416. True Mother's World Speaking Tours, Part 3

Book 4: May You Blossom, My Beloved
Parts 4: The Opening of the Era of Women and the World Speaking Tours

Chapter 3: True Mother's World Speaking Tours

Tour to establish the Universal Peace Federation and other important tours

For twenty years, centered on the government and people of the United States, President George H.W. Bush and the Southern Baptist churches, the way has been opened to unite the Catholic Church and the Protestant churches of the United States. Also, through our newspapers we have opened the way to an equalization of culture in North, South and Central America. Returning to Korea, True Mother held Leadership Conferences for the Practice of True Family Life to Advance World Peace in 18 cities, which opened the door to invite high-ranking officials to the Blessing. However, because there has been so much opposition to the Blessing in Korea over the past 40 years, the Unification Church in Korea has become rather stagnant. But the way it works with Heaven's blessing is that if you don't establish a record of your accomplishments, the blessings do not come. The situation was desperate, so I sent Mother on three speaking tours in Korea to create a revival so that Korea can take the lead in the family Blessing. On that foundation, we could proclaim the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. (287-127, 1997.09.01)

We handed out books at the True Family Movement hoondok rallies. At the rally in Japan the audience read the words out loud from the book. The speech, read out loud both by the audience and by Mother on the podium, and also read silently in their heads, reverberated and became one. The atmosphere was quite serious. All the scholars and famous people of Japan are exclaiming, "Oh, my!" while changing their direction altogether. (291-059, 1998.03.05)

At the hoondok rallies in Japan, Mother handed out books and everyone clamored to receive them. It was the same when Mother took pictures with them, with everyone vying with each other to have their picture taken with her. Japanese people read a lot of books. They have a high standard. After we hold the True Family Movement hoondok rallies in the father and mother nations, Korea and Japan, and next in America, we will have entered the global era. (291-075, 1998.03.05)

The Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity Assembly will be held eight times in Korea, led by me, and eight times in Japan, led by Mother, and another eight times in America, making a total of 24. When the speech has been given 24 times, that will be the conclusion. Today's assembly will pave the way to the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity Assemblies in Korea, Japan and America. The people who attend the God's Day celebrations for 2002 must take over from there and hold the assemblies in all parts of the world. (362-208, 2001.12.13)

I am grateful for the successful conclusion of the Assemblies to Bring the Unity and Secure Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth into the Life of the World, which were held in 12 places in Japan. Tonight's Tokyo Assembly represented Japan. There is only one mother nation. Therefore, since Mother has spoken in 12 representative cities of Japan, we can reach the obvious conclusion that anyone who lives in accordance with her speech will enter God's Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven. In other words, if the 125 million people of Japan unite and follow that path, they will completely fulfill their responsibility as the mother nation, which is to give birth to and resurrect everything in heaven and on earth.

In particular, the fact that women leaders have been selected as Ambassadors for Peace at this time is truly historic. I believe it will be remembered more as an event of the spirit world than that of the physical world. If women can take the lead in making the resolution to establish the standard before the Fall and unite together in one color and dedicate all Japanese people to God's side, Japan will become the central nation of the world. I hope that you all will unite in heart and in body as you work zealously to achieve that goal and march toward that destination and thus become an exemplary nation in the world. Looking at your faces, I cannot but think that God will rejoice in you and bless you because you all look so handsome and beautiful, and I hope that you will march forward with the cheer "Mansei for Japan!"

Mother, I appreciate what you have done too. You have worked hard, but I too have slept little here in Kodiak, for I woke up at 1:00 o'clock in the morning and went out to the sea. After I had lived like that for a while, I realized that the world had changed. Since you have worked so hard, Mother, I hope that the next time I see you, you will have grown that much closer to Heaven's side. In the meanwhile, please receive the joyous hearts of the Kodiak members gathered here, who are laughing aloud now. Hurry back!

Though I did not go to Japan, I have spoken to Mother in Japan while I am here in Kodiak, so it is the same whether we are here or in Japan. With that in mind, I hope you will share this joy together with us. (391-239, 2002.08.29, Phone call with True Mother at the Victory Celebrations in Japan for the Tokyo Assembly to Bring the Unity and Secure Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth into the Life of the World)

The Women's Federation for World Peace was established in 1992, centering on True Mother, and the movement to liberate women was proclaimed. Now True Mother, who had always followed behind True Father, emerged to stand at the forefront for the first time. True Mother had to reach out to the United States, as the representatives of the realm of the bride in the free world, by speaking at the U.S. Congress, and then she had to reach out to the United Nations, representatives of the global realm of the bride, by speaking at the United Nations headquarters. The proposal that True Mother presented when she spoke at the U.S. Congress, for a national Parents Day, was adopted by the U.S. Congress. President Clinton had no choice but to acknowledge Mother's achievement. Therefore, while the worldwide realm of Christianity became the foundation for the Bride, True Mother recovered the lost Christian cultural sphere. The next thing is to find the lost U.N. The U.N is the palace of the free world. We must recover the lost palace of the united free world. If 185 nations proclaim Parents Day, we will enter the age of God's united world, the age of God's sovereignty. That age is now here. Mother has started a world speaking tour so that, centering on President and Mrs. [George H.W.] Bush, we can engraft this victory to Japan. After that we must engraft it to Korea and to the entire world. (280-215, 1997.01.01)

