413. The Proclamation of the Liberation of All Women

Book 4: May You Blossom, My Beloved
Parts 4: 
The Opening of the Era of Women and the World Speaking Tours

Chapter 2: The Proclamation of the Liberation of All Women

The founding of the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia and the mission of Korean and Japanese women

I am healthy now, but I will not always be able to maintain my health. Physical health follows its natural course. Thus, I must start thinking about it. I am organizing things based on the future of the Unification Church. That is why I am training Mother at the podium. The church needs a foundation that it can trust as it has trusted me. Even when I am no longer present, that foundation needs to be able to do whatever it has to, here in Japan. I must prepare for that. I will create the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia, and it should not be a difficult thing to speak openly and confidently of one's beliefs in front of 150,000 people in Korea. (227-195, 1992.02.11)

We held the inaugural assembly of the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia in Japan on September 17, 1991, and the inaugural assembly of the Korean chapter of the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia on October 31 of the same year. Within seven months, we organized the inaugural assembly for the Women's Federation for World Peace, and over the next seven months, we will establish chapters throughout the world. On November 20, 1991, we held an assembly on the national level. No one, including the members in Japan, believed it was possible to hold that assembly so soon after inaugurating the Korean chapter. It had taken Japan five years to prepare for their first event. They asked how it could be possible to gather 10,000 people for a national assembly in just 20 days. But we did it, gathering 15,000 people for the nationwide rally of the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia at the Seoul Olympic Fencing Arena. Four months later, about 160,000 people attended the inaugural assembly of the Women's Federation for World Peace. By Mother taking leadership in this way, she came to stand right by my side. To go to the Heavenly Kingdom, both of us have to go together, and the children will have to follow after us. We have to teach them about this. To accomplish this, we must liberate women. Historically, during the course of restoration through indemnity women have harbored a great deal of deep sorrow in their hearts. (229-312, 1992.04.13)

The time has come for Korean and Japanese women to join together and return to their original position. This was done through the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia, when Japanese women and Korean women united. By successfully delivering her three speeches before the public, True Mother established the condition of Cain-Abel unity on the national level. On April 10, 1992, in Seoul, more than 5,000 women came from Japan and joined the women of Korea for the first assembly of the Women's Federation for World Peace. That is how Korea became the elder Eve. By uniting, centered on the restored elder Eve, and with Japan in the position of Cain, Cain and Abel became one on the national level. Because the women of those two countries united with True Mother, who has the authority to unite all women, they could stand in the position to represent her. Thus, the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia laid the foundation for the establishment of the Women's Federation for World Peace. Until now Eve has been following me, but with the declarations at these assemblies Mother now stands at my side. In that way, we have established the authority of the Parents. (229-343, 1992.04.13)

In September 1991, we were in Alaska. We needed to prepare to unite the women of Japan and Korea, because Japan is in the position of the Eve nation. But at the time I could not see a way forward. Still, there was no one but I who could make it happen. I needed Mother to go to Japan and hold an assembly of 7,000 people. When I first asked her to do this, she probably felt as if lightning had struck her. It is not easy to address an assembly of that size, especially in the presence of the prime minister's wife. But she accepted and carried out her task decisively. Returning to Korea, we connected this first assembly in Japan to the Korean launch of the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia. After doing this, we established the Women's Federation for World Peace. Although Korea was the nation that took the lead in founding this organization, it could not be limited to Korea or even to Asia. Through the Women's Federation for World Peace we are aiming to bring peace throughout the world. (232-196, 1992.07.06)

I told Mother that she needed to study Japanese, because she would have to make speeches in Japanese, representing me, once we reached the world level. In Japan, if you want to move and melt hearts, you cannot do it by speaking only Korean. I knew that Mother was neither born in Japan nor had studied Japanese for more than a short time. Nevertheless, I told her that if she could speak in fluent Japanese, the Japanese people would be bowled over. That was why I told her to study Japanese. Mother accepted unconditionally. She just said yes without complaining and followed me completely. In this respect, Mother is truly remarkable. (258-330, 1994.03.20)

