Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 09

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 1: True Parents’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Section 3: Completion of the Providence of Restoration, Paragraph 0-8

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Section 3. Completion of the Providence of Restoration 

Lord, Savior and Messiah

True Parents stand before fallen humanity as the embodiments of God’s true love. True Parents are the central persons who will accomplish the work of the Returning Lord and carry out God’s providence of salvation. They have the mission of the Savior and Messiah, to guide humanity from false love and the evil lineage to true love, true life, and true lineage, and to unite all religions and all peoples.

True Parents come to build the original world. In that world, people will establish a new culture by inheriting the tradition of families that are centered on True Parents. Since they will be united with God and engage with one another by giving and receiving perfect love, people will not need a savior. Since they do not have original sin, every family—parents, husband and wife, and children—will be able to live eternally with God. is is the ultimate destination toward which God has been leading the providence through history. When it comes to pass, the purpose of God’s providence of restoration will be fulfilled and the ideal world that humankind desires will be realized.

1   The goal of the providence of restoration is for God to settle on earth. Yet the foundation for the fulfillment of that goal on earth was lost. Regardless, God takes responsibility to restore what was lost and to fulfill it. He has led the providence of restoration in pursuit of this goal. The purpose for which God sends the Messiah is to find the perfected husband and wife. This purpose is the same, whether in the Old Testament Age or the New Testament Age. Just as the realm that Jesus established in the New Testament Age had to fulfill the Old Testament Age, the realm that True Parents establish in the Completed Testament Age must fulfill the New Testament Age. Thus, the realm of the Completed Testament Age includes the fulfillment of the Old and the New Testament Ages.

Jesus came to fulfill the Old Testament Age, and if he had, all could have been united. This unity should have occurred in the New Testament Age with Jesus as the center. However, because it did not happen, the fulfillment was prolonged to the era of the Second Coming. That is why the Completed Testament Age that begins with the Second Coming must fulfill the Old and New Testament Ages. The Lord at the Second Advent will fulfill everything. His coming inaugurates the fulfillment of the historical eras—the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Completed Testament Ages.

2   When Adam and Eve fell and inherited the enemy’s love, life, and lineage, they destroyed everything that God had intended for them. At the time of Jesus, had the spiritual world and the physical world, represented by the leaders of Judaism and Israel, united with him on the national level, there would have been no need for the Second Israel. Jesus should have united the spiritual world and the physical world, as well as Israel and even the Roman Empire. However, because this did not happen, after a prolongation of 2,000 years, now I have to go one level higher. I have to break down all the barriers, including the walls that were erected by the failure in Jesus’ family, as well as by the failure in Adam’s family. I have to break down the barriers that have blocked good cooperation between the spiritual world and the physical world, and the barriers in the spiritual world that have confined people to paradise (a realm lower than the highest heaven) and even to hell.

To enable this to happen, God is proclaiming, “Sun Myung Moon is the Savior! He is the Messiah! He is the Lord at the Second Advent!” Once you meet the True Parents, you do not need a Savior, a Messiah, or a Lord at the Second Advent. They are all included in the True Parents.

3   True Parents are the Savior. They have come to save the world. Since the false parents gave birth to a world of false love, True Parents need to save the world with true love. The Messiah also brings unity among the religions. When the religions are united centering on true love, they will form one great family. The world is advancing to establish this great family; only in this way can there be true peace.

All religions are advancing to bring about peace, which comes from unity. Furthermore, the First Israel, which is the Jewish nation, and the Second Israel, which is Christianity, must pass beyond the First Adam and the Second Adam and advance centering on the Third Adam, in order to rectify all of their failures on the family level, the national level and the world level. Once the True Parents stand firmly on that foundation, they will finally recover all that was lost in the earthly world, as well as what was lost in the spirit world.

The True Parents are the king and queen among those who can save the world. They are the king and queen among messiahs. They are the king and queen of the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age and the representatives and the embodiments of the invisible God. The True Parents were born for the sake of God, not for themselves. That is why even God exists for the True Parents. God and True Parents are one in true love.

