8. Our Global Mission Strategy

Book 1: Global Unity Through True Parents
Part 2: Global Mission Strategy for National Restoration
Chapter 2: Our Global Mission Strategy

Cheon Jeong Gung and the International Headquarters

I declare that it is now time for all of you to unite with True Mother with one mind and one body, no matter what, and to take action and live up to your beliefs, moving as a single organization. The providential history that began from Korea is the mainstream. Haven't I said that this will grow to become a great current that will sweep across the five oceans and six continents and that all life will be resurrected in its wake? We must enthusiastically take action in making that a reality. To accomplish this, you should all learn from the good examples that you heard in the reports from each region today and make effort to achieve similar things. You should hold hoondokhae every morning and offer devotion in your families and at church. Only then will you mobilize the spirit world. Now you have nothing to fear. You are not alone. The spirit world is working through you in a comprehensive way. You should be grateful for these busy but happy times when you can actually feel this happening, and accordingly take action. Otherwise, you and your descendants will be left in bitter sorrow. (2014.10.27, Cheon Jeong Gung)

If you want to become a great current and race toward the vast ocean, all the smaller currents along the way must combine. Through the Cheon Jeong Won and through the mission headquarters centered here in Cheon Jeong Gung, we are globally one! All organizations must become financially independent. To achieve this you must make effort. You must invest devotions. Now I am trying to appoint young people for the sake of our future generations. From now, the age group will continue to become younger. This is necessary for the sake of our future. You have to raise your successor. That is why after True Father's Seonghwa, the first thing I did was reinvigorate the education of second generation members. Take the history of Christianity, for example. It took more than 300 years for Christianity to be recognized by Rome. We have to be different. We have to achieve the same feat while True Parents are still on earth. In order to do that, all organizations and everything must become united and become one in heart and body as we harvest results. (2014.10.27, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Spring is the season of hope. It is a precious season during which our dreams can rise higher and spread wider. But despite the beauty of the season, we hear horrific and indescribably painful news from this country and from the world. This situation can be compared to the people of the world being on a ship without sailors, a captain or even a compass. They experience deep anxiety, not knowing how well the ship will contend with strong winds and high waves, or when it might sink by ramming into a rock.

As we watch these incidents take place, blessed members of the Unification Church around the world should stand up as heavenly soldiers. We can no longer just look on and wait. We should not keep the Blessing that we have received to ourselves. We must let the people of the world, who are like orphans, know that our Heavenly Parent and True Parents are carrying out great works.

Centering on the Cheon Jeong Gung holy ground, we have opened the providential era where Heavenly Parent can directly rule over us. We should not keep this marriage Blessing just to ourselves. We have to fulfill our mission as heavenly tribal messiahs as true sons and daughters who resemble True Parents. Only then can we stand in the position of ancestors. We must rise up to fulfill that responsibility. We cannot wait anymore.

Even at this moment, do you know how many people around the world are dying without receiving True Parents? We need to think of our fellow human beings living in misery, not knowing the providence and not having received the amazing Blessing of Heaven, even though they live in the same age as the True Parents. We need to be aware that this Blessing has been bestowed for the first time, after a wait of 6,000 years. Firmly planting your feet on the ground, you must roll up your sleeves and boldly proclaim True Parents are here on earth. (2014.05.11, CheongShim Peace World Center)

You have to proclaim the True Parents boldly and testify that the nation and the world cannot survive without the True Parents. This is the only path for us to show our gratitude and repay God. Now is the time to take action. I have divided up the world into regions based on language. I am trying to give all humankind an opportunity to participate in the providence.

Furthermore, I have appointed special emissaries who can embrace the continents and the world. They will be working with you on the front line of the providence to testify about True Parents to all of humankind. All of you gathered here should also unite as one in spirit and heart. I will be grateful if you can have the heart to feel as if you were going together with them. This is the message of hope for all humankind this spring. (2014.05.11, CheongShim Peace World Center)

National messiahs, regional presidents and special emissaries, you have to have a strong sense of mission and responsibility and focus on how to turn your region and nation around toward God. We know this is possible based on Christian history. When the Roman Emperor accepted Christianity, Christianity became the people's religion.

