Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 110

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 2: The Seven-Year Courses and the Overseas Foundation
Section 2: The Restoration of the Nation and World, Paragraph 04 - 14

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4  The first seven-year course is the period in which we need to carry out the work of connecting a perfected man to a perfected woman, that is, Mother. This is the period of setting up the family standard of Parents. So, during this time Parents formed a family centering on God. Only then was I able to construct a family base on this earth, which is the restored form of the four-position foundation. Centering on the Parents’ family, the blessed families need to unite completely. The period in which they need to do this is the second seven-year course. The second seven-year course is the period during which, centering on the Parents’ family, the families that have received the Blessing need to unite completely as one, thus forming the unified realm of Abel. They then need to establish the standard that the people can recognize.

5  During the second seven-year course, which lasts until 1974, we need to restore the Republic of Korea and build the foundation for the heavenly kingdom. Restoration needs to be done centering on both spirit and body. Accordingly, we must inspire people spiritually, centering on the Word in the church, and physically, centering on ideology in the world. That is why the Unification movement expresses an ideology of victory over communism, which the democratic world lacks. These correspond to the pillar of fire and the pillar of cloud that led the Israelites when they departed with Moses from Egypt. Centering on these symbolic pillars, externally we are leading the communist realm to surrender, and internally we are establishing the law of the family. When this expands and connects to the world stage, we will complete the kingdom of heaven on earth.

6  When a man and a woman are restored, they need to marry. When they have thus established their position as true parents, they need to form a true tribe and a true people centering on true parents, and continue the work of restoration. To do so, we walked the first seven-year course. After accomplishing this, we are to set indemnity conditions on the national standard and thereby enter the age in which we cross over national barriers. Since Korea has come to stand in the position of Abel, heavenly fortune has arrived, enabling us to move from the national level to the world level.

We now need to carry out a unifying movement through which the external world of Cain and the spiritual world of God can be united as one country. Humankind is now entering a new age where people can cooperate to fulfill this responsibility. Therefore, from this time forward, the sorrowful, miserable historical course traveled by Unification Church members will no longer continue. In the second seven-year course, we must get beyond the critical point of worldwide restoration. I am telling you that you yourselves must carry out your responsibility and go beyond the critical point in restoring the people. All who have received the Blessing need to complete their responsibility as family-level messiahs.

7  The first seven-year course you walked until now was used as the condition of restoration through indemnity to liberate Jesus from his sorrows. We are now entering an era in which you can restore through indemnity your own self, in order to fulfill your own hopes. Therefore, each and every one of you needs to become a tribal messiah and go into the world. In this current situation, as you follow your mission path into the world, instead of being opposed as you teach the Will of God, you will be welcomed. We have progressed into such an era. While this was the critical point of worldwide restoration centering on True Parents, on the foundation of this seven-year period we have gone beyond that standard.

8  The second seven-year course began in 1968. The children’s course also began at that time. Children need to follow the course walked by their parents. They need to restore lost spiritual children, and receive the blessing of their parents. After this, they even need to receive the blessing of all creation. Then they can pass their mission on and take a sabbatical year. If you cannot do this during the seven years beginning from 1968, it will be extended to 21 years.

Since God’s Day is the day on which True Parents appear as the substantial manifestation of God, it is also the day when Satan, who did not surrender to humankind, surrenders to True Parents as the substantial form of God. Through the establishment of God’s Day, the condition was established and the angel surrendered to Adam, and Cain surrendered to Abel.

The second seven-year course is the period in which we start from the position of restored elder son. In the past, we had to claim the place of the elder son from the position of the second son, so we were persecuted. But now we can distribute blessings from the position of the elder son, and therefore no one will hate or persecute us. Such a time has come. Now, if people refuse, we as the elder son have the mission to correct them in order to restore them as children of heaven. Just as True Parents carried out the mission of the Messiah in the first seven-year course, in the second seven-year course you need to fulfill the mission of the messiah for tribal restoration.

9  The second seven-year course is the path on which we must find the people whom heaven did not choose, the group that was expelled from heaven, and save them. This is the foundation that Jesus would have established if he had not been cast out. Today God’s sons and daughters in the Unification Church have mobilized to walk this path through the second seven-year course. Now is the time to restore tribes.

