10. Central Providential Nations, Part 2

Book 1: Global Unity Through True Parents
Part 2: Global Mission Strategy for National Restoration
Chapter 3: Central Providential Nations and the Responsibilities of Each Mission Country, Part 2


If Japan is the mother nation entrusted with Eve's mission, the Philippines is the nation entrusted with the daughter's mission. Therefore, it needs to know the language of its parents. Since a daughter is younger than her mother, she may have a wider activity radius. True Father created the Federation of Island Nations. What is he planning to do with it? He is trying to create one united world, by bringing the great continents together. Because he did this, the island nations are very important. There are national borders on land that you need a visa to cross, but on the sea you can go wherever you want to go. True Father particularly loves the sea. Fish swim around freely in the five oceans. In a way, they seem to be freer than people. This period of the 180-nation tour is the period of special grace when you can receive the true lineage through True Parents and True Children. Would it do if our children were worse off than mere fish? We began the tour across Asia with the Philippines. If all these numerous people are inspired to make a resolution and translate it into practice, what could possibly stand in their way? Study True Parents' words. They are the textbook that tell you what you need to do each day, and what results you will achieve through your actions. (2006.05.29, Manila, the Philippines)

For Sri Lanka to save face as a nation, it needs to find its place. It needs a foundation. Even in the secular world, there are principles to be followed when doing something. All people in the world should be registered as citizens under God, but the nations possessing the necessary qualifications will be registered first, and those that do not will be excluded. For Sri Lanka to gain the qualifications to be registered, it needs to take the next leap. The methods you have employed until now will not do. You should abandon them, and create a wider stage for your work, just as True Father continued to carry out his work by creating ambassadors for peace and many collateral organizations.

It is difficult for an island nation to live by itself, because it tends to move toward the continent. Island nations need to connect with one another. Even in this nation, people are fighting one another because of religious or racial reasons. If those people are educated and married interculturally, they will not fight anymore.

Everyone feels the same in their innermost heart. No one likes to fight. In the end, fighting only results in pain. From now on, you need to introduce True Father's words and life course to people. You have the responsibility of tribal restoration. You should forget the methods you have employed until now and do your absolute best, feeling that working 24 hours a day is not enough. The time has come when the spirit world can cooperate with us 100 percent. You should not miss this opportunity where, once you have reached a certain standard, spirit world can cooperate with you 100 percent, even 120 percent. (2006.06.01, Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Perhaps because Nepal is situated at the highest altitude of any region on this planet, the power of the good spirits in the spirit world is quite dominant here. I believe that its situation helps Nepal to receive help faster than any other region, through the direct dominion of the spirit world. I feel that the meeting was such a great success because your heart is at a place where you can be connected more quickly not only to God but also to True Parents. Nepal in various ways is located where it can stand close to Heaven's heart. Moreover, the people of Nepal by nature have the ability to embrace everything in their surroundings, including their heaven-blessed natural environment. Therefore, if you continue to move forward centering on the Word, you may become the central nation and central figures. You should study the Word every day, and from that find out what you need to do. (2006.06.02, Kathmandu, Nepal)

India is the nation where God gave birth to several religions. What this means is that there are people here who were prepared by God. We need to find those people and save them. The message given at the Universal Peace Federation Speaking Tour to Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown will be more than valuable in reaping those fruits, for it is a message that anyone can accept. In the Cheon Il Guk era, we need to harvest and dedicate everything to God as quickly as possible. There is no time. We do not have much time for harvesting.

True Father's work must be fulfilled at all costs. Geographically, India is located at a place of great importance in maintaining peace in Asia. After touring across island nations around the world, I saw that there is not one nation that is not swayed by China. This means that China exerts a strong influence on the world. It would be nice if China worked together with True Parents centering on God's Will, but at present it stands in the position of Cain and is thinking only of its own interests as it increases its influence. The nation that can keep China in check is India. This Asian nation needs to stand on the side of the providence.

Now that the time has come for us to achieve actual results, it will not do for us to just deliver the Word and let it drift away as we did in the past. You need to take charge of everyone who comes to our meetings. You need to set an example through your own actions, so that your heart can speak to their heart. I hope that you will thus link them to you with such a strong connection that they will not be able to sit still because they will miss you so much. (2006.06.03, New Delhi, India)

There is hope in Cambodia because there are so many young people. You need to study hard in college, of course, but the most important thing is keeping yourselves pure. Purity comes first. You need to set an example by practicing a life of living for the sake of others in your school, religious community or society. More than anything else, you need to let everyone in this day and age know about the Word, and open the way for them to approach True Parents and receive the marriage Blessing. True Father speaks to us every day, but he also reads his speech with as much solemnity as if he were attending the rally himself. He reads the speech at least twice a day when he wakes up in the morning.

The history of mission work in Cambodia is rather short, but I feel refreshed through you. If each one of you can carry out the work of saving 10, no, 100 people, and thus put down your roots and grow branches, this nation will be restored in no time.

