420. Plaque of Commendation for True Parents' Cosmic Victory

Book 4: May You Blossom, My Beloved

Part 5: The Proclamation of True Parents and the Cheongpyeong Providence
Chapter 2: Plaque of Commendation for True Parents' Cosmic Victory and Calligraphic Tribute to True Mother

Congratulatory Declaration of True Parents' Cosmic Victory and the presentation of a plaque of commendation

True Father and True Mother were able to stand side by side as God's son and daughter after passing the eight stages extending from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos, and finally God's stage. They now stand in the same dimensional position. The Congratulatory Declaration of True Parents' Cosmic Victory could be made on this foundation. Now, all of you need to completely inherit the model that True Parents have established. True Father and True Mother's mission is to restore the world tainted by Adam and Eve, the false parents. If you unite with True Parents with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, Satan will not be able to interfere. (310-292, 1999.07.27)

What is the meaning of the plaque of recognition I gave to Mother on June 14, 1999? Throughout history, the Eves of three ages sacrificed the Adams of those ages. But at this time Mother set the conditions to qualify as the Mother of three ages. She rose to the position where she could receive Heaven's blessing on an equal footing with Father. Without the completion of the four-position foundation and three object partners purpose, it is impossible to enter heaven. To be the Lord at his Second Advent implies the completion of the Completed Testament Age, and the completion of the Completed Testament Age implies standing in the position of completely realizing God's ideal of creation. So, a command from the returning Lord is like one from the perfected Adam, or from Jesus, standing on the foundation of his nation.

Up to now the internal realm of religion has been unable to win over the external world controlled by Satan. But the Returning Lord has achieved a historic, cosmic victory over this world, and you have inherited that victory. You cannot be qualified to enter heaven unless you stand in the position of the Lord's partner, representing the people, the nation and the world. (302-286, 1999.06.26)

Plaque of Recognition presented to True Mother, June 14, 1999.

You are God's original child, with God's special mission. You are the fruit of the history of the providence of restoration who came to earth with the mission of the True Mother of humankind. Looking only upon Heaven, you won a victory over the suffering course of the providence of restoration and established the eternal tradition with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. After True Parents' Holy Wedding in 1960, you completed the mission of a true child before Heaven, the mission of a true wife before your husband, and the mission of a true parent before your children.

God's providence of restoration and True Parents' holy work of restoration culminated in victory in 1999, and in that year, you bequeathed to all people the textbook of True Parents' life course in 80 cities around the world through the "Rally for the Globalization of the True Family.” I, as the Adam of original creation and as True Father of humanity, give you this plaque to celebrate your achievement through such pain, to thank Heaven and to praise your record in front of all descendants in heaven and on earth. (310-211, 1999.06.14)

I held a public ceremony to recognize True Mother's achievements. She is worthy of recognition by both the Unification Church and the Creator. You have to say, "There is our Mother! She is the same as Father!" I have been the right side of God, but now I have set up Mother as the left side of God. Therefore, we can enter the era of liberation through 7-1 Day, 7-8 Day, 7-9 Day and 7-10 Day. I was able to declare the completion of the age of indemnity, centered on the numbers 7 and 10. God thus far has appeared symbolically. However, now God appears in His embodiment, True Father; and True Mother has appeared as his partner. Therefore, the substantial Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven can be established. You also must become perfected women and men who achieve oneness in heart, oneness in body and oneness in thought, and who inherit the true love, true life and true lineage of the Kingdom of Heaven. As substantial parents, you must give birth to sons and daughters and complete your family. If you do not complete your family, you will not be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Instead, when you arrive in the spirit world, it will take you a long time to make up for what you could not accomplish on earth, maybe even through harsh affliction and suffering. Without going through such a course substantially, you cannot enter heaven. (414-279, 2003.08.04)

Through the "Rally for the Advancement of the Globalization of the True Family" in 80 cities around the world, True Mother won a supreme victory over the highest level of Satan's world. She achieved this position based upon the recognition by God, Satan and all people that she had fulfilled her responsibility as the True Mother. Starting with Christianity, she has gone beyond the realm of religion and has achieved victory. She can therefore occupy and act from the precious position of Eve whose mistake in front of Adam has been restored. I will proclaim this to heaven and earth. Therefore, I will publicly recognize Mother's achievement at the Ceremony for Proclaiming and Celebrating True Parents' Cosmic Victory. From now on, Mother stands in a position equal to my own. The age of the equality of man and woman has come. It is the age of the equality of man and woman based on love. Now is the time to unite women and to teach men about this. (302-232, 1999.06.14)

Because it was a crucial time within which for Mother to fulfill her responsibility, she went around the world holding "Rallies for the Advancement of the Globalization of the True Family.” In China, it seemed it would be impossible to hold the rally, but Heaven worked to make it happen. Mother offered various conditions, based upon which Heaven had no choice but to help us. Mother established the condition through the 80-city speaking tour to make even Satan surrender to God, True Parents and humankind. Therefore, we are holding a ceremony honoring this victory; it is the Ceremony for Proclaiming and Celebrating True Parents' Cosmic Victory. (302-137, 1999.06.12)

