Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 119

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 2: The Seven-Year Courses and the Overseas Foundation
Section 6: Educating Society’s Leaders, Victory Over Communism
Section 6: Educating Society’s Leaders, Paragraph 08

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Section 6. Educating Society’s Leaders

Victory Over Communism

After the 1970s, True Parents carried out extensive education in Unification Principle, Unification Thought and Victory Over Communism for leaders of society, including Christian leaders, college professors and government officials. True Parents’ purpose in doing this was in part to inform these leaders accurately about the Unification Church, but more importantly it was to prepare for the reunification of North and South Korea, and in this way to secure the foundation for world peace.

1  We have the responsibility in the 1970s to change this nation. We must overcome this environment. As we entered 1970, we held public Divine Principle discussions and invited Christian ministers to attend them. We also held Unification Principle seminars for professors. I believe this will help connect the environment of this nation to us in the 1970s. We need a new general direction to facilitate this. That is why True Parents implemented this strategy. We need to carry out and strengthen this strategy primarily on college campuses. I also foresee a time in the near future when we will need to educate our movement in Japan about Marxism.

We need to realize how important our responsibility is. Just because you no longer face the difficulties of the past, you should not idle away your time. If you become relaxed, it will be that much more difficult for us to break through and overcome on a wider scale. The greater the hardships that approach us, the more we should empower ourselves with the conviction that we will overcome even that which we failed to overcome in the past. There remains a course of sacrifice, suffering and adversity in front of us. When we can break through and prevail in this environment, that achievement in the Republic of Korea will expand to Asia.

2  Communists say that religion is the opiate of the people, and they try to eradicate religion. They even deny God. There has never before been an ideology that opposed God by claiming systematically that He does not exist. Though some thought that God does not exist, in the end they admitted that He does. The fact that there has appeared an ideology that openly says there is no God shows that we truly have reached the final episode.

We have the Principle, with which we can prevail over both the Christian and communist worlds. In Korea, we have textbooks elaborating our new philosophy. They explain in full and in detail the true nature of conventional theories of education, logic, and so forth. We use these textbooks to educate people from leading social classes. We teach Christian leaders and professors about the Unification Principle.

Korean scholars presently believe that Korea can become the mother nation with an ideology that can guide the world. From this standpoint, many professors proudly support the Unification Church from behind. The number of scholars who assert that only the Unification Principle will work is increasing. Christian churches are recognizing that nothing other than the Unification Church will suffice. No one will be able to defeat us when we thoroughly, in heart and mind, empower academic and religious circles with our teaching.

3  As we enter 1971, True Parents are concentrating on three goals: the matter of how to connect college campuses to our work, the matter of how we can open the way to educate the military in the future, and the matter of how we can inform the National Assembly, which represents this nation and its people. As you know, we are now working on college campuses and educating the military from the lowest to the highest levels. In fact, nowadays we are even lecturing at the National Defense University. I believe that we can definitely continue on this path. God has invested a great deal to help us rise to this level. Once everyone recognizes our standard, both the administration and the National Assembly will be interested and we can connect the government itself to this standard. As we look centering on the wider religious world, how the Unification Church forms collegial relations with Christians is the issue.

4  The year 1972 is approaching and the world situation is becoming complicated. The more complicated it becomes, the more evident it is that our time is at hand. Even North Korea is responding favorably to the movement to reunite families separated between the two Koreas. They will coordinate through the Red Cross, but they will do so only after they have established their own policy. In this situation, we easily could end up playing their game by their rules. If we do not strengthen our ideological stance, when families start reuniting, we will be driven into a corner.

What should happen when separated family members travel back and forth between North and South Korea? Just as North Korea will deliver communist ideological education on their side, we in South Korea also must be able to counter with ideological education on our side. There should be an organization that can provide this education, and no organization other than the Unification Church can do this. Yet we need to provide it in a way that harmonizes the two sides with each other.

5  Since joint North-South Korean general elections will surely come, we must secure 10 million people who can prepare the country for them. The Unification Church has spawned the International Federation for Victory Over Communism and articulated the teachings of Victory Over Communism. Our challenge is to get our nation to inspire a large number of people to join this federation. I have expected this, and now this time is almost upon us.

It is true that a five-year plan to revive and develop the economy is necessary, but the more urgent issue at hand is that of how to educate our people. With this in mind, the Unification Church is dialoguing with Christianity, but we and they are not yet united on the fundamentals.

The question is how we can move in the same direction so that together we can lead the Korean people. I am responsible for everything and have to resolve such problems as quickly as possible, so I have long pondered how to motivate Christians regarding this matter. How can I help Christians feel care and concern over the misfortunes of this nation? How can I establish a joint front line and instill in them the spirit to gain victory over communism?

6  To triumph over Satan’s world, you must understand the Divine Principle. To win over the communist world, you must understand Victory Over Communism ideology. To end the conflict between the communist and democratic worlds, you must come to understand Unification Thought. Therefore, you need a passing grade in these subjects: Divine Principle, Victory Over Communism theory and Unification Thought.

Our work, to banish Satan’s world, to abolish the communist world and unite it with the democratic world, remains. When we do these three things, everything will be completed. Communism claims that there is no God. As long as communist ideology remains in existence, it will block individual perfection, cause big problems for the family, and destroy any hope for the kingdom of heaven. If there is no God, everything goes to pieces. Communism has now reached the level where it can influence people as individuals, influence families, and influence the world. We therefore need to overcome it and empower the world with the Unification Principle, Victory Over Communism ideology, and Unification Thought.

7  The movement to reunite separated families is being carried out in Korea. When the families are reunited, this nation can be restored as one. Satan and God are fighting to claim these families. The place called Panmunjom in Korea is the only place on earth where God and Satan fight face-to-face. We are now standing at a most crucial turning point. This is why I invited Christian leaders to attend Divine Principle workshops this year. If, during this period, True Parents and the Unification Church were to ask God to bring all Christians and nations that persecute us to ruin, this providence could never be accomplished. Persecution is a good thing. Communist persecution has brought us rather good results. It has helped us to separate from evil and make unity. However, in the end we need to save even the communists.

We need to restore Adam and Eve through love. And since the archangel compelled Eve to fall through words, we also need to restore the archangel through the Word. We must save the people of the free world through love and save the communists through the truth. That is why you should not be defeated in dialogue with communists. We are battling with the democratic world using the Divine Principle and with the communist world using Victory Over Communism ideology. The Divine Principle and Victory Over Communism theory are the two pillars of restoration.

8  We need to carry out education in Unification Thought, Victory Over Communism theory and the Unification Principle in neighborhoods and blocks (tong and ban). All it takes is for the Citizens’ Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea to take charge of teaching Unification Thought to professors, for the International Federation for Victory Over Communism to take charge of teaching VOC ideology, and for the Unification Church to take charge of teaching the Unification Principle.

Even if it is not possible to teach the other subjects, we need to teach the Unification Principle, because the sooner people learn it, the sooner they can be liberated. We need to teach the Unification Principle as soon as possible and make new family members who realize that they need to walk the path of indemnity to liberate Cain. In the position of Abel, they must restore Cain. Therefore, regardless of whether you are a branch leader under the International Federation for Victory over Communism or a church leader under the Unification Church, educate all citizens of Korea in the neighborhoods and blocks. Do this first. In summary, you should build your base by educating people in neighborhoods and blocks.

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