421. The Cheongpyeong Providence and Spiritual Blessings, Part 1

Book 4: May You Blossom, My Beloved
Part 5: The Proclamation of True Parents and the Cheongpyeong Providence
Chapter 3: The Cheongpyeong Providence and Spiritual Blessings

The Cheongpyeong holy ground

I have traveled all over Korea. In the 1960s I sent you out to places throughout the country and I explored all the noteworthy mountains throughout the country. As I explored, I asked myself, "Where should I place the anchor of the Unification Church? Where should I lay this foundation?" A good place certainly must be near a lake. The coast of the Eastern Sea is too far from Seoul. The western coast is not good either, because there are several cities along it. Also, because the tidal variation is extreme, mudflats appear at ebb tide, and at high tide everything is covered with muddy water. Since I was looking to choose a place that was more than 30 minutes away from Seoul, I came to choose Songsan in the village of Seorak. That region is wonderful. I chose a spot in the very best area of the Cheongpyeong region. (037-084, 1970.12.22)

Our land in Cheongpyeong must become the worldwide fatherland, the hometown of heart for all people. I prayed that it would become a land that could connect heaven and earth, completing the victorious ideal of creation, and be revered by the cosmos, liberating the heart of God. I prayed also that it would become the sacred ground that would be the homeland of the world. We have now reached a point in time when the work to bring this about can begin in earnest. That is why I bought over 6,500 acres of land in this area. The mountain and the land around it form the grounds for our future hometown. It will become the hometown of all people of faith. We already exist in 185 countries worldwide. It is my hope that Cheongpyeong will become the place where all the historical traditions of each of these countries can be displayed. Moreover, on this foundation we will build a training center and educational institution that will teach people how to renew the traditions of various national cultures and show how to connect them with Heaven. I prayed for this land, and my prayer actually came true; this is a historical fact. The fact that the Unification Church has this territory that represents the world s an amazing and victorious achievement. (282-046, 1997.03.10)

There needs to be a meeting place for the people of the world. Cheongpyeong is that place. We will build an international training center at Cheongpyeong. What are we going to do here? We will prepare a block for each country where we have our mission branches: a Japanese block for Japan, an American block for America, and so on. After buying a vast parcel of land, if a piece of it is designated to become the American block, we will entrust that area to the Americans. They will create a village that suits the taste of Americans, so that they can come and attend workshops. We are preparing a cosmopolitan village, a city where the surroundings will bring together the cultures of each country. Right in the middle of it we will build our training center. Accordingly, people who worked in other countries will come to this headquarters to attend seminars, and they should feel that it is a glorious thing for them to come to this place, to participate in the workshops, and then return to their own country. To accomplish this, we need a place with beautiful scenery, and we need to make our training center so impressive that visitors who come to tour Korea will remember it. (045-185, 1971.06.27)

When we were building the training center at Cheongpyeong, we completed within eight days what should have taken as long as two months. I told them on the first day of July to level the ground, and on the second day we started construction work. In this way, we completed the construction in one week. The Cheongpyeong training center is 300 square meters. The training center lecture hall itself is 230 square meters, so about 200 people can sleep there. We completed that building in one week. If you include today, it is 10 days. Today is July 11, 1971. We originally planned to finish by yesterday. That means we should not go beyond today. Counting this way, we have finished everything in eight days, and now we will paint it. We will paint and decorate it for three or four days. However, we are not supposed to decorate it well. If you ask why, it is because this building is in the position of a bride who is getting married while fleeing for her life during wartime. Even if she does not adorn herself well when she gets married, if she lives well after marrying her bridegroom, that is enough. (045-326, 1971.07.11)

This land of Cheongpyeong can become the base where a person can be reborn. It is the place of cooperation between heaven, centering on the spirit, and earth, centering on the body. It can also be a place of the heart where a family or even a nation can be born, a place where the world and heaven and earth can be born, and where the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven can be built. If the Unification Church can stand in the position of having overcome hardships, we will be able to make dramatic progress. The work of bringing all this together and educating young people from all over the world will take place here at Cheongpyeong. So will the work of gathering blessed families to attend workshops so that they can step forward to the world. This is something to be proud of. In fact, the people and nation can take pride in this place as representing the entire Republic of Korea. This is true not only for Korea and its people but also for Asia and the people of the world. (282-048, 1997.03.10)

