Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 07

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 1: True Parents’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Section 2: Lord at the Second Advent and Embodiment of the Holy Spirit, Paragraph 24-36

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24   The True Parents about whom the Unification Church speaks are human beings, a man and a woman. That man and woman must be centered on God. Since Adam and Eve became the false parents, True Parents must come in their place and become the good parents. In other words, since it was due to their failure to reach perfection that Adam and Eve became the false parents, True Parents must be able to stand in their place, in the position of having perfected themselves centering on God. 

Originally, God’s ideal at the time of the Creation was for Adam and Eve to reach perfection and become the True Parents. That position must be rectified and the original ideal must be attained. I am the one who is pursuing that ideal.

In the Unification Church people call us True Father and True Mother. In external appearance there is no difference between us and you; however, our root, our origin, is different from yours. The True Parents emerged with God as the root, the first such human beings in history. We have come as the central people of the Unification Principle and we introduce it with true love.

25   My lineage cannot be accused by Satan. If it could, I would not be able to accomplish anything. I conduct the marriage Blessing to transfer that lineage to you. It is what you inherit from us in our positions as the Bride and Bridegroom, which were set up and transferred to us by Jesus who has been working hard for nearly 2,000 years after his death and has now returned. The marriage Blessing is the ceremony of the Unification Church that creates blessed families. Once you receive the marriage Blessing, the gate to the kingdom of heaven is always open. Satan cannot accuse you once you are blessed. 

26   Ever since the Fall, the bodies of all human beings have been dominated by sin, all kinds of sins. This is because human beings are connected to Satan’s lineage. How can we deny it? The way to resolve this is to follow the course of indemnity. Now we, True Parents, have paid off everything. We paid indemnity on all levels—the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. We indemnified them all, and thereby connected them all to the true lineage of God. 

This means you are now in the position of small messiahs. As True Parents, we belong to the lineage of God, not to Satan’s lineage. Our root is different from yours. Your roots are on the side of Satan, while our root, the root of the Parents, is with God. As True Parents, we inherited God’s original love, which is true love, and we are connecting it to you. Once you are engrafted with us, you belong to True Parents, who belong to God.

27   I, True Father, gained victory over Satan’s world by going through eight vertical stages, from servant of servants to servant, adopted child and so on, and eight horizontal stages, from individual to family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God.

When Adam committed the original sin, he entered Satan’s realm. He can return to his original position only when that sin is removed. However, he cannot clear original sin by himself. Only True Parents can do it, with true love. That is what I did, clearing it on all eight stages.

Adam fell at the age of 16. Before he reached that age, he was the original Adam. Before the Fall, he was an original young man heading for perfection, who could have inherited everything from God. I came as the Lord at the Second Advent to inherit everything that he could not. 

I fought Satan at every stage—individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos—and expelled Satan from each. I resolved the fundamental problem of sin. I am saying that I have uprooted original sin. Beginning at the age of 16, I took the position of victorious Adam, having nothing to do with the world of the fallen Adam. Ever since then I have labored to recover all humankind.

28   I was born as a farmer’s son in a Korean village, but my origin is different. Some people know things intuitively from their birth, and others learn by studying. I knew the fundamental truths from birth, not by studying. I learned them from heaven. I was born for heaven’s will, and I knew them from birth. I even came to know the heart of God. is is why, despite all kinds of opposition from the world, I could survive until now.

29   Once you come into total oneness with God, God links you to the preparations He has made in advance for you. When you reach that level, the spirit world will teach you directly. I met someone who testified that he had been attending me even before my birth, before ever meeting me personally. That person was much older than I was and had been serving me even before I was born. This was possible because God predestined my coming. When God sends a central person into the world, He works by giving to people visions that resemble that person in both internal nature and external form. Thus, even before my birth, He gave people visions of my appearance.

30   My birth on earth was not as just the son of an ordinary family. From the age of ten, I learned everything about the world. Hence, I was well-known in my clan and throughout the village. I was born on the basis of heaven’s preparation over thousands of years. On that foundation I could understand the world. Even before I was born, elderly people who were spiritually open experienced me guiding them.

Returning Lord and embodiment of the Holy Spirit

Due to his death on the cross, caused by disbelief among the people, Jesus was unable to complete the path of the True Parent on earth. After his resurrection, therefore, Jesus had to find a spiritual Bride; this was none other than the Holy Spirit. Then, with Jesus as the spiritual True Father and the Holy Spirit as the spiritual True Mother, they could carry out the providence of salvation in a limited way, by giving spiritual rebirth to fallen human beings.

