417. The Mission of Japan, the Mother Nation, and the Suffering of the Missionaries

Book 4: May You Blossom, My Beloved
Parts 4: The Opening of the Era of Women and the World Speaking Tours

Chapter 4: The Mission of Japan, the Mother Nation, and the Suffering of the Missionaries

Japan, the Eve nation

If I had not established Japan as the Eve nation, it would not have grown and developed as it has. Instead, it would have become a wretched nation. If the Christian culture had accepted me, Britain would have been the Eve nation. The Adam nation is Korea. With France as the archangel nation, they all should have united automatically, but they instead acted against God and opposed Him. That is why the Adam nation, the Eve nation and the archangel nation had to be established centering on the Unification Church, a fact that never should be forgotten. Therefore, the blessing Japan received was not for its own sake. It was for the sake of the world, the Unification Church, and Korea. (186-116, 1989.01.29)

Japan will be placed at the forefront as a representative of Asia. In addition, since Japan is the Eve nation and as such should carry out its mission as the mother for the people of the world, it has the responsibility to feed them with its own flesh and blood, if need be. The world can grow and develop only through the helping hand of the mother. Therefore, it is my plan to establish such a tradition by placing Japan at the forefront as the representative of Asians. (055-345, 1972.05.09)

Japan has a mission as the Eve nation. Japan's wealth does not exist for its own people. Japan has the name of the Eve nation because it must restore the substantial realm of Jesus in Asia centering on the Adam nation. The Eve nation must restore Jesus' body. (249-137, 1993.10.08)

After Korean women have restored the position of the elder sister, Japanese women take the position of the younger sister. Therefore, centering on True Mother, who has the worldwide heavenly fortune in the age of restoration in the realm of Eve, Korea has to save Japan, the younger sister. In other words, Mother has to restore Japan, which stands in the position of the second daughter, and then restore Korea in the position of the elder daughter. Mother can restore Japan as the younger daughter and thereby represent the position of the Eve nation. Then, through bringing Japan to unite with Korea in the position of the elder daughter, Mother can lead both the elder daughter and younger daughter to the bosom of God. The time for this has come. Japanese members and Korean members can become like natural brothers and sisters, but they have to love each other above all. A divided people have met after 6,000 years, so Mother has to love the Japanese more than the Koreans. (232-032, 1992.07.01)

When we make sisterhood relationships between Korean and Japanese women, one is Leah and the other Rachel. Which is Leah and which is Rachel? The one born first is the older sister, and since Japan was the first to establish the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia, it took the position of Leah, the older sister. Korea was in the position of Rachel, the younger sister. Therefore, Korean women need to restore the authority of the elder daughter. Leah and Rachel fought in Jacob's family, but now you must not fight. Leah has to put Rachel in front and unite with her, saying, "I understand your position well. I entrust everything to you. No matter what, I will attend you.” The unity of heaven and earth starts with women, from the viewpoint of mother-son cooperation. This is a formula of the Principle. (224-193, 1991.11.24) Korean women connected to True Mother are in the position of the elder sister, and the Japanese women are in the position of the younger sister. In the course of restoration, the younger sibling stood on God's side, but in the completion age, it is the elder sibling who stands in front of God. When Mother declared the liberation of women worldwide, she first became connected to the world of women in Korea. The elder sister must receive the Blessing first and become connected to Mother, and then unite as one with the younger sister. By doing so, the original position of Eve is created. After that, the Adam nation and women must become one and must save Cain and Abel in the archangelic world. How are they to be connected to their lost children? The Cain and Abel nations can be restored by the nation chosen to assume the position of the perfected bride with the status of the mother. The Cain nation consists of the combined nations of Europe, and the Abel nation is America. By connecting the Korean and Japanese women centering on True Parents, the Cain European women and the Abel American women in the archangelic world can be saved. (244-213, 1993.02.07)

From Eve nation to mother nation

The Eve nation is the fruit of Tamar. It is Tamar's fruit as well as Mary's. That is why the nation of Japan must deny its own sons and daughters, its father and its husband, just as Tamar and Mary did, for otherwise it cannot enter the kingdom of God. The Eve nation shoulders overall responsibility. In the end, for the mother to become the mother on the world level, on behalf of all people in the world she must shoulder the responsibilities of Tamar of the formation stage, Mary of the growth stage and True Mother of the completion stage. She must deny Satan centering on all her sons and daughters worldwide, and also on God. For this reason, Eve must not try to assume the position of mother's nation bearing her past history like a badge of honor, by which she can try to raise her own prestige and reputation. This itself would be contradictory to the providential viewpoint. Instead, she must deny it and embrace everything. The mother has the responsibility to embrace all lost things, the lost son and the lost God, and to return with them. (313-014, 1999.11.09)