Heavenly Father, since today will be a day of celebration when we start work on the palace of God at Cheongpyeong holy ground, please allow this foundation to serve as the Panmunjom truce village that connects heaven and earth. This is the groundbreaking ceremony for building the foundation where the standard of righteousness can be established and good and evil can be distinguished in both the spiritual world and the physical world. Through this foundation, the divided North and South will be unified and a golden heavenly gateway will manifest itself Therefore, all of heaven and earth are celebrating this day. I pray that God and True Parents will become one on earth, so that this core of heart can settle, and that through this we can transcend all historical ages throughout time and eternity. Please bless this place, that it may become a bridge of historical tradition connecting everything to the realm of one heart. I sincerely ask that You open wide the door of blessing, through which all people can become one in brotherly and sisterly love and all nations can become one. May all of heaven and earth, as one family of nations, enter the age of a new kingship on earth and in heaven, under the governance of God and True Parents. Please allow us to move quickly toward the ideal of unity, by which all ancestors who have gone to the spirit world can unite with their descendants on earth and advance together toward the world of peace. Please bless us, so that after the restoration of the authority of the elder son and the authority of the parents, we can enter the age of the complete omnipotence of God, who can embrace the whole world as one great realm in the age of restored kingship. Please look with pleasure at this place, where members from every nation are gathered, praying for and celebrating this groundbreaking ceremony. I sincerely ask and beseech You to allow this to become a foundation of blessing that can connect to all nations. (282-117, 1997.03.10)

On this day, November 7, 1999, the dedication ceremony of Cheon Seong Wang Rim Palace at hand. I sincerely thank You that we are able to hold this consecration ceremony and welcome this day when we will be able to dedicate the structure that carries the name, Palace of Victory. Here, we pledge in spirit and in flesh the manifestation of victorious sovereignty. In this very place, we will attend God, as the blessed families of the earthly world and the blessed families of the heavenly world become one, under Heaven's watchful eye. Dear God, remember this day and recognize this place to be under the ownership of Heaven, so that it can become a center of worship for thousands of years and thousands of generations, as well as the starting point of the realm of heart, where flesh and spirit become one through the tradition of love. In all of heaven and earth, please permit this place to become the palace of devotion, the palace of love and the palace of worship where we respect the relationship of lineage. I sincerely ask and hope that, with the Parents of Heaven and Earth always at its center, You will permit this place to become the unique memorial point of origin for the vast consecration of our worldwide movement, connected by the sovereign power of eternal love. (312-304, 1999.11.07)

We are building the palace of the heavenly kingdom at Cheongpyeong. All member nations of the United Nations should work together to build it on earth. Other nations, such as Russia, have built amazing palaces. We need to build an eternal palace, constructing it with complete devotion so that its value exceeds by many times even places such as the Louvre in France. As heirs of God, we need to fulfill this duty. (474-338, 2004.11.04)

True Parents who connect heaven and earth

God has not been able to work directly in the spirit world. Instead, God motivated angels, saints and good ancestors to perform His work. If He could have worked directly, the Fall would never have happened. True Parents are the ones who are building the bridge that allows God to be able to work directly. True Parents came to earth and are solving completely the reality of false parents. God comes down to earth on the foundation of this purification from the individual level to the cosmic level, and He is carrying out His work centering on that completed foundation. (323-232, 2000.06.03)

At the Second Advent, the one who is coming is the perfected Adam. Provided Eve becomes absolutely one centered on the perfected Adam, she will become a perfected Eve. Mother has come and she is doing the spiritual work of indemnity to fulfill that task herself. True Parents completed the creation of Adam and Eve on the world level, so, with all men standing in the man's position and all women standing in the woman's position, we are entering the age of the ideal family in which they are equal, centering on love. Everything that blocked heaven and earth and east and west has been removed, and we have returned to the innate, original standard. Now there is only one path you must take. You have only one way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven; that is by following True Parents. Satan has surrendered, and all the obstacles of Satan's world have disappeared. After you become one and move the nation, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven will be achieved by your unity with True Parents in front of God. (310-286, 1999.07.27)

Adam and Eve are the only son and only daughter representing countless generations in front of God. Even in our society, at the death of an only son who had come after six previous generations of only sons, the Korean government sends a gift to console the bereaved family. However, until now has anyone consoled God, who lost His only son and daughter? Only I am comforting God, who bears the sorrow of the Fall, while He says, "Please follow me. Please follow the path I am taking.”

