415. True Mother's World Speaking Tours, Part 2

Book 4: May You Blossom, My Beloved
Parts 4: 
The Opening of the Era of Women and the World Speaking Tours

Chapter 3: True Mother's World Speaking Tours

We need to create an environment where God can freely come to His family on earth. If it were not for the Fall, God would have been able to freely visit Adam and Eve at any time. The fallen world, however, is blocked by Satan's cosmic walls, global walls, national walls, racial walls, tribal walls, family walls, and individual walls. Because all of these walls block the way, we need to build an international highway through them.

This is the work that True Parents must carry out worldwide. They must create the model of a perfected family, and unite the families of the five billion world population on that foundation. Centering on this model family, Eve and her sons and daughters must first unite and then restore the husband. Since the husband is the archangel, he must be connected through Eve. That is the work True Mother is carrying out right now.

Through the liberation of women, all women in the world and their children are seen as Mother's incarnations, who are one with her. Though children were born from the womb, they must pass through the womb of True Parents once again.

It is necessary for them to return to the place of the seed in the bone marrow of True Father, who is Adam before the Fall, and be born again. This is because that is where they started out.

Because Adam and Eve went to hell together with Satan through the Fall, in order for them to return to God, they need to return to the woman's womb centering on True Parents. There the son and daughter must unite as one and be absolutely grafted to True Parents, even at the risk of losing their life or even their head. (237-243, 1992.11.17)

This age in which the providence of the salvation of family is considered most important is the Completed Testament Age, whose center is Mother and not Father. In this regard, the world peace movement is one in which women worldwide are brought together by being connected to the Women's Federation for World Peace centering on Mother, so that the family can be restored based on that foundation, and through that movement the tribal messiah also can be brought into the family. Therefore, we need to carry out the Women's Federation for World Peace movement worldwide centering on women, and at the same time we also need to unite centering on the tribal messiah. Since the Completed Testament Age is an era in which Mother is the center, we are starting this work centering on Mother. The tribal messiah stands in the position of perfected Adam on behalf of the father, who is in the position of the archangel, and brings the family under his control. Since this is a worldwide movement, we are carrying out the Women's Federation for World Peace movement to bring the mothers together on a global level. And all women in the world will begin this movement centering on True Mother. (244-037, 1993.01.29)

You cannot achieve God's Will by fighting. It is not a matter of restoring a nation through physical struggle. It involves bringing the nation to voluntary submission. Therefore, it is all about becoming the rightful man, the rightful husband, the rightful wife, the rightful sons and daughters, and the rightful parents, in order to expand the rightful traditions throughout one's family and one's country and thus create a model that leads to the ideal world.

All I need to do is teach. It is up to the women to actually carry it out, centering on Mother. I am playing the role of the archangel who serves Mother. I am attending her. Have you ever seen a man deliver words of encouragement in which he does nothing but praise a woman? Listen to this address. I am praising Mother as the queen of the universe. She is the first woman in history to be praised this much by me. She is setting a record. (232-034, 1992.07.01)

From now on, Mother will lead the work of liberating women. Wherever she goes, she will be welcomed by all women. The walls enclosing women will be brought down. The fact that such a thing is now happening is truly amazing. Mother is confidently stepping up, with the world under her feet, as the standard-bearer to liberate innumerable women who have lived until now namelessly and under oppression. In light of this, won't the women of the coming generations feel only too proud to follow in Mother's footsteps? When you think about that, you will come to feel so enthusiastic that you will want to pioneer this path most zealously. (237-108, 1992.11.13)

From now on, all women in the world need to follow Reverend Moon and True Mother. In the Garden of Eden, there were only two people, Adam and Eve. And once the family settles down, the woman is elevated to a higher position within it. That is why we in the Unification Church instruct every man who has received the Blessing to venerate his wife as his mother for three years, and not to forget that. (233-349, 1992.08.02)