The first time Mother stood before the public was at the assembly of the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia, at the NK Hall of the Tokyo Bay Hotel in front of an audience of 7,000. It was her first time speaking in public, but she carried herself with such dignity. How could she do that? Mother had attended many international assemblies with me, so she already had experienced being the center of attention among prominent guests. Also, when I gave speeches, she listened and analyzed them. She learned that people are more attentive to your speeches if you vary the tone of your voice, going up and down. She saw that a smooth and sincere delivery would impress and move an audience. (257-288, 1994.03.16)

Japanese women and Korean women must join together and unite with True Mother. That is restoration. As a man, I restored the first and second sons. However, it is for Mother to restore the first and second daughters, centering on women. I carried out the historical battle to have Abel restore the realm of the elder son. I restored the positions of the sons and returned them to God. I finished my part of the work. Centering on the United States and the Soviet Union, the authority of the elder son has been restored. The time has come, therefore, for Mother to do her part in restoration. Thus, I am having Mother connect women from two providential nations, Korea and Japan. For this, I am bequeathing my victorious foundation to her in my mission as the Messiah so that she can create her own foundation of victory as Eve. (224-092, 1991.11.23)

The age of women is coming. So I gave the direction to activate the women in the church. Japan was chosen as the Eve nation in relation to Korea, the Adam nation, so we had to begin in Japan. Mother has to bind together all of the women of Japan, both in the internal realm of the church and in the external realm of society. Therefore, I called Japanese women to the training center on Jeju Island and instructed them on matters that had remained unclear. I then assigned 100 women to each prefecture in Japan. Japan is an island nation, so in order to bring the Japanese to Korea I had to begin the work on a Korean island before bringing them to the mainland. I chose Jeju Island. Mother had to function as a bridge between the Japanese women and the Korean women of the Unification Church, so that the Korean women would accept the Japanese women. If they had not, it would have been a big problem. The Korean women had to prepare themselves to accept the Japanese women. The sooner they were prepared to accept them, the quicker the Japanese and Korean women would unite. (222-218, 1991.11.03)

Initiating this movement to unite women from Korea and Japan was a record-breaking, historic event. It was like throwing heavenly fire into the world. That is why people's experiences of those events will resonate forever, like some melodies that capture our hearts. Just by looking at photographs of the event, one can see that it was an occasion filled with grace. The intensity of those assemblies reached such a peak. Does the love your mother gave you ever disappear from your heart? Does the love your parents gave you ever disappear from your heart? When lovers look at a picture of themselves, they are reminded of the love that never disappears from their hearts. Likewise, anyone whose heart was deeply moved by that speech, which was so connected to Heaven's love, is reminded, even by looking at the photographs, of the grace that was present on that day. It is their connection to God's love that makes the teachings of the saints and sages so precious. Mother's speech is so precious because she speaks with a heart of love that connects us to God. Therefore, her speech transcends history. At any time, you can connect to that moment and the value that resides there. It has the power to revive people. (237-051, 1992.11.10)

As Japan is the Eve nation, Korea stands in the position of Adam. As Korea stands in Abel's position, Japan stands in Cain's position. Therefore, you Koreans must convey Abel's tradition and spirit to Japan. Eve fell when she was 16 years old. Therefore, Korea needed a virgin girl to become a patriot imbued with the tradition and spirit to offer everything for the love of her nation. That girl was Yu Gwan-sun. Japanese women have to inherit her spirit; otherwise, there is no way for them to connect to Korea. So I discreetly sent some people to begin a movement to lift up Yu Gwan-sun in Japan. I told them, "Engraft Japanese women to the spirit of the martyr Yu Gwan-sun.” I am the only one who can do this kind of work. No one else can. If Japanese women engraft to this spirit, Japan and Korea will become one. Therefore, I sent Mother to Japan in September 1991 to establish the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia. (229-150, 1992.04.11)