There are people here from Thailand as well, and I have heard that Thailand and Cambodia use similar alphabets. You are all brothers and sisters under one God and True Parents. Wherever you may be, if you do your best, Heaven will rejoice. Young people in particular should think of getting married interculturally. That is the fastest way of creating one united world. (2006.06.05, Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

I heard that Mongolian women are strong, that there are excellent women who surpass men in various aspects. You should not allow any of your relatives anywhere in this nation to remain ignorant of True Parents. The time has come to show that women are more brilliant than men. Therefore, Mongolian women should work even harder, not only to take the lead in restoring this country, but also to find all means by which it's people can be grafted to God as quickly as possible.

Men too should get themselves moving. It is said that men are heaven and women are the earth. Would it do for heaven to be under the earth? You need to invest yourselves with the resolve to restore this nation. If you take part in mother-child cooperation together with True Parents, you will definitely succeed. It is now time to achieve results.

There is only one way to make your dream come true. You can find that way if you seek it through the foundation laid worldwide by True Father. Depending on how keen you are to live for the sake of the providence and this country, your efforts will bear fruit that much more quickly. (2006.06.17, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)

You probably know that even in the secular world, when you set a goal, you need to make effort 10 times or even 100 times more than others in order to achieve it. You should set the goal of informing everyone around you of these teachings and make effort to succeed in doing so. In particular, you need to do your best to bless everyone in your clan. Keep in mind that how quickly this country will develop depends on how well you carry out your work.

If Kyrgyzstan could rise up through the Word, there would not be a greater blessing than that. In the past, Kyrgyzstan lived without a name because it was oppressed by the Soviet Union, but if you want to make sure that such a thing never happens again, you need to let the entire nation know of True Parents. The rally held on June 18, 2006, cannot be said to be satisfactory, but through it, we have sown our seeds. You need to do your utmost to make sure that these seeds bear rich fruit as soon as possible. Nothing could be more worthwhile than that. There is no time. Therefore, you need to present exceptional results to True Parents as quickly as possible. (2006.06.18, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)


Racial conflict is a problem in Europe, and religious people also fight one another. If you just allow this to continue there is no future. Are you going to just stand and watch? You must inform everyone in the world that True Parents have come. You should tell them, "Brothers, we should not fight among ourselves. Let us all become one in the shade of our True Parents.” This path alone can save the nation and the whole of Europe. The entire world will be able to live together in harmony. Somehow or another you have to know about this. These days, it is possible for everyone to be connected in a matter of seconds through the internet. Those who are getting older and do not have much energy to move around can witness through the internet. Because of their love for humanity, True Parents worked hard beginning from the very bottom to realize a future free of misery and a secure and happy world. Now that Satan's worldwide realm has been restored to the side of goodness through indemnity, the doors have opened wide to the realization of a peaceful world. Only when everyone joins in this effort can we live. We should all live together. (2015.05.11, Hilton Hotel, Vienna, Austria)

Think about how difficult, dumbfounding and bitter God's providential history of re-creation has been. For an olive tree's roots to grow takes 15 years. However, once an olive tree has rooted itself and adjusted to the environment, it can live for more than 2,000 years. Today, we can still find trees that were alive in Jesus' time. Similarly, European members, centered on Austria, have faced all sorts of difficulties during the past 50 years, and yet we see that they have grown roots, confidently and deeply. A tree that has roots that take 50 years to grow is more likely to survive any kind of natural disaster than a tree that has roots that take 15 years to grow. Listening to the testimonies of older members, meeting them and the second- and third-generation members that are their fruit, I felt that there is hope in Europe at this point as it says farewell to the past 50 years and sets off on the road to a new 50 years. For this reason, I have emphasized the need for us to change our lives for the future, so that today and tomorrow are different from yesterday. (2015.05.24, Manhattan Center, New York)

We must reveal the truth. You must awaken European Christians, who are unaware that the returning Messiah, who is to come amid the Christian cultural sphere, has emerged as the True Parents and that over 50 years they have accomplished amazing things.

As of today, a new cultural revolution will begin on this continent. I sincerely hope that you become proud Unification Church blessed families that fulfill their responsibilities and hasten the day that all people become one family that attends our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. It took 2,000 years for Christian culture, which arose centered on Europe, to establish its foundation on the global level. As we reflect again on the past 50 years, how should the Unification Church civilization move in this Era After the Coming of Heaven? Please remember that you must continue to grow roots that are big, thick and deep until you breathe your last.

I came with the heart that I will graft the Christian cultural sphere-which has endured the past 2,000 years with a heart desperate to meet the Returning Messiah as their last ray of hope-to True Parents' true love. What then should all of you do? You must reveal to all people of the world, who are living in ignorance and clinging to the past, that blessed families of the Unification Church are beacons and can bear the fruit of hope for the future.

Please fulfill each of your tribal responsibilities and rapidly expand your environment to the tribe, ethnic group, nation and world. I conclude my message by expressing the sincere hope that you will become blessed family members who can be remembered for eternity as those who invested themselves fully throughout their lives, and that you can all become proud true ancestors. (2015.05.10, Vienna Center, Austria)

When you look at the Christian providence, at one point in history, Britain, the Eve nation, had expanded her territory overseas to the point that people said the sun never set on the British Empire. Britain spread Christianity all around the world.