True Parents and the Completed Testament Age and university speaking tours
True Mother proclaimed "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age.” What is the nature of the Completed Testament Age? God is beginning life based on love. The magnificent work of God's creation is still moving forward. The completion of the ideal of love, namely the four-position foundation and the human portion of responsibility, marks the completion of the ideal of creation. God and humankind couldn’t live centering on love but now there is a new era, an era that could not have been achieved during the historical ages until now. The beginning of the family of God is the start of a revival, centering on God. Accordingly, people and God become one centering on love and the family. But it is not our family alone. We must go forward side by side with the family of God's nation as it begins. This is the world of the absolute authority of God. By proclaiming True Parents' ideas and by proclaiming the Completed Testament Age, we are rising above Satan's world. (248-012, 1993.05.30)

The 50 states of America were so enthusiastic about Mother. They all made plaques for her, sometimes several plaques in one place, and because she did not have time to receive them all, blessed children stood in two lines and received them on her behalf when she made her entrance. That is how they welcomed her. They were competing with one another to make their names known. It was a historic event. Mother was on a speaking tour of America for the proclamation of "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age,” and they were all competing to take part in any way possible in that historic event. (252-239, 1994.01.01)

July 28, 1993 was the day Mother proclaimed the True Parents in the U.S. Congress. And the U.S. Congress decided to make it a special day, a decision that was made and signed by 219 people including senators. That was a global event. People had thought that the Unification Church did not amount to much, but the day the wife of Reverend Moon went to the U.S. Congress and proclaimed the True Parents was determined by Congress to be a special day. If the president also signs it, the day will be instituted as a red-letter day. And when that happens, even the American embassies will observe that day as a national holiday. In short, the entire nation of America welcomed Mother with open arms. (259-141, 1994.04.02)

When Mother hosted the "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age” proclamation assembly in Japan, I included in her script tasks that Japan must carry out. Though scholars, religious believers or prophets cannot make a detailed proposal of what Japan should do in the future, I revealed everything in detail. Japanese leaders who had been opposing the Unification Church for no reason read that script and said, "Oh! I did not know the Bible. I did not know what God's Will is, or what the mainstream of that Will is.” True leaders can realize such things instantaneously. They then became penitent. The script delivered in Japan is the historical conclusion of the future of Japan, and I have taught it to them most clearly. (248-201, 1993.09.30)

What would have happened if, 40 years ago, the Christians and foreign missionaries in Korea had not opposed Reverend Moon and the Ewha Womans University incident had not taken place? The students of Yonsei University and Ewha Womens University are a second-generation Adam and Eve. If True Parents could gain influence over the younger generation of students, from middle and high schools to university, the first generation would not be necessary. Therefore, Mother gave speeches on college campuses and in the National Assembly building of Korea in October 1993, in order to connect the second generation to her. (259-247, 1994.04.10)

Mother will tour 40 countries to deliver the proclamation of "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age.” From the secular viewpoint, one may ask why she is going to the trouble of visiting other countries, but she is going there to plant seeds of love. Being a parent, she must travel difficult paths, climbing over mountains and crossing oceans, to plant seeds of love in order to save her children. She must educate them all equally. Only then can heavenly fortune be with her. She is delivering the speech in the United Nations, Japan, and even Korea. Since she is giving the same address in every part of the world, heavenly fortune will come to her. She must thus travel to all 40 nations. (251-315, 1993.11.01)

In November and December of 1993, Mother toured forty nations and proclaimed, “I am the True Mother!" I was able to make the announcement that I am the True Father only after undergoing death-defying ordeals throughout my life, but Mother has completely inherited all of my work in one-and-a-half years. Why did she have to do so? Because the one who can become God's object partner must appear on this earth. The object partner, the person of whom God can claim, "She is my wife! I am her husband!" must come forth. (259-226, 1994.04.10)

Korea is the central nation of the world. When all children can return to the Mother's womb and unite in joy and then become one with the Father, Satan will have no ground to stand upon. We need to create such a foundation and plant it worldwide. We need to plant it in 40 nations. That was the gist of Mother's 40-nation world speaking tour of 1993. At that time she was welcomed in every nation she visited. (257-194, 1994.03.15)

The question of who will lead the young people in the future is a global one. The first generation of Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years and died there. The world has now reached an era similar to the time when the second generation of Israelites entered Canaan and found what they had hoped for. The surviving second generation had to construct a nation and a world with a philosophy of nation-building and world peace and accomplish what the first generation of the Israelite tribes could not. The Unification Church must restore this through indemnity. All these issues depend on women. They depend on mothers, who play an important role. (259-287, 1994.04.17)

