Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 111

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 2: The Seven-Year Courses and the Overseas Foundation
Section 2: The Restoration of the Nation and World, Paragraph 15 - 27

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15  If we call the democratic world the Abel world, the world of God, then the communist world would be the world of Satan, Cain’s world. When we prevail in the United States and complete this second seven-year course, we will reach the spiritual level where Satan’s world will have to retreat. Communism possesses a substantial worldwide foundation, and we have not been able to attain a foundation of those proportions.

Nonetheless, without your realizing it, even as the Cain-like communist world opposes our movement, True Parents are seizing the offensive. The democratic world is confronting the communist world from the position of Abel. The relationship of these two camps is analogous to the divided spirit and body. We need to occupy them first spiritually, so that we can form a relationship with them, and then engage them physically. In that way we can achieve victory.

Our responsibility in the third course

True Parents established the third seven-year course, which ran from 1975 to 1981, saying it was the period to lay the foundation for world restoration. The three seven-year courses were periods of sacrifice to create the providential foundation on the family level, national level and world level. Thus, True Parents emphasized that everyone should be living offerings for the providence. They explained also that, on the foundation of spiritual victory, in the third seven-year course we are moving toward the unified world by creating a substantial standard. Since the spiritual victory was achieved through True Parents, the Unification family in the position of children need to achieve substantial victory. They need to do so by uniting in heart and soul to meet the external standard, centering on the internal standard that True Parents govern. They emphasized that we will need to sacrifice in order to transcend the democratic and communist worlds, and that this is the condition necessary to establish the victorious realm of heaven.

16  The beginning of the age when you can attend Mother in 1960 marked the completion of the Old Testament Age and the realm of the Bride in Jesus’ age. After this, going beyond the standard of the Fall at the top of the growth stage, we must cross over the third seven-year course to achieve the world-level standard of completion. That is why the 21-year period of formation, growth and completion in Adam’s family, the three seven-year courses from 1960 until 1981 centering on True Parents’ family, was necessary on earth. That course of 21 years was the condition to transcend the 6,000 years of history from the age of Adam through the age of Jesus to the age of the Lord at the Second Coming. All vertical conditions need to be settled horizontally.

17  The first seven-year course is the time when we take responsibility as True Parents. It is the period when the True Parents’ family completely secures its place. The second seven-year course is the period when the families of the children complete their foundations. And the third seven-year course is the time when the tribe and the people take root and settle down. For the nation of Korea to take root and establish itself, the world needs to cooperate with it and become a wall of protection for its security.

18  Our mission is to restore the nation and the world while I am here on earth. The 21-year course is carried out through three stages, and by the third seven-year course we must be known to the world. Just as Jacob brought about the surrender of the spiritual angel and then subdued his physical brother Esau, who represented Cain’s side, today we must bring about the surrender of the spiritual Satan on a worldwide scale and then accomplish the submission of the communist world. Just as Jacob was victorious after he had risked his life wrestling all night with the angel, so we too have to fight at the risk of our lives. Just as Jacob suffered many hardships, the Unification Church also must endure sacrifices. If we do not have that determination, we will not be able to save the world. The path of the providence should have begun with glory in my lifetime. However, due to Christianity’s disbelief, we had to indemnify the suffering path walked for the last 2,000 years by the people of Israel. We are doing this through the 21-year course, which can also be described as three seven-year courses.

19  The third seven-year course remains, during which you must go forward, on the foundation of True Parents’ victory, which they won when they took responsibility for everything and fought directly to gain success. Now we have the foundation on which we can work freely centering on the United States for the next seven years. As you restore humanity from its fallen position in the world, you can become citizens of God’s country and sons and daughters of God. You can do this representing the world, as you set the condition to restore the United States to the side of heaven and establish the one global nation. I set up the third seven-year course on the world level with the intention of granting you this privilege. You need to become the founding patriots of the heavenly country. The world turns on the axis of this fundamental principle.

