9. Central Providential Nations, Part 1

Book 1: Global Unity Through True Parents
Part 2: Global Mission Strategy for National Restoration
Chapter 3: Central Providential Nations and the Responsibilities of Each Mission Country, Part 1

Korea—become the root

HSA-UWC's 60 years have been like the wilderness course. Now, True Parents have opened the new era of Cheon Il Guk. You have worked hard until now. You went through great difficulty, doing your best through the persecution you received from others in a challenging and unprepared environment. However, when we look back on the past, we had many inadequacies. We went through much trial and error in the process. Looking back on those instances, we need to make new resolutions. We must reflect on our mistakes of the past, reflect on our past efforts and lives of faith to understand how we could not offer more to Heaven, and then truly repent.

Using these 60 years as a foundation, hasn't a new era, a new providential age, begun thanks to True Parents? We have True Parents' absolutely perfect foundation with us. We have received special grace thanks to True Parents. True Parents said that true love means to continuously give, to forget and to give again.

You should double your efforts to reach those people that have lived in the same era as True Parents but who still do not know about them. If you realize in the next 60 years what you could not do in the past 60 years, Heaven will bless you, regardless of your age. (2014.05.01, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Now we need to proceed under a single system of leadership centering on True Parents. Korea became the homeland of humanity through True Parents. Therefore, Korea must set an example in front of the world. In other words, it must become the world leader in practicing true love. A true leader cannot keep only its own interests in mind. Though we have learned about living for the sake of others and tried to practice such a way of life, the truth is that, as people who received the marriage Blessing before others in the world, we are lacking in many ways when compared to them.

If you live your life on earth solely for the pleasures of the flesh, you cannot become eligible to enter the eternal world. The life you lead on earth should be one where you practice true love in accordance with True Parents' words. What that means is that you should not be in a position where you alone have come to know about True Parents and received the Blessing. That is why True Father's last words were that each of you should bless 430 couples as heavenly tribal messiahs. (2014.11.20, Cheon Jeong Gung)

True Parents are not the True Parents only for Korea. They are the True Parents of humankind. We have to save the unfortunate nations. You are the people who have to help me. While True Parents are alive, you should earn the titles of filial child and loyal servant. Who will give you those titles once True Parents go to the spirit world? That is why I told you that this is your most blessed and happiest moment. Depending on whether you fulfill your responsibilities, you can become filial children, loyal servants and owners of Cheon Il Guk.

Time flies. It is fleeting. You have to be able to stand proudly in front of True Parents and be eternally endorsed by them in the eternal world. Because of you and the burning heart you had when you first came into contact with God's Word in the early years of the church, this nation was blessed and that opened the way for the world's seven billion people to meet True Parents. (2014.11.20, Cheon Jeong Gung)

This nation must stand tall in the world as God's homeland, and as True Parents' nation. Doing well in politics will not achieve that. Becoming a rich nation where companies make a lot of money will not cause that to happen. We must create a nation people want to visit. That is why I believe Korea should systematically develop a plan for tourism. We must do this. We should make Korea a place that the people of the world can come to, view its beauty, and meet and be educated by True Parents, who are the center of heart.

Isn't Switzerland the leading nation in the world when it comes to tourism today? The Swiss worked hard, despite their poor surroundings, to accomplish that. It was through forward-thinking people that Switzerland developed a train that went vertically up to the summit of a mountain, and installed cable cars on its most beautiful mountains. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could cultivate our surroundings, for example, the mountains you can see from Cheon Jeong Gung! While looking out at those mountains, True Father said, "Put a cable car on that mountain; make a coffee shop on that mountain.” Looking ahead, True Father showed us the way for Korea to survive in the future. (2014.06.14, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Japan—a mother's mission

As the Eve nation, Japan needs to fulfill its mission as the mother. Shouldn't a mother raise her children? And shouldn't she embrace them all? If she were to embrace all children in the world, the mother would not have any time to sleep at night. I hope that you will not avoid your responsibility, and instead do your utmost best to fulfill the mother's mission. If you can spread the Word to as many people as possible, determine yourself, and act in accordance with the Word, many miracles will take place around you.

