Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 08

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 1: True Parents’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Section 2: Lord at the Second Advent and Embodiment of the Holy Spirit, Paragraph 37-48

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37   The Holy Spirit that Christianity speaks of actually refers to the mother spirit, the Second Eve. Since Eve, the mother of all human beings, fell, God sent the Holy Spirit, the mother spirit, as the Second Eve.

If we find a hole in a wall, we have to fill it in. If we lose something, we have to look for it where we lost it. Likewise, since it is because of Eve that all human beings on earth entered the realm of death, we need the Holy Spirit to come to earth and labor to give birth to us again. In the Bible, we read that women can be saved through giving birth. (1 Tim. 2:15) This does not refer to women living on earth today, but to Eve.

Had Eve not fallen but become the true ancestor of humankind, she would have given birth to good children. Instead, she fell and gave birth to Satan’s children. Therefore, the Holy Spirit embraces humankind and labors to give them rebirth. Only when that labor is finished will Eve be saved and the mission of the Holy Spirit come to an end.

38   The spirit and the flesh were separated due to the Human Fall; they must be reunited. After his resurrection, Jesus came to earth and laid the foundation for the Holy Spirit to come. Yet that was not enough. Jesus left promising to return. To keep that promise he must come again. The purpose of Jesus’ coming again is to find the mother in the flesh, who was lost in the Garden of Eden. Then the Parents, in both spirit and flesh, can finally emerge among human beings as the mediators between heaven and earth. The full achievement of Jesus’ hope will be possible in the world of the one ideal, a world in which the spirit and the flesh are united. 

39   We live in a time when women can move the world for God’s providence of restoration. This indicates that the time has come when Eve can emerge to restore the world. This Eve is the embodiment of the Holy Spirit and the representative of all women on earth. She must become a true wife and a true mother; then she must become a true queen. Therefore, she will be equipped with the qualities to become such a person. Her character will be such that she can take responsibility for all three of these roles, and more. God has sought for such a woman, who can become a true mother, a true wife, a true queen, and more. Once God calls her, this woman should be able to reject Satan’s world and march bravely forward.

40   You must understand how arduous the course was to place Mother in her position in the providence of restoration. Just to find one man, Adam, all kinds of bloody struggles and innumerable conflicts were intertwined throughout history. Likewise, in order to find True Mother, you cannot imagine how great a price had to be paid, how many sacrifices were necessary. In order to set and maintain the standard necessary for True Mother to be found, people thousands of years ago received revelations, and prepared people had to inherit those and bequeath them from generation to generation. That is how we have arrived at this time. As if passing a candle flame from one candle to the next, countless people guarded that holy light to make sure that it did not go out, giving their utmost devotion right up until the Last Days. You cannot imagine what an enormous price has been paid, the uncountable sacrifices that have had to be made.

41   The term “Holy Spirit” refers to the spiritual mother. Jesus, in unity with the Holy Spirit, multiplied spiritual children and laid the worldwide foundation that is Christianity. Yet, since the worldwide foundation of Christianity was laid only on the spiritual level, this foundation is not sufficient for us to fulfill God’s Will spiritually and physically. Thus, we come to the conclusion that Jesus must return. It is inevitable, because the physical world remains imperfect. Unless the spiritual foundation of Christianity is connected to the foundation that Jesus at his Second Coming builds in the physical world, we cannot go beyond our current history and begin a new history, that of God’s world, in the spirit and the flesh.

42   Jesus tried to restore the failure in Adam’s family on the national level. However, the people in Israel did not believe Jesus and he was killed. Thus, Cain and Abel emerged on the national level, and this has expanded to the world. Jesus was not able to reach beyond the national level, and he left the earth with bitter sorrow in his heart. Therefore he developed only God’s spiritual nation and had no earthly nation.

The Holy Spirit, the mother spirit, has no form, yet can be likened to an anointing with oil, water, or the wind, which comes to people and moves their hearts. By doing so, the Holy Spirit has been working to create the Bride, who will come in the flesh. It is on that foundation that in my time I was able to establish Mother on the world level. Through this, True Parents can achieve the liberation of the physical realm.

43   For True Mother to emerge, there had to be preparation for three generations—her maternal grandmother, her mother, Daemonim (Hong Soon-ae), and True Mother. Without it, she would not be able to stand in the position of True Mother. Her grandmother brought her family to the Holy Lord Church. Her mother brought them to the Inside the Womb Church, and then in the South they lived a nomadic life searching for the Returning Lord. Mother was raised while leading such a life.

44   True Father cannot marry just any woman. The Eve whom he can take as his Bride must be prepared through three generations. True Mother went through such a course. She inherited the foundation of the Holy Lord Church, where she received the blessing of Rev. Kim Seong-do, who was in the position of the First Eve. Following that, she also gained the foundation of the Inside the Womb Church, where she received the blessing of Rev. Heo Ho-bin, who was in the position of the Second Eve. It was Daemonim who made this possible.

In accordance with the law of restoration through indemnity, having gone through that course, Mother was responsible to stand on that victorious foundation and attend the Returning Lord. The reason Jesus could not marry was because the proper condition had not been established according to the law of restoration through indemnity.

45   The True Parents emerged on the foundation of unity between Cain and Abel. The time having arrived when the True Parents could appear, the Holy Spirit in the position of the mother and Jesus in the position of the father finally descended from heaven to earth and fulfilled the marriage Blessing substantially, as the True Father and True Mother in the flesh. That is what happened in 1960, when True Parents formed their family. They began engrafting people with the true lineage and multiplied blessed families throughout the world. They subjugated even Satan by establishing the realm of liberation in the spirit world, connected to the realm of liberation on earth.

46   Now that the True Parents have emerged on earth, Jesus is united with True Father and the Holy Spirit is united with True Mother.

Jesus’ mother, Mary, and John the Baptist’s mother, Elizabeth, did not cooperate with each other; this was a contributing cause of Jesus’ death. At that time, the entire nation of Israel and all the leaders of Judaism should have joined together to support Jesus, and in particular, they should have found Jesus’ Bride. Then, Jesus and his Bride could have given rebirth to humankind.

What could not be done in Jesus’ time on the national level must be indemnified, this time on the world-level stage. It is True Mother’s work to reach the world level; then the work must be expanded horizontally. That is why Mother is traveling and being proclaimed throughout the world. It is because every human being must return to True Mother’s womb and become one with True Father, like the joining of ovum and sperm, and be reborn.

47   In fallen families there are mothers and children, but the men in those families are in the position of archangels. Therefore, men must unite with True Father, the one in the position of Adam. All the women of the world must become second selves of True Mother and unite with True Father from that position. By making those conditions, it is as if they have become True Father’s original sons and daughters. This is how they can be reborn and restored.

You need to stand in the position of having been reborn as sons and daughters of True Father. By this, I mean that you need to even enter Adam’s bone marrow before Adam and Eve were married, and exist there as if you are his seed. Then you, as that seed, must connect to Mother through their true love for each other. The spark of that connection is like the electricity flowing from a disused power station when its power is switched on again. That is why I say that you need to be reborn through true love. Mother is the embodiment of the Holy Spirit.

48   You are the sons and daughters of True Mother, the woman who represents the world. Especially you women who follow Mother, you should become Mother’s second selves. You should love her more than you do your own husbands. Mother is the Holy Spirit. The Bible teaches that if you betray the Holy Spirit, you cannot be forgiven. There is no way for you to be reborn. Even though she wants to forgive you, you have no basis on which to be forgiven. Mother is the one who resurrects your life. She gives you rebirth and then she blesses you.


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