Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 10

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 1: True Parents’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Section 3: Completion of the Providence of Restoration, Paragraph 9-16

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9   I devoted my entire life to abolishing hell and the middle realms in the spirit world and to opening the gates to the kingdom of heaven. I took it as my destiny to resolve this problem. Even if I do not talk about this, I should be able to command people on the foundation that those in my surroundings recognize me and attend me. Even without my saying that I was the True Parent, people received messages directly from the spirit world that I was the True Parent, the Messiah and the Returning Lord, and they testified about this.

There can be plenty of messiahs, true parents and saviors on the individual level, but the individual level alone is not sufficient. Heaven and earth should publicly recognize that I am the Messiah on the cosmic level. The spirit world should testify, “He is the Messiah and our True Parent.” True Parents should stand on the victorious foundation of uniting the spirit world.

10   After representing his nation, the Messiah comes as Abel to the world. Hence, once he has met the national-level condition to indemnify the history in which Cain killed Abel, on that foundation he finally can come to the world in the position of the True Parent.

Had those of the Jewish faith and nation united to support Jesus and to establish the national foundation by rectifying the history in which Cain murdered Abel, Jesus could have stood in the position of the True Parent. In the history of restoration, after siblings become one, the Parents can emerge.

On the national level, Judaism and the people of Israel should have become one to support Jesus, and the leaders of Judaism and the chief priests should have united to support Jesus. Then they would have restored the Cain-Abel relationship on the national level, and on that national foundation the Messiah could have emerged. That was Jesus. Had the people of Israel united with the Messiah, it would have resolved on the national level the division between Cain and Abel that stemmed from Adam in the Garden of Eden. en the Messiah could have married and become the True Parent and, with the new, God-centered family structure, emerged on the world level.

11   After World War II, the United States brought the entire world under the realm of the elder son, thereby establishing the authority of the firstborn son. However, in addition to that, the authority of the Parents and the authority of God’s kingship have to be established. For this, the United States will have to attend True Parents. The United States established the right of the firstborn son, but does not yet know True Parents.

In order to restore God’s kingship, the United States must attend the Lord at his Second Advent, the True Parents. That is why One Nation under God is not enough. Now that the True Parents have come, we have to build One World under God, One Universe under God and One Cosmos under God. When such a world emerges, the kingdom of heaven on earth will be realized.

In the free world, people do not have the concepts One World under God, One Universe under God and One Cosmos under God. In the Last Days, when God’s Will is to be realized, True Parents will come to earth and establish one world, one universe and one cosmos under God by restoring the authority of God as the Parent and God as the King.

Jesus was unable to complete restoration on the national level in Israel and to realize the ideal of One Nation under God. Therefore, I came to the United States, the summit of the world, in order to restore his ideal of one nation under God. However, this ideal does not include the spirit world. It does not include even the whole of the physical universe, not to mention the cosmos. It is not One Unified Spiritual World and Physical World under God. That is why the Lord at the Second Advent must come to realize that world. Had Jesus established One Nation under God and united even the Roman Empire, he could have established one world. And had he united also the spirit world, he could have established One Cosmos under God. Since this work was not completed, it remains to be fulfilled. No one has known about this; only God and the Returning Lord know it.

12   The Messiah comes as the Father. If he comes as the older brother, his siblings will fight him. Only when he comes as the Parent can he bring an end to conflict. Thus, the title “True Parents” is amazing, because when people have their True Father and True Mother, there can be true love among them. From True Parents, centering on true love, true children can be born. Then a true family can emerge, and when it expands horizontally it can become a true tribe, people, nation, world and the true cosmos, in which God can dwell. There is no disputing this logic.

True Parents never existed in the past, nor will there ever be another set of True Parents. What joyful news it is that the one and only True Parents to ever exist in history have emerged at this time! There can be no greater news than this, ever! It is especially great when you enter a parent-child relationship with True Parents and bond with their lineage; this enables you to inherit their authority without any sense of shame. They will guide you beyond yourselves to the infinite world.

