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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 2: The Seven-Year Courses and the Overseas Foundation
Section 1: The Restoration of a People, The first seven-year course
Section 1: The Restoration of a People, Paragraph 11

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Chapter 2    The Seven-Year Courses and the Overseas Foundation

Section 1. The Restoration of a People

The first seven-year course

The period starting with the Holy Wedding of True Parents in 1960 and going through 1967 was the first seven-year course, the purpose of which was to create the foundation for the restoration of the Korean people. This period was divided into an initial period of three years and a second period of four years. Full-scale activities were carried out accordingly. The seven-year course is a path that everyone needs to follow in accordance with God’s providence. True Parents directly led the providence of restoration through indemnity during each stage of this course. When the central figures of the providence fulfill their responsibilities, they move on to the next stage, but when they fail, the course is extended. Knowing this, both True Parents and church members lived through a time of extreme tension as they devoted all their efforts toward fulfilling their providential responsibilities during this course. They established the providential foundation, and so much was achieved during this period that it can be considered the model course for all members to follow. The seven-year course started with the Holy Wedding of True Parents, and in July 1960 all members were sent out witnessing.

1  Because humankind fell at the completion level of the growth stage, the completion stage as a whole still remains. The completion stage is a seven-year period. If you add up the number of years in the formation, growth and completion stages, 7 years each, it comes to 21 years, roughly 20 years. When a person is 20 years old, which is 21 by Korean reckoning, they enter the period of maturity and should be married in God’s love. Adam and Eve should have received God’s blessing and obtained recognition as the True Parents of humanity, but they failed to accomplish this. They married without permission while still immature and did not begin the completion stage. Due to the unresolved sorrow of these seven remaining years, 1,000 years of the millennial kingdom would be added to the 6,000 years of biblical history, and so 7,000 years of sorrow came to be. In short, one year was prolonged to 1,000 years, and seven years to 7,000 years. We are indemnifying this in seven years. This is the seven-year course.

2  Human beings, who are born as fallen descendants of Adam and Eve, can never go to heaven unless they walk the seven-year restoration course. It is not spoken of in the Bible, but Jesus also traveled such a course, the seven-year period from when he was 27 to when he was 33. The period from age 34 to 40 would have been his second seven-year course. If Jesus had started at age 20, the period from age 33 to 40 would have been the third seven-year course. In this way, Jesus could have established the worldwide foundation by age 40. However, because the people did not accept him and he died, that period remains in the Bible as seven years of great calamity and disturbance.

3  The stage at which you receive the Blessing is not the stage at which you already have become perfect. If the Parents have gone over the bridge of the cross, then you need to walk over that bridge just as it stands. You cannot simply fly over it. If the bridge is dangerous, you may be able to reinforce it, but the fact remains that you still need to cross it. Therefore, the seven-year course that I have walked remains eternally. Both the seven-year course on the individual level and the seven-year course on the family level remain eternally. Because human beings fell at the top of the growth stage, they cannot ascend into the completion stage just as they are. Only when they finally rid themselves of original sin can they ascend beyond the place where the first ancestors fell. Since we are not free of original sin at the top level of the growth stage, it is at this position—not the top level of the completion stage—that you are to receive the Blessing.

4  The seven-year course is the period that shapes the sons and daughters of God. This is determined by whether you can resolve Jesus’ sorrows and grievances. Therefore, you need to sacrifice for your country, for your church and for your people in order to indemnify fully the unremitting anguish of Jesus. Those who were unable to follow in the footsteps of True Parents and participate in this seven-year course will need to pass through this course someday, regardless of who they are. This is the formula. The seven-year course is unavoidable. People who join the Unification Church in the future need to pass through the seven-year course. The seven-year course is something that everyone needs to undergo.

5  You absolutely must walk the seven-year course. In the three years that made up the second part of his seven-year course, Jesus was unable to complete his mission. If he had completed this course and had gone on through the next seven-year course, he would have entered his forties. His first seven-year course should have ended at the age of 33. However, Jesus could not go beyond that stage. He could not go beyond the first seven-year course. He started out on his first seven-year course, but he was trapped during its last three years. Therefore, he could not restore the family. However, the Unification Church restored the family during our three-year course. In the future, we should carry out the work of restoration on the world level.