Mother hosted assemblies in Central and South America as part of her work to establish the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) in 185 nations of the world. This was also to connect sixteen nations centering on the thirty-three South American independence fighters in order to relieve the sorrow of Jesus, who was unable to move the nations. Because the founding spirit of the new Israel, which should have been established centering on the family and clan of John the Baptist, was lost and had to be recovered, Mother inherited everything and went on a tour through the 16 nations, with the 33 people as the nucleus of the FFWPU movement, where even the parliamentarians were mobilized. Thus, the movement can pass through America, Korea and Japan and be connected to the rest of the world. (280-219, 1997.01.01)

Now Mother has completed more world tours than I have. Based on the official speech that represents the substantial body of Father and representing all women in the world, True Mother, indemnifying the failure of fallen Eve, must, on that foundation, conclude the fulfillment of her responsibility. I discovered the truth and defeated Satan from the husband's position, laying the foundation for success on the world level. Mother had to tour 120 nations and 180 cities, as if going through the pain of giving birth. Doing that work, during which she shed blood and sweat, she was in labor to give birth. After that comes the work by which Father's substantial victory is inherited and Eve's responsibility is completed. In the Garden of Eden, Eve could not love and attend her husband. Therefore, carrying the name of the Mother that all the world is able to recognize,

Mother had to travel around the world and then return to her family and take her position. This is the time we are entering. For the first time ever, a family has been established based on a God-centered husband and wife. All women must now become the second selves of Mother and give birth to humanity. Mother cannot do this alone. (582-173, 2007.12.08)

All members of the Unification Church worldwide are returning to their hometown after receiving the Blessing. The world is now in the Age of the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown. What you consider at present to be your fatherland is, in fact, not your real fatherland. That fatherland is Korea. That is where you find the blessed soil of your original hometown. Therefore, a great migration must take place. After that, you must register in your original hometown. Through this registration, you will become the ancestors of the heavenly nation. If you cannot register, you will feel deep regret. If you wait to register, problems will arise. It is not enough just to be here together today; if you do not register, you will create a separation that could last hundreds or thousands of generations. (526-195, 2006.05.17)

What is the meaning of the Universal Peace Federation gatherings for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown? UPF is the Abel United Nations, but have you ascended to the same level as the Abel United Nations? If you rise to that position, you must not keep anything and claim that it belongs to you. You have to embody the restored substance of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. Only when you attain the level of embodying these qualities, which God Himself applied during the time of creation, can God's love dwell within you. The question is whether you have achieved such a level. (526-077, 2006.05.12)

On June 2, 2006, Mother met the president of India. I heard that he said, "Reverend Moon's family ideal is wonderful.” Ordinary people cannot think of gathering together families in order to form a single lineage. In doing this, I moved history forward. Leaders in the highest position understand these types of things immediately. They understand the reason I do this. True Parents, who have received so much persecution throughout their lives, have transcended the boundaries of nation and religion and given the marriage Blessing publicly. Family problems and the problems of young people, which are becoming more severe throughout the world, can be solved only by True Parents' special authority. (528-164, 2006.06.04)

There was a great commotion among the members of the Unification Church in America regarding the lecture Mother gave in Jerusalem on June 29, 2006. They said, "How can we hold an event in a war zone?" However, this was not their decision to make. Was it sufficient that they just voiced their concerns about safety without thinking about going there themselves to shield Mother? When the leader in charge of the event called me to ask, "How should I deal with this?" I asked him, "What are you worrying about? Is whether you live or die your main concern? When you find yourself on the path of death, you have to complete that course! You have to take responsibility for the problems that you encounter.” When someone stands in a central position at any time in history, that person has to maintain that central position, fulfilling his responsibility. (531-094, 2006.06.30)

Only a few more African nations remain, and then Mother's world tour will conclude. We resurrected people in many parts of the world this time by holding life-giving Blessing events. None of that will disappear. Now every day the Blessing will gradually expand. It will grow every year until it covers the entire world. Mother's beautiful presence, her beautiful voice, and the quality of Heaven's grace have the power to re-create. Therefore, when Mother sees prominent people attending her world tour, she joyfully steps forward with a heart that says, "Please become thoroughly immersed in the grace of Heaven, and become the ancestors and nations who will receive the respect of your descendants.” (533-155, 2006.07.23)

People are more valuable than money, knowledge or power. Accordingly, without Mother I am miserable. Mother has concluded the events in Africa and is now halfway to Uruguay. It takes 16 hours to reach Uruguay. Without Mother it seems as if I have no ground to stand on. However much one may mention the good things in the world, I cannot appreciate them. A man needs a woman and a woman needs a man as a companion to share that joy. The principles of heaven and earth require that there be companions who harmonize and go through life's challenges together. (533-217, 2006.07.27)

