Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 109

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 2: The Seven-Year Courses and the Overseas Foundation
Section 1: The Restoration of a People, Paragraph 22
Section 2: The Restoration of the Nation and World, Paragraph 03

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22  We need to march forward toward the day when the sound of laughter rings and resonates throughout the Korean Peninsula and all the world, testifying that we have realized the kingdom of heaven. Since we are in such a position, we have no time to rest. We Unification Church believers should weep bitterly, even while eating.

Why must we become like that? It is so that we can realize the kingdom of heaven desired by God, resolve the bitter sorrow of Jesus and the Holy Spirit over their unfulfilled task, and resolve the sorrow of the thousands of saints who endured starvation and became sacrificial offerings, yet could not restore the kingdom of heaven on earth. How can they be liberated from their sorrows? Do you think there is spare time for those of us who know this amazing reality, and who bear this enormous mission, to rest? Even if your legs break, even if you die, there remains the path of restoration for you to follow with all your strength.

That is why I commanded you to complete the three-year course. In taking that path, everyone must risk death. To achieve the goal that you set with complete dedication, you should be ready to lose sleep, to go hungry and to face danger. I am responsible for making you carry out this work. This is why I hope that, when you stand in such a position, you will not complain about anyone. Even if you collapse or are asked to sacrifice yourself, you should not lament.

We cannot avoid being targeted by the enemy, for we are soldiers laying the cornerstone to construct the kingdom of heaven. How can the enemy not try to besiege us? These things will happen. However, as you work for True Parents and for God, your heart is not for your own sake but for the sake of the people and the world. Therefore, this position is a sacred one. Even if this path is a long one, the footsteps of the unified soldiers should follow it joyfully, finding shortcuts whenever possible.

23  I fear that the nation of Korea and its people, who are in the position of the people of Israel, may be unable to fulfill their responsibility. I am sending you ahead of me because, if there is any glory to be had, I want to give it to you first. You need to go through the remaining four-year period of the first seven-year course bearing this in mind. Since now is a time when anyone could become exhausted, we need to struggle even harder.

Adam and Eve fell, and the fruit of their Fall was Cain and Abel. We need to restore this through indemnity focusing on our church members, namely the blessed families. In each region, there should be a family of filial sons and daughters who work with complete loyalty, regardless of what other people think or do. Such a family is surmounting the sorrows of a people through their tears, sweat and blood in order to achieve the goal True Parents set on their behalf. A person becomes True Parents’ object partner if he or she lives with gratitude every day, asking with tears for blessings upon his or her people. Such people carry out heavenly labors.

This is why during the four-year period, which is the second half of the first seven-year course, your responsibility is to be victorious leaders of the people. If this is the case, at the same time you welcome the people’s victory, God will welcome it too. You need to understand this and pray with increasing intensity. After this work is finished, you need to become victorious world-level leaders. Once you accomplish this, all the world’s peoples will come to dwell in a realm of grace and praise God. Then finally we will be liberated, and we will establish God’s Day as a day of complete victory.

24  On December 31, 1964, and January 1, 1965, True Parents established holy grounds in seven places in Korea. After accomplishing this, I began the work, on the national level, of individual, family and tribal restoration. We need to set the foundations that God can accept for individual victory, family victory, tribal victory and victory of the people. In this context, the tribe means the blessed families of the Unification Church, and the people means the larger community that is formed around such tribes. In the future, we need to organize a united people. This is why, here in Korea, we have to restore the heavenly central position that Cain and Abel should have established. We need to make an all-out advance in this mission in the first seven-year course.

25  The motto of the first year of the first seven-year course was, “Let this be the year of the best result of our lives.” This means that I, in the position of a man, had to find True Mother. The motto of the second year was, “Let us become Heavenly Fathers representatives.” Because I finally found Mother, I could work on behalf of our Heavenly Father to advance toward the restored kingdom of heaven. These mottoes refer to my own life.

The motto of the third year was, “Let us have something to show and be proud of.” Spiritual sons and daughters are those who we can show and be proud of. This refers to your restoration course. Therefore, this is both my motto and yours.

Focusing on the first seven-year course, you need to have the greatest year of your life in front of heaven. This best year of your life must be one in which you, as a man who was completely lost, find a woman who was completely lost. Then as a representative of God, you need to find something to show and be proud of. After that you need to become a victorious leader. Once you have completely restored the four-position foundation, you need to govern the realm of victory.

In 1960, when I said, “When this seven-year course passes, the complete foundation will be established on which I can work,” you thought I was only dreaming. But now you can see that things have turned out just as I said they would.