Currently the entire world is in chaos. It does not know which way to turn. We must step forward. Sparing not one minute, even one second, we must seek ways to save even one more human life. Without our awareness, Heaven has made many preparations for us. We have to grasp hold of the hands of God who has prepared all of this for us. Our great contribution to help God and humanity shall determine the destiny and future of the world. In light of this, I am saying please do not squander your time.

Throughout the world, many people are striving to live good lives. They do not know God's providence, but they are trying to be good. How grateful they will be when we convey Father's words to them! What a precious thing it would be if you shared Father's words with one person, and then that person shared it with their neighbors, and it spread to their tribe and nation, and they all turned around and came to True Parents! As I was looking at the banyan tree, I thought, "Ah, this is a tree that is fulfilling its purpose as God intended!" Like this tree, you young people need to understand the precious Will of God and share His blessings with the world as blessed family members.

I have moved the International Headquarters to the Cheon Jeong Gung Palace. Henceforth our Heavenly Parent will directly guide everything. Even offering your small strength or a small condition of devotion, you must not miss the chance to unite with True Parents moment by moment. I am saying that you must not let the remainder of your life pass by without leaving your mark, without shining like the sun. We alone represent the hopes and dreams of the people of the world. Wherever you go, you must create a joyful environment. Let True Parents be the center of that environment. If you move forward attending True Parents, you will be able to achieve unlimited development and victories. (2014.05.11, Cheon Jeong Gung)

The need for national restoration

Even now we should repent that we have fallen short, and we should make a new determination to do our utmost to return glory to God and fulfill His expectations. Henceforth, our church should never make so much as a crack through which Satan can enter. We need to unite absolutely. I am saying that there should not be "my voice" and "your voice.” We need to speak with one voice. By doing so we can be a model for this nation and world. We need to uphold the dignity of the living Heavenly Parent and True Parents. We need to become one with True Parents. If we do this, we will have no need to be ashamed before our descendants; we will be able to have pride that we have lived during this age as blessed families. All our leaders and members should be of one mind and one heart, and we all should stand up once again with new resolve to accomplish God's Will. (2014.07.01, Cheon Jeong Gung)

What is the very first thing we, FFWPU, must find so we can realize Heaven's providence, Heavenly Parent's dream, True Parents' dream and humanity's dream? You must inform all the people of this nation that they are the chosen people that Heaven has prepared. They are the people of Korea, the Republic of Korea, the people among whom True Parents were born.

Through this long period, God has waited for True Parents, who would be able to realize His dream. Christianity, which Heaven had prepared to spread the providence, did not cooperate and no choice remained but to start again from the very bottom. We have experienced many of those desperate moments over the last 50 years. God had originally planned to send the returning Lord with a national foundation. Through that one nation, all the world's nations would participate in our Heavenly Parent's providence. Your duty when Father was alive was to achieve national restoration; you should have sent Father to the spirit world as the chosen people of Heaven's homeland. That was your filial duty. Blessed families and early members, you must deeply repent. (2017.01.03, Cheon JeongGung)

In our work to create the environment for the returning Lord, the True Parents, our most urgent priority is national restoration. One of us has gone to spirit world. While I am still here, we absolutely must create that environment. However, how confident are you in this? The people of this nation still do not recognize True Parents. We are in an era with the benefits of civilization. We live in an era in which we can connect through the internet in a second, but what have you been doing? Why have we been unable to use the path of civilization Heaven has given to us to get ahead? Heaven has given you the means by which one person can reach 10 people or 100 people. Why are you not using these methods?