You have also been told that the 250 billion good spirits in the spirit world are cooperating with you. What that means is that, if there are about six billion people in the world today, more than 40 good spirits are working with each person, and so you should make effort to receive the cooperation of the spirit world. Henceforth, your ancestors will not let you alone. If you miss this opportunity where you can leave behind historic achievements, your ancestors will not allow you to stay as you are. Each and every one of you needs to live each day thinking about how you will look to all your ancestors and descendants if you stand in front of them. (2005.10.13, Tokyo, Japan)

Japan has a great mission. Its mission is that of the Eve nation, the mother nation, isn't it? There is a Korean proverb to the effect, "It goes ill with the house when the hen sings and the rooster is silent.” This saying, however, was only applicable in the past; in the 21st century, hens must sing. True Father once said, "Women must be fully mobilized to lead the way. It will go ill with the nation when the cock crows.”

Men should help women in every way. I hope you too will work actively. You need to spread the Word all across the world, so that the 6.5 billion people in the world can be liberated from the fetters of Satan. We are now in the final stage. I hope that the entire nation of Japan will fulfill its responsibility, and that you will be able to stand tall in front of the world as people who have completed the mission of the Eve nation. (2007.05.02, Fukuoka, Japan)

As Father led the global providence, he loved Japan more than any other country. Can you all personally feel that? True Father came as a man; however, the providence cannot move forward with a man alone. Likewise, the providence cannot move forward solely with masculine nations.

This also applies to the cultural history of humanity. Where did the history of culture begin? It started from the Italian peninsula, and then moved to the mainland, and then to an island, before returning to a peninsula. Through whom did Japan receive blessings? Japan, must accomplish its mission as an Eve nation. It is the same in today's society. A father goes out to earn money while the mother uses the money earned to manage the household. The mother raises the family, educates the children. The scale of a woman's activities is greater than that of a man's; it includes even bringing a new life into the family.

Also, it is the mission of a daughter-in-law to make the family rich. According to a Korean saying, a poor family can become wealthy if a good daughter-in-law marries into the family. The influence of the daughter-in-law on the family environment is that extensive. Creating a big environment requires a big energy investment. This includes effort, dedication, sacrifice, and living for others. (2013.08.24, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Japan is the nation that was blessed at the center of the providential work and the great will, which the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind desired to fulfill. Japan needs to reveal the truth. The world is becoming more united with each passing day, and an isolated nation cannot exist. I am sure that you also feel this reality most keenly. If Japan asks others to unite with her while covering up the past and only looking to the future, the truth will be buried. Then Japan will not be able to make any friends.

During the 55 years of mission work, many people were blessed in Japan. Now there are second and even third generation members. What the 130 million people of Japan should value the most and be most proud of are their blessed families. At present, Japan is facing difficulties not only in politics and its economy, but also in other areas as well. Only when your country attends True Parents from a truthful and modest position can it survive in the world.

As I gazed upon the luxuriant water grass growing in Lake Akan of Kushiro, Hokkaido, I spoke to it in my mind, saying, "You should be grateful to Heaven for being in an environment where you can grow like this. The water, the wind, and all these other conditions created the environment where you can grow so well. That environment should not be spoiled.” I believe the Japanese blessed families know what kind of an environment they need to create for Japan and the world. The environment we create will last eternally.

Now the time has come for us to show others through our actions, with our mind and body united as one. Consider how hundreds and thousands of people can be brought back to life through you. What could give more joy and hope than that? To make that happen, however, you first need to fulfill your given responsibility and mission. (2013.10.14, Sapporo, Japan)

Japan was blessed and liberated through True Parents. Receiving such blessings, however, entails responsibility. You must not forget your responsibility. Through you, the indemnity that Japan needs to pay should be lessened. That is why you need to walk the path ofliving for the sake of others in accordance with True Parents' words. You need to show the world that you are indeed doing so. When you think about the love of True Parents, who have established you in a position where you can be respected by other nations in the world, what should you do? When Japan follows the wrong direction externally, you should set it right.

