422. The Cheongpyeong Providence and Spiritual Blessings, Part 2

Book 4: May You Blossom, My Beloved
Part 5: The Proclamation of True Parents and the Cheongpyeong Providence
Chapter 3: The Cheongpyeong Providence and Spiritual Blessings

We know that Your daughter, of whom You are proud and who You desire to see, is moving on to play the role of the bridge linking the heavenly world and the earthly world for all eternity, for the realization of Your Will. Therefore, True Parents on earth send this daughter to You, after mobilizing all of heaven and all good descendants on earth to praise her as the one symbol of love, the symbol of mother's love and the symbol of daughter's love who can be embraced in Your bosom; so please, Heavenly Father, take her to Your heart.

The condition by which she can be praised for her deeds, and at the same time be a source of pride to You, is that she worked hard for the sake of all the people, and that she walked the path of sacrifice to the end of her days to save all of humankind, lost in misery, cherishing within herself Your heart of love to guide all people to the path of truth. Therefore, please look after her on her way.

Heavenly Father! Through her passing, please allow the entire spirit world to be connected to the foothold of the victory You have permitted on earth, so that the good ancestors can be directly resurrected through their good descendants on earth. Please allow this connection to be made, strengthened and expanded, so that they can work for Your Will.

All spirits who have passed on after attending the Unification Church, Jesus centered on Heung-jin, and billions of believers centered on the four great saints! Please welcome this day with joy and welcome this daughter, so that she can lead you to the positions you desire, and bequeath to you the heart of filial piety and loyalty in serving Heaven. Father, we earnestly hope and pray that You will bless her in her such endeavors. (195-128, 1989.11.07)

After True Parents' Holy Wedding, Daemonim and True Mother had to work hard to deal with criticism from various types of women, ranging from the wife of a laborer to a lady of the royal family line. Mother could not endure this all by herself; three generations—Grandmother Jo Won-mo, Daemonim and True Mother—had to face it together. Knowing Daemonim had fulfilled her responsibility in this, I gave her the title Daemo, which means "Great Mother.” The way of love that all women need to walk has high walls to overcome. Unless True Mother could demolish those walls, women would come to blame her. Daemonim appealed to God, crying out that she could take all True Mother's burdens on her behalf, and she actually did so. She also ardently prayed that she could dissolve all the worries, bitterness and sorrows of the True Family.

Now, having passed through the painful path of sacrifice, we have come to the era when we can go beyond the national level and even the world level, and proceed toward the world of unity and liberation. Hong Sun-ae truly accomplished all her responsibilities; hence, she deserves to be attended by all. That is why I named her Daemonim. To be an example to your families and descendants, all of you should inherit Daemonim's heart of single-minded loyalty and establish a proper tradition of attending God. This grandmother lived only to attend God. In attending God in your families, you should fulfill the way of a loyal heart with single-mindedness even greater than hers. On November 4, 1989, in honor of Daemonim, I created a calligraphic tribute, Chungshim Bongshin (忠心奉身), which means "she dedicated herself with a loyal heart" to God and True Parents. Anyone, like her, who goes to the spirit world after a life of sacrifice lived with single-minded devotion will open the gate to receive blessings from God, free from any accusation. (195-152, 1989.11.07)

From now on none of you should accumulate wealth for yourself. It is good to be frugal, but I suggest that you be frugal so that you can make a greater offering for the Will. You should be able to invest all your savings for your clan, for your nation, and for the reunification of Korea. Do not think only of your own family. The only thing you need is a heart burning with love for God. Like Daemonim, you should live 24 hours a day thinking only of how you will fulfill the Will of God and True Parents. She had nothing else in her heart but that; she did not think of anything else. Because of this, she deserves our utmost respect. That is why I bestowed on her the title Daemo, "Great Mother.” (208-346, 1990.11.21)

You need to place yourself in the position of a spirit. People who think about how they lived in the past cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. They must take the position of being just a spirit. That is why you must make all kinds of devotional offerings, just like Hong Sun-ae Daemonim. There is nothing else for it. You must only think about True Parents and God. If any other thought disrupts you, you will not be able to walk in a straight line; you will not be able to follow the path of love. Just because you have received the Blessing on earth does not mean that things will happen just like that. (208-343, 1990.11.21)