The founding of WFWP and the proclamation of the liberation of women

The satanic world, centering on women, went a different direction and created this wicked, fallen world. By sending women in the wrong direction, Satan succeeded in creating a treacherous world. The satanic world created a treacherous world’s end by focusing on sending on women in the wrong direction. Illicit love centering on women has brought about this disastrous result. All women are covered with wounds as a result of free sex, and the path to return to Heaven has become blocked. However, the Unification Principle fully teaches how to distinguish oneself from this world and shows the way to Heaven. It is a path 180 degrees the other direction. The family unit was lost through a woman, so in the end it must be restored through a woman. Women are the center. That is why through True Mother, the Movement for the Liberation of Women can be proclaimed centering on WFWP. During the time I was paying indemnity over a period of forty years, Mother had not yet appeared. Only now that she has appeared, has a victorious foundation been laid. After World War II, Mother could come forward in a liberated position to represent the foundation of the free world, the realm of the Bride. Mother also had to be put forward because the opposing side had to offer indemnity. Now that the age for anyone to oppose has passed, a liberation of women is being carried out centering on Mother. Therefore, this women's movement is an absolute movement. (242-144, 1993.01.01)

Since the creation of the world, God has not had women. He has not had children. Satan stole the women away from Him. Therefore, until God finds a woman, a woman cannot have dignity as a woman, and that is why they have been persecuted. By establishing the Mother and proclaiming the liberation of all women, the age of women can come. The sun rises in the East, but when all women greet that sun and take it into their womb, it becomes the textbook for building families and the standard for building a nation. (249-050, 1993.10.07}

Now is the zenith of the age of women. We know how Reverend Moon's fortune goes. We have antennas. Hence, because Japan is the Eve nation, I have founded the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia centering on Japan.

The Women's Federation for Peace in Asia was inaugurated on October 31, 1991, in Korea and the Women's Federation for World Peace was inaugurated on April 10, 1992. Now heavenly fortune can return. Due to Britain's failure as the Eve nation, Satan's world entered Asia and betrayed the heavenly nation; I had to restore this through indemnity. This means that Japan imitated British civilization. Amaterasu-omikami (天照大御神) is a sun goddess in Japanese mythology. The power structure based on her led the Japanese to colonize Asia in a way similar to that of the British colonials. Thus, I designated Japan as the Eve nation. How did Japan succeed at grasping the global economy after 1978? It was inevitable. When Eve fell, the satanic world stole all material things. America is the archangel nation. The West has people who are externally oriented, and the East has internally oriented people. Therefore, the only foundation the West has control over is the material side. We can see that on the foundation of material abundance, America has risen to the position of the most powerful nation in the world. However, this will not last.

Centering on WFWP-Japan, I founded WFWP in Korea on April 10. Korea is the center. I established Mother here and proclaimed the worldwide movement for the liberation of women in God's name and True Parents' names. (242033, 1992.12.27)

Up until now, there was no path for a woman to be liberated. The liberation of women is possible with the emergence of a perfected Adam. Mother can stand next to me from a standard that accepts the value of a unity with and equality to a perfected Adam. If the Mother did not stand next to Adam, then Adam, who was on the way to God's throne, would have to turn back and re-inherit the exit path and would not be able to connect with her. Now that it is this era, Mother can stand on an equal plane and represent women to proclaim the liberation of all women.

For the head to be supported, the head, body, and legs must be connected. If Mother is the head, then all the women of the world are the body and legs. If they are not liberated, then there is no place for Mother to stand. Therefore, with Mother standing in front of me and with the Proclamation of the Liberation of All Women, we welcome the age of liberation—liberation of God, the cosmos, the nation, the people, the tribe, the family and the individual. It is the restoration of the eight stages that everyone has failed to achieve. (249-097, 1993.10.08)

I brought all my enemies on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, nation and world to surrender, and in the process I restored 4,000 years of history. Now I have returned to Korea. The time has come to press for the unification of North and South Korea and God's liberation. After enduring 40 years of indemnity, the unification of heaven and earth, which should have been achieved shortly after World War II, is finally within reach. Christianity is the Bride religion, in the position of Eve, but it has not fulfilled the mission of the Bride. Hence, True Mother must fulfill that mission and restore Korea. Christianity in the position of the Bride religion should have done this, but it could not. Mother must indemnify this, and the Women's Federation for World Peace in Korea, Japan, the United States and Europe must indemnify the failure of Christianity to resolve this issue for Korea's sake. At the end of World War II, there was an opportunity to unify the seven providential nations in that conflict: Korea, Japan, the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy, even nations that had been enemies. That opportunity was lost, however, and the providence at that time ended in failure. This will have to be restored. Indemnity will need to be paid.