What is it that True Parents should accomplish in 2007, a jubilee year of the providence? I came to earth representing the incorporeal God. I discovered and revealed all the secrets of heaven, earth and human beings and brought victory by paying indemnity. Then I passed on my entire victorious foundation to Mother. On this foundation Mother held a global speaking tour of 180 nations. Afterward, on the basis of unity between Cain and Abel, she toured 40 nations. The oneness of the family during these tours was the foundation for the work I did to deal with the providence. All of your families must follow that path. Consider that God is the first generation, Adam was the second generation, and Cain and Abel in Adam's family were the third generation. Didn't God lose the realm of three generations? So I had to win a victory that included the third generation, Cain and Abel, which I did. Mother also triumphed in this, thus bringing victory for Eve's realm. Accordingly, both True Parents, Father and Mother, are victorious. (569-071, 2007.07.22)

We toured the world until the very end, centering on God, True Father, True Mother, and Cain and Abel. True Parents toured 180 nations to indemnify all historical conflicts between mind and body, man and woman, husband and wife, parents and children, and between tribes. Those 180 nations cannot become nations like Israel all at once. For the first time, three generations, including my grandchildren, toured 40 nations. If the First Israel had united 40 nations, Jesus would not have died. Even if only 12 nations had become one with Israel, he would not have died. Because they could not do this, Jesus was trapped and even the people of Israel were trapped. The First Israel made a mistake, but all of that is being forgiven. Accordingly, three generations were mobilized and toured 40 nations. If we mobilize more than two generations, the world cannot oppose us. So three generations made the tour, and everyone without exception, from everyday workers and farmers to presidents, welcomed them. (575-218, 2007.09.23)

When we draw an axis through the globe from Korea, we find that Uruguay lies directly opposite. That is why True Parents, starting many decades ago, made all the necessary preparations in Uruguay, such as building a hotel. When Mother went to Uruguay as a part of her world speaking tour, the Uruguayan government opened the national congress building to her and they moved in concert with Mother through the first lady. God worked behind the scenes there, and the event was a great success. It was not a random event. (549-015, 2006.12.19)

Which is more important, the Word or the substance of the Word? Religions today are not sure of the substance and thus place more importance on the Word. Therefore, it is difficult for them to bring the Word and the substance into unity. In the Unification Church, however, we do not put the Word before the substance. Since we have the substance, the embodiment of God, the actions of the substance are testified to by the Word. We have the content that unites the internal and the external. The assemblies at which God's embodiments proclaim the Word have begun. They are to lead those in religious and academic circles to the solutions to the main issues they encounter in their search for the truth. (2010.07.08, Cheon Jeong Gung)

We, the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, have now settled. Since we are the substance of the Word, we need to proclaim the Word. The Word spoken by the substance of Truth, that is, by the settled substantial beings of Truth, can liberate the universe. This is the meaning of the proclamation that True Parents are the substance of the Word. The settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind signifies the settlement of the substance of the Word. That is why what we are proclaiming is that we are the substantial Word. (2011.11.27, Cheon Jeong Gung)

The things that True Parents pray and wish for do not just fall into our laps. Heavenly Parent watches over us from a position of liberation, and no one can stand in His way. Therefore, our prayers and wishes will be fulfilled in due course. Understanding this, I hope that you will not become a pitiable group of people who are hesitant to follow the path of the Will. I am speaking these words as the person who has fulfilled the responsibility of the world-level Messiah and whose prayers and wishes extend far beyond the tribal level. These words are to proclaim the glory of the world prior to the Fall, when the first human beings did not have their own self-centered views but lived in freedom in heaven and on earth where God was liberated, victorious and supreme. The words that I am proclaiming now represent the fruits of my entire life. They bring everything to a conclusion, from the first to the last. Such is the meaning of the Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind Who, as God's Embodiment, Proclaim the Word. (2011.02.03, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Humanity will give glorious reports in the united realm of heaven and earth, and work and live together and become the citizens of Cheon Il Guk. Aju. Since we can advance to the position where we can complete the original, symbolic title of the Garden of Eden, we will create the great utopian world of eternal jubilation in the united realm where everything has been perfected, completed and concluded through our participation, in all of heaven and earth. We will build the glorious Kingdom of Heaven where we will attend the God of the new heaven and earth and new freedom during our lifetime, and where the created world that is the object partner of the fatherland of the universe for all eternity will praise Adam and Eve. Therefore, we pray that You can settle down and enjoy the happiness of true love in us as individuals and in our families, tribes, peoples, nations, world and the cosmos. Aju. May it continue to exist as the eternal kingdom in its own right. Aju. Through registration, Japan and all humanity will come to an eternal settlement in the family of True Parents where night and day are united and will build and march forward into the ideal Kingdom of Heaven of liberation where they can attend the great True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. The true questions and true answers for the perfection of the Kingdom of Heaven will be given through the Cosmic Assemblies for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind Who, as God's Embodiment, Proclaim the Word. Moreover, we will follow with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience the declarations of Cheon Jeong Gung and Las Vegas, made in accordance with the Will that is the nucleus of true freedom, peace and happiness and the pillar of the cosmos, and we thus will be united in oneness. (2011.04.24, Songdo Convensia, Incheon)


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