Daemonim made unforgettable contributions toward Mother's history. Whenever Mother gave birth to a child, Daemonim offered more devotion for that child than anyone else. She was a representative mother who, as long as she was alive, served True Parents' family with one heart and one mind, for which reason she was bestowed the name Daemo (Great Mother). In addition, she invested herself fully in offering devotion, so I presented her with the calligraphy, “Choong Shim Bong Cheon (忠心奉天),” meaning “Heart of Loyalty and Service to Heaven.” Even after passing into the spirit world, Daemonim is continuing her work, together with Heung-jin, as a representative of the various parts of the spirit world. Therefore, if you offer sincere devotion as well, you can be connected to Christian believers centered on Daemonim, Heung-jin and Jesus in the spirit world, or even other saints. Daemonim is playing the role of such a bridge. (265-011, 1994.11.07)

Ancestor liberation and Blessing

Cheongpyeong works are Mary's works, the works of the living Mary. They are the works carried out on behalf of the Mother. All our blessed families must find a way to participate in them. (274-310, 1995.11.03)

Cheongpyeong works are carried out centering on Heung-jin, Daemonim and Chungmo-nim within the realm of the grace of the Blessing, which was created after True Parents set the condition of indemnity and ended the division that had existed until now. Chungmo-nim is the mother of Adam's family, and Daemonim is the Holy Spirit of Jesus' age in substantial form. Next comes True Mother. It goes through three generations. The works are carried out centering on the substantial forms of the three generations of Chungmo-nim, Daemonim and True Mother. Both Daemonim and Chungmo-nim depend on True Mother. All women are Mother's representatives. Since True Father, as the True Parent, came with the seed of life through God's lineage, he is going to share it with all people through Mother. (314-140, 2000.01.02)

All women who have gone to the spirit world should attend me as they would their elder brother, their husband and their father, centering on True Mother. Therefore, all of them should become Mother's younger sisters, and Daemonim should stand in the position of their mother. That is why Daemonim is working to bring the spirit world under control in the place of Mother. Daemonim is learning from Mother. By forming a connection to her as the representative of three generations of ancestral mother—the mothers of the fallen world—the heavenly world and the physical world can be united. (314-141, 2000.01.02)

In the age of restoration, all evil spirits on the earth plane move centering on the actual world. For people to develop and grow, they need to find the way to the level of God's love through all things, and spirits move in the same way. That is why all things have owners. They have spirits attached to them, living within them. Those spirits are not in the spirit world. Afterward, they find that created things are not enough, so they attach themselves to people. They cling to people, who can be restored. Human beings represent the love of all things. Because People are the path by which love can be perfected, as well as the original beings who can secure all the stages of love, spirits cling to them so that they too can be liberated. (293-250, 1998.06.01)

Large numbers of spirits enter the body of each person. The work at Cheongpyeong removes these spirits, and beams of light created by True Parents guide those spirits, enabling them to ascend upward from hell in the spirit world. Anyone is able to follow those beams of light. Good spirits are all able to do that. I am opening the path whereby they will be able to ascend. I am completely removing those walls and conditions, opening doors of liberation. Because of that, spirits are able to go to the Kingdom of Heaven in a short time. Now, because many people are contacting evil spirits and are suffering harm, we must completely sever this connection and sweep away all the evil spirits. Through the Fall, Adam’s family became an evil family. We must do the spiritual work of recreating our ancestors. We must make families that are in the position of good archangels. We are entering the age of liberating and giving the Blessing to those in the spirit world. We are giving many blessings of enormous value. (298-212, 1999.01.08)

The Cheongpyeong training center is the base that will set you free from evil spirits. This training center exists even in the spirit world. Through it, you must solve the sins you committed on earth that are not yet indemnified. If you become one with True Parents and indemnify your sins, you will not go to the training center when you go to spirit world but will directly enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You must become parents who give birth to children who are able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, thus creating people who are able to go directly to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now I have completely settled the accounts for the age of restoration through indemnity. From now, since your sons and daughters should go straight to the Kingdom of Heaven, if your children cannot go there, you also will have to wait outside on the threshold. You will wait until the debt caused by sin is completely canceled. That is the problem. Instead of hell, a prison for blessed families will be made in the spirit world. Paradise will arise where blessed families who cannot pass over the threshold to enter the Kingdom of Heaven will wait. You will have to wait until the time when you are liberated in the spirit world from the sins your children have committed. Despite being blessed, a sinful person cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The debt caused by your sins first must be completely canceled. Everything I am saying about the spirit world is accurate. We must live our lives the right way; excuses are not allowed. (424-104, 2003.11.04)

