412. The Advent of True Mother and the Liberation of Women

Book 4: May You Blossom, My Beloved
Parts 4:
The Opening of the Era of Women and the World Speaking Tours
Chapter 1: The Advent of True Mother and the Liberation of Women

The course to find the perfected Eve

What is God's Will? It is for Adam and Eve to perfect themselves and then establish a family-centered on God's love. Jesus, who is the Groom, has to find and raise up the new Bride, the True Mother. Without doing so, it is not possible to establish God's perfected family. (114-027, 1981.05.14)

As recorded in the Bible, Jesus came and said, "I am the only begotten son of God.” These are very valuable words. What is an only begotten son? He is the one who receives all of God's love and who receives it first. Only he can receive the love of God fully for the first time. He brought the love of the Bride and Groom centered on the origin of the family saying "I am the Groom and you are the Bride.” There is only one Bride. There is absolutely only one. Only then can there be absolute love. Jesus is the perfected form of Adam. That is why he has to find the perfected form of Eve. (082-144, 1976.01.04)

Satan took away the mother of humankind, the mother on Heaven's side. She must be found again. Abraham, whom Satan loved the most, was established as the father of faith. In a similar manner, Eve, who was lost at the Fall, has to be established by selecting someone who is on Satan's side and most loved by Satan. There must be such a mother. We cannot reach the perfected position without first restoring the failure at the completion level of the growth stage. We have to fight it out. Through this fight the foundation of completion has to be established, and based on that, Eve's mistake can be indemnified by establishing the standard for the restored mother. (159-072, 1968.03.03)

A true couple is created when a true man and a true woman meet. The children born from that true couple are true children. Their sons and daughters are true sons and true daughters. A family established in this way becomes a true family. God is the central axis of such a true family. Based on this axis, God should have settled down as the center of love in Adam and Eve's family.

Then who are Adam and Eve? If God is the King of creation, then Adam and Eve are the King's object partners of love and the heirs who will inherit the realm of the Royal Family. The unfallen Adam and Eve would have become the prince and princess. Adam and Eve were the first son and daughter born of God, the Great King of the universe.

There were only the two of them in the Garden of Eden. When they fell, they should have died, but if that had happened, all things in the universe would have become broken. God was striving to create human beings as his object partners, to be the standard of the ideal. Therefore, there is a need for re-creation and repair. This factory for repair is religion. The course of re-creation is the course to find the one Adam. All of history until now was to find the one perfected Adam. That is why Eve has to be found again, centering on the internal perfection of Adam. (229-057, 1992.4.9)

Because Eve fell, the root of sin, which has been passed down since the first ancestors, belongs to the woman. That is why historically, women had to walk a pitiful path until now. Women cannot be liberated until this root of sin is extracted. There have been some women's liberation movements since the end of World War II, but women have not had an easy path. Eve, who was supposed to become the mother, fell and became the cause of sin. Therefore, a person must come who can indemnify this historical sin and become the mother. She must prepare the victorious realm of indemnity by going through the pain of childbirth again and thereby establish a victorious standard on which to attend the Groom. As long as such a woman does not appear, the Messiah cannot ascend to the father position. Furthermore, women cannot be liberated. (019-103, 1967.12.31)

Jesus came to earth as the second Adam. The Holy Spirit, as the second Eve, was unable to assume a body. If you were to go to the spirit world, you would see that the Holy Spirit is the Mother Spirit of God. When Jesus returns to earth in the flesh, the woman whom he takes as the Bride must meet the qualifications, as stipulated by the Principle, to be the Bride. This requires that she knows all aspects of the heavenly way. It requires that she looks forward to the Returning Lord's coming and prepares to welcome him. These are the conditions she needs in order to prepare herself to establish the one God-centered family, nation and world. This is her responsibility as the Bride. That is also why, as we entered the 1960s, the women's movement began and is developing throughout the world.

No matter how many people there are on earth, they are all descendants of the Fall. They were all born from the evil, fallen lineage. Therefore, a true woman must emerge who can love them as their True Mother. As the Last Days draw near, the time is approaching when such a woman will appear. This is why, to prepare the environment, women's movements are springing up worldwide. We have now arrived at a time when many women can surpass men. The Last Days is the time when women can restore the Fall, and these women in the realm of grace are able to come forward and represent the heavenly Eve.

