also emphasized that another reason for grassroots outreach was to re-activate home church work. They added that home church work is the foundation for grassroots outreach because it brings entire families to participate in these activities. Breakthroughs taking place in the smallest units of society are necessary because Korea cannot be saved unless every Korean citizen takes on a life of faith.

22  A new spring wind has started to blow in the world centered on True Parents’ teaching. Something is sprouting in your hearts. We started to educate block and neighborhood leaders in Korea. Flowers bloom on newly grown stems. The family, centered on the block leader under the neighborhood branch leader, corresponds to the stem. There will be hope for Korea once those flowers bloom. When a sprout germinates from the neighborhood branch leader through the block leader, you need to nurture it to grow into a sapling and then transplant it. The family that has set down its roots and has been born anew can represent the Republic of Korea. That family is able to grow into a tree. The flower that blooms based on that family can become a similar flower and bear a similar fruit, because its value is that of a treasure of humanity and the universe. When that happens, others will beg for a seed from that flower and will not accept being deprived of it.

With this in mind, True Parents have stood at the forefront. Now the organization of neighborhood branch leaders has been completed. However, the problem is how to organize and settle the remaining blocks. On the day the organization is completed in Seoul, the organization of the whole country will be completed in an instant. Now you need to bring the flowers into bloom. Those flowers need to bloom in your families. Only when your sons and daughters inherit a patriotic worldview can they properly put down roots. Only then can they strengthen the foundation whereupon they can become new native fruit.

23  In doing home church work, the neighborhood and block branch leaders are the most important. The village branch leader comes next. On the day all three, the village, neighborhood and block branch leaders, unite as one, everything is completed. To do so, they need to settle in their areas. True Parents are the branches, and you need to put down your roots. Only then can you grow worldwide. The first place the kingdom of heaven will take root, in all of history, is Korea. Centering on the block branch leader, you need to hold block meetings to become one body as 10 or 20 families. You need to nourish your community to make the roots spread and grow. The tree grows only when all branches, stems and leaves are nourished.

Led by the block branch leader, the block is the root of the Unification Church organization. The blocks need to be made into Cain and Abel realms where all families of that city attend True Parents. Centering on the block branch leader, who is Cain, you become Abel. Then, through the block meetings, more than 10 families, who are like Jesus’ 12 disciples, need to come together as one. When this comes to pass, Satan has no more foundation on this earth. This is our goal. When that root gradually grows deeper, our branches, which are True Parents’ branches, will spread out into the world.

24  It took me 40 years to create neighborhood and block branch leaders. After investing for 40 years, I finally achieved this. I can make any number of county leaders and village leaders, but the problem is how to connect them with neighborhood branch leaders and block branch leaders so they all come alive. They all need to be active, and since one is the vertical representative and one is the horizontal representative, when those two work together effectively, they will revive their city. This is our base. When we complete that, if Christianity opposes us, the neighborhood branch leaders and block branch leaders will defend us. When the neighborhood branch leaders and block branch leaders work with the active Christians, this will resolve Christian opposition and all its negative side effects. This is the focus of the movement of grassroots outreach.

25  Presidents, ministers and everyone else are included in local neighborhoods and blocks. Therefore, the cell organizations of the Unification Church must break through at the most basic level. Because everything was reversed and overturned in the family, it must be righted in the family. This is not the national level, and therefore, after solidifying your individual faith, you need to become the subject partner who can expand centering on the family, with your locality as your object partner. Through success at this, you can stand in the position of the subject partner on a greater foundation and can serve a greater sphere. In this way, you can expand to wider and wider foundations until you connect with the country and the world.

This is the movement of Abel winning over Cain. If you cannot win over Cain, you cannot become Abel. You become Abel after you win over Cain. It is not a relative position. The Abel realm is established after you have won over and made unity with Cain. Otherwise you can never establish the Abel realm, and the providence of salvation will never be concluded on this earth. You need to settle down with a family where the focus is mind-body unity. You must put down your roots. You cannot conceive of how great it is to do grassroots outreach.

26  True Parents cannot simply drift along. We came as the Parents of all people, and now we have repaired what was Satan’s world and have ascended to the highest summit where, through head-wing thought, we can gather the left and right in the realms of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. Who can possibly know about all the sorrowful circumstances we had to go through to get here? I did not just drift along.

Piercing through this history of adverse fortune, I have come up and laid this foundation. You should not trample upon it, or leave yourself indebted to that which was woven at the cost of blood. Instead, you should engraft to it at the cost of blood as well. That is how you repay this grace and appear properly in front of True Parents. This is what grassroots outreach is all about. You need to put down your roots in the family.

What is the goal we have pursued until now? What is our ideal? New families of mothers, fathers, sons and daughters centered on God’s love need to take firm root. The deeper the root, the more likely the tree will bud. On that tree, we need to cut off the devils buds and roots. Where should they be cut off? They should be cut off at the block branch level. Without this, the unification of North and South Korea is impossible.

27   Centering on True Parents, you need to carry out nationwide activities. To do this, you should return to your hometowns across this nation, influence them and put down your roots. When you put down your roots, you will become a tree bearing new fruit that God can harvest. Where should you plant that seed? You should not plant it in a field. You should plant it in your home. You need to plant it in your mother, father, brothers and sisters. That is the four-position foundation. The ideal of creation is the completion of the four-position foundation, which represents the completion of the ideal of love. Therefore, you should plant it in the family, which is the center of the ideal of love. Just as a seed comes into being through the mother and father, you should plant the seeds in the family and then come back and harvest the fruit. This is the law of the cycle of life. Based on the logic of this cycle, you should pick the fruit and plant it under the love of your mother and father. If you put down deep roots of love to please your mother, father and siblings, you will live. This is the goal of grassroots outreach.

28  Grassroots outreach is the shortcut to liberating South and North Korea. If your mother, father, cousins, or other relatives were in North Korea, you would cry and hold on to them when you met them. Similarly, you must visit family after family and be ready to pour out heartfelt tears. When an environment that is accompanied by God and by such a connection of heart is accomplished through you, that family will be born as a loving family that God will wish to find. I am doing this work because I can see that the day of liberation and shouts of tremendous joy are approaching. Therefore, you need to connect to your true siblings and teach them about God’s heart, so that you can form the family of love that God has been seeking.

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