In order to be victorious in battle, you must gain control of the most important high ground. What is the high ground you are challenging right now? It is the high ground of national restoration. We must have the cooperation of all the providential organizations. The blessed families, the early members, ambassadors for peace and national messiahs must unite with the Korean headquarters for the establishment of Cheon Il Guk, especially for the grand goal of national restoration.

In order to regain the high ground, you must all become one. There is only one goal, the fulfillment of which brings us to this high ground. If you made the determination to fully advance, we can be full of hope. Until now, we have been unable to fulfill our responsibilities and offer this to Father. We must absolutely achieve this. If we advance with strong determination, we can accomplish it. (2017.01.03, Cheon Jeong Gung)

I spoke about national restoration, but it does not end with just national restoration. We must also achieve global restoration. Heaven prepared much of True Parents' environment but human beings were the ones that could not fulfill their responsibilities. That is why no choice existed but to take a difficult path. True Parents are the owners of this nation. They are the owners of this world. Heavenly Parent is the Creator, and the ones that will achieve Heavenly Parent's dream are True Parents. The principle is that the nations that unite with True Parents' teachings will flourish and the nations that cannot unite will fail.

Right now, many problems have arisen around the world. The strong nations are thinking first of the benefit to their own nations. However this is not Heaven's Will. What they are saying and what they are asserting will not go far. You must take the lead. Heaven has prepared a global foundation. It would be a serious matter if you were unable to fulfill your responsibilities. Do not focus on who is the superior or who is the subordinate, but instead focus absolutely on the development of God's Will, which will complete the providence. Until your last breath, you must do your utmost with the determination that you will absolutely realize national and global restoration. (2017.01.03, Cheon Jeong Gung)

You all have a responsibility you must fulfill while the True Parents are on earth, which is to complete your mission as heavenly tribal messiahs and establish Cheon Il Guk. In other words, you need to restore the nation, the fatherland of faith, God's homeland, before the whole World. Heavenly Parent and True Parents are our pride. We need to use the word to bring spirit and truth that will bring rebirth to this country as God's homeland by 2020. Once you have decided your goal, you need to be ready to risk your life in order to achieve it. I want to take all of you who are sitting here right now to the position of the future's proud ancestors and true owners. You must not hesitate before the Word. You must bring the Word to all the elderly people in all the remote country towns and mountain valleys in every corner of the country. How painful it would be if you are not remembered by the True Parents even though you lived in the same age and even in the same country as they did. True Parents are the answer to everything. We now need to be forthright in teaching this to all the VIPs, or peace ambassadors who are connected with us, and open the path for them to fulfill their responsibility before the end of their lives. {2015.04.24, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Right now, the world is in the midst of chaos and confusion. The great nations are concerned with their own nation's benefit. It is the same with smaller nations. And the same with the religious realm. Then how can we unite the people of the world? The only way is to teach them the fundamental truths. They must come to know about God. They must know God's hope and dream. The only people who can teach them this is the True Parents. If we don't know True Parents' words and will, we cannot become one. We must absolutely succeed in our goals and plans. You must not hesitate. We do not always have such opportunities. Time is of the essence. When we look at how this nation and the world is revolving, we can say that God gave us an opportunity. This is not possible by human strength alone.

That is why I am emphasizing that you must know the truth and that you must know God. The original owner of this universe was God, the Creator. There is no way for resolution without knowing God. You who know God should be marching forward boldly and strongly.

The religions are longing for True Parents. Without True Parents, you cannot separate yourself from Satan's lineage. From now on, you must put your life on the line and carry out revolutionary works during your lifetime. Don't wait for someone else to do it. What is there to fear? We have to teach and educate people. People are wasting time. It will be quick if they come to know God and True Parents and move forward in the direction of creating one world under God. Their wish is also for a peaceful and free world. In order to build this world, there must be a center. We have to become one. We must become one with True Parents as the center. (2017.02.09, Cheon Jeong Gung)