Japan, the Eve nation, is the global embodiment of Tamar and Mary. By global embodiment, I mean that as a nation Japan stands in the position of Mary and Tamar. Tamar represents the position to liberate the people. Mary represents the position to liberate the nation. The mother stands in the position to liberate the cosmos. Because you, Japanese people, have this responsibility, you must deny all the things that belong to Satan, including the secular world that stands in the position of the elder son on Satan's side. Japan must embrace the religious groups on God's side. In order to follow God, you must completely sever from Satan's realm, turn around 180 degrees and go in the opposite direction. Otherwise, you cannot fulfill your responsibility as the people of the Eve nation, the mother nation. This is the viewpoint of the Principle. This is the conclusion of the dispensation of salvation. You have to go beyond the realm of Tamar's mission on the level of the people, and beyond the realm of Mary's mission on the level of the nation, in order to fulfill your mission as the mother nation. Otherwise, Japan cannot take the position of the mother nation. (313-015, 1999.11.09)

Japan will now become the embodiment of True Mother. It must work for all the people in the world, its brothers and sisters who are starving to death. I directed that you should love Cain more than your own sons and daughters. Abel must stand in Cain's position and Cain in Abel's position, and they must receive the Blessing together. At this point in time, when the moment for the movement to overturn the world is fast approaching, through which the elder brother will come to stand in the position of the younger brother and the younger brother in the position of the elder brother, Japan overturning itself as Eve is not a problem. It is the mission of Japan, the Eve nation, to accept such a thing as a matter of course. Japan is no longer the Eve nation. It has been appointed as the mother nation. In short, it is the mother. Children are the “incarnations” of the mother, in that they have been formed by a part of the mother's own body. Their own bones, flesh and blood are all extensions of their mother. Therefore, it would not be a problem for children to unite as one with their mother. (295-215, 1998.08.28)

Global mission and the suffering of missionaries

In December of 1980, one of our missionaries became a sacrifice in Africa. When I heard that report, I said, "You have walked your course. You will become the ancestor of the Unification Church in that country.” I believe that if you die for the sake of the world in a position similar to mine, you will become the world's ancestor. I also am walking that path. Even if we are inclined not to pay attention to this solitary missionary, the truth is that he lived a public life of service greater than that of anyone else. (111-019, 1981.01.11)

One of our missionaries was executed. Our missionaries went through many hardships because they did not have a solid foundation to stand on. In some countries, communist forces have executed people who were following True Parents, because in their eyes those people posed a serious problem. When they were about to execute a Czech woman missionary, they asked, "What is your last wish?" Our missionary's last words were, "I lack nothing. If I can die after offering a full bow toward the place where True Parents are, I have no regrets.”

One of our missionaries was shot and killed by the police in Africa. He was Japanese. He yearned to see love prevail and was intent on seeing God's kingdom of love. He therefore went beyond national borders, even walking the path of death in a lonely place. Yet he did not fear death. His heart was, "Even though I may die alone in Africa, far away from my parents, relatives and homeland, I have no sorrow. I am a victor. Why would I be afraid of death when I have revealed the way of Heaven, which is the way of love?" How historic this man is! He could do that because he had discovered the path of love through True Parents. The education provided on the path of love is genuine. A promise made in a position of love will not be forgotten even after tens of thousands of years. Recognizing that we have a spirit body and a physical body, the process whereby you connect through a heart of love brings the cells of your spirit body and physical body to resonate with one another. Consequently, promises made between loved ones rooted in love will never be forgotten. (139-055, 1986.01.26)

You have to understand that our brothers and sisters are working underground, putting their lives on the line and fighting behind the Iron Curtain in communist countries. One person sent me his dying words, which read, "Teacher, the end is coming. I will see you in spirit world.” This is the battle we are fighting. Who will defend the world against communism? There is nobody but us. (087-025, 1976.04.23)

There are several of our missionaries who were executed for working as pioneers in the Soviet Union and its satellite states. They died for the Will. And there are a good many people who were released after being tortured and imprisoned for four, up to even seven, years. I have received such reports. To whom can I speak about such things? People whose faces I do not even know well walk the path of death while looking toward Korea, a small country in Asia from afar and praying, "Teacher, goodbye. I have to leave before you.” How can I, who know about this path being trodden by our missionaries, sleep in comfort with my arms and legs spread out wide? I still can't, even now. Because it has become a habit with me, I cannot fall asleep when I am lying on my back Instead, I lie on my side and sleep curled up. I do that so I will not be indebted to them. (212-267, 1991.01.06)

I will not be indebted to you. Though you went out as missionaries with a pioneering spirit and had to weep and suffer, I do not owe anything to you, because I have always fulfilled my duties as the father. If a mother and father have sent their child out to the sea and there is a storm raging, do you think they will be able to sleep as they listen to the sounds of the storm? I have sent my children out to the front line across the world, my sons and daughters who are praying for their parents to receive blessings and enjoy longevity even as we speak. With this kind of concerned heart, how could I possibly fall asleep without first making a report about them to Heaven? (181-272, 1988.10.03)

As a person with the title "True Parent;” I live in such a way that I do not owe anyone anything. Be it night or day, I live my life transcending time. If members around the world are working hard without much food, and praying for my health, can I sit down and eat in comfort? You should think about your parents, who are still in the position of sinners. That is a noble ideology. Upholding such an ideology, you should work hard and invest yourself for your clan, and then forget having done so. Then you will definitely become the central figure, and as a central figure, you must shoulder responsibility. (227-290, 1992.02.14)


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