Today it is not just a matter of women's liberation; women can stand in such a position. Therefore, the True Mother must appear during this time. We must be able to attend this Mother on earth. Humankind has been trying to return to God, and as we enter the era when this can happen, the Bride must be established on earth. There can be no children without parents, no family without children, no tribe without families, no ethnic peoples without tribes, no nation without ethnic peoples, and no world without nations. (016-182, 1966.03.22)

True Mother has restored Christianity's realm of the Bride

True Mother has been following me. Until now, there was no equal realm of the bride. Mother has had to follow me because the Christian cultural realm as the realm of the Bride lost this equal footing. However, now I have overcome that hurdle. Conditionally I have established a foundation that can completely overthrow the world of Satan. Through this, I could bring Mother up and proclaim the liberation of women worldwide. (241-231, 1992.12.26)

After the Second World War a united world centering on the Christian cultural realm, the realm of the Bride, was not established. Therefore, Mother had to go that course for 47 years, and the movement for the liberation of women could be proclaimed centering on Mother. The Korean women could not attend me. Therefore, Japanese women are in the realm of Eve, and that is why Japan became the center of the world in the era of restoration. Britain failed as well, so Korean women must inherit the women's realm from Japan. The baton must be passed from Asia to the whole world. (241-232, 1992.12.26)

Until now, there was no realm of the Bride. However, now all the environment has been restored, and, just as it was 40 years ago, there is no enemy standing before me. I strive to plant true love and true life. Now that this united worldwide realm is coming to be, I can bring up Mother to be the Bride, connecting her to the realm of Eve and the realm of the Bride whose responsibility was not fulfilled 47 years ago. By grafting onto me, they can be restored to the original standard. Therefore, this is truly a new beginning. Korea has two enemies. Christianity is an enemy, and Kim Il-sung is an enemy. That is why I have to mobilize America. I will mobilize outside forces and surround them. Mother is important. From this perspective, you must know how important women are. Housekeeping is not important. The path to save your sons and daughters and your husband is one of becoming a sacrificial offering. (241-234, 1992.12.26)

Why has Mother been staying behind me until now? This is because the worldwide realm of the Bride was lost due to the opposition from Christianity and America. Restoring this is just like going through a 4,000-year course in which Adam has to raise his son, Abel. I have to restore and indemnify the eras of Abel at the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos.

That is why on the worldwide stage, everyone opposed me, centering on the era of the individual. They tried to kill the prince of Heaven. The family, tribe, people, nation and world, combined together, tried to do this, and all surrounding things tried to strike me. They hit me, but they were unable to kill me. Despite all of their opposition, I was ultimately victorious, so everyone must surrender. The purpose of this victory was to find again and restore a victorious foundation for the lost realm of the Bride and Christian cultural realm. The fact that I was victorious can become the condition to say that they did not oppose Christ when he came on earth, but welcomed him.

That is why Mother had to stay behind me until I was victorious. I fulfilled my responsibility as the Groom. It is the same as Jesus, who had to take on John the Baptist's responsibility because John the Baptist did not fulfill it. The realm of John the Baptist crumbled, so Adam himself has to take responsibility for the first 16 years, and for the period representing the time after the Fall, I had to take responsibility for the whole and fight to overcome and reach the standard despite opposition from the whole world. I came back at the time to return to the original homeland, so what must I do when I return? The Unification Church, centered on me, is an extension of the Christian cultural realm and is connected to the foundation of the realm of the Bride. Based on that foundation, I can raise Mother up. (241-244, 1992.12.26)

The realm of the Unification Church is the victorious foundation of having replaced the Christian cultural realm. Based on that foundation, I raised Mother up. After the Second World War, centering on the fact that all things could be indemnified, I was able to rise up to a position of liberation. Only then could Mother be brought up to an equal position to me. From this equal position, Mother has to indemnify again the lost realm of the Bride.