4   At his coming to earth, the Messiah and Savior must liberate all humankind from hunger and from the tribulations in their nations. Yet, among the things he must liberate them from, which is the most important? The first is to liberate them from false love. The Savior is the liberator of love, the liberator of life, and the liberator of the lineage.

People are suffering because their lineage has changed from God’s to Satan’s. If all of humankind had the same lineage, stemming from God, everyone would be siblings, loving one another centered on God. However, their lineage was changed. Thus, the core mission of the one who comes as the Messiah and Savior is to liberate all people by changing their lineage.

5   Had we human beings not fallen, we would know God. Knowing Him in our hearts, we would naturally know how to live, no matter what the world says. Our body would unite with our mind; they would not struggle with each other. Our mind and body meet at the wrong angle as a result of the Fall. In order to align them properly, the religious world teaches us to strike our body. That is why people do all kinds of penance: fasting, serving others before ourselves, living a sacrificial life, even shedding their own blood for heaven. Unless we put ourselves through such painful situations, we cannot return to our original position. Not only must we align mind and body within ourselves as individuals, we must do so on the family, national and world levels. The Messiah comes as the model to teach the world how to align at every level, centered on true love.

6   People will not believe that I am the Returning Lord, the Messiah and True Parent just because you or I say it is so. My authority to stand as the Lord should be based on actual achievements. Until I overcame Satan’s world and established a foundation with certifiable evidence upon which I could stand, there was no basis for people to come to their own realization that I am the Messiah and True Parent.

I endured numerous ordeals and difficulties as I strove to establish a foundation on which I could stand and be recognized as the Messiah and True Parent in both heaven and on earth. I had to lay such a foundation so that people would acknowledge me as the Messiah and the True Parent throughout the entire cosmos. Unless I could do that, I could not make that claim. That is why I have done so many things in my lifetime. I did things that no individual could dream of doing. I did what even nations cannot do.

7   I could not just come to the decision “I am the Messiah” on my own. I could not carry out the Messiah’s mission based on my personal views. Rather, all my circumstances led me to the self-awareness that I had been called to fulfill the responsibility of being the Messiah. There was no other way I could go. The potential for the Fall began from the moment, when in the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve came to have self-awareness. It is the same with restoration.

I could not meet the standard of the Messiah just by words. Nor could I meet it just because God blessed me to be the one. Although God had blessed me, I still had to establish the necessary foundation by substantiating His blessing. This meant that I had to reach the level where I could live with God and be in the realm where God and I were relating as equals. When I had secured this in reality, I could receive the inheritance and the title of “Messiah.” I could inherit everything from God by reaching the level of equal participation, equal position, and living together with Him. He had to recognize me by saying, “Certainly you are the True Parent; certainly you are the Messiah.” 

I had to become like a lighthouse that gives out light to ships in the night. As a lighthouse lights up the darkness so that ships can find their way with certainty, the Messiah must be able to shine a bright light into a world engulfed in darkness, a light that shines no matter how dark it is.

8   All things belong to God. I am saying that God is the Owner of all things. Yet Satan thus far has been acting as if he were the owner. In a relationship of love where there is a sense of equality and balanced participation, the two parties cede control to each other. Blessings and the authority of inheritance are also involved. Therefore, after the first human beings formed a love relationship with Satan, all things ended up belonging to Satan’s realm. Satan usurped God’s throne and sat on it. He invaded even the environment around God Himself, ruling over everything.

There was no way God could liberate Himself from this situation. Nor could anyone else liberate Him, even after the passing of thousands of biblical years. That is why God underwent so many hardships in order to restore human beings to the standard that He had envisioned for the original family.

With my birth, for the first time in human history everything in God’s environment that Satan had defiled could be cleaned up. I cleaned up that environment front and rear, and right and left, and by establishing the measures and formulas to defend God from Satan’s realm. Consequently Satan had no choice but to retreat. Anyone who objects to this will meet with difficulties. I am saying that True Parents have succeeded in doing all of this. We have established a victorious realm on the individual level and on the family level.

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