After pioneering that path, you must break down the gates of hell and open the gates to heaven. You must make it so that God can come and go as He likes. You must completely break down the walls of hell, that place of bitter sorrow. You must liberate God. I have completely destroyed the blockage of hell that has barred the way between the heavenly world and the earthly world. Now you have to build an expressway. Establish the standards for this, not only on earth but in the spirit world also. There must be standards set for the family, tribe, people, nation and entire cosmos. That will come about by men and women creating families. (302-227, 1999.06.14)

In one generation, I pioneered a highway to the spirit world from the individual level to the world level. In Danbury on February 1, 1985, I proclaimed the Day of Opening the Gates to Heaven. We must open the gate that connects a highway from the world on earth to the heavenly world. That highway must be built starting at the very bottom, from the most difficult place. The new origin of all history arises from prison. It is like that even in this world. Revolutionaries open new paths while in prison. Similarly, we must build the highway from the very bottom of prison. If there is hell, a path will arise on which a man and a woman can even go out from hell. It is the same on earth. True Parents are opening paths that were blocked and partitioned off by the false parents. The blockages perpetuated by connections of lineage based on the love of the false parents, are opened by inheriting the lineage of the new Blessing based on the love of the True Parents. (166-243, 1987.06.07)

True Parents must destroy the walls of hatred and resentment among people that have arisen throughout history. They are not doing this work while sitting on thrones as the sovereigns of a nation. Since humankind is living in hell on earth, and people are suffering in hell in the spirit world, True Parents must open all the gates of hell on earth and in the spirit world, connect individuals to the nation and world, and construct a road so people can pass from earth to the heavenly world. They must create a connecting highway, one road that is the main thoroughfare.

Your mind and body should become one, and from that standard of unity, when you pass through the stages of the family, tribe, people and nation, and go beyond that to the world and into the heavenly realm, there should be no walls. We must destroy all barriers. The opening of the gates of hell in the spirit world and of the gates to the Kingdom of Heaven is the final problem. After going to the bitter end of earthly hell, you open the gates there. If, after standing at the gates of hell in the spirit world, you do not open those gates, you will not be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only people who triumph over hell are able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

By what means are they victorious? Not by means of prayer. They must gain victory by possessing the love of God. If they do not, they cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. To help you, after passing through earth centering on the love of God and opening even the gates of hell in the spiritual world, I have paved a road from earth to heaven. (140-043, 1986.02.01)

Only True Parents can clear up the spirit world and the earthly world and complete the ideal, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. The era of God's all-transcendence, omnipresence, omnipotence and all-immanence has come. We can establish a general organization for the world as well as for each country. Satan's world, which was all-powerful, is completely ineffective in front of God's authority, and we are passing into the era of God's absolute authority and power. True Parents are the ones who are doing that. It starts from True Parents. (293-326, 1998.06.07)

The sphere of True Parents' activity is not limited to earth. Because I am concerned about the vast spirit world, even to the ends of that world, if there is a shadow of Satan anywhere, I must eradicate it. It is not enough to pay indemnity in the same way as before. Now True Parents need to actually settle accounts. I must reverse the failure of Adam and Eve, the failures at Jesus' time and the cosmic failures and restore everything that was defiled by Satan. After bringing Satan to surrender, I will give the command that can liquidate these debts. At that point, the perfected Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven will become possible. That is the logic of true love. (397-208, 2002.11.24)

The Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God fulfilled the hopes of the religious world. It fulfilled all the goals of the providence of salvation. The ideal of creation shall be achieved, re-creating all things, giving birth to men and women, producing blessed families and realizing an ideology of a realm free from the Fall, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. It is not just some individuals or families but all human beings who will become liberated, blessed central families. The empty Kingdom of Heaven can be filled all at once. In other words, all the historical failures can be restored according to the horizontal standard. This restoration will patch up the empty places. The ideal Kingdom of Heaven is being built on earth as well as in heaven. God can stride throughout the spirit world and across the earth as He desires. (346-239, 2001.07.01)

Because the grace of the Blessing has reached from top to bottom, all the way down to earth, we are connecting to the age of the spirit world Blessing. Provided we make that heaven-to-earth connection, restoration will be possible. Until now, after a loving husband and wife came to the end of their lives on earth, they became separated when they went to the spirit world. Each entered the spirit world according to his or her individual standard. After going to the spirit world, when they pressed something like a video-player button, everything about how they lived on earth was revealed. Everything was recorded. An angel would take them to the place that corresponded to their spiritual standard. If ten members in a family had different spiritual standards, they had to separate. They could not meet each other. Now they have been liberated from that. The ones in the spirit world who once loved each other on earth can now receive the Blessing. We have given the Blessing to spirit persons. The gate has been opened and, because of that, the liberation of hell is possible. Thus, we have established the standard whereby we can say we have completed the foothold of the Kingdom of Heaven by creating a one-way path to the Kingdom of Heaven, the innate, original, unfallen world. So, we are tracking down all the individuals and families that were divided on earth and weaving them together globally. When the realm of unification in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven is actualized by liberating everyone in the spiritual world and making it possible to connect everyone in the spiritual and physical world together, the age will have arrived when God can be liberated. (283-146, 1997.04.08)

The Ascension of Hong Sun-ae Daemonim

From the day she began to walk down her path of faith in the Unification Church, Daemonim endured even cruel humiliation with only gratitude, thus setting an exemplary model for practicing faith in the Unification Church, a historical fact for which I am truly grateful. To pave the way for Mother, she withstood unendurable agonies of the heart, both internally and externally, and prayed for that one moment of victory. All her days of such prayers have not only gone down in history as a time of blessing, but have also become a tradition that all of us should follow in our own path of faith. Therefore, please permit this tradition to become a standard that should be inherited by all people. I earnestly hope and pray that You will allow all the stories and historic records she left behind to be of help in realizing Your Will and to serve as the basis for protecting the Will of the providence. (223-209, 1991.11.10)

Since she has departed this world and passed on to the spirit world, I pray that You will permit Daemonim to become a bridge of heart linking the heavenly world and the physical world, and that You will also allow her to fulfill her responsibility of bringing together Judaism and the Unification Church centering on Christianity, by strengthening the bridge that connects Heung-jin and Jesus.

While on this earth, Daemonim knew of the Will of the providence pursued by Heaven and strove for it, not only in the age of persecution centered on Japan of the satanic realm but also in the three historical ages of Eve, in which all preparations were made for the Lord coming again to Korea. Daemonim contributed greatly to connecting the internal providence of Heaven to the Unification Church by offering constant devotion until we were able to receive True
Mother. In light of this, she went to the spirit world as a representative of the proud women of the Unification Church, and all women can remember her as the representative of all women of the past, present and future. Moreover, she left behind an exemplary life to be followed, a tradition of serving and attending Heaven that should be inherited, for which grace we are truly thankful to You, Heavenly Father.

In the 70 or so years of her life, she led a life of service to everyone, through which she formed connections to all members of the Unification Church. At the same time, she hid from everyone when she shed tears, blood and sweat as she worked all alone to pave the way for True Mother. She was the fence that protected Mother and the guide who led Mother down her path until she could reach this victorious day, for which I am grateful to her.

Tomorrow, she will leave this place and go to stand in a position where we can no longer meet her in the flesh on earth, but we will still meet her in the spirit world in spirit. She will now be entrusted with the responsibility of serving as an intermediary between the Unification Church and Heaven, so that she can connect us to God and He can express His concerns to the people on earth through her. True Parents have appointed her to take on this important responsibility, so, Heavenly Father, we earnestly hope and pray that You will accept her as such. (1989.11.06, Shinmun-ro Residence, Seoul)


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