Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 117

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 2: The Seven-Year Courses and the Overseas Foundation
Section 5: Grassroots Outreach, Paragraph 09 - 19

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9  Now we are on the world level. In 1970, blessed wives in Korea mobilized to witness to 120 people. That was the national level. But now we are on the world level. Since we restored through indemnity the national level centered on Jesus, and became liberated, we now can be free from persecution and can become world-level tribal messiahs. What is a tribal messiah? If you create a home church and have done all that is necessary, you become a tribal messiah. Therefore, you need to bring and educate spiritual sons and daughters. They are your relatives. By becoming one with your spiritual sons and daughters, and restoring the realm of the tribal messiah, you also can help your ancestors in the spirit world. When you achieve this, an alliance between heaven and earth will form.

10  Why do we need home churches consisting of 360 families? The number 36 is 3 times the number 12. The number 12 is the number symbolizing heavenly law. It refers to the 12 pearly gates in the spirit world. It is the same as the number of the 36 Blessed Couples. It also connects the fortune of the three ages: the Old, New and Completed Testament ages. Therefore, home church exists to disentangle the heavenly path. Each day out of the 360 days represents eternity. From that viewpoint, visiting your home church each and every day establishes the many days of the ages of history as victorious days in front of God. You must have 360 families to remedy the fact that humanity failed to establish the heavenly kingdom and the day of victory. In other words, 360 families are necessary to establish 360 days in front of God and to possess the heavenly kingdom together with all people. This is why 360 families are necessary.

11  By falling, Adam and Eve banished God completely from earth. So you can manifest God to the 360 families you witness to. Adam and Eve also banished the angelic world due to the Fall. This too can be manifested on earth through your home church activities. We also lost all created things due to the Fall. The 360 families are equivalent to the planet Earth. They symbolize the lost universe; so, the entire creation is included as well. All the people of the world also were completely lost. The 360 families represent the number by which all 360 tribes in the world are symbolically united. They represent all people who need to be resurrected. By resurrecting them and returning them to God, you can restore the failures of your ancestors who fell at the very beginning. Through the manifestation of God, the manifestation of the angelic world, the restoration of all things, and the restoration of humankind, the kingdom of heaven on earth will come about.

12  Why do you need to do home church? It is because you need to restore the elder son. Only when the eldest son is restored can the parents also be restored. The history of restoration is the path where the second son, Abel, walks the course of restoring the elder son. Home church is the foundation on which the world-level Cain, the elder son, can be subjugated and restored. That is why your mission within the tribal messiah realm concludes on the day when the foundation to restore the elder son in the Cain realm becomes one with the foundation to restore the elder son in the Abel realm. When that happens, you can appear in the position of tribal true parents. Your tribe, centered on you as true parents, then can enter the kingdom of heaven all together.

Those among you who are absolutely obedient in this realm of 360 families during the three years until 1981 will enter the kingdom of heaven by grace, even if you have no other merit. This is a happy reality. Now we are finally in the age of the Unification Church. We no longer stand in the historical age when the elder son Cain strikes the second son Abel. Rather, now is the time when Abel can win over Cain and stand in the position of the elder son. From now on, those who oppose the Unification Church are only harming themselves. They will judge themselves immediately. This will unfold throughout the world.

13  God has been working to save humankind by sending the Messiah. How much do you think God wanted to save humankind? The fact that we have come to the age of Parents and created home church is heaven’s victory. It is the conclusion of the providence, the conclusion of all history, the end of Satan’s world and the starting point of the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, you need to inherit the tradition of Parents.

14  What the Unification Church has asserted until now is that you need to inherit the tradition. You need to inherit the tradition of God’s heart in the providence of restoration. After that you need to inherit the heart of True Parents’ entire life course, which they walked in order to establish this tradition. Home church is the one place you inherit this. This is the home church movement. If you do not make a home church, when you go to the heavenly kingdom in the future, you will not be able to follow True Parents. In the future, if 240,000 home churches are made throughout the world, they can relate directly with all people, and our church can disappear completely. The Korean people are in a realm of grace such that they can organize as home churches readily in the future. Because various parts of the world need to form home churches, we will need to migrate in large numbers. In short, we are entering an age in which we will have to move to all parts of the world to establish home churches.