Korea and Japan need to become one and bring about the reunification of North and South Korea, which should be established as God's homeland. To do so, you need to translate this idea into action and practice. That is why, as I left Hokkaido, I blessed it, saying, "May everyone become rich.” The way to become rich is by witnessing. Cranes safely cross the Himalayas by riding the updraft. Similarly, though it may be difficult for you to begin at first, once you start you will be able to achieve your goal.

The blessed families have the mission of guiding the 130 million people of Japan. I hope that the wonderful fathers of the great mother nation will also cooperate most actively, and take the lead in uniting with Korea, the father nation. (2013.10.17, Tokyo, Japan)

Right after the Second World War, the Allies, led by the United States, which were the victor nations, helped rebuild Japan, a nation that had been defeated. They helped Japan to revive its economy without paying any indemnity. Why did they do that? It was because the time had come for the appearance of True Parents, the Messiah of the Second Advent responsible for providential work. For fallen humanity to advance to God's presence, the central figures must fulfill their responsibility. Though humanity has multiplied for 6,000 years until there are now billions of people, there was not one person among them who knew about Heaven's providence. It was only through True Parents that the secrets of Heaven came to be revealed.

This nation, which made many mistakes in the past, was established as the mother nation. That was a decision True Parents made based on forgiveness and love. It is not easy for people in the world who think themselves superior to uphold Heaven's Will. That is why Heaven chose and employed people who thought themselves inadequate. Japan is not an exception. Everyone must know the truth. I know that there are many good people who wish to adopt a fresh attitude in the face of that truth.

Nonetheless, even if all the people who are in charge of this country and Korea do not know about Heaven's Will, I hope that you at least will be able to look upon the world with a broader perspective. The people who should do so are those of you gathered here today, as well as the blessed families, including our second and third generation members. (2013.10.18, Port Messe Nagoya, Japan)

The longest we can live in this world in our physical bodies is 100 years. We, however, know about the spirit world. That is why the way for you to become rich is by witnessing. The providential work, for which humanity yearned for 6,000 years and for which the Heavenly Parent also yearned and waited for so long, was carried out by True Parents and thus God was released from His sorrows. He was liberated and made free. I do not know if you can understand this, but it is thanks to True Parents that God can now be free.

Our hope is a world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness. God also wants this. It has taken this long because throughout thousands of years of history the perfect True Parents who could complete the providence of restoration through indemnity did not appear. Now, having attended True Parents, we have entered a new era, but is it enough if only we are happy? Isn't our goal to open a happy kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, and attend True Parents and our Heavenly Parent together with our neighbors, our nations and the world? To achieve this, you have to stand in the position of proud filial sons and daughters, loyal patriots and divine sons and daughters. (2013.10.18, Port Messe Nagoya, Japan)

The mother's mission is to guide the children in the world to True Parents. In the fallen world, Eve's mission is to find the sons and daughters who have gone wrong because of her, and bring them to the presence of the Messiah, the True Parents. It is the mission of Japan, the Eve nation, to fulfill that responsibility. That is why Japan needs to unite with Korea. Eve alone is not enough. She needs Adam. Adam and Eve must one and fulfill their responsibility to True Parents. You need to bear in mind that it was True Parents who blessed you and thus enabled you to carry out that task. For Japan to survive as a nation respected by the world, it needs to uphold True Parents' will and fulfill its mission as Eve. (2013.10.20, Nagano Church, Japan)

True Parents chose Japan as the mother nation. What a great blessing that is! The reason it could be chosen as the mother nation without paying indemnity is that True Parents did it on Japan's behalf

Then what attitude should you and Japan assume toward the providence? When Korea, which is geographically close by, is the father nation, then Japan becomes the mother nation. A family lives in harmony only when the mother and father are united. This father and mother I have mentioned just now should embrace all children in fallen world and bring them to the presence of True Parents. Since fallen human beings have inherited Satan's lineage, they need to go through a conversion of lineage through True Parents. Korea and Japan are the nations that should help humanity to attend Heaven under the grace of True Parents.

