Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 116

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 2: The Seven-Year Courses and the Overseas Foundation
Section 4: Mobilization of Blessed Families, Paragraph 17
Section 5: Grassroots Outreach, Paragraph 08

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17  In the 1970s, we need to carry out our work in society, and this should not be restricted to a small number of people. All members need to mobilize and participate in this work, so that we can fully cross the finish line. Blessed wives are mobilizing for three years, beginning December 1, 1970. Moreover, we regard this as a period that will determine our victory or defeat as we strive to realize and complete everything we invested into this work until now. That is why the wives have formed groups of ten, and have gone out to 120 witnessing posts. They need to be dispatched to every district headquarters, regional headquarters, and even provincial headquarters, so that by 1972, we will have welcomed more than 120,000 top-notch internal church family members. If the existing family members witness to at least one person a month, we will more than double our numbers.

18  You are mobilizing as blessed wives, but you are not going out alone. Originally this is a path one should walk alone, but since society is rather dangerous, you are going out to the locations with your church sisters. Therefore, there are no conditions by which your situation can be invaded. The foundation of mutuality where you can cooperate for God’s Will is in place. Problems will arise if you act in a self-centered way and begin to fight or complain. The team leader needs to take responsibility for any trouble on the team.

The team leader must work at the forefront. The first thing you need to do as a team leader is unite all the members. You need to indemnify the divisions that occurred among the 12 disciples of Jesus in the present day. Women should accomplish what men failed to do, on their behalf. Therefore, you need to be completely one centering on the Will, with 10 wives corresponding to Jesus’ 12 disciples. Originally I was going to organize groups of 12 so that you could create unity and become one in front of heaven representing Jesus’ disciples who divided. It was also to represent the foundation of the patriarchs of Israel, who were unable to unite, and instead divided. Understanding that you have these dual missions, the first thing you need to do is make unity.

19  Because the blessed wives who mobilized in 1970 succeeded, True Parents could stand on the national level. In three years the climate changed. Public opinion spread throughout the nation saying, “The Unification Church is a truly patriotic organization, and unless we become like their members, our country will perish.” We sacrificed more than the citizens of the Republic of Korea, and more than those of the Christian faith did. Those who sacrifice more receive blessings and come to own the road of tradition. The people who only seek comfort, the people who only think of their own good, fall behind. We established the standard of national indemnity within three years, and fought Christian opposition by establishing a national standard greater than that of Christianity. On that foundation, we were able to advance to the world stage and connect to America.

Section 5. Grassroots Outreach

Tribal messiahship

At the US state leaders meeting held on March 15, 1978, True Parents placed emphasis on home church work and stressed that from April 1 the state leaders should begin to work in earnest to recruit 30,000 members through activities such as handing out books, cassettes and videotapes of Divine Principle. When True Parents returned to Korea on September 25, 1978, they said, “For fallen people, building a church of 360 families is the indemnity condition for restoration.” They instructed all members there to begin their home church work from October 1. True Father said that all members 18 and older were to take part, that each blessed couple should work to restore 360 families, and that single members also should restore 360 families.

In this way True Parents asked them to become tribal messiahs and inherit the victorious foundation that True Parents laid on the world level. Moreover, they emphasized these purposes through yearly mottoes declared on successive God’s Day celebrations, “Building the kingdom of heaven through home church” (1979), “Home church is the base of the kingdom of heaven” (1980) and “Home church is my kingdom of heaven” (1981).

1  As of today, November 12, 1978, I am calling you to go out to your home church area in the capacity of the messiah. From now you are going out, and it is with the understanding that you cannot come back until you establish your home church. You cannot come back for your entire lifetime. You cannot come back even in spirit.

2  While being opposed globally, Parents set indemnity conditions on the world level, and on September 18, 1976, in the second year of the first three years of the third seven-year course, we paved the foundation with the victory of the Washington Monument rally. Then we finally returned home in triumph and glory. We came back to our Korean homeland and bequeathed to you the gift that you can become tribal messiahs. What is the work the Unification Church must do now? On the day you finish witnessing to 360 families in this tribal messiah realm and build the foundation whereupon you can be welcomed by them all, you can return to your hometown.

What happens when all these realms welcome the Unification Church on the worldwide level? You need to build that foundation in this three-year period. Jesus should have become a tribal messiah in his three-year public life course, but he could not. This is the best road by which we can save the world. We are now in an era where all of humanity can inherit this valuable position and the Parents’ sacrificial achievements. Our parent-child relationship is the condition for receiving that inheritance.