From now on, mothers have to properly educate their children. The Israelite mothers and their sons and daughters who entered the land of Canaan were influenced by the people already there. Unable to preserve their own religious traditions, they failed to establish the kingdom in Israel. In order to restore this through indemnity, mothers have to imbue the traditional ideas of our church into our own second generation so that they will establish Heaven on Earth instead of being influenced by Satan's world. This will reverse the failures of the past. After mothers and their children become one, how do they establish the Kingdom in Israel? That is their mission. The Israelite mothers failed to think about this. They, together with their sons and daughters, followed in the footsteps of the seven tribes of Canaan. That was their grave mistake. We must go the opposite way. Mothers, sons, and daughters must unite in establishing the Heavenly Kingdom. Mothers have to educate their children so that they can have an influence on their university communities. Hence, after women of the world become second selves of True Mother, they must turn their children around 180 degrees, even if they have to hold onto them and not let them go.

To achieve that, you have to do the same as True Mother, who went on a speaking tour of 256 venues over the two years following 1992. You have to save your relatives and your nation. This is not some vague notion but a real problem. What is real is that I fought for 40 years, searching for a heavenly nation. I gave speeches in the United States in order to pass the baton to Mother, who went on to influence the university communities. Mothers have to rescue the second generation, their offspring. (259-327, 1994.04.24)

Centering on Mother, CARP is in the position of Abel and the political activists on university campuses are in the position of Cain. Mother must manage the dispute between Cain and Abel. The right-wing and left-wing activists of South Korea have to unite and stand in the Abel position and then unite with North Korean students, who are in Cain's position. Then all will end well. It does not matter how much people in positions of authority oppose this. On the day when the young people unite with Mother, the fortune of unification will visit this land. We have no choice but to do this, as herein lies the fortune of heaven. Now is the time to light an unquenchable fire in their young, glowing hearts. (267-239, 1995.01.08)

Mother delivered speeches to the U.S. Congress and the United Nations General Assembly and received resounding ovations. The U.N. is the congress of the free world. She also achieved great victories in the Eve nation, Japan. On Korean university campuses, political activist groups had kicked out CARP, but Mother turned the situation around all over the country. This was the restoration of the elder son's birthright. Although previously Christians had united with campus activists to defeat the Unification Church, the situation has now been reversed. The right has become the left, and the left has become the right. By siding with the Unification Church, former communist powers are coming to the heavenly side. The first shall be last, and the last shall be first. (274-291, 1995.11.03)

Mother shouldered a great responsibility when she had to stand on the front line for three years, from 1992 until 1995. The number 3 is a number of separation from Satan. That was the separation period, starting in America and progressing to the United Nations, to Japan, and to the world. She went on a speaking tour of 40 universities throughout Korea, connecting them to 40 nations in the world. They represented Cain and Abel centering on Parents. Finally, on the world level Mother stood in a position equal with me. I had passed on all my victories to Mother. At the end of World War II the world did not welcome me but chased me out, but now in the second course for the dispensation of restoration, the True Family was welcomed worldwide. This restored through indemnity the earlier failure to welcome me. (275-278, 1996.01.01)

From now on, you have to focus on witnessing to your family and relatives, middle and high school students, and college students. Now is the age of the second generation. The Israelites turned a deaf ear to Moses. Before arriving in Canaan, Moses and all of the first generation perished. However, I have arrived together with the second generation. This land belongs to the second generation, so I feel responsible for them. Mother and the sons and daughters of True Parents' family are conducting a speaking tour not only of 100 universities in the United States but also of 3,300 universities throughout the world. Starting in Japan, I must bring together all the world's students. It is my responsibility to win the hearts of young people from age 16, when Adam and Eve fell, to 21 and, adding another three years, to 24. The time for this has come. (260-088, 1994.04.11)

During the speaking tour of 100 American universities, about 700 people came to the speech at Harvard. They consisted of world-famous theologians and numerous students, who were all deeply moved. Harvard University was begun to revive America through religion and to create a country that follows God's Will. It has a history of 400 years. It is a traditional university that has trained many talented young leaders for the construction of America. When they heard that Mother, who is also world-famous, was coming to the university, they gave special permission for her to use their historical church building, and the meeting was a great success. (255-152, 1994.03.10)

