Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 114

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 2: The Seven-Year Courses and the Overseas Foundation
Section 3: Witnessing, Education and Revivals, Paragraph 22
Section 4: Mobilization of Blessed Families, Paragraph 05

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22  During the 40-day summer witnessing period, everyone, or at least as many people as possible, should be mobilized. I hope you will not miss this opportunity to participate, so that you can achieve the goal as heaven’s elite troops who have been entrusted with positions of responsibility. Now that we are in the year 1964, we are anxious to tour around the Korean Peninsula. Therefore, last April I reassigned the district leaders after the Divine Principle lecture meeting. These days, True Parents worry over how we can prepare to fight during the coming year, 1965. At that time we also will mobilize more than 2,000 to revive the Korean people.

23  We need to become examples of loyalty and filial piety in front of heaven for the sake of the people and for all humanity. To do so, the lives we lead must conform with the goal and view of heaven and resolve historical sorrows. Though the Divine Principle lecture meetings were held for only a short period, we were victorious. We need to win over Christianity just as Abel wins over the Cain-type world, so that we can make God the God of cosmic historical victory. If Cain surrenders to Abel, the archangel returns to his original position and the original Will for creation is accomplished. Unification Church believers must accomplish the Will and win the heart of the Christian faithful.

24  The place where we are with God is the most difficult place. We should offer our youth with loyalty in front of God. When becoming filial children, it is better to do so while we are young. With the heart with which I held on to God and prayed, you also should practice loyalty and filial piety for your people. The people who join our church from now will be different from you, who were loyal while enduring difficult circumstances. I dedicated everything during the springtime of my life, and you also should do so in front of God during your youth. In Daegu, I was unable to hold a Divine Principle lecture meeting like this one until now, because the time was not right.

Now that we have spiritually tied things up in Daegu through this Divine Principle lecture meeting, you should return to your districts and win over Christianity by suffering hardships on its behalf. Christianity is Cain both in spirit and flesh. Christianity has a foundation that has been laid over thousands of years. You need to have the wisdom with which Jacob won over Esau in order to win it over.

25  All Unification Church members should unite to fulfill the responsibility of True Parents in their stead, by protecting the family and embracing this people and nation in their heart. Establish your position through practicing the Unification teachings. I have instructed that every one of you mobilize and take responsibility in front of heaven to extend and continue the standard with which Parents have lived for God.

These Divine Principle lecture meetings, which will begin throughout Korea on October 1, 1964, are the one time during which you can fulfill your responsibility. You can establish conditions that make up for what you, as a people, have left unfinished in front of heaven.

I have a strong mind to shout out in front of the people and the leaders of Korea, to teach the multitudes, move the Korean Peninsula and resolve its destiny. But I have only one body, and am unable to do so. This has been a reason for the sorrows in my heart. Therefore, those of you who are in your 40s, just as I am, should represent me and relieve me from this sorrowful heart by taking the heavenly burden onto your shoulders. During the six months of the Divine Principle lecture meetings, you should set the indemnity conditions and dedicate yourselves to fulfill them.

26  On the one hand, we can say that the work I have done in the 21-year period before 1967 was that of enduring hardships in order to prepare the stage on which we can carry out our activities in the wider society. There was no other way to achieve this. When the work I have thus accomplished receives public recognition, that is, when the people of Korea become aware of it, they will intuit that there is enormous content in the background. From that point, God actually will be able to move history. Therefore, I am calling the Unification Church members to undergo hardships. The results achieved through my guiding them will be reaped in society. To do this work, you should not be everyday people, but rather the core workers. God prepared that human resource pool from early on. Through such preparation, we need to achieve the external standard and complete the internal standard. Henceforth, no matter how much other churches oppose us, things will not go as they plan. From now on we will continue holding revival meetings, until we make them realize that they misunderstand the Unification Church. Thus, we will expand the environment in which heaven connects to society.


Section 4. Mobilization of Blessed Families

Three-year mobilization

All blessed wives from the 36 Couples to the 777 Couples were mobilized for three years from December 1, 1970. A total of 1,200 women, divided into teams of 10, worked in 120 locations across Korea. True Parents said that women were being sent out to the front lines because it was Eve originally who broke up the family. He said that while the wives were undergoing hardships for their country, the husbands and children should also focus on loving their country, and that only then could they be made whole as restored families.