I established the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia, starting in the Eve nation of Japan, and connected it to Korea. At the rally for the Women's Federation for World Peace on April 10, 1992, the women's era was proclaimed. By proclaiming the liberation of women worldwide, Mother came to stand in a position equal to mine. Women were not able to fulfill their responsibility centering on the realm of the Bride. Therefore, standing in this equal position and centering on the realm of the Bride, Mother has to bring all the women representatives of Korea and Japan together with those of America, Germany, Britain, France and Italy. She has to connect the realm of women's liberation in these seven nations and engraft them. That will become the standard of having restored and indemnified the responsibility that Christianity as the realm of the Bride could not fulfill after the Second World War. Therefore, we can enter the realm of liberation because the Groom fulfilled his responsibility completely and the Bride accomplished restoration through indemnity. (241-245, 1992.12.26)

The free world and Christianity, as the realm of the Bride, were not able to fulfill their responsibility and betrayed Heaven. I was able to overcome that and stand in the position of liberation again. The time has come when we can go forward again. That is why I must raise True Mother and win over the women of the free world. I must do this centering on all the women in developed nations of the world, beginning with Korea, Japan, America, Europe, Russia, and all the way to Oceania. (243-137, 1993.03.03)

The Gomyeongseong Proclamation of the second founder

Today is the 30th anniversary of Parents' Day. Originally the world should have been united centered on Jesus, starting when he was 30 years old. If Rome and Israel had not opposed him, he would have become the True Parent in the environment that had been prepared. He would have accomplished everything at that time. However, Jesus died without being able to complete that mission.

Jesus should have been able to liberate the world, starting from the foundation of a family, but since he could not do that, True Father followed a course of indemnity of 40 years, beginning after World War II. With this 30th anniversary of Parents' Day in 1990, True Parents finally have been able to show the model of a restored family on the world stage for the first time. At the time of Jesus, restoration could have happened at the national level, but now it has expanded to the world level.

The Unification Church has moved beyond the opposition of the free world centered on the United States. Next, we have defeated all the opposition of the communist realm. We also have moved beyond the opposition of religions. Father has taught world leaders about God's Will all the way from the Soviet Union to Kim Il-sung in North Korea. All the conditions have been completed. That means that now, even if Father is no longer here and only Mother remains, it will not be any problem.

Until now women could not stand as the representative of the providence of heaven and earth. Because True Mother and True Father are united completely in love, this morning we have proclaimed that the age for the liberation of women has now arrived.

So what must be done now? Women are now on the front line more and are important in the mission. Women of the world must be united to go out and liberate women of all nations. Women have been used as Satan's instrument all throughout the ages. They multiplied Satan's children through illicit love. Satan's improper use of love must be stopped.

When Father is alone, he represents True Parents. When Mother is alone, she also represents True Parents. Therefore, True Father is the first founder and True Mother is the second founder. Until now women had to stay behind men, but from now on, they can walk side by side. (201-126, 1990.03.27)

True Mother has worked so hard. She is excellently trained, so she will do well in any situation. She has suffered a great deal and has undergone many hardships in her life but has overcome everything. All of her hardships served to train her. A good example is True Mother's completion of the Japan tour. I think we obtained excellent results. I know this, because I have delivered many public talks myself True Mother has many good natural abilities. She is quiet but bold. You would not expect that she could embrace and unite an audience without hesitation. I am sure that all of you know that the title "second founder of the church,” which makes her status equal to mine, is not just words and that you feel, "Father gave her this title on the basis of knowing her well.” At this time, when we might have needed more than a year to establish this foundation in God's providence, she made it quickly. You have the responsibility to do even more than Mother. (219-268, 1991.10.11)

I am almost 80 years old, so in Korea people are beginning to ask me, "Who will be your successor? What kind of person will your successor be?" They ask whether the foundation that I established will not crumble away all at once. However, there has been no more talk since I established Mother as the second founder of the church and had her go on speaking tours around the world for one year. They are complimenting Mother, saying that she has risen to a very high standard. (256-045, 1994.03.12)

I have told the Japanese women several times that since Mother has completed her worldwide tour, speaking in every country, the age has come when Mother can now stand in place of Father. The time has come when Japan and the United States, along with Germany and all the other 160 nations, can unite. Now if Mother can unite the students of North and South Korea, the problems of Korea can be solved and all the world's problems can be solved. Now is the time when you must all unite centered on True Mother.