When you go to the Cheongpyeong training center, you must participate in ancestor liberation ceremonies and Blessing ceremonies. Provided your ancestors are liberated and blessed quickly, as blessed ancestors in the angelic world they will do the work of protecting the blessed families on earth. Accordingly, there will be no hardships on earth and you will escape from the realm where Satan can invade. If you do not do that, you cannot escape, and you will remain as you are in Satan's world. (320-118, 2000.03.31)

You blessed families are tribal messiahs. You need to liberate your relatives in the spirit world and this earthly world. You have that responsibility. For the sake of your ancestors, establish the same kind of indemnity conditions you set when you married. If you do not do so, you will not be able to mobilize the angels or summon your ancestors. We are pulling people out of hell. Angels have been sent to pull them out. (310-097, 1999.06.06)

You must hasten to liberate and bless your ancestors. Only then will your ancestors and my beloved Heung-jin be able to come again to earth and cooperate with you. Because the lineal standard exists up to age 16, based on Adam’s age before the Fall, at the same time that you bless your ancestors, the angelic world is restored and the fallen world is completely liberated. Because the archangel made a mistake in the position of the older brother, we have to reverse that which caused the destruction of the family and pass through the place of indemnity. We must receive the cooperation of the spirit world. We must reverse the positions of the older brother and the younger brother; the older brother becomes the younger brother. (424-102, 2003.11.04)

All people descended from Adam, but because of the Fall, they went to the spirit world with the lineage of the archangel. We should not abandon the cain-type spirit persons. We must bless everyone. After blessing them, we have to establish the horizontal line. We should gather and bless people who died before they could get married. Also, spirits who died as infants should grow up and be blessed. Youth of 16 and older who enter the spirit world without having been married shall also be blessed. In the spirit world, we, True Parents, have blessed 1.6 billion couples from among those who died young or died single. The number of those who have received the Blessing is increasing. For example, we have done Blessings of one billion couples, ten billion couples and 12 billion couples. We are giving the Blessing on the foundation of the unmarried men and women on earth.

Just as evil spirits become attached to and enter people on earth, good spirits also enter people and coach them. We can expel evil spirits who have entered men and women, so that good spirits who received the Blessing can supervise earth and protect us. Because of that, as soon as they hear about the Blessing, young people will come to receive it. You must create an environment that inspires and attracts them to do that. (301 -211, 1999.05.01)

The Cheongpyeong works are reuniting the archangel and Adam and Eve who were separated in the Garden of Eden. We are carrying out a movement to purify Satan's fallen lineage. Because the people who have gone through the spiritual process at Cheongpyeong are purified, we are giving the spiritual Blessing. Since the conclusion of the Blessing of 3.6 million couples, my beloved Heung-jin and Daemonim have been giving the Blessing at the Cheongpyeong training center. They are giving the Blessing from the position of spiritual parents. Since this work was left unfinished by Jesus, working from the substantial realm of the archangel, I am cleansing everything to do with Adam and Eve, who had fallen away from the spiritual standard, and I am substantially restoring the spiritual standard. We are indemnifying the situation of Adam, who at the age of 16 was enveloped in the substantial archangelic realm and whose body became the body of Satan.

Engrafted through love, we are the body of True Parents. Historically, impure love emerged, but we are establishing an affirmative standard of love. Heung-jin is doing that work. Jesus could not embody the love of a true parent and so could not connect what had been divided, but True Parents' children in the spirit world are in an internal position to connect that which was divided due to Jesus being unable to marry. Daemonim is also doing that work, through mother-son cooperation. Her position is that of Mary who gave birth to Jesus. Because the responsibility of Mary is now fulfilled, we can give new life to Jesus. (290-178, 1998.02.22)

Because I proclaimed the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, we can make a home on this earth and live. Because there is an individual's home, a family's home, a tribe's home, a people's home, a nation's home, the world's home, and the home of heaven and earth, we can live here. If we pursue this activity, and if we resolve to bring the entire earthly world to a global level of liberation, God will descend. After that, the angelic realm will descend, and we will appear leading our good ancestors. Our good ancestors are the older siblings in the angelic position. Angels do not have a body or a family. The fallen Satan does not have a family. However, your ancestors differ from the archangel. They inherit the body of Adam, and we have come into the age where they can have a family. Accordingly, we are giving the Blessing to our ancestors in heaven, together with the Blessing on earth. (305-011, 1998.03.29)


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