414. True Mother's World Speaking Tours, Part 1

Book 4: May You Blossom, My Beloved
Parts 4: 
The Opening of the Era of Women and the World Speaking Tours

Chapter 3: True Mother's World Speaking Tours

Inauguration of the Women's Federation for World Peace and the world tours

You don't know how surprised Mother was when I said that we are going to have a national speaking tour for the inauguration of the Women's Federation for World Peace in Korea. She asked, “Are you going to do it, or am I?" So I answered, "You are.” Then she said she was in trouble. This is how we started out, and after the 60-city tour the entire nation was swept up as if by a storm. After the assemblies in Korea, I said to her, "This time, you have to go and do it again in Japan, and in Japanese, too!" Mother is not fluent in Japanese. She barely knows how to read it. She studied the basics of the Japanese language for a few months, but she does not know the language that well. That is why she first thought, "Isn't it likely that I will be asked to say the first few lines in Japanese, after which the interpreter will take over?"

She had so much work to do. Usually speech scripts are full of side notes, but I asked her to erase them all and to come to the podium with nothing extra written on it. She did as I had asked, and she studied the script zealously. Japanese members were heard to ask, "Is True Mother really going to give a speech in Japanese?" That was something that could not have been imagined even in their wildest dreams. Could anyone among you study English for just one month and then give a speech in English? It would be impossible to do so after only a month or two of studying.

Mother, however, is good at many things. For the first assembly in Japan, 50,000 people were gathered in Tokyo Dome. None of the members believed it when they heard that Mother was actually going to be in Japan and going to speak in Japanese. However, when they heard her speak, they found that her pronunciation was immaculate. That is why they applauded her after she had read only one or two lines. They thought to themselves that something unimaginable in this world was actually happening. Because her pronunciation was even clearer than that of a native speaker, the audience cheered her. Knowing that she was not fluent in Japanese, they hung on to her every word and repeated it after her, thinking all the time, “Where will she make a mistake?” It was like climbing a precarious hill. You have no idea how serious the audience was. With a single united heart, they followed the speech, word by word, and at the end they exclaimed, "Oh, well done!" and they gave her a standing ovation. That was what the first assembly was like. In doing something, the first time is always the hardest. After that, she completely swept across the ten cities. That was truly inspiring. This is indeed a moving anecdote.

When I told her that she had to go to America next, she was surprised yet again. Then I added, "In America, you have to give the speeches in English!" When you see Mother delivering a speech, you find that her pronunciation is very good and she appears fluent. She so shocked the English speakers that it felt like the entire country of America had been shaken up. At first, they had thought, “What can an Asian woman possibly do when she comes here?”

However, her voice and her attitude were both very good. Since she had accompanied me for 30 years when we attended thousands of international assemblies, she knew all about the manners she should adopt when she stood in front of an audience. She is perfect in every way, in her attitude, in the way she speaks English, and even in the pose she assumes when she is being applauded. (238-344, 1992.11.22)

When Mother was asked to step forward and deliver a speech, everyone saw that she is so beautiful and that her voice is so lovely and priceless that no amount of money could possibly buy it. Just as wonderful singers insure their voices, there were people who asked why True Mother's voice was not insured in case it grew hoarse. When she appeared wearing a jade-green skirt, everyone was amazed at her. I did not know Mother was handsome, but since everyone says she is, I have decided to think her handsome too. (232-050, 1992.07.01)

A 1992 Women's Federation for World Peace event in Washington, D.C., generated a lot of publicity around Mother. Everywhere Mother went, many organizations honored her and presented her with plaques. At the WFWP event in Los Angeles, True Mother was awarded a plaque engraved "Mother of the World.” Although the attendees did not know the Principle, the president of an organization symbolizing women throughout America presented the plaque and praised True Mother. (238-347, 1992.11.22)

The era in which we do outreach work to individuals has passed. We have to reach entire families. We have to turn them around to fulfill the Principle through the Blessing. In order to turn the family around, we first must turn women around. Since the first family became Satan's, beginning with Eve, and then expanded to the world, according to the principle of restoration through indemnity, to turn this situation around Mother must take the lead in the world. She has to transform women around the world so that they will be able to turn their families around. For that purpose, through the WFWP Mother swept through Korea, Japan, the United States and Europe. In the future she will make a trip through the surrounding nations and major cities of all six continents. It soon will be said that Mother, as the woman who initiated a global movement for world peace and is its strongest advocate, is the world's foremost woman. Sons and daughters naturally connect to their mother. So when Mother achieves that level, Satan's world will turn around 180 degrees and follow her. (238-076, 1992.11.19)