Mother is on a speaking tour of 100 major universities in America, including Yale, Princeton and Columbia. She delivered a speech at New York University. Igniting the American youth is the same as setting a new fire in America itself. The window of hope has been opened for young people trapped in despair, and university campuses are all cheering loudly with joy, almost as if they are welcoming holy water flowing in through that window. They are saying that the window of hope for infinite development and growth has been opened. At New York University, Mother gave her speech in the law school's biggest lecture room. At Maryland University, which she had visited earlier, more than 1,000 students came to hear her speak. (256-047, 1994.03.12)

Princeton University in America is quite famous, and True Mother was invited to speak there. Princeton is the home of many Christian churches, which are the central pillars and the source of the spirit of the city. This was something that we could not even have dreamed of. It is a place where every denomination has a congregation. Mother made her way into that place. There are chaplains, six of them, in the university. It would not have been possible if even one of them had opposed it. She could speak there only if all of them welcomed her. The content of her speech included the Divine Principle and the gist of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. They are fearful words, so fearful that those who hear them cannot even open their mouths. However, there was not one professor among them who criticized the content of her speech. (258-174, 1994.03.17)

The Unification Church stands in the position of Abel to other churches. Thus, Christianity cannot invade the victorious Unification Church, which has reclaimed the elder son's birthright. Their position is similar to that of Esau, who could not strike Jacob because he had wrestled with the angel at the Ford of Jabbok and subjugated him. Mother delivered a speech at the U.S. Congress and also reached out to embrace university communities in Korea. CARP had been forcefully expelled from some universities by student activists, but Mother turned this around and CARP was reinstated. She spoke at 40 universities at a time when the North-South relationship was sour; it was a case of Abel seeking Cain. With the end of opposition to CARP, things began to change on the campuses. Mother knew it was a very difficult task, but she urged CARP members on. On the basis of Cain uniting with Abel, South Korean students saw an opportunity to hold exchange programs with North Korean students. Beginning with the International Student Leaders' Seminar in Moscow, CARP sponsored Korean university student leaders' training seminars in Washington and a North-South Korean university students' seminar in Beijing. Empowered by the name of True Parents, CARP took the lead in guiding North Korean students, who were in the Cain position, as well as South Korean student activists. (270-206, 1995.06.01)

Mother conducted a speaking tour of 40 Korean university campuses to inspire college students. We must educate the political activists on university campuses. I intend to take them to Russia for 21-day workshops. We have many Unification Church members there. We will take them to Moscow for just three weeks of education and show them around, and then they will all go back home. If we gather students from North Korea, South Korea, Russia and China, we will be able to form a federation that can confront communist ideology in Asia. Communism is doomed to collapse anyway. It already has collapsed in Russia, and that is happening in China as well. We are going to teach them Unification Thought, which is a counterproposal to communism. We need to pave the way for North Korean students. This will be the quickest way. From a providential viewpoint, students from the Korean Peninsula represent Cain and Abel, and when they unite, their parents will unite as well. (248-229, 1993.10.01)

Mother's speeches at 40 Korean universities were meant to separate the student social activists from the Christians and persuade the activists to unite with us. From the perspective of providential history, this is required in the indemnity course. With Mother at the center, CARP students and student political activists must lay the foundation again on college campuses. If student social activists in South Korea are regarded as being in Abel's position, those in North Korea are in Cain's position. South Korean student political activists appear red externally, but are white internally. In contrast, North Korean students are totally red, inside and out. We are taking South Korean student political activists and North Korean students to Moscow and training them. Pro-North Korean and pro-South Korean students in Japan will also participate in the workshops. Students from the United States, China, and the former Soviet Union will band together with the South Korean students, and as a group they will assimilate the students from North Korea. We have done our best to inform the North about these workshops. In Moscow, we are organizing the Youth Federation for World Peace. An international youth movement that transcends ideologies is unfolding.

You should not rely on CARP alone to do it. As we do not have a foundation in society, you have to gather and unite college alumni. Alumni and current students have a Cain-Abel relationship. Things can progress rapidly only if you bind together several groups and set up an organization to undertake large-scale worldwide activity. This is why Mother, the Women's Federation for World Peace and the Students' Federation need to create unity. (252-283, 1994.01.01)


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