We must find the hometown that our Heavenly Parent wishes to see. Where is our Heavenly Parent's hometown? It is True Parents' hometown. Japan and Korea must become one to support the path toward the unification of the fatherland, that is, the unification of North and South Korea. When this happens, True Parents will stand in the central position before humankind, and all things will arrange themselves naturally. Human dilemmas over the problems of religion, politics, ideology and borders will be resolved. You have to stand at the forefront on this path. (2013.10.22, World Memorial Hall, Kobe, Japan)

This is the age when all historical truths are revealed. In providential history, if Israel had known of God's providence and accepted His Will, the world would have been united at that time through the foundation of the Roman Empire. How hard has Heaven worked? God waited for 4,000 years, educating people in the meantime. How, then, did it come to be recorded as such a sorrowful history? Heaven's work for the providence has continued unceasingly. Thus, True Parents came to complete, conclude and perfect every part of the providence of restoration through indemnity, and they opened a new age for us. In other words, they opened the way to the era of Cheon Il Guk.

Now you need to educate not only your neighbors who do not know about the providence, but also everyone else in the entire world, and guide them to become one with the Will of the Heavenly Parent and True Parents. That is the only way for Japan to pay back the debt it owes to Heaven, and to fulfill its mission as the Eve nation, the mother nation respected by the world. (2013.10.22, World Memorial Hall, Kobe, Japan)

America—the elder son's responsibility

The history of the providence passed through the European continent and moved to Britain, centering on Christianity. Heaven blessed Britain, an island kingdom, as the nation that could unite the world. In other words, He established Britain as the Eve nation, the mother nation that should carry out restoration through indemnity for the providence. However, the leaders and people in charge, who did not know about Heaven's great Will, began to go astray from their original heart toward Heaven. They tried to restrict Heaven under a system. Thereupon, there emerged a group of people who wished to have the freedom to worship God in their own way. The Bible was translated into English in the seventeenth century by the command of King James, and the people came to have access to it. Some left for the new world, where they would have the freedom of faith. That is how they came to establish the nation of America. Because Britain failed to fulfill its mission as the mother, America was born as the son that could unite the world in preparation to receive the Messiah at the Second Advent. (2013.10.22, World Memorial Hall, Kobe, Japan)

What is America's mission? You proudly say in front of the world that you are the eldest-son nation. Becoming the eldest-son nation was possible because Heaven blessed your ancestors, the Protestants. Why did he bless them? He blessed them in order to create an environment in which the returning Lord could work. Rather than a system of royal authority, the returning Lord would have been able to work better with democracy. Jesus Christ, who came to ancient Israel, could not establish a nation within the Roman Empire. Yet Heaven must succeed. If the returning Lord, the Messiah, did not plant his feet there, on earth, human beings would have no hope.

God's hope and the hope of each person is to transform the world into one that is free and peaceful. They want to live happy lives. However, within Satan's system are many mountains, which is why Heaven—having the ability to prepare a path allowing all to climb those mountains and reach the high plateau—took the side of democracy, whose adherents believe that God exists. The best example of this is America.