In particular, True Parents asked blessed wives to offer special prayers and conditions in their mission places so that the Imjin River would not freeze over. Were it to freeze over, there would have been an opportunity for North Korea to attack the South again.

Later, this tradition of offering devotions and prayer was passed on to all other blessed wives in the 1,800 Couples, 6,000 Couples, 6,500 Couples, 30,000 Couples and so on.

1  When I set out on the road of my indemnity course, I did so leaving my family behind. I set out for North Korea, but you, in contrast, from the position of women, had to leave your homes for the sake of South Korea. What this means is that to deal with Satan’s world, North Korea, a man left his home behind, and similarly, to deal with the Cain world, South Korea, women left their homes behind. The hope of Jesus was to prepare the family-level foundation during his three-year course of public life. As Jesus was the Second Adam, the foundation for the Second Eve should have been built in his presence. Had this happened, the Second Eve would have fulfilled God’s Will by attending the historic Jesus. But that did not happen. The three years of full-time witnessing by blessed wives indemnifies that three-year period. Herein lies the reason for sending the blessed wives out for three years.

2  What is the reason for the December 1, 1970 mobilization of the blessed wives? It was because of women that Jesus could not accomplish the Will while walking his three-year course, and so he lost the people and the nation. Therefore, the blessed wives have to walk this three-year course to prepare the foundation to recover the people and nation that Jesus had lost, and also recover the world. This course resolves the sorrows of Jesus’ three-year course of public life. Then they can achieve the standard of the Bride for whom Jesus had so long awaited. Only when this comes to pass can we see new families spread out horizontally, centered on heaven, and sing of liberation, while free and unconstrained. This is the Principle.

This is why you have to walk the pioneering path for these three years until 1972. This period is parallel to the three years of my imprisonment in North Korea. While you are not being imprisoned and are in the free land of South Korea, you are walking a road similar to my life in the North Korean prison. This period is important in that, through it, you can resolve the fact that I had to follow a course of suffering because Christianity and Christian women, whom God was ready to bless, did not support me. Knowing this, you should offer all your sincere devotion for this nation, centering upon God’s Will.

3  To restore the world, you need to love your tribe more than your family, love your people more than your tribe, and love the world more than your people. We need to make haste to restore the world. After the 777 Couples Blessing, all blessed wives should mobilize for three years until 1972. Why should they mobilize? As of now you have passed through the age of individual indemnity.

While you were passing through the age of individual indemnity, True Parents had already passed through the age of family-level indemnity. Because we passed through the age of family-level indemnity, we were able to establish God’s Day, Day of All Things, Children’s Day and Parents’ Day. However, you have not reached that level, and so you need to mobilize.

4  The 1960s was a time when the individual pledged victory, but the 1970s and onward is the time when families need to carry the cross. From 1960 until 1967, specifically until the time when I established God’s Day, I myself carried the cross of the family. I had to indemnify and go beyond everything that causes problems in the family. Three years later, we ushered in the year 1970, and since it marked the third year of the second seven-year course, you should have completed the foundation for victory on the family level. However, you were unable to complete this, so there is no other way but for you as blessed families to walk the path of the cross again. That is why I am announcing to the 777 Couple blessed wives that, from the first day of December 1970, you must fully mobilize. Not only you; I will mobilize all blessed families centering on you.

5  In every historical age, the Will of the providence of restoration prepares a family base as the most important providential foundation. The family is the center, not the individual. The individual is necessary to find the family and to pass through the course of vertical indemnity. That is why we need to start out vertically, centering on the family. Based on the viewpoint of the Principle, since Eve, a woman, destroyed this vertical starting point, it is only appropriate that women stand at the forefront.

That is why I said that, for three years from December 1, 1970, all blessed wives should fully mobilize. After doing so, provided that the sons and daughters visit their mothers, and the husbands visit their wives, restoration comes about. Only when families, in the course of indemnity, establish the condition that the husband loves his wife because she is suffering for their country, and that the sons and daughters love their mother for the same reason, can they settle anew as restored families.

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