That is to say, Korea, Great Britain, the United States and France failed to receive me and attend me as the Bridegroom following the liberation of Korea. The Bridegroom was lost and was later found again. Although they did not know it, for 40 years I prayed for those seven nations. To take responsibility for their failures, I had to send Mother out to stand in front of the public for seven months and establish the Unification Church in place of the one unified world that should have arisen following the end of World War II. I placed Mother in the position to represent all the leaders of the world, and in that mission she was victorious. Now we can march forward victoriously into the era when we can unite the world. This will take place in the era of women. Since that era has come, I established the Women's Federation for World Peace in 1992. (239-242, 1992.11.25)

Now that the Women's Federation for World Peace has been established, all women can come to God's side. Humanity is the vertical and horizontal expansion of the original family unit. No matter how many people make up the human race, the family is its core. To restore this family, I am dispatching tribal messiahs. There are three positions on the horizontal level: family messiahs representing the formation stage; tribal messiahs representing the growth stage; and national messiahs representing the completion stage. All of these positions must connect together. As they expand horizontally, they must inherit everything through the vertical stages. This is how we built a world-level foundation. True Mother had to connect this foundation to seven nations. Eve's foundation thereby was re-established horizontally centered on Korea. On that foundation, True Parents were declared to the world. (248-127, 1993.08.01)

Based on True Parents' standard, we must now establish a world-level domain of kingship for God's Kingdom. Once we have a world-level foundation of a new group of people in nations throughout the world, North Korea's Kim II-sung can be brought to surrender. That is how the position of True Parents and the position of the false parents can finally be reversed for the people of North and South Korea. However, this cannot be done by men alone. We need to make this happen quickly in the mother's era. This has been the goal of the providence I have led since 1991. Thus, on April 10, 1992, with the establishment of the Women's Federation for World Peace, Adam's nation and Eve's nation completely united centered on Mother. On that basis, Kim II-sung is bound to retreat. Never before has a victorious Eve existed in the fallen world. Now that the victorious Eve has come, the fallen world, Satan's world, must disappear. (230-286, 1992.05.08)

Mother's year was 1992. In that year she became the liberator of all the women of the world. The inaugural assembly of the Women's Federation for World Peace was held in Seoul, Korea, on April 10, 1992, with women representatives of 72 nations in attendance. At the assembly Mother declared, "Let us now liberate all the women of the world.” The way this can be done is by following Mother. This means that women must change the color of their hearts to be the same as Mother's. Mother is the central root, the central stem and the central bud. She is the one who can unite all the women of the world. Within just a year she already has made this organization, the Women's Federation for World Peace, into one of the most powerful women's organizations in the world. The rapid establishment of this women's organization shows that God's final providence is to connect to all women. (248-126, 1993.08.01)

In 1992, on the victorious foundation of having embraced both the right-wing and the left-wing, I finally declared the arrival of True Mother on the world stage. The true mother had been lost and was unknown to the Israelites during the Old Testament Age, and she again was lost to the New Testament Age, but finally on April 10, 1992, I declared to the world that the True Mother had come. This took place at the inauguration of the Women's Federation for World Peace, where we also proclaimed the liberation of women. Mother was introduced to the world, and women of the seven nations involved in World War II, represented by women from 72 nations, united with her. When I claimed that we would gather 160,000 women, everyone thought I was dreaming. Yet we made strong winds blow, and women from all backgrounds came. People came to these events without realizing why they were there. The night before the event they could not sleep. In this way we reached that numerical goal. That is how the Women's Federation for World Peace was born. We announced the liberation of women all over the world. In one year, we overcame 6,000 years of pain and sorrow. We proclaimed the arrival of unity and equality for women, which they had been awaiting for 6,000 years. (245-140, 1993.02.28)

