Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 108

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 2: The Seven-Year Courses and the Overseas Foundation
Section 1: The Restoration of a People, Paragraph 12 - 21

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12  We know that it was God’s Will to conclude the sinful history of 6,000 years through the first seven-year course. We also know that, ever since the time of Jesus 2,000 years ago, Christianity has been constructing a bloodstained altar of martyrdom and struggle in order to conclude the still unfulfilled work of the providence. We are keenly aware that not only Jesus and the Holy Spirit but also innumerable martyrs have come to earth for the Will of God and have left behind them nothing but sorrows. These saints followed their hearts and stomped upon Satan’s world, but they were forced to fulfill their work by sacrificing their bodies and going to their deaths. As we have seen, the demands of each age focused on a single moment in time and necessitated a fight to the death between Satan’s side and God’s side. Then who is responsible to fulfill the mission of ending this fight? The outside world does not know that the members of the Unification Church, hounded and hunted by the people of Korea, are the ones who have shouldered this vital responsibility. God, however, knows it, and this is why He has pioneered this stony path together with us and has worked with us until now. This is a privilege given only to us, and we alone can carry that pride. On the path of history, the first seven-year course is the fertile period when we can eagerly bring these things into reality.

13  You now stand at the very point where I began my public course 21 years ago. I was persecuted by Christianity, I was hunted by the nation, and I was opposed by religious people. However, the present time is not that kind of age. You live in an age where nations, religions, spiritual groups and gifted individuals around the world will begin to testify to you and welcome you. From this perspective, you are standing in a place more blessed than mine. In the past, if you tried to accomplish a task and made a mistake, you had to reverse your error and completely indemnify it. But now for you, that age has passed. All the conditions have improved. Indeed, a blessed moment has arrived in which the age of indemnity is passing and the age of glory is approaching. This applies particularly to you who are in the position of children. Those in the position of parents made a mistake, and a standard of suffering before humankind was established. However, because I completed my responsibility in the position of parents, you, who are in the position of children, are able to advance beyond the standard of persecution and accusation. This period is the first seven-year course.

The first course for Korea

The first seven-year course was the path that the True Parents themselves took, the model course established for blessed couples. After the liberation of Korea in 1945, True Father triumphed in his 14-year course on the individual level. During the seven-year course that started following the Holy Wedding of the True Parents, the members began to walk in True Parents’ footsteps. Specifically, according to Fathers words, the first three years of the seven-year course was the period to recover the lost parents and children, and the four subsequent years was the period to pioneer the national-level foundation in addition to laying the material and environmental foundations. The members were in the position of children participating in True Parents’ course. Their primary objective as individuals was to attain maturity and make great strides for the achievement of positive results.

14  What must you do to accomplish this seven-year period? You need to possess the victorious authority of dominion on the level of an individual, a family, a tribe, a people and a nation. However, being a descendant of the Fall, you cannot walk this seven-year course by yourself. This is why God established the True Parents to pave this road in both the spiritual world and the physical world, and you are following in their footsteps.

15  Due to Adam and Eve’s Fall, we lost the True Parents. Moreover, we lost the true children. We also lost all creation. Lastly, we lost God. We need to find these four things that have been lost. Adam and Eve fell at the completion level of the growth stage and gave birth to fallen sons and daughters, thus becoming the ancestors of fallen humanity. In this fallen realm, the creation also came to be filled with bitter sorrow. Because humankind came under the realm of Satan’s dominion, everything was lost. The Unification Church established the standard for restoring all of this during the period from 1960 to 1967, the first seven-year course. During this period, we rose to meet the criteria necessary to redeem all that had been lost.

16  Why did I lead you to participate in the first seven-year course from 1960? You need to understand why we started in 1960 and not before then. The work of restoration is supposed to pass through the three stages of formation, growth and completion. Because you are passing through three stages related to the number seven, you must fulfill a period relating to 21. Now, due to the Fall, Satan invaded the formation and growth stages. Since those in the position of parents fell, parents are the ones who must restore these two stages. Children are not able to participate in establishing the standard of overcoming trials and suffering. That task belongs to the parents. The children are to walk the path of restoration in the seven-year period that corresponds to the completion stage. This is the period for the path of restoration at the level that did not suffer Satan’s invasion. The work you do during this first seven-year period remains as actual results; you are not paying indemnity.