15  From now on, you will storm Satan’s world with family love. In other words, you will confront the corrupted world of Satan through your families. Satan’s world needs to be broken down completely. Such a time has come. That is why I told you to carry out the home church movement through which you can move the family, move the tribe, and move the people all at once. Once you have accomplished this work, you will be able to pull the world to you. The time has come when, if you accomplish only this, you will be able to say that you have realized the kingdom of heaven.

16  Home church is where we finalize everything for which I have fought over the last 40 years. This is the age in which home church comes first. What should home church become in the future? Your home church needs to become a tribal church. It should no longer be a home church, but should develop into a tribal church. Once you have consolidated your tribal church with the surname Kim or Pak, a people naturally will come into existence. Once the foundation of tribal restoration is laid, the nation will come into being. Your home church expands into your tribal church, the church of your people, of your nation, of the world, and of heaven and earth.

Home church

True Parents said that 360 families are a central form of oneness that, having been engrafted to the world-level foundation of indemnity, represent the world. When a person is successful in this, their tribe will appear in the global tribal realm and will set indemnity conditions of global value. True Parents also stressed that we should never think that no one among our 360 families loves us. Instead, we should feel sorry that we could not love those families. True Parents added that we should become victors who can go among the 360 families without encountering any obstacles, and that we should do so with the same heart as God who laments that He could not love us. True Parents also clarified that the 360 families are the training ground through which we are brought to love all people more than we love our own parents and siblings. This can elevate the path of love to its true orbit.

17  You should hear the bell-like sound of love in your mind. If you do that, you will come to say, “My lips are meant to speak only words of love; they cannot speak unkind words.” You should feel that your ears are no longer able to hear words that are not loving, and that your eyes cannot see anything that is not about love. If you live like that, in no time you will be intoxicated in the love of God. You will become a leading figure who, by communicating directly with the spirit world, will be able to solve skillfully and easily any problem concerning your home church. You will become the owner on behalf of God, who will be able to solve any problems among the 360 families. Once you are in such a position of love, words will come out even when you do not intend to say anything. Many truly mysterious incidents will take place. All kinds of things will occur. You will come to feel that you are a formidable person. As you can see, everything is determined through love.

18  If you are born as a woman and get married, you leave your home and go live with your husband. Similarly, after you join the Unification Church, you must go to home church. Only if you do so, can you enter the kingdom of heaven. It is the same as getting married. Without going through it, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven; no matter how much you try to follow True Parents, you will be unable to do so. If you cannot do this, your sons and daughters must do it.

That is why you need to love your home church more than a husband loves his wife, more than a wife loves her husband, and more than parents love their children. By so doing, the people in your home church will say, “You have loved us like this and we have learned this love from you, so we return this love to you.” When everyone within your home church utters these words, that place can be said to be God’s domain, the kingdom of heaven on earth. After we unite under a new culture, as a new movement, a new revival will take place.

19  Home church should begin with married couples. Home church is where the husband finds love and where the wife finds love. You need to be in charge of love. Therefore, the husband needs to love home church more than he loves his wife. If he cannot love it more than he loves his wife, that love cannot become true love. You need to be able to love home church more than you love your sons and daughters. Why should you do so? It is because you need to break through the boundary line from the evil world to enter the original world. Because home church is bigger than even the family or the country, you need to establish the standard that you love it more than you love your wife or children. Otherwise, no matter how much you invest in your home church, it will be fruitless.

You have to do more than that. If you go to home church with true love, God follows you there. The universe follows you. No one can block you. At that place, the environment naturally will melt and everything will come flooding in. You and the trees, roads and houses will miss each other so much that you will be drawn to go there. You will go there without even meaning to. You will not be going there because you have consciously thought to yourself that you should go. Instead, you will find you have gone there without even realizing it. True love will expand only when we create such a movement.

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