Once I had Mother appear before the public, Eve could be restored and the archangel had to follow her. Now an amazing fortune will come to Mother. The archangel has no relationship with True Parents in blood and flesh. He must be given rebirth. However, Mother cannot do that by herself. That is why we are encouraging women from across the world to act as Mother's second selves. This is how the age of women is arriving in this era. (231-310, 1992.06.21)

How can Mother win over all men, who are in the position of the archangel? If women everywhere unite, they can bring the archangel to surrender voluntarily. So women must bond tightly together and stir up their power like a hurricane throughout the nation, so that men are not able to budge. This will unify the Korean Peninsula. To support this on the external level, I have been weaving all the nations of the world together through the Women's Federation for World Peace. When the people of the world listen to Mother's speech and receive the Blessing, they will become one. This is the time when women will take the lead. Now the people of the world will be restored by listening to Mother's words, the words of the heavenly Eve. (236-019, 1992.11.02)

Because Mother appeared in public and proclaimed the age of women, all the warts attached to individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world and the cosmos throughout history—even warts connected to hell—finally can be cut off. We have to indemnify them all. False parents came and infected every level, creating hell all the way up to the world level. However, as True Parents we are clearing up everything. In addition, by engrafting every family to ourselves, we are elevating them to the position of unfallen Adam and Eve's family. This is how we are transferring all our victorious conditions to everyone. (233-189, 1992.08.01)

On April 10, 1992, I proclaimed the era of the liberation of women. That day, when Mother was reading her speech, it rained heavily. As her husband, in addition to giving a supporting speech, I was asked to write a commemorative message in Chinese calligraphy. I wrote "The Advent of the Age of Women throughout the World.” That was the day when Mother first appeared on the world stage. Ever since that day, whenever we had to carry out providential responsibilities, she has taken on enormously difficult missions, such as the recent 120-nation speaking tour. After finishing that tour, she returned to Korea but did not rest; instead she went on to speak to students at colleges and universities, proclaiming the women's era. (484-048, 2005.01.20)

Reverend Moon has attained everything throughout the 70 years of his life on a perilous path. Adam and Eve became God's enemies, and everything split due to them. However, True Parents united centering on heaven and earth; they united centering on man and woman; their minds and bodies united centering on absolute love as one original horizontal couple. Therefore, my direct lineage is the mainstream, and the accompanying lineage is the restored families. When these families go to the spirit world, the gates of Heaven will open. All realms of persecution will transform into the realms of liberation, and Heaven's gates will open automatically. That time has come.

After establishing WFWP, I proclaimed the era of liberation of all women on the relative standard which represents the Federation for World Peace. Failing to do so would have allowed devils to create shadows that they could hide in all over the world. I am simultaneously making this proclamation in every nation where the Unification Church flag flies. Thus, the era has arrived in which the devils in those countries, upon hearing the proclamation, have no choice but to retreat. (230-348, 1992.05.10)

The meaning of the declaration of the liberation of women

The women of the world made all kinds of rough waves, which I had to traverse in order to resolve the issues that have existed throughout history. I could not fall into their traps; I had to overcome them and liberate them. I had to lead them as an older brother leads his younger sisters; I had to guide them as a husband guides his wife; and I had to educate them as a father educates his daughters. Most especially, I had to lead Mother in this way. Consequently, when she could stand on an equal footing with me, on April 10, 1992, I declared the liberation of women. The fact that I declared the liberation of all women worldwide means that the persecution that the Unification Church has been enduring for 40 years is at an end. The church has overcome every level of persecution from the world—from the level of the individual to that of the family, tribe, people, nation, and world. We have recovered the domain of John the Baptist as the Women's Federation for World Peace, which represents the Christian cultural sphere centered on the Unification Church. We did that not on the national level, but on the world level. (245-137, 1993.02.28)

