Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 115

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 2: The Seven-Year Courses and the Overseas Foundation
Section 4: Mobilization of Blessed Families, Paragraph 06 - 16

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6  An individual needs to seek the path of life for the sake of the country and the world. After that, a family needs to do the same. That is why I told the blessed families to go out. The family needs to walk the path of loving the country. It is not enough for the husband alone to love the country. The wife and children also need to establish the condition that they love the country. This is the condition to be fulfilled by the entire four-position foundation. When has an entire family ever really loved God and their country?

This has never been accomplished, so the Unification Church has no choice but to mobilize all the blessed wives. Therefore, we prepare the one origin of love that encompasses the four-position foundation at this time, as the age of the reunification of Korea is approaching.

7  If you, the blessed wives, go out to the districts, what do you think will happen? By you mothers going out and leaving your husband and children behind, the four-position foundation of your family is divided. The father will educate the sons and daughters about the work their mother is carrying out, and the children will come to adore their mother. The father can educate his children in a new direction to respect their mother, telling them, “Your mother is out there fighting for the country and the will of heaven.” Indeed it is a wonderful opportunity to fulfill the standard of mother-child unity. In addition, it is a good opportunity for couples to cooperate with each other and be perfected. In other words, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the four-position foundation of the family to cooperate and achieve the goal for everyone at the same time. God has worked for 6,000 years to lay the foundation for mother-child cooperation. Now we have the opportunity to conclude the foundation of cooperation and complete the four-position foundation, not only between mother and child, but also through the complete cooperation between husband and wife.

8  From December 1, 1970, the blessed wives need to fully mobilize. The men who think, “Since only the wives are mobilizing at this time, it has nothing to do with me,” will become people who have no connection with their wives. The wife and mother are mobilizing as representatives of their family, and not only for their family, but also as representatives of the church. Furthermore, since the Republic of Korea is not fulfilling its responsibility, those women are mobilizing as representatives of Korea. And not just for Korea; they are also mobilizing as representatives of the world. Finally, they are mobilizing as representatives of their ancestors and of the spirit world. Therefore, you must feel the benefit of being part of this mobilization.

9  When sending families out to the front line, the wife rather than the husband should go out. The origin of the Fall was not Adam, but Eve. Because Eve became one with the archangel in an unprincipled way, she completely destroyed the way of becoming one with God, the way of becoming God’s child, and the way of becoming an eternal, ideal couple with Adam. She completely destroyed God’s country and world. Eve was the one who caused all this. Because Eve brought about this result, today the Unification Church blessed wives have to go to the front line to restore the families of Satan’s world. This is the reappearance of the family’s position at the stage before Eve fell with the archangel. I dispatched 1,200 blessed wives to 120 locations, which represents all numbers. These 120 places are in the Republic of Korea, but they symbolize all the countries of the world.

10  The course of the three stages of formation, growth and completion exists even in the pioneering course of women. Why is this so? God has carried out the 6,000-year providence of restoration in three parallel time periods, centering on men. This was to liberate women. Because men have indemnified the vertical aspects, women need to stand in front and indemnify the horizontal aspects. In other words, they need to carry out vertical conditions of indemnity horizontally.

God had to restore the individual, the family, the tribe, the people and the nation through these three courses in the providence. That is why women need to go through three pioneering courses leading up to national restoration. Without this, the course of the fundamental principle of indemnity cannot be concluded.

11  No matter how difficult the path is, the blessed wives should always be united as they go through this three-year mobilization period. Our hoped-for foundation can be laid in the period of three years from 1970 until 1972. By establishing that foundation, when we get into the decade of the 70s, Korea will have no cause to worry. Today, God is the only one who can support Korea and the only one in whom Korea can trust. North Korea is completing preparations to invade the Republic of Korea by force. Moreover, China and the Soviet Union are behind North Korea. The Republic of Korea faces this northeast Asian communist realm. In addition, Japan is hand in hand with China at present. In light of this, the way for Korea is blocked front and back. When the people of Korea realize that they are surrounded by hostile nations, it goes without saying that they will not want to live a life of ease.

12  Jesus walked a three-year course of public life. What was the purpose of that course? What was Jesus seeking through this? He was seeking to restore Eve and then a family. He sought to restore a family in order to restore a tribe, to restore a tribe in order to raise up a church, and to create the church in order to restore a nation. For his three-year public life course, this was Jesus’ highest hope and anticipation. Now we have entered the age when the realization of this hidden hope, the uppermost limit of that hope, is no longer hidden. The time for this to happen is now, 1971. The issue is whether blessed families have become completely one centered on True Parents’ family. The issue is not whether they are beyond Satan’s accusation, but whether they are completely united with each other and one with True Parents’ family. By uniting completely, they go beyond national borders. They need to fight against Satan and break through the final boundary line.