On the cross, Jesus died saying that he would return. Christians believe that they can receive salvation through Jesus' death on the cross. God is omnipotent. He is an absolute being. Would he have suffered for 4,000 years in order to send his only begotten son to the cross as a means of salvation? Mary did not understand God's Will in giving life to Jesus. She did not understand why Jesus had to come to earth.

After the Bible was translated into English, the general population of Britain was able to read it. The Bible contains many metaphors and symbols. One important message in the Bible is that Jesus said that he would return and hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. In the providential history through the new True Parents, we must complete the past duties that Britain left unfulfilled. (2016.07.20, Cheon Jeong Gung)

I heard that Malta was under British rule for 180 years. It has not been very long since you were liberated from Britain. Do you think things are better now that you are free? Most of the people in this country are Catholics. Do you believe that you will go to heaven as long as you believe in Catholicism? There are many religions, but what can we do to cross over the walls of religion, race and culture? God's Word contains the answers to all these questions. A new holy seed was sown in this country through the marriage Blessing. It is now your mission to multiply it and reap the fruits of it.

You are truly happy people. You attend God, you attend True Parents, and you have received the marriage Blessing. You should not stop there, however. From now on, you need to multiply. All of humanity are wild olive trees, and we, who have been blessed are the true olive trees. We need to show the world the value of the true olive tree. In so doing, we need to bring all people of the world to desire to become true olive trees as well. You need to be proud of True Parents and let others know about them. (2006.07.02, Valletta, Malta)

Even in the history of Poland, there must have been many ups and downs. And at such times, many people must have prayed. Now you need to change. You should never forget that you are proud people whose task is to substantially fulfill God's Will, that is, His ideal of creation. People of past times wished for God to help them and to do things for them, but you need to lead a different kind of life. You should live a life where you report what you have accomplished to God. (2006.07.03, Warsaw, Poland)

Romania's history is by no means inferior to that of Rome. Be that as it may, what is important is the result. Until now, it has lived as a wild olive tree, but from now on, God will take more interest in any nation or people that becomes perfected as the true olive tree. In a friendly competition, the more intense it is, the better. This is only the beginning. Anything that lives and moves also thrives. Anything that stays still dies out. In comparison to the rest of Europe, this country may seem to be developing more slowly in various aspects. However, if it were to take the lead in the work of the providence, it would rise to a position higher than that of the more advanced nations of today based on the standard set by God. All problems in the world can be resolved when we all attend God and True Parents. We need to let everyone know about that. It is your mission to open the eyes of people, who at this moment can only see their living environment, so that they can see the wide world and the universe. (2006.07.04, Bucharest, Romania)

True Parents' teachings are the remedy by which Slovakia can be established as a healthy nation. There is no better remedy than what they have taught. I know that many social problems including domestic and juvenile problems are on the rise, even in this country. Though the rally of July 4, 2006, was a success, it does not end there. That is only the beginning. If you can arm yourselves with the Word and practice it in your lives, Slovakia will grow more prosperous and powerful.

You have no idea what a great joy it is to all humanity that national-level marriage Blessing ceremonies were held together with the Universal Peace Federation Speaking Tour to Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown. In the Eastern European region in particular, there are countries that cannot accept the grace of the marriage Blessing due to Russian Orthodoxy. That is the same as going against God from both the viewpoint of God and the viewpoint of the original nature of humankind. We, however, still need to save them by blessing them. The fact that you can attend an event like this in the Cheon Il Guk era under the leadership of True Parents is almost miraculous. And the fact that Slovakia took part in this historical event is nothing short of a miracle. When you consider the countries that were unable to participate in this event, you are truly happy people. You need to research ways by which you can return that grace to God. Happiness you enjoy all by yourself is not true happiness. The more happiness you share with others, the greater is the happiness that is returned to you. You need to know how happy you are to be in a position where you can give to others, instead of receiving from them, and you should try to do so. (2006.07.05, Bratislava, Slovakia)

This is my third visit to this country. Korea in the 1960s was in a terrible state, much worse than today's Albania, because it was right after the war. At that time, True Father started the New Mind, New Life Campaign and the New Community Movement on a national scale. He mobilized the youth to lead the enlightenment movement, by bringing them together and making them take part in such activities as the eradication of illiteracy. By thus giving the people hopes and dreams, he put his teachings into practice, one idea at a time.

I have taken this opportunity to speak to you at this time because I hope that you ambassadors for peace will play a central role in the work of purifying everything in your surroundings, and take the lead in developing this nation with new dreams in your hearts.

A good fruit is one that is fully ripe and plump. In making your country more prosperous and powerful, the economic aspect is important, but what is more important is the internal aspect. Your minds need to be stronger. If you follow True Father's words, you can make this country prosperous and powerful in only a few years. In the beginning time in Korea, we had less than 100 active members. There are 300 people gathered here today, and that means that you can make this country three times more prosperous in ten years. I hope that you will all do your best. (2006.07.07, Tirana, Albania)