The unified world was supposed to have been completed during the seven years from 1945 to 1952, but that opportunity was lost. Therefore, we now need to complete it during the seven years from 1994 to 2000. Our task during these seven years is to unite the world. Following World War II, the Christian cultural sphere, which is the Bride's cultural sphere, failed to unite with the Bridegroom. Therefore, for these seven years, from 1994 to 2000, the women of the world must unite and attend the perfected Adam who can make an impact on the family, the society and even the world. Now is the time when we can restore the opportunity that was lost after World War II to achieve the goal of building a unified world that fulfills the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven. This can be done by elevating Adam, who is already victorious on the levels of the family, tribe, people, nation and world, and by paying off all the debts that the bride nations incurred when they did not receive the Lord, on the levels of the family, tribe, people, nation and world. That is why I declared that this is the era for the liberation of women. (254-286, 1994.02.16)

Christianity is the religion of the Bride. This is why they await the Groom. That is the main point in the Bible. Beginning from Judaism, the Christian religion of Jesus has focused on the Messiah, the Groom. To expand the foundation to welcome the husband on the family, tribal, people, national, and global levels, Christianity has walked a historical path of restoration through indemnity. The central figures in the Bible have walked such a path.

Christianity pioneered its way, and then right after World War II a united world was achieved. If Christianity had united with me then, within seven years we would have accomplished the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven. That was 1945 to 1952.

If the Bride had united with the Groom, then all Christianity around the world would have united. At that time, there were more than one billion Christians. On that kind of foundation, it would have been possible for me to proclaim the mission of the tribal messiah that I am teaching now. If that had happened, it wouldn't have taken even seven years. We would have been able to bring the entire world to God's side with one stroke. However, they all opposed m,e and I was cast into the wilderness. By doing so, they also cast away God. God was also in such a position.

Then next time I was able to land again was 1992. Because the foundation of Eve and the foundation of the Bride were lost, it took 40 years, from 1952 to 1992, to re-create it. (259-138, 1994.04.02)

By Mother accomplishing Eve's responsibility, a movement for the liberation of women can unfold. Within three years, through the liberation of women we need to search for a nation. We held a wedding ceremony, since we have entered the era of finding a nation. By finding and returning 360,000 couples in Satan's realm to God, the satanic world is crumbling. Now families around the world can soar. If this happens, then it will become a great stream and there will be no opposition, because people have realized that Reverend Moon's family ideal is a shortcut to the liberation of humankind and a world of peace. (272-050, 1995.08.30)

In order to restore the authority of the elder son, the authority of the parents, and the authority of the king centering on True Parents, it is necessary for True Mother to be elevated to a position equal to mine. That is why we established the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia centered on Japan, the Eve nation. The Eve-realm Japanese women, in the position of younger sister, must go through restoration through indemnity with the Korean women, in the position of elder sisters, to restore the authority of the elder sister centering on the Women's Federation for World Peace, which was established on the foundation of the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia. This is the age of the mother who can embrace both the elder sister and the younger sister. The Korean women are in the position of elder sister.

Japan, as the Eve nation in the younger sister position, had to set up the foundation for restoration. Mother inherited this foundation and liberated the women of Korea. Then she liberated the women of the United States, the women of Europe, Russia, and Oceania. Amazingly, she liberated all the women of the world, and the position of the bride from the Christian realm was restored 47 years after it was lost. With the completion of this work, for the first time Mother restored the world horizontally to the same place it had been in at the end of World War II.

Therefore the conditions present at the end of World War II, including the lost realm of the Bride, were restored centering on Mother, and for the first time the standard where the Bride and Bridegroom could be united was restored and the free world was liberated. This marked the beginning of a new age when Mother could move on an equal plane with me. (243-296, 1993.01.28)

Now that a period of 40 years of indemnity, from 1952 until 1992, has been completed to restore the failure of the world-level age of the blessing that would have come if the Catholic Church and the Protestant churches had united with me after the end of World War II, we can finally declare the end of Satan's lineage. This is the providence of Cain and Abel. How are Cain and Abel united into one? The center that unites them is the mother. In 1992, for the first time Mother could stand on my left side horizontally. She could come before God standing next to me horizontally. Until that she had connected to God through me vertically. She was liberated with the establishment of the Women's Federation for World Peace in 1992. After that, by giving the Blessing to all humankind, passing through 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and then the seventh year, 1998, Satan's lineage finally was eliminated. (306-135, 1998.09.20)


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