Throughout my entire life of more than 70 years, I have built a foundation for the Will. Yet, over the last seven months I bequeathed all of it to True Mother. In just seven months I passed to her my entire 70-year foundation for the sake of liberating women. I began this process on April 10, 1992, and will end it in December when the rallies for the Women's Federation for World Peace that have been taking place throughout May, June, July, August, September, October and November conclude. My desire is to liberate all women; they must be liberated. (239-201, 1992.11.25)

Mother is an object of beauty in the eyes of men, who represent the archangel. Just as the archangel followed Eve around in the Garden of Eden, men are in a state where they cannot resist Mother. That is why Mother toured 60 locations, including 21 cities, and no men opposed her work. If men welcome Mother, it means they are entering the realm of the archangel on God's side, where they cannot oppose her. Furthermore, Mother has a very good reputation. So when men stand on the stage, they just sing her praises. Mother's appointment as president of the WFWP means that she has emerged as the woman who represents all the women of the world. Hence, a movement is taking place in which all women in the spirit world and on earth are competing to attend her as the queen. (231-335, 1992.07.01)

When God directed me to work for women's liberation, I organized rallies for the Women's Federation for World Peace and accompanied Mother, attending her. When I was in America, I returned home to East Garden at 11:00 p.m. after one particular WFWP event. After speaking to the members who were gathered there, when I looked at the clock it was already 12:20 a.m. I was very tired, but I went straight to the next venue so that I could arrive there by 3:30 a.m. Do you think my life is the path of the Lord or the path of a servant? Why did I leave to go there at such an early hour in the middle of the night? I could have slept that night and left in the morning at a comfortable hour. In fact, my car almost had an accident on the way and could have rolled over. What did I gain by pushing myself like this? I was setting an example to teach all men of the world how to serve and attend their wives. I knew that the time had come for women to stand in an equal position with men and to play a major role in the fulfillment of God's Will, so I wanted to establish a tradition for women to settle into their rightful position. That is why I am doing all these things. (232-055, 1992.07.01)

We are holding a commemorative ceremony here for the workshop participants. What food have you prepared there? Bring everything on that table here, and take everything here back there. Now that they have been exchanged, share them all with the thought that Mother is giving out things from here and that Father is giving out things from there. Please do that, and thank you for taking the trouble. Mother, finish your work quickly and come back. I want to see you as soon as possible. From now on, you too need to celebrate such joyous days together with True Parents. Like a wedding feast, you should celebrate together. You should know that we are the only people in the world who hold such ceremonies together. Not even America can do such a thing. It is only we who can do it. [Father, I will see you soon!] Yes. Thank you. Mother's voice is so sweet and familiar. [Father, be happy today!] Yes, thank you. I too wish you success today, Mother. I will pray for you. Today is a day on which heaven and earth are rejoicing. (235-356, 1992.10.26, Phone call with True Mother, holding the Women's Federation for World Peace inaugural assemblies in the United States.

Mother, congratulations! [We are finished in France.] You put out the fire on the burning house? [Things are interesting here in France. People think we are holding the assembly at the hotel we reserved earlier, so they are carrying out a demonstration in front of it.] You know you are famous if they carry out demonstrations when you come. I think they are holding the demonstration just to make you famous, Mother. [I have become famous even in France.] France is one of the most wicked places because it has gone over to Satan's side.

They will oppose you even more than Germany. Now Italy, on the other hand, will be fine!

How wonderful do you feel, now that the assemblies in Europe are done! You will next go to the Soviet Union and also Australia and New Zealand for the assemblies, so Mother's name will become even more famous than mine in the entire world. I have not been to Australia or New Zealand, but Mother will have visited every place in the world through these assemblies. The fact that Mother's name has been elevated higher than my name proves that the age of women has come. Do you think so too, Mother? [Yes! Father, then I will see you tomorrow in Italy.] Yes, see you in Rome. (237-178, 1992.11.16, Phone call with True Mother, holding the Women's Federation for World Peace inaugural assemblies in Europe)