True Parents have no cause for accusation whether they go to heaven or earth, and the congratulatory declaration of True Parents' cosmic victory must be made at all costs. It is a declaration confirmed by Heaven and humanity, by hell and Satan's world! Such a declaration must be made. Reverend Moon must offer a prayer under the name of God, the victorious Parent, declaring, "We will liberate God, heaven, all people on earth, the Unification Church, and even Satan who opposed us, and thereby realize peace, and the unified world of the Kingdom of Heaven that will create the original sovereignty of ideal love where the Fall did not exist!" (302-234, 1999.06.14)

Heavenly Father! On this day, June 14, 1999, at quarter past one in the afternoon, in the name of the True Parents standing here, I have declared cosmic liberation in the Pantanal; and on May 30, I made the “Congratulatory Declaration of the East-West (Global) Victory of True Parents.” It is on this foundation that we now usher in this tremendously historic moment to make this declaration that welcomes victory centered on the victorious realm of True Parents who represent heaven and earth.

Father, I am aware that You buried deep within Your heart everything left by the sad history that began as a result of the sin committed by humanity's ancestors in front of Heaven, long harboring an anguish which no one could solve. I know that many difficulties arose in Your mind as You had to watch Satan accusing, cursing and ridiculing Your children in front of You.

In order to resolve this, You endeavored to form the tribe of love connected to God's lineage centered on the family of a perfected, non-fallen Adam, developing it into a people, a nation and finally the world, with the intent to begin the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. Unfortunately, Your efforts to establish this ideal faced continual failure.

I know that You had to endure a sad and embittered historical process as nations on Satan's side fought against one another, causing much bloodshed, each based on the belief that their own country was the best. At the same time, the moral corruption and atrocities of adolescents have caused a complete breakdown of family morals in all nations as we usher in the era of the end of all things, also called the Last Days, when the seeds that You planted in the Garden of Eden can finally bear fruit.

We are living in the end times when the morality of the original and unfallen, perfected family of Adam and Eve that God had wanted to establish in the Garden of Eden, has disappeared, and the family foundation is gone. To pass on the True Parents' ideology amid such circumstances, families that were broken are being raised, blessed and connected to God's lineage of love through Reverend Moon, centered on the moral foundation of families and adolescents. Through the globalization of the marriage Blessing, the capacity for people to go beyond their race and to be connected in heart as brothers and sisters, has expanded, and we have reached the stage where 400 million couples can be blessed.

Centered on the victorious realm that includes almost two-thirds of humanity, more than 3.2 billion people stand on Heaven's side, guarding Heaven, thanks to True Parents. They are surpassing Satan's world on earth, ushering in an era in which we are now able to live centered on God's realm of the heart. It is an era in which we can now instruct the submission of Satan under the name of Jehovah, bringing those on Satan's side to natural surrender in front of God through the connection of mercy. Aware that they cannot stand in front of the victorious dominion achieved through True Parents, they are asking for forgiveness and are surrendering voluntarily. Through the Blessing, and in accordance with all of True Parents' duties, Satan can no longer interfere in or command anything that possesses blood ties to the True Family. At the same time, all the things that Satan had been hiding will be clearly revealed and everyone who knows the Unification Principle will be able to know these all at once.

We have ushered in an era when in one night, all the people in the world can come to know about this through the internet and be taught about it. Hence, God is also aware that Satan has no place anymore, which is why Satan has surrendered to God, to True Parents and to humanity. As a result, True Parents, who can act as proxies for God's full authority, will receive Satan's surrender, remove the limits of the immoral hell of doom established by the false parents, and with the authority of God's lineage of love based on the heart, they will carry out the Blessing centered on Adam's family who are tied to God’s lineage centered on the family of love—the family of true love. Centered on the foundation of having blessed more than 400 million couples after the 12th phase of the Blessing, we can now freely conduct the Blessing anywhere without any opposition. We thank you for allowing such a victorious environment.

Satan has now finally been brought to submission, as a result of which a new era of global liberation has dawned wherein You can establish control over everything on Satan's side by actively exercising Your creative authority. Heavenly Father, we are truly grateful for Your grace in permitting us this time of the Congratulatory Declaration of True Parents' Cosmic Victory as the vertical foundation, along with the Congratulatory Declaration of True Parents' East-West (Global) Victory as the horizontal foundation.

Under Your guidance, Heavenly Father, from this day forward we can begin to reverse Satan's threats and intimidation. He has been cutting people down, dragging them to the scaffold and dooming them to hell. We welcome the era of freedom and liberation in which families blessed in the spirit world can come to their descendants to inspire them and reprimand them in turn, and to lead them, by force if necessary, to heaven rather than hell. The era has now arrived in which, by Your attaining control over the nations that connect together all of struggling humankind, they can become Your tribe, part of Your lineage, in front of the eternal sovereignty of love. As Your trans-national family, they can liberate all humanity the spirit world, as well as the True Parents and Yourself. This liberation will remove the position of the servant, so as to liberate everything to rise even beyond the original ideal of creation, where You can have sympathy for Satan. In front of Your authority, True Parents dedicate this era. Please, therefore, exercise Your power through this liberated sovereignty, moving between earth and the spirit world. With righteous judgment establish Your kingship of love and goodness, and Your independent dominion, and thus become the eternal King of love and Ruler of the universe, bequeathing to us eternal immortality of love.