Now, even if l am not here, I have extended all my privileges to Mother. When the time comes that Father is not here, you must think of Mother. From now on, any time when I am not around, centered on the children, Mother must do lots of work to unite all the families. You need to know this, and you need to have the heart to pray for Mother and attend Mother. You have loved me up until now, but from now on you must love Mother. She must be on the same level as I am.

You must know we are entering the age of mothers, and especially you American women must do well. I have announced to the world that I am the first founder and True Mother is the second founder. I have announced it to heaven and earth. You must think like this. With that understanding, let's give True Mother a big round of applause!

[True Mother:] "Thank you for your support. As Father has taught us, the True Children and you are in a Cain-and-Abel relationship. In this age I will be grateful if all the families will pledge to God that they will become one with me and establish True Father's, True Parents' tradition. Thank you.”

Cain and Abel must be united centered on True Mother. They must become one with True Mother. This is the only way to become one with True Father. This is true in the spiritual world and on the earth. With Father, with God. Everything must become one. This has to be clear so that in your family your children can be united centered on the mother. This is the only way they can be returned to God. (265-310, 1994.11.27)

Perfected original Adam will become the perfected father of the Kingdom of Heaven, and the perfected Eve will become the perfected mother of the Kingdom of Heaven. When they become the owner of the family, then the Kingdom of Heaven on the family level will come to exist. Therefore, Adam and Eve will become king and queen on the individual, family, tribe, people, national and worldwide levels. We are at a time now when we can go beyond the national level. Therefore we can step on the royal authority of Satan's world and establish the royal authority of the heavenly world. The day we can do so is March 27, 1990. Through this, from now on the world will turn according to how True Parents desire it to. (201-132, 1990.03.27)

Until now, there was no place for Mother to stand. She had to stick to me like a shadow. This is because she would be persecuted if she went before me. Now I am raising up Mother, and no one can hit her. Whoever hits her will be struck by lightning. They will need to pay indemnity. Mother has shown absolute obedience and followed me like a young child. She ate when I told her to eat, stood when I told her to stand, went when I told her to go, and came when I told her to come. Who can criticize her? No one has the right to criticize her. Now the time has come. I am bringing up Mother and proclaiming the women's special era. No one can oppose Mother. Who can oppose what has become one? After Adam and Eve were perfected, there is no more Satan. If you oppose Mother after that, you will be broken and leave. She cannot be opposed. (231-177, 1992.06.02)

What did Mother do in 1992? Centering on her, all the women of the world became one. All the women of the world should be liberated and become one with True Mother. That is why Mother and Father become one centering on true love. The children inside a mother's womb do not come from the mother originally. They come from the father. Therefore, they must return through the father. You must establish the condition of creating a connection with the seed of the baby in Adam's bone before he got married.

How do you return to that place? It is through true love. You can return to that place when you become connected centering on Mother's true love and Father's true love. After you return to that place, then from that place you must establish the condition of being born again through the mother. You must know that only then can there be a revival of the women of the world. Humankind must go through the mother's womb and the father's bones to be born again. They must be reborn, and then they can live again. (244-147, 1993.02.01)

Father represents the true Adam, and Mother represents the true Eve. These four Japanese wives here are women who represent Japan, the Eve nation on the world level. Right now Canada is an extension of the original Eve nation of Britain. Therefore, I am establishing a ritual so that Mother can carry on the mission of the Messiah even after I pass away. The condition for Japan and True Parents to become totally unified can be established successfully when Mother, who is the Eve on Abel's side, and the four women as the Eve on the Cain side become completely one. Eve's role is to unite Cain and Abel and connect them to the Father, the true Adam. Japan must become one with Mother and embrace the rest of the world. (1991.06.15, Gomyeongseong Proclamation Ceremony, Clearstone Deer Park, Canada)


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