True Parents ordered you to move forward boldly and strongly. That is because now is the time parallel to the time when Jesus found the fishermen and made them his disciples. At the time, he had to move forward boldly and strongly himself after establishing a church and forming a family. I issued such an order because now is such a time when the preparation has been made on earth. Also, the spirit world can cooperate, enabling us to carry out a perfect operation.

By performing Blessing ceremonies in the period from 1960 to 1963, I established the standard of family restoration. Therefore, church members also need to establish this standard for the second seven-year course for three years from 1968 until 1970.

10 In the second seven-year course you must restore your parents, siblings and relatives with a loyalty that is greater than the loyalty you showed for your nation. That is to say, you have to restore your whole tribe and bring them before God. Until now, your ancestors have had no way to have a relationship with the providence of restoration. However, when you restore your tribe, you can complete the mission of tribal true parents, and special grace will be given by which the saints in the spirit world can participate in returning resurrection through you. In this way, countless numbers of your good ancestors can come to earth again. Because such an age is approaching, Satan’s world is gradually disappearing and the fortune of unification is gradually being transferred to a new world. Therefore, from the viewpoint of the Principle, depending on how we act until 1974, I anticipate that we will see rapid development.

11  After achieving victory on the national level, I put blessed families on the front line during the second seven-year course. I had to teach those families how they should establish themselves for their nation, how they should dedicate themselves in the eyes of the people and walk the path of public life. Since the second seven-year course is a family-level course, all blessed families were mobilized. As we entered the 1970s, the blessed wives had to leave their children and husbands to go into action for three years. This was because they had to walk the same road as Mother.

If a wife leaves her home where she lives with her husband and children, her husband and the children become her enemies. That is why the wives had to consider their family members in advance as their enemies. However, because they already had made this determination, their family members did not enter Satan’s side even when the family members became enemies. They were not caught by Satan’s trap. That was love. The words recorded in the Bible, “One’s enemies will be members of one’s own household” (Matt. 10:36), literally came true in the Unification Church. These are not mere words. That is how history works.

12  In 1974, the last year of the second seven-year course, we have been connecting the second seven-year course, which is external, to the first seven-year course, which is internal. This remains until 1974. When all is said and done, it is the time when blessed families of the Unification Church have to go out to the front line and confront Satan with full force. That is why, during the three years of 1970, 1971 and 1972, all blessed wives have left their children, their husbands and their homes, and have gone out. On that foundation, True Parents prepared the spiritual starting point, where parents and children can finally unite as one on the world level.

On that foundation, we have been able to carry out our activities in the United States. The fact that True Parents were able to come to the United States and do this work is analogous to Jesus having entered Rome victoriously, not dying but conducting major evangelical activities on the foundation of the nation of Israel and the religion of Judaism having united with him.

13  The two seven-year courses until 1974 are the periods that correspond to the 14-year course of Jacob. Through this 14-year period, Jacob formed his family, setting his anchor in heaven and on earth. Similarly, by going through the second seven-year course, the Unification Church can set its anchor firmly on earth, centering on the family.

The time is coming when it will be recognized officially that blessed families of the Unification Church are happier than other families, that they love their families and country more than anyone else, that they uphold the Will of God, and that they are a group of people who love the world and love humanity. When that time comes, our families will finally have the authority of Israel, and will settle in this world.

On the day when we successfully complete the second seven-year course, the blessings of God will be concentrated decisively on the Unification Church and the Republic of Korea. Then the Unification Church will come to stand on an equal footing with the Republic of Korea and Christianity, even though they opposed us in the past, just as the nation of Israel and the religion of Judaism opposed Jesus. In fact, the Unification Church will go beyond merely being equal to them; it will come to stand above them. If the Christian churches and the nation do not follow us, they are doomed.

14  The three-year period before the end of the second seven-year course is the preparation period to advance toward the third seven-year course, the world-level course. In other words, the period before the second seven-year course draws to a close is the time to prepare for the world-level seven-year course. Spiritually and providentially, this is parallel with the moment when the living Jesus could have unified Judea and Rome. Then what is the difference between Jesus’ time and now? The time of Jesus was a national-level age, and today is a world-level age. That is the difference. America represents the democratic world, and by traveling there and establishing a foundation through a three-year course, I proved that I can be victorious. This is the historical significance of this time.

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