Why do you think Mother spoke in Japanese and in English at the Women's Federation for World Peace events? It was because True Parents want to communicate with their sons and daughters in heart. That is why Mother used Japanese and made the necessary preparations. Likewise, in English-speaking regions, she spoke in English, because she was there to meet the representatives of her sons and daughters. Hearing Mother speak their language, they no longer would feel orphaned but, rather, like orphans who had found their mother. Ever since the Fall, human beings have been like orphans, kidnapped by Satan and assimilated into his culture. However, here they could meet their mother again and be saved. The fact that True Mother spoke in Japanese to her children is amazing. From God's viewpoint, the Japanese people should sing Mother's praises. Mother wanted so badly to communicate totally with her children, who do not even know that they were orphaned, that she was willing to learn their language. This would be impossible if Mother were not the original mother of humankind. Would a false mother make such efforts when she does not even speak the language? If you recognize people as your lost children, you must teach them, even if it requires you to learn their language. That is the love found within the realm of a parent's heart. (239-116, 1992.11.24)

The leaders of our church in the United States heard and fully inherited Mother's teachings that she previously had presented at Women's Federation for World Peace events in Japan. When True Mother was speaking in Japan, the U.S. church leaders from all 50 states, including state leaders and American Freedom Coalition leaders, listened to her speeches every day. The local church members in all 50 states must listen to her speeches too. In addition, the missionaries throughout the world must gather and listen to Mother's speeches in the United States. In this way, just as the Eve nation must inherit the tradition of Adam's nation, the archangel nation must inherit the tradition of the Eve nation, and all the nations of the world must inherit the tradition of the archangel nation. There can be no objections to this. In this way, Mother's speaking tour indeed became a worldwide workshop. (236-036, 1992.11.02)

Beginning in November 1992, we will launch Mother's WFWP world speaking tour, starting with four European nations. I will not be going with her this time. I am placing Mother in the forefront, so that people will be given a chance to attend her completely and thereby open the gate for women worldwide. I even directed Mother to make preparations to speak at an event in Russia. Following this, she will continue with lightning speed even to China and North Korea. When women fight, they can reconcile after shedding tears, but men are liable to continue fighting to the point of bloodshed. That is why women must be in the forefront. The world of peace begins with love; for this reason, we must have women in the lead. (236-256, 1992.11.08)

Women's Federation for World Peace events were held in eight cities in America, and I am planning to hold these events in eight European cities as well. In Western society, America is the subject partner and Europe is the object partner. Your suggestion to hold events in only four or five cities in Europe shows that you do not understand this relationship. Although Europe is a continent comprising numerous nations, we should consider it as one nation. When I speak of Europe, I do not mean only Britain, France and Italy. So, just as we held events in eight cities in America, we must hold events in eight cities in Europe as well, in order to match America. This year, we must make our way even to the Soviet Union. All enemy countries must unite and then fulfill their duties as filial children, patriots, saints and divine children. On this foundation, we should lay the foundation for the liberation of the fatherland. When the history of strife among enemy nations is recast into a new tradition centered on God, God will be able to reign over them. (236-121, 1992.11.04)

Mother created a sensation worldwide when she held rallies for the Women's Federation for World Peace. In Rome, Mother received giant plaques from four different organizations. Now women throughout the world should completely unite with Mother. The whole world must be like one string of pearls. Accordingly, we must accomplish what Jesus, the Bridegroom, and Judaism, the Bride religion, could not do, which is to unite and then bring unity on the world stage. (238-018, 1992.11.19)

Mother will be leaving for China to hold a meeting of the Women's Federation for World Peace. I am saying that we will hold the event in China, a communist nation. Can we say the word "God" in that nation? Neither the Communist Party nor the military authorities will permit it. The   Communist Party officials spent a week going over Mother's speech. Yet, we included all the key points about God that Mother has been delivering wherever she speaks. This is not a dream; Mother is really speaking in that communist nation. (241-141, 1992.12.20)

Mother will go to China to hold an event for the WFWP there. This is no easy feat. It is something not even the Korean government can do. We have overcome all kinds of adversities to make it happen, but we are surely going to hold this event. It will take place in the Great Hall of the People, where the Communist Party holds its national conventions. We are trying to arrange for the participation of the most prominent women in China and Chinese women who speak English to participate. We have already held an event in Russia and will hold this one in China soon; so, next, we must hold one in North Korea. It is women who must accomplish this. (241-027, 1992.12.19)

We have hosted the Women's Federation for World Peace assemblies in seven nations, including America and Germany. We also have held one in Russia, and now we are going to host one in Oceania as well. Even if Father does not go there, Oceania will be connected to us. Through the work being carried out by True Mother, the responsibility that the Christian cultural realm failed to fulfill for the Groom 47 years ago can now be fulfilled by the Bride and Groom, and on that victorious foundation, the world can be connected once again. By us so doing, the free world will be restored to life. (239-307, 1992.12.09)



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