The True Parents pledge to govern and teach those on earth the path that they should follow to fulfill the duties of Your filial sons and daughters, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters. By guiding them to become a part of Your kindred having dominion over Your blessed Kingdom, True Parents will raise them to become eternal heirs of Your Kingdom on earth and in heaven. Please accept all glory and honor and appoint this day as the day of proclamation. Please exercise Your autonomous authority of the kingship of goodness, whereby everything will turn out as You wish. We desire You to do so, again and again and again, and we proclaim and declare this in the name of the True Parents! (302234, 1999.06.14)

The mere fact that the Congratulatory Declaration for True Parents' Cosmic Victory could be made shows that the foundation of gratitude before God, the True Parents and heaven and earth now extends beyond the scope of God's hope when He created the universe. It also shows that the victorious hearts of God and the True Parents yearn for the era of the Fourth Adam to inherit the entire world and secure something greater than that of the perfected Adam. During their lives, the True Parents' must liberate God by following a path to perfection that is even hundreds of times more severe than Adam's original course. They must do so with a fully devoted heart that surpasses even God's love. After completing that path they must stand in the position of filial sons and daughters in the family, patriots in the nation, saints in the world and God's divine sons and daughters, and thus inherit everything from Him. In order for us to accomplish this, we must offer everything. (302-237, 1999.06.14)

Cheon-mo-ji-mo Ji-gyeong-ji-mo (天慕之母地敬之母) 

Cheon-mo-ji-mo (天慕之母) means the mother Heaven admires and longs for while Ji-gyeong-ji-mo (地敬之母) means the mother the earth reveres. The Chinese character for "earth" looks like it places itself at the very bottom, from where it attends or serves something. Hence, I put the character for "earth" or ''ji" (地) next to the character for "revere,” or "gyeong” (敬), so that the character for "earth'' can attend the character of "revere.” This means that when you look at the term, you realize I didn't write it randomly and that it has meaning. I have basically taught you the way you must follow. Cheon-mo-ji-mo is the mother that Heaven longs for and admires while Ji-gyeong-ji-mo means the mother that True Father reveres; that's what it means. (469-320, 2004.09.22) 

Cheon-mo-ji-mo is the Mother that Heaven loves. Ji-gyeong-ji-mo means the Mother that earth can revere. I wrote this calligraphic message on the morning of March 7, 2004. What kind of day is March 7? When it comes to March, the number 12 of Cheon Il Guk is formed—3 multiplied by 4 is 12. The 7 forms the number 21—3 multiplied by 7 is 21. It means that, as of now, God, those who are in heaven will appear on the right in the form of Father, and Mother will stand next to Him. Even if God is not there, True Parents will now have the authority to reign over the Kingdom of Heaven using the form of the actual parent model. This is what March 7 means. (446-307, 2004.04.28)

The Chinese character for "gyeong” has the same meaning as attending Father. Hence, you must attend Mother in the same manner you attend Father on earth. Ji-gyeong-ji-mo! Just as you love and yearn for God in heaven and on earth, you must also love and yearn for Mother, Cheon-mo-ji-mo. Next is Ji-gyeong-ji-mo! When using the term "gong-gyeong,” or "revere'' in Korean, it is usually used to express respect toward grandparents or the king. We do not use the term "samo-hada" or "yearn for" in Korean when it comes to a king. The character for "father" (父) is part of the Chinese character "gyeong” (敬). Why have four points been added in the Chinese character "mother" (慕)? There's one on the left, and the two points on the right are connected centered on the four-position foundation. The character "bu," or "father" (父) within the character "gyeong,” or "revere'' (敬) stretches out with its end going upward. This means that a woman must long for heaven and earth-centered on the Mother. I wrote the following: New morning of March 7, 2004— "Wi" [ - to live for others] Mother. I too must love and yearn for Mother in the same way I love and yearn for my mother who gave birth to me. (468-219, 2004.09.14)

Mother must love and yearn for Heaven as she does for her own brother, her fiancé or future husband, her husband, father, grandfather and finally her king. This is the ladder that a woman must achieve. If Mother is loved and longed for by Heaven and revered by earth, then Mother can establish her own status. What is the morning of March 7, 2004? That is when I said, "Omma (Mother), I wasn't able to fulfill my filial duty to my mother; hence, if I call, "Omma!" in the middle of the night, please do not resent me for calling you such, but answer me in the same manner as I called you, and please take on the role of my mother.” There's a saying that when you become old, you behave like a baby, isn't there? A grandfather in his 80s or 90s is said to be the most difficult son to care for. Hence, if you can become a mother who can raise such a son, then you can become a mother that God can truly respect. (468-220, 2004.09.14)


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