True Parents blessed America as the eldest-son nation. The world has more than 200 countries. They are all in the sibling realm in a family centering on to True Parents. America's politicians only want their own nation to prosper. If America continues on this path, it will be isolated. In a family with many siblings, if one of them were to greedily try to keep everything for himself, the other siblings would not like it. They would exclude him. You need to understand this. You have the responsibility of God's right of ownership temporarily in order to cultivate it, so that God can utilize it on a greater scale. Being in that position, you should not think of only yourselves. (2016.06.06, East Garden)

Though America received God's blessings for 200 years, what is it like today? True Father carried out his worldwide providence centering on America from 1972. He said, "I came to America as a doctor because it is sick. I came to America as a firefighter because it is on fire.” America was undergoing a moral breakdown, and was thinking only of its own interests and forgetting the true purpose for which Heaven had established it. That is why True Father wished to awaken America and establish it again in front of Heaven's providence, so that it can fulfill its responsibility in this age when the Messiah of the Second Advent has appeared. He thus poured out his love on the elder son nation. Fallen human beings, however, are unintelligent. They cannot realize how the history of the providence has unfolded until now, or even whether God is alive or not. And so, for 34 years, True Father tried to enlighten them in various ways through his own actions. America has much to repent for. If it does not repent, it will not be able to save face in the future as a respected nation in the world. History has taught us that, when people or nations chosen by Heaven fail to fulfill their responsibility, they have to pay severe indemnity. (2013.10.14, Sapporo, Japan)

The United States of America is the nation to which True Father dedicated himself for more than 40 years. America was established as the elder son nation, but it did not fulfill its responsibility. An elder son must embrace his younger siblings. America is not taking care of its siblings because it is more focused on its own well-being, which is wrong. We have the broad foundation that True Father laid. From now on, the American church needs to move forward based on spirit and truth. I have also said that it needs to become a lively church filled with spirit and truth, where the lights are burning 24 hours a day. I hope that you will endeavor to make that a reality. (2013.02.10, Cheon Jeong Gung)

True Father established America as the elder son. An elder son should be a filial son to his parents and a respected elder brother for his siblings, but has America fulfilled that responsibility? You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven based on the mere fact that you were given a responsibility. True Father has taught you and shown you what you need to do 100 percent, and if you cannot put that into practice, you will be disgraced.

True Father first thought of the Las Vegas providence because he wished to establish America in a position to carry out its responsibility. True Father called Las Vegas the "sin city,” didn't he? It means that Las Vegas is a sinful city. Why, then, did he begin the providence here? Whatever the motive may be, when you consider the position of Las Vegas today, you can see that its environment is such that everything that happens here is connected to the world.

At the time of the Roman Empire, it was said that all roads lead to Rome. At the time of the British Empire, it was said that the sun never sets on the British Empire. Las Vegas is in an environment where it can be connected to the world, and True Parents knew that. If this city can be restored to Heaven's side, ultimately the restoration of the world will become possible. Though it has casinos where people from all over the world gather, it also has a remarkable system for holding conventions and also enough hotels to house hundreds of thousands of people in one city. What an amazing environment this is!

This is the only city with such an environment. There are many travelers here, aren't there? When people visit this place, they think only of their country's interests. However, if you can form connections with such people and witness to them, it will be an opportunity to spread our movement around the world. The people who come here from other countries are people of rank, either in the financial sector or in other sectors. It could be said to be a city that Heaven has prepared for a certain time. Though it is a city that has a bad image throughout the world, it will be able to save the entire world if we can digest and resurrect it internally. In other words, in Las Vegas we can start indemnifying the responsibility that America failed to fulfill. {2013.05.02, Cheon Hwa Gung)

You members were chosen, just as America was chosen. You, however, owe a great debt to Heaven and humanity. It is a debt that you cannot pay back in full during your lifetime. So great is the debt you owe that, no matter how much you pay back, it will still not be enough.

In the history of the providence, the failures by a central figure or chosen person to fulfill his responsibility has been followed without exception by the need for indemnity. What is the status of America today? For 60 years following the founding of our church, True Father worked publicly and earnestly for the sake of God's providence. It is not an overstatement to say that he spent two-thirds of that time, 40 years of his life, in America. Our eternal homeland is Korea, but he invested more in America. This is because he was thinking about all of humankind. The great blessing that America has received as the eldest son nation means it has the responsibility to gather all the brothers and sisters and bring them to the parents. (2012.11.05, Manhattan Center, New York)