409. The Wilderness Course and True Mother's Victory

Book 4: May You Blossom, My Beloved
Part 3: The Wilderness Course and True Mother's Victory
Outline of True Mother's Life 3: The Wilderness Course and True Mother's Victory & Chapter 1: The Seven-Year Course and Its Significance 

Outline of True Mother's Life 3: The Wilderness Course and True Mother's Victory

After the Holy Wedding, True Parents finally came to stand in the position of the parents and opened the way to the marriage Blessing, through which they could save humanity. In addition, they presented all things in front of Heaven and began their work of restoring the world in earnest. All of these things were accomplished in the seven-year course after the Holy Wedding.

The seven-year course and its providential meaning

True Parents began three consecutive seven-year courses in 1960, spurring on the expansion of both internal and external foundations. In particular, the seven years after the Holy Wedding was the completion-period course in True Father's 21-year course, and internally it was the moment when True Father determined his victory on the family level by marrying Mother as a perfected man. At the same time, it was a period in time when True Mother freed herself from the conditions of accusation from the satanic world and substantially restored the standards of daughter, mother and True Parents, which were lost due to the Fall.

For three years after the Holy Wedding, True Mother was subjected to all kinds of schemes, slander and arrows of hatred, but Daemonim saw them all in advance through revelations and fulfilled the responsibility of blocking them all.

True Mother explained about Daemonim's mission of the time: "After the Holy Wedding, Daemonim saw everything that was going to happen to me through revelations she received in advance. My position would have been difficult for anyone, but I was able to overcome all the difficulties thanks to Daemonim. What she did compensated for the wrongdoings of all women.”

True Father's 21-year course, True Mother's seven-year course, and the first seven-year course of the Unification Church were concluded successfully, and on that foundation, the second and third seven-year courses of the tribal, national and global levels began.

Throughout the urgent providential course, True Mother always followed behind True Father in silence and led a life of devotion and perseverance. She lived like a shadow, not even buying a single dress for herself of her own accord, and yet she still fulfilled her providential mission of having to give birth to at least 12 children. Starting with Ye-jin nim in 1961, True Mother gave birth to 14 True Children within 21 years, with little or no time for recovery in between.

True Mother recalled: "During the five years from 1971 to 1975, I went through several miscarriages. It was a very difficult time. True Father had recently arrived in America, and there were threats on his life. Accompanying Father under such circumstances, I was so anxious all the time that I could not help but miscarry.” Mother also added, "Since that time, if I so much as take a cold shower, I catch a chill, which paralyzes me for at least five minutes.”

Victory in the indemnity course in America

True Parents proclaimed the Day of Victory of Heaven at the victory celebrations for the Washington Monument Rally on October 4, 1976, after which they proclaimed the Day of Victory of Earth on True Parents' Birthday, February 23, 1977. That day was True Mother's first birthday after reaching the age of 33 [by Korean reckoning] and the "day of the condition for indemnifying on earth, through True Mother, Jesus' wish to joyfully celebrate his 34th birthday together with Heaven.” On that day True Father said, ''As of today, on the path of Reverend Moon and True Mother, an era ushering in a whole new level has begun.” He also declared, ''At the close of the year 1976, True Mother was completely liberated.”

On May 3, 1977, on the seventeenth anniversary of True Parents' Holy Wedding, True Mother gave her first-ever official testimony of her life. On that day she said, "The path I have walked has been a continuation of difficult hardships that do not even bear thinking about. Just as God put True Father through hardships, He also made me go through ordeal after ordeal. Satan, too, tested me just as he had tested True Father and Jesus. This weak woman standing before you has overcome stringent and severe hardships, of the kind that the Messiah has had to go through, though you may find it impossible to believe.”

On that day True Father said of True Mother, first, that she had a quick spiritual sense and excellent inborn power of discernment; second, that she practiced absolute obedience toward the Will and had a firm and persevering determination to achieve her goal; third, that she by nature enjoyed giving to others; and fourth, that she had performed a truly wonderful feat in giving birth to and raising the True Children.

From after the Holy Wedding of 1960 to the proclamation of the Day of Victory of Earth in 1977, True Mother led the life of an absolute object partner who stood behind True Father and followed him with unquestioning faith. Thus, she overcame all difficulties and was liberated, which was also True Father's success and victory.

Meanwhile, the Unification movement that swept across America like wildfire from 1972 came to face opposition from the leading class, and the US court indicted True Father on suspicion of tax evasion. After several trials, True Father was imprisoned in the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut on July 20, 1984, where he had to suffer incarceration for 13 months until August 20, 1985.

True Father never despaired, even when he was climbing the world-level hill of Golgotha. While he was still in prison in Danbury, he instructed that the end of communism be declared, and that various activities for the Victory over Communism movement be carried out to swiftly bring an end to the Cold War. Moreover, he called True Mother in East Garden in the early morning of February 1, 1985, and proclaimed the Day of the Opening of the Gate of Heaven, by which the gates were opened wide and the spirit world and physical world became connected.