From now on, our providence, True Parents' providence is to search for a nation. With the world as our objective, we should bring at least seven restored nations to God by 2020. Are you ready for this? It is not enough to just say "Yes.” You must show results. In order to do this you need to solve all humankind's difficult problems, racial problems, and religious problems with True Parents and True Parents' ideology. We have one single goal. We must unite and move toward our goal of establishing God's fatherland, a nation united centered on True Parents. All our organizations should educate others about True Parents and guide them to develop into blessed families engrafted with new life through True Parents. (2015.09.17, Cheon Jeong Gung)

God's dream should be achieved while I am still on earth. The Korean people need to be awakened from their ignorance. So what do you need to do? You should start by bringing change to the people. You need to fulfill your responsibility as tribal messiahs and restore the nation. Our religion must become a religion of the people. A religion of the people is a religion of True Parents. This must be a nation that attends True Parents. You must bring this nation to become one with True Parents while True Parents are still alive. We must develop this idea. That is the only way. (2016.04.06, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Global mission strategy

Strategic nations, all nations, need a strategy. Today, there are many religious conflicts arising all over the world. A few days ago, many people died in France. The only organization that can resolve this issue is the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.

Not only that, what is China doing right now? When we look at China's territory, there isn't much sea area. Therefore, they are trying to expand their ocean sphere by building an artificial island. This is a boundary issue. The only organization that can resolve this issue is the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. Only the True Parents can do it. With the current system, there is no way to resolve all the issues happening worldwide. There are serious family and youth problems in every nation. We have the answers to these issues. That is why we must start educating youth in elementary, middle and high schools. (2016.07.17, Cheon Jeong Gung)

In the history of Christianity, we can find many examples of people who joined Christianity by following the king or governor's determination. You can also achieve such miracles in your activities. Do you think God was just sitting back and waiting for this moment to come? He could not bear fruit because there was no one on earth who could become his object partner.

From now on, you must consider yourself as all grown up. For how much longer will you depend on your Parents? You must bear fruit. Try praying to God while earnestly offering sincere devotion. True Parents have given you everything. You must offer more sincere devotion if your report prayers are to reach the level where God can answer them.

I will teach you the way. Why aren't there miracles on your path? You cannot hope for a miracle to come in a day when you haven't offered sincere devotion.

All the Unificationists must unite and do whatever it takes so that the nations that were selected as strategic nations this time can be victorious. This must become your greatest goal today. (2016.07.17, Cheon Jeong Gung)

You should not make excuses anymore. Do not make the excuse that it is too hard. You should be positive: I can do it. I just have to do it! I did it! You need to make a habit of this attitude. The status of the Unification Church has soared all around the world. It is different from the past.

The history of civilization is the same. Many conveniences make life more comfortable and faster, save time and space and contribute to civilization. By utilizing these to their utmost, we should teach all of humanity about True Parents. We should let them know, "True Parents have come as pioneers and have worked for the sake of humankind. Thus, they have opened Cheon Il Guk. You all have the opportunity to become citizens of Cheon Il Guk. Come!" (2015.06.22, Cheon Jeong Gung)

We have sent missionaries to many countries all over the world, but in reality many countries still have not accepted the Family Federation or the Unification Church. Even Europe is still like that. I know that it has been difficult for members because it is where the Christian culture originated and we have received great opposition there. However, this is a new era. The Christian culture is of the past. Currently, there is no other path to the future but us. We need to teach this.