20  Starting in 1975, we enter the time when the Unification Church can advance to the world stage, focusing on both body and spirit. Gates are opening through which we can march all the way into the communist world. True Parents have set the conditions that enable us to go beyond even the world level. In 1975, we begin the third seven-year course. During the first three-year period of this course, Unification Church believers have to generate controversy, just as I did at Madison Square Garden in the United States. You need to walk this three-year course in actuality.

21  Until 1981, when the third seven-year course ends, we bear the historic duty to become completely one with the center. We have to advance on this path with gratitude in our hearts, even if we have to sacrifice ourselves in the process. We need to push forward against every obstacle to accomplish this work. We do not know if this will happen in the nation of America, some other nation, or even the world. Will you be able to build such a foundation by 1981? This is a serious and difficult path. However, because God exists and because of the Principle, this is bound to happen. The question is how completely you can unite and move forward with True Parents. This will determine whether or not you can do it. You may collapse on the way, but True Parents cannot.

22  No matter what sacrifices we have to make, by the end of the third seven-year course we need to stand higher than both the democratic and the communist worlds. If we do not rise to this level, we cannot establish the victorious realm of heaven. In short, we cannot win. To put it another way, if the communist realm invades, even if they say it is temporary, it is Satan’s invasion, so we need a foundation superior to worldwide communism.

In this regard, through the third seven-year course True Parents are preparing the United States to attain complete victory. We have to substantiate the internal foundation with both houses of Congress so that they will strengthen the system of education about the reality of communism throughout the nation. How are we to lead the nation? This is the mission we need to fulfill through the third seven-year course.

23  I believe that during the third seven-year course we need to strengthen our organization and activity centering on the United States. If we have not established our worldwide foundation by 1981, Korea will have no future. By 1981, because it completes the 21-year period of the three seven-year courses, we have to have built a base to go beyond the nation and expand into the world. If we do not go through such a worldwide indemnity course, our movement will not be able to manifest itself as a global religion. For God to carry out the providence through the Unification Church, we must follow this formula course and fulfill our responsibility to meet His conditions. If we do not keep up our momentum in fulfilling our responsibility, and invest with all our devotion, we will not become citizens of the ideal nation or world. That is why we are now engaged in this fight.

24  It is truly a great thing to gain recognition as participants in the third seven-year course. When you succeed in home church as tribal messiahs in this period, you will become ancestors that your descendants can be proud of for generations to come. If you successfully conclude the third seven-year course and accomplish registration in the new nation, you are following the True Parents. You will have the privilege of succeeding with them automatically and going beyond the boundaries between nations, tribes and peoples. If you are victorious in the third seven-year course, you can stand before the world. This is not an opportunity that comes at just any time. Knowing that you are facing this incredible age, you have to fully devote yourselves to this third seven-year course.

25  During the third seven-year course, you need to head toward the world level, no matter what it takes. Not only God but also Jesus and the numerous saints in the spirit world are saying, “You have come this far, so please take one more step. You can go on to the next level with just this one more step.” To this end, just as we pray in support of the spiritual world, the spiritual world is praying for the physical world. That is the reason unification will be realized. Until now, we have worked to help the spirit world, but now the spirit world is helping us.

26  You need to have the same feeling as I had in my heart on December 18, 1971 when I came to America. Before the third seven-year course ends, you need to influence others with the same determination I had when I made a solemn pledge as I stepped onto American soil. That is why I told the young people who went out into the world as missionaries that they should not return to their own country if they failed to fulfill their missions and responsibilities. You too should work with the conviction that you will significantly influence the state for which you are responsible, even if True Parents do not support you financially. You are doing this work for America, for the Unification Church and True Parents, and for your own self. You should never retreat, no matter what.

27  You are walking the third seven-year course, and this course will last until 1981. I go in advance of you. I have not been shouldering my own individual responsibility but the responsibility of the world. You want to call us your True Parents, but you can do so only after you have completed this seven-year course. What must you do during this period? During the 7,000 years of history, God carried out the restoration of creation, people and, finally, heart. So during this seven-year course, you need to restore finances and people, and after that you need to find your love.

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