6  You need to heal the bitter pain of Jesus and the bitter pain of God. Until Jesus’ pain is resolved, God’s pain cannot be resolved either. Therefore, you first need to resolve the pain of Jesus, and to do that, you need to walk the path of a public mission for three years just as Jesus walked his own three-year course of a public mission. Can you witness to 120 people in three years? You can do so by offering wholehearted devotion. After that, you must build a shrine, prepare an altar, make a sacrificial offering and become a high priest. Only after you have set this condition of having achieved victory can you finally receive the Blessing as the sons and daughters of heaven. You are restoring the model family, from the family of Noah to the family of Jacob. When you do that, you finally can become the ancestors of an individual tribe, similar to the branch tribes of Israel. This is the road that we must go.

7  The Unification Church has passed through the initial three-year period of the first seven-year course that began in 1960. The number three is the number for finding children, and the number four is the number for restoring material things. We were successful in carrying out this first project. We prevailed during these three years and laid the foundation to advance to the world. Upon this foundation, we need to restore the Second Israel. Therefore, the remaining four years is the period in which we need to work hard for the restoration of the people. Exerting all our energy, we need to work diligently, and victoriously restore people and territory. You are doing in four years what I did in 40 years. In the future, even the matter of taking down the Unification Church signboard will depend on you. Instead of a Unification Church, we need to make a united Korea, and on that foundation we need to make a united world. If you cannot fulfill this responsibility, I will have to get another nation to do it.

8  For the people of Israel, there was a three-day course prior to the 40-year wilderness course. Only by going through this three-day course could they finally embark on the path of restoring Canaan. And after the people of Israel went into Canaan, they had to restore the number 40 once again. Because the providence of restoration passed through such a course, in the current age I too had to go through a 40-year course, as well as a three-year course and a four-year course. Accordingly, we walked the three-year course, and now we are walking the four-year course. Only after undergoing such a process can we complete the work of restoration and establish the sovereignty of heaven.

After passing through the three-year course with True Parents at the center, we need to go through the period of restoring all things of the creation; this is the current four-year course in which we are expanding in all directions. This is the seven-year course. Through this seven-year course, we need to continue working to complete restoration through indemnity. Relative to God’s long historical course of searching for True Parents, the three-year course, the four-year course and the 40-year course are short periods of time. However, these are the periods during which we have to carry out restoration through indemnity, resolving all historical sorrows, resentments and the historical cross.

9  The first three years of the seven-year course are the individual indemnity period, carried out in the smallest possible number of years. It is the condensed form of the corresponding historical indemnity period. Therefore, all Unification Church members need to go through this three-year period.

I told you to become one with me in heart, so you all need to understand True Parents’ heart. This three-year period is a period of grace granted to you, in which you can come to stand in the position of True Parents, resemble them, and feel their heart, even wondering what they might be doing at this late hour and worrying that they might be staying up all night.

If you were to do educational witnessing work for periods of 40 days during these three years, even twice a year, the total number of days you would work would still be less than a year. It is unacceptable if you cannot even do that. Ideally, you are supposed to do a fast during this period. It is my hope that during this period you will be able to find your position and establish the direction of your faith. If you miss this opportunity, you might lose your position, your direction and your connection with True Parents.

10  If you go out believing in me alone, you will never be dislodged. Please overcome just these three years. In 1960, I sent you on witnessing missions to live the life of a servant, almost as if you were going to prison for three years—just as, wearing a blue prison uniform, I set conditions of succeeding in restoration through indemnity. You need to be placed in an environment where you are hunted, because there was a time when I was hunted and forced to move from place to place. Through walking the horizontal path, you need to restore through indemnity the bitter pain in history, which remains unindemnified vertically.

11  The first seven-year course is the path to restore the position of a child of direct lineage from the position of a servant of servants. Therefore, during this seven-year course you have to take the position of a servant and love Cain. This is why we need to go out and witness. We should try to love others with our heart focused on the Divine Principle. We should try to love others, not as a son or daughter of so-and-so’s lineage, but as people who have made a covenant with God’s heart through heavenly love. We should find a point of accord with God’s life and hope, and try our best to love others. Let us try to do this and become one with God in heart, hope and action. God’s hope is to recover the world. His action is to carry out confidently the work of the providence of restoration to save the world. His heart provides the character that enables us to love the person who seems unlovable.

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