3  The Unification Church needs to complete the work of home church. Home church is the final destination of the providence of restoration. The fact that we were able to proclaim the home church movement only 25 years after the founding of the Holy Spirit Association in 1954 is in itself a great achievement honored by all of heaven and earth. True Parents have suffered to bring this about, Jesus died to bring this about, and even God worked His providence of 6,000 years to bring this about. Only through home church can the kingdom of heaven emerge. This is when the gates to the kingdom of heaven are opening. This is why Jesus, through Peter, left the keys to the kingdom of heaven on this earth when he departed.

4  Your home church is a condensed form of the world and the cosmos. In it we can find England, America, the Soviet Union and even the spirit world. Everything is included in it. It also incorporates the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age. Included in it are nonbelievers, conscientious people, and people from all religions including Islam, Buddhism and Christianity. Home church is a symbol and condensed body of the entire universe. Who made it like that? This did not come about naturally. True Parents designed home church to be the place you deal with the essence of Satan’s world in all its intensity. When you live for the sake of others in your home church area, you set the condition of living for the sake of your family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. When you perform sacrificial service there, you set the condition of having performed sacrificial service for the whole world during your entire life. As married couples you need to pass through this.

5  Home church is the place where the conditional foundation of complete unity centering on True Parents is passed on to you. Home church is an indemnity condition, but you do not understand this indemnity condition. Satan invaded at the level of the individual’s portion of responsibility and expanded to the level of the family portion of responsibility. The fallen realm created by the failure of the individual became the individual’s portion of responsibility, and it expanded to become the family’s responsibility and, further, to become the tribe’s responsibility. Then, it expanded to the people’s responsibility, on to the nation, world and cosmic responsibility. It even expanded to the world of hell.

These realms of unrealized responsibility remain. The road that goes beyond these did not exist. But in the last 40 years, I established the condition to go beyond all this. As for you, your five percent portion of responsibility remains to be fulfilled. You need to go this path.

To complete this path, you need to become one with the 360 families of your home church. You need to stand in the position where you do not receive accusation and are welcomed in their homes. When this happens, I will bequeath to you all historical victorious indemnity conditions that True Parents have achieved until now.

6  Home church is an altar of oneness that condenses the worldwide victory into the smallest territorial unit. The 360 families can also be seen as the 360 clans of the world. The number 360 refers to vertical time and horizontal space, and 360 also is the Cain realm representing the world.

The Cain world, in the position of the elder son representing the world, remains before you. To build the kingdom of heaven, we as the younger brother, Abel, need to make the elder brother surrender. Therefore, if you do not restore the elder son position, you cannot attend True Parents. After the Fall of Adam and Eve, Cain was born in the position of the elder son. To resolve this, we need to stand in the position of the second son and subjugate the elder son realm that represents the world. This needs to happen all at once. Since I stand on the foundation of the victory I won as a worldwide condition, you need to inherit my heart. Home church is the altar on which you can indemnify all at once the global history of the restoration of the elder son.

7  The 360 families in your home church area are the central structure that represents the world. It has been engrafted to the established worldwide indemnity condition. When you succeed in this task, your tribe appears in the world-level realm of tribes and carries out indemnification from a position of equal value with them. Through your unity, you set the indemnity condition. Only then can you appear in the position of parents, in the capacity of the Messiah, and become a tribal messiah. In other words, you will stand in the position of the bridegroom and attend your bride, and thus become the tribal true parents.

8  Home church is the foundation of the tribe. At the time of Jesus, the family of Joseph and the family of Zechariah could not become one. We need to restore this through indemnity. This remains to be done. Jesus could not have a family. Therefore, you need to have a family, and to do so you need to have a tribal foundation. Without a tribal foundation you cannot have a family. Your family should stand as the center of your tribe. Only when there is a tribal foundation can there be family salvation. To form a family, you need home church. When you carry out home church activities, you will be able to indemnify what Jesus could not do. The same was true with John the Baptist’s family and Joseph’s family. Jesus could not have a family because John the Baptist’s and Joseph’s families failed to become one. This is the reason he was nailed to the cross. We must all indemnify that. To have a family, you must begin with setting indemnity conditions. You must understand the importance of home church. Once home church is achieved, the world automatically will become one great nation. We will enter one united world.

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