In order to complete the providence of salvation both spiritually and physically, Jesus needs to come again. Therefore, Jesus at his Second Coming needs to be born on earth in the flesh as the Lord at the Second Advent, the Third Adam. en he needs to receive as his Bride, the woman whom God prepared as the embodiment of the Holy Spirit. Together they become the substantial True Parents, who can give rebirth to humanity both spiritually and physically. The True Parents remove original sin from humankind. They offer the grace of rebirth—the change of lineage—opening the way to complete salvation in spirit and flesh.

31   Adam failed to fulfill the Will, so God sent Jesus in his place. That is why the Bible identifies Jesus as the Second Adam. Since the first human ancestors were lost, Jesus had to restore the true ancestor. Thus, Jesus came as the True Father of humankind, and the Holy Spirit came as the True Mother of humankind. us, they established the True Father and the True Mother, spiritually. God’s purpose for the Second Advent is to manifest True Parents on earth substantially.  

The Last Days are the time when God’s True Son and True Daughter emerge to stand in front of humankind. Human beings lost their true ancestors and became fallen descendants, disconnected in their lineage from True Parents. Hence, the Last Days are the time for the True Parents to recover the descendants who were lost, by reversing the course of the Fall.

32   Jesus, the center of Christianity, is the Bridegroom. He receives his Bride at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb refers to the wedding of two human beings in the flesh: a man and a woman in the positions of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

For Christians, God is the Father and Jesus is the Son. The Holy Spirit is the mother spirit. us, by receiving the Holy Spirit we are reborn. We must be given rebirth by the Holy Spirit. Human beings are born through their parents’ unity in love. This is natural law. Jesus is the father; the Holy Spirit is the mother. In other words, Jesus is the Bridegroom and the Holy Spirit is the Bride. When the Holy Spirit comes into your heart, if your yearning heart unites with the Holy Spirit’s yearning heart for Jesus, you will be enraptured. The spirit of love from the spiritual True Parents—Jesus and the Holy Spirit—will then infuse you with new life. This is what Christianity calls rebirth.

33   True Father is the perfected Adam. Since Adam fell and could not become the True Parent of humankind, we are the descendants of false parents. For this reason, the Messiah must come as the True Parent. More precisely, he is the True Father. Christianity speaks about the Trinity. In fact, Jesus is the True Father and the Holy Spirit is the True Mother. That is why human beings can be reborn through them. Children cannot be born unless their parents first make love.

Hence, it says in the Book of Revelation, “The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come.’ And let him who hears say, ‘Come.’ And let him who is thirsty come, let him who desires take the water of life without price.” (Rev. 22:17) This speaks to the day when the Holy Spirit comes in the flesh at the time of the Second Advent. That is the day when the Bride is made ready for the wedding. It is the day of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, when children welcome and attend the True Parents who had been lost.

34   Jesus is the father, and the Holy Spirit is the mother spirit. We should be moved by the mother spirit. Because of Eve, the mother, we were lost. Therefore, the perfect mother spirit must come to us and purify our minds and bodies. Then we should experience becoming one with the perfected father spiritually. Only by having such an experience can we be reborn. We read in the Bible, “Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. And whoever says a word against the Son of man will be forgiven; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.” (Matt. 12:31–32) The Holy Spirit is the mother spirit. A person is born by coming out of his or her mother’s womb. But because something went wrong with our birth, we need a second birth. That is, since we were born from false love, we need the mother spirit to give birth to us again with true love.

35   In order for Jesus to have a family foundation, he should have received his Bride—the woman who came as the embodiment of the Holy Spirit. Had he received that woman who embodied the Holy Spirit, he could have worked freely on the horizontal level. However, Jesus was able to set this condition only spiritually, because his three core disciples failed to meet the standard of becoming his sons. This was Jesus’ bitter sorrow.

Since people on earth were not able to make an adequate indemnity condition, Jesus had to ascend to heaven prematurely. Man represents heaven and woman represents earth. Jesus, the True Father of humankind, has been in heaven. The Holy Spirit is the True Mother of humankind. Therefore, the Holy Spirit must come to earth in the flesh. However, God’s only begotten Daughter was not able to emerge at the time of Jesus, and that Will could not be fulfilled.

36  The kingdom of heaven is a place where men and women enter together with their families. However, when Jesus came to earth he could not find his Bride, and he died without being able to have children. Hence, to this day he remains in Paradise, where for 2,000 years he has been praying and working through the Holy Spirit.

In the beginning, a woman first committed sin. Therefore, the Holy Spirit, a feminine spirit, must come to the world as an actual woman and cleanse that sin. This will happen when Jesus comes again to the world as the Bridegroom and furnishes the new seed. Through reviving Jesus’ mission, God’s purpose is to build a new God-centered world based on the lineage of the True Parents of the new heaven and earth. When that world becomes manifest, we can say that God’s Will has been fulfilled as planned.


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