17  Centered on God, True Parents appeared on earth after the Holy Wedding. Since the beginning of history, many evil parents had been born, but the standard of good, God-centered parents had not been established on earth. On the day when this was established, Satan’s dominion over human beings, which he had held from the beginning of history until then, started to be taken away from him. This is why the forces of Satan had no choice but to raise a banner of opposition and persecute True Parents with all their energy and might.

Why were True Parents persecuted even after the Holy Wedding? The reason is that this wedding ceremony took place at the top of the growth stage and the seven-year course representing the completion stage remained unfinished. The problem was how we could go through this seven-year course. Only when we completed this seven-year course could we arrive at the realm of God’s direct dominion.

To pass through the dominion of the Principle and arrive at the direct dominion, we needed to fulfill what is called the portion of responsibility. Adam and Eve were supposed to uphold the ideal of love, through which they could become absolutely one centered on God, thus advancing to the position where they could never be divided. This would have established a foundation for a family whose first priority was God-centered love. If they had done this, then on that foundation, heaven and earth would have become one, and man and woman would have become one. Based on the foundation of new love, new life and new lineage, they would have then expanded horizontally in every direction.

18  The Unification Church family members are the ones to participate in the first seven-year course, the Abel course, in which I am able to determine the fate of the people. If I go east, you should follow me to the east, and if I go west, you should follow me to the west. Become a leaf or a branch that must not fall or break off. This seven-year course is the period in which I am establishing you in the position of branches that do not break off and leaves that do not fall off, even if they have withered. Therefore, if it is at all possible, during this seven-year course all of you must be mobilized.

During this period, worldwide Satanic powers will attack you in full, concentrated force. This period started in 1960. At that time, all people in the Republic of Korea opposed us. People lined up to file anonymous accusations with the police in order to have me imprisoned. Unless one receives such opposition, restoration through indemnity cannot take place.

19  The first seven-year course served to bring an end to my own 21-year course. In this course you participated as individuals, but in terms of your significance in world history, you participated on behalf of many people in history. The devotions you offered in this period absolutely will not be in vain. They will remain linked to earth for thousands of years and generations, and when you go to the heavenly world, they will become the basis on which countless good spirits will offer you praise. This period will not come again.

We came forward on the Korean Peninsula holding the unification banner in order to heal historical woes, and we have been targets for the arrows of persecution throughout this time. However, we did not ease our pace on the path that we have been traveling. Even while being driven out and pursued, we did not neglect our internal growth or our external preparation. So now there is not one person on the Korean Peninsula who can block the path of the Unification Church. Our determination has been to establish the standard that cannot be negated by any weapon imaginable. From the viewpoint of heaven, this is what brought us such a great victory. Because we established such a standard as our center, we were able to create a new history.

20  In the first seven-year course True Parents, while establishing the standard for the family and the tribe, set the indemnity condition for the people through the church. This internal standard should have been reached at the time of Jesus, but could not be accomplished and had to be re-indemnified. To piece all this together, we have worked so hard during this seven-year course.

21  While going through the initial three-year period of the first seven-year course, what must you do representing this pitiable race of people? You need to continue running forward, even if you fall down on the way. On this road of trials, you train yourselves as construction workers who can build an ideal society.

You need to establish traditions that Satan’s world cannot accuse. The traditions you establish in the process of training yourselves should become a legacy that can endure eternally, even in the ideal world of the kingdom of heaven. Otherwise, you will not be able to say that you finished walking your life’s path, and it will not be said that you completed your life’s responsibility. The more you aspire to be loyal to heaven as a true filial son or daughter, the more suffering and trials you will undergo, so you need to prepare for that. You need to prepare thoroughly to stand in the position in which all humanity can praise your value and the entire cosmos can be grateful to you, in which you create conditions that will make the entire cosmos happy.

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