The Word, the Principle, is important in raising a human being. Those who do not grow up with the Principle will bend here and there depending on the situation or environment, like a wavering reed. Yet, those who know the Principle do not waver. This is why I have stressed church innovation through the spirit and the truth, and cultivating and educating competent individuals among our second generation! (2015.06.22, Cheon Jeong Gung)

The Korean church must witness a lot and become a central nation that can send many missionaries around the world. Korea must become the source nation. In light of this, I am greatly interested in CARP and the youth movement. Cheon Il Guk is the goal of this age in which we are living. We should become devoted children and patriots that bring forth many Cheon Il Guk citizens. You must save your tribe and liberate humankind. The season of harvest is a good season for witnessing. We are in an era that is different from past eras. We must be innovative when it comes to witnessing methods. And you must start in gratitude and joy. It is a very joyful thing to find one life. Please pray that we can succeed in awakening our young people and reviving the church. When this happens, the whole church will be alive. (2014.10.01, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Whatever I have decided and have told you will surely come true. The problem is you. In this respect, as long as I am on earth, I will directly help you. The same applies to everyone else. We must be victorious while I am on earth. Centering on True Parents, we must accomplish the dream of our Heavenly Parent, the dream of True Parents, the dream of humankind. Centering on True Parents, we must become global citizens who can move forward to develop and accomplish a new providential history. Please work hard to accomplish your strategic goals. (2016.07.20, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Learn Korean

If we analyze the term Hananim (God in Korean), hana means first or one and only and nim is the honorific title. This means the one and only God. The Korean language can express all the sounds of nature. The Korean language can mimic all the sounds as they are. It is the most scientific and ideal language.

One of the reasons True Father emphasized the need to learn Korean is because God likes the Korean language the most. The languages used by the billions of human beings on earth are all different but the language that touches and moves God's heart is the Korean language. The language that liberates God is the Korean language. The language that made it possible to move and open the heart of God, who had no choice but to carry the weight of the lonely and sad history after the Fall of Adam and Eve, began with True Father. (2006.06.18, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)

The Korean language moves God's heart the most. It is through True Parents that God's heart was opened. There are many languages in the world but they were not made by God. They were made by human beings after the Fall. The Korean language is very simple, but scientific at the same time. It can express all the sounds. God allowed the birth of the Korean language because He loved humankind. The Korean language is very easy if you know the basics.

The Korean language can establish the relationship of father and son. It is a vertical language. It is the language that can open God's heart. It is the language that God listens to first and the one that God speaks. Since you know this reality, you must learn Korean.

When we do hoondokhae, it is not just for us but God and all the ancestors in the spirit world are also listening. So which country's language should we be using so that everyone can join in? We have to use the Korean language. When I did the world tour, I tried to be considerate and did hoondokhae in English and your native languages, but the principle is that it should be done in Korean. (2006.06.24, Riga, Latvia)

God loves the Korean language the most. There are more than 6,000 languages in the world but there are not so many languages that can move God's heart. The language in which we can understand God's heart and situation, comfort him and melt his anguish and pain is the Korean language.

Also, the Korean language is scientific. You can use the Korean hangul alphabet to write down the sounds of nature just as you hear them. Furthermore, the language form differs based on whether it is spoken to an adult or a child. Imagine there is a family of three generations living together. In the English language, a three-year-old can go to his grandfather and ask, "Have you eaten lunch?" using informal language, which does not express the respect the child should show to his grandfather. In the Korean language they would use the polite form. That is why the Korean language is most suited to attend and live with God. Once you know the grammar, you can quickly master the Korean language. (2006.07.03, Warsaw, Poland)

Which language do you think touches God's heart and goes straight into His ears? There are many saints who have come and gone in history and they earnestly offered sincere devotion to God. However it is the True Parents who have comforted God's heart and liberated God. Only True Father's words reach God's ears. The Korean language is the best way to become one in heart with Father. The young second generation should absolutely learn Korean. As the number of second generation members increases, they should all start making an effort to learn Korean.

The fastest way to learn a language is through songs. In the American movement, the Seattle church has a blessed family choir that includes first and second generation members. When I did the world tour, I saw these white children with blond hair and black hair singing Korean songs. It was very beautiful. I gave them the name "Sun Hak Choir.” This choir once came all the way to Korea to put on a concert.

Wherever I go, I see many second generation. I told them to create a choir if possible because singing Korean songs will help them learn the Korean language quickly. (2006.07.02, Valletta, Malta)