You have no idea how remarkable it is that you know the name “True Parents.” God created human beings with this as His vision for them. True Parents’ love makes the connection from true families to the true world, the true kingdom of heaven on earth and the true kingdom of heaven in heaven.

13   Based on the foundation of True Parents’ victory, we are going beyond the Fall and entering the age when we can proclaim the era of liberation and complete freedom in the new kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. is is the proclamation that the time has come when we can enter the realm that has nothing to do with the Fall.

That is why the spiritual world and the physical world will have to unite. Unless you know the spirit world, you will fall away. God, together with all the world-level religious founders, saints and sages, and great people in the spirit world have resolved to work for the unity of these two worlds. Those dwelling in paradise and even in hell have resolved to support this and they have declared this liberation.

I therefore am working to bring this same understanding and determination to people on earth. With the coming of earth’s true owner, the one who is the Savior, Messiah and Returning Lord, everything is completed. Centering on the name of the True Parents, everyone can cross over into the new world of liberation and live together with God, united in love. We have entered the era in which God can descend from His throne and live with His children on earth, where He will personally involve Himself with their lives.

Completion of the providence

God must continue His providence of restoration through history until He restores through indemnity fallen Adam and Eve and installs the True Father and True Mother of all humankind—the True Parents. The True Parents come as the sole, central model of God’s ideal. They extend their hands to save fallen people and show them the direction in which to go. They come at the time when the history of God’s providence bears fruit, when history can be made straight and begun anew.

Looking at all the efforts of the True Parents, we see that they have rectified historical failures, are uniting a divided world into one and based on this, are building the kingdom of heaven. True Parents are the supreme and ultimate hope of humankind who complete the providence of restoration. us, when they emerge and are welcomed by the world, the hope of history can be fulfilled. The era when True Parents emerge in the world is the starting point for concluding fallen history.

14   True Parents are God’s hope. They were God’s hope at the beginning of the Creation and during the eons of time during which He created everything. They were the ultimate goal of God’s efforts throughout history, even as He led the providence of restoration through indemnity. Unless True Parents appear in this world, history cannot be set aright. God is the center of every perfected entity based on the ideal of love. This is true for the individual, the family, the tribe, the people, the nation and the world.

By centering on the perfected Adam, God wanted to establish the foundation of His object partners and expand it to every level on earth. However, because of Satan, everything was frustrated. Therefore, when the True Parents come, they must build their foundation on every level, from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. Then, once there is unity with True Parents on every level, all human beings can be one with God in the kingdom of heaven. This is the purpose of the providential history of salvation.

15   Had there been no Fall, we would not have needed such terms as True Parents, the providence of salvation, the providence of restoration, the providence of re-creation, the providence of resurrection, and so on. Yet, due to the Fall, the providence of salvation became necessary and humankind came to need a Savior.

The Savior is the central person who represents God to human beings and reconciles human beings to God. He comes to correct all the mistakes of history. What he must do is eliminate Satan. God cannot do it Himself. Satan is the archangel who was supposed to be under Adam’s dominion, but he subjugated Adam instead. Therefore, it is up to Adam to recover his original position, and it is for this purpose that the Savior must come. By presenting the Principle and attending God, the Savior must make Satan surrender voluntarily and return to his original position. That is the only way to achieve a foundation for peace that accords with God’s ideal of creation.

16   The providence of restoration is the providence of re-creation. When God re-creates, He needs to do it through the original Principle of Creation. The center of the original Principle of Creation is one perfected man and one perfected woman, who become husband and wife and follow the path of love. Without building that bridge of love, no one can go to God. is is the way based on the ideal of creation.

To fulfill this, God has sought to recover the one man, Adam. Yet until now He could not. From the day of the Fall to this day, God has worked through religion to seek for Adam according to the principles of re-creation. That is why the world-level religions need to uphold the teaching that their lord, who possesses the true way, will come to earth again and guide all of humankind to the world of peace, the ideal world. This is not accomplished by a group of people; the standard is one central person, perfected Adam.

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