The blessed wives

The blessed families’ mission locations were determined by drawing lots. Wives began their work under the leadership of the wives of elder couples, 36 and 72 Couples, who were team leaders. True Parents said that the wives were supposed to go to their mission places alone, but because the environment in the world is perilous, they were sent out in teams of ten members each. True Parents also emphasized that, in order to indemnify the disunity of Jesus’ 12 disciples, and to complete the foundation of their organization as clan leaders on behalf of the disciples, all team members should leave their old lifestyle behind and unite. On the victorious foundation of the official recognition that Korea cannot survive unless the Korean people work together with the Unification Church members, True Parents have branched out to the rest of the world through the United States.

13  The families whose wives are willing to follow the path of God’s Will for the nation and the world while leaving their beloved husbands and children behind, will come to dwell in the presence of God. God certainly is with those who, as delicate women, leave their husbands and children to stand on the front line and march forward for the sake of the country and the world.

When we resolutely called blessed wives to mobilize, we did not have even the smallest pangs of conscience. We did not do it so that we could live comfortably. If there is profit, the profit is not ours, but is the profit of the country, the world, history and humankind, and the joy of God. That is our hope and that is the summit we need to reach. Therefore, that joy should not stay inside the Unification Church. It should remain as the joy of the people, the country and the world, an object of reverence and remembrance. Because there is no other way, True Parents resolutely moved this task forward.

14  When the blessed wives mobilized to the front line, I especially commanded that they should not take their children with them. I told them that if they had no mother or father to entrust their children to, they should go out after entrusting them to relatives. I knew that the Unification Church would be criticized for doing this. The parents and relatives of some wives were bound to speak ill of them, asking how they could think of going out for three years as soon as they were married. I told the mothers who had children to entrust their children to their own mothers and fathers, and if they did not have mothers or fathers, to leave the children in the homes of their uncles, and if they did not have uncles either, to entrust the children to their husband’s parents and then to go to their mission places. If they did that, like it or not, the relatives would take care of their children. They would not leave the children to die. By raising those children, they would receive grace.

Because those families otherwise are destined to perish, in order for them to receive blessings, you should entrust your children to them, even if they are unwilling. You should be ready to listen to all their harsh words about you. If you do that, even while speaking ill of you, they will come to have concern for the child. Even after abusing you, they will grow fond of the young child and come to realize that they have been too harsh.

After that, the near and distant relatives will show interest in you, and the nation will become interested. Even the world will come to be interested in how women can set out to save the world. Furthermore, the cosmos, all created things and the angelic world will take an interest. The Unification Church is doing something that has never before been seen in history.

15  When I went to the Sutaek-ri workshop for mobilizing blessed wives from November 1, 1970, someone asked me, “We have been told that we should leave our children behind in our homes when we are mobilized. What should we do?” I answered, “You know very well what you need to do.” You know better than I what you need to do. That path is not the path for me to go. I have already passed through all the paths that I needed to walk. On the path I walked, I met with calamities, troubles and storms, but I passed through them all.

As the seeds, you should now be sown in the spring season. To become the fruit, you need to adjust your circumstances completely. A fruit that is attached to a sparse tree is not insignificant. No fruit is insignificant. You need to plant something pure. A family should plant its most worthy person. The most worthy person in a family is neither the father nor the sons and daughters, but the mother. That is why the mothers were mobilized.

16  In 1970, all blessed wives of the Unification Church mobilized across Korea. I said to the blessed wives, “Since the fate of this country has met with misfortune and we are at a state of emergency, you must walk the path to enable the Korean people to live and by which this country can be protected, even if it means sacrificing your family and children.” With this assertion, I asked them to entrust their children to others, and I sent them out for three years, looking like beggars. They left behind tragic stories, such as receiving insults from relatives with whom they had left their children. “This boy is my son, and I am leaving for three years, so please take care of him until I come back.”

With this they set out on the path of their mission and fought their way through. Even with people who curse the Unification Church, we have to implant an idea that will cause them to think to themselves, “Even though the Unification Church seems bad, if all Korean people came to be like the Unification Church members, this country and its people would not perish.” In the midst of the flow of history, and heaven and earth having no certain destination, I stand unwelcomed and persecuted as I give commands with the hope that they will result in something that will be remembered in history. I am a miserable man.

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