26  Though we have prevailed in the first seven-year course, True Parents shed many bloody tears during this period. Night or day, however difficult the situation was, I always rushed forward to achieve one goal.

You should not blame others who do not follow this path. Even if you have no friends, you should blame no one. You are walking this path with the mission of harvesting the providential results that God has already prepared. We need to harvest the fruits of goodness that are scattered throughout this world. By harvesting these fruits with the sickle of the heart you can unite your divided self and even unite the separated feelings of heaven and humankind. Though our bodies are like dull sickles, they should still be used as tools for the harvest. In this way we base ourselves on the heart of God and guide the world toward a new center. This is the mission of Unification Church believers.

27  In 1960 we prepared a new foundation for victory, the providential foundation to restore on earth the standard that Jesus hoped for 2,000 years ago. From such an astounding and epochal starting point, we entered a new era of history.

During the period of this first seven-year course, if democracy cannot control the world and communism comes to dominate, the whole world will perish. So this seven-year period is the time when that which is perishing can be brought to thrive. We need to restore the people and organize them into the form of a nation, and then we need to create one united world. Everything needs to be restored during this seven-year period.

When Jesus came to this earth he wanted to establish Parents’ Day, Children’s Day and the Day of All Things. Through this, he would have assumed absolute authority without Satan’s accusation and finally would have established God’s Day, through which he could have returned glory to God. In accordance with Jesus’ desire, we established Parents’ Day, Children’s Day and the Day of All Things to achieve his goal. Then, after completing the first seven-year course, we finally established God’s Day on the first day of the first month in 1968.

Section 2. The Restoration of the Nation and World

Our duty in the second course

True Parents said that the first seven-year course, which was completed at the end of 1967, was the parents’ course, and the second seven-year course, which ended in 1974, was the children’s course. During the first seven-year course, they devoted all their energy toward laying the foundation for national restoration, as can be seen in the annual mottoes during this period, “Let us make an all-out advance,” “The victorious unified front,” “Securing the foundation for unity,” and “Safeguarding the front line of unity.” The second seven-year course was the period in which blessed families needed to fulfill their duties as tribal messiahs to restore their position as the ancestors. Father said that during this period they needed to first restore their tribes as a foundation to restore a people and a nation.

1  In the first seven-year course, from 1960 to 1967, Parents directly prevailed, focusing on the vertical standard. The second seven-year course is your era. During this era, it is you who must fight, horizontally. The second seven-year course is the growth period. In history, decisive battles often were won in the second round. In the same way, the question of what will happen to Korea depends on the second seven-year course. Before this second seven-year course ends in 1974, Korea must cooperate with God’s Will and support the Unification Church. If this fundamental rule is violated, and Korea blocks our way, God will not forgive Korea. We need to march forward centering on this kind of foundation.

By the time the second seven-year course ends, we should have surpassed the national standard, and then, by the time we complete the third seven-year course in 1981, we should have surpassed the world standard. This is because, in restoring through indemnity the orbit of the Principle, we must recreate history horizontally.

2  Through the first seven-year course, we established God’s Day, Parents’ Day, Children’s Day and the Day of All Things. In so doing, we set the standard based on which we can fulfill our responsibility in the role of parents, something Jesus was unable to accomplish. After that, on the victorious foundation of having fulfilled our responsibility as True Parents, the children also need to unite as one, both internally and externally, until God’s nation can be established. Only then can we complete the original Will that Jesus wanted to realize when he lived on earth. Following the victorious model of True Parents, children need to pave the way to the point where they too are able to surpass the national level. This is the second seven-year course. So the seven-year period from 1968 to 1974 is the time when the entire nation can go beyond the level of opposition that Jesus faced from his religion and nation.

3  The period from 1968 is the time when we have to carry the family-level cross. During the 6,000 years of history, each of us had to carry his or her cross as individuals. The period to bear the family-level cross still remains. Until now, no one tried to carry that cross. Jesus too had to bear the cross on behalf of his people and his nation and then form a family, after which he would have gone out into the broader world. He died while he was still bearing the cross of the people and the nation, and we need to indemnify this. Both the path of the individual cross and the path of the family cross remain, and because the 6,000 years of history have progressed along such a thorny path, we need to establish indemnity conditions of both types. To do so, I walked the path of the individual cross from 1946 until 1960. This 14-year course was the same length as the 14-year course that Jacob walked. We can form a family, take hold of our position on earth centering on the four-position foundation of that family, and expand in all directions only after we have passed through such a period.

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