Remembering the day True Father began his prison term, True Mother expressed her feelings: "I truly deplored my helplessness in being unable to do anything other than send him off. I resolved again and again to strengthen my heart, biting down hard on my lip, but I could not hold back the tears that kept coming.”

True Mother never failed to travel to Danbury to see True Father every time he had visiting hours. Holding the hand of Jeong-jin nim, who was just two years old at the time, Mother visited Father every day with her devoted heart. When she walked back down the hill after the visit, she would swallow her tears, turn and look back at Father, and affectionately wave goodbye.

True Father's imprisonment was a difficult cross for True Mother to bear, but she still continued to walk her path in silence with that heavy burden on her shoulders, and the members who looked upon her came to depend on her. While True Father was in prison, True Mother presided over internal events, both big and small, including Church holy days and celebrations, in place of True Father. At the same time, she also followed a busy schedule of presiding over such external events as the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences and receiving important guests.

In the 40-year wilderness course from 1945 to 1985, True Father and True Mother sacrificed everything and continued to march forward solely for the fulfillment of the Will. After the Holy Wedding, True Mother, in particular, had to endure many ordeals in her heart, but she triumphed over all these hardships and was able to expand the providence on the worldwide level.

Chapter 1: The Seven-Year Course and Its Significance

The completion-stage seven-year course

The first seven-year course is the period in which we need to carry out the work of connecting a perfected man to a perfected woman, that is, Mother. This is the period of setting up the family standard of Parents. So, during this time Parents formed a family centering on God. Only then was I able to construct a family base on this earth, which is the restoration of the four-position foundation. Centering on the Parents' family, the blessed families need to unite completely. The period in which they need to do this is the second seven-year course. The second seven-year course is the period during which, centering on the Parents' family, the families that have received the Blessing need to unite completely, thus forming the unified realm of Abel. They then need to establish a standard that people can recognize. (075-010, 1975.01.01)

The beginning of the age when you could attend Mother in 1960 marked the completion of the Old Testament Age and the realm of the Bride in Jesus' age. After this, going beyond the standard of the Fall at the top of the growth stage, we must cross over the third seven-year course to achieve the world-level standard of completion. That is why the 21-year period of formation, growth and completion in Adam's family, the three seven-year courses from 1960 until 1981 centering on True Parents' family, were conditions that had to be set on earth. That course of 21 years was the condition to transcend the 6,000 years of history from the age of Adam through the age of Jesus to the age of the Lord at the Second Coming. All vertical conditions need to be settled horizontally. (266-063, 1994.12.11)

What has God been doing for the past 6,000 years? What has been His unchanging desire throughout history? It has been to find the one person, True Mother. It is to find her through Adam, after re-creating him and sending him to earth. This is re-creation. Originally God created Adam and then created Eve from Adam; therefore, for re-creation Adam has to come to earth first and then find Eve. In other words, he must find and establish Mother. In order to do this, during the first seven-year course I had to put Mother on a path that would enable her to break away from any condition by which Satan's world could accuse her. This means that she does not need to fight directly with Satan; instead, Mother just has to have absolute faith in me and always unite with me. Then Satan cannot invade her. Adam lost Eve because he failed to fulfill his responsibility. Thus, it is Adam who must set the standard of victory, by restoring his position in relation to Eve as well as bringing Satan to submission. I am fulfilling this purpose during this seven-year period. Moreover, having established this standard, I have to raise Mother, in the position of Eve, to that standard in heart and spirit. This is how we can reverse through indemnity the failure of the fallen parents and secure the foundation of the True Parents. (017-322, 1967.04.10)

Had Adam and Eve not fallen, they would have completed this first seven-year course. This was the path they were required to go to become the True Parents. Therefore, no matter what accusations Satan threw against us, Mother and I had to make a breakthrough during this time period. I paved this path, leading the way as the representative of the family during the first seven-year course. During this period, we, Father and Mother, had to unravel all the tangles of history. In particular, this seven-year course was the time when I had to reverse Eve's dominion over Adam and completely secure Adam's authority. For this, I had to educate Eve. In other words, during this period I had to educate Mother in such a way that she would set a standard of absolute obedience and compliance before me, even at the cost of her life. (073-245, 1974.09.22)

From the principled perspective, there is the indirect dominion and the direct dominion. In this period, the indirect dominion and the direct dominion must be linked and the perfected Adam must connect with and establish God's direct dominion. So the seven-year course is the time during which a seven-year period of indemnity is completed. (143-180, 1986.03.18)

Vertical history must be restored horizontally through indemnity. The history of 6,000 years corresponds to the seven-year course. The 6,000 years are indemnified in seven years, and 6,000 years plus 1,000 years combined into seven years are the seven years of indemnity. Because this is the formula, all fallen people, whoever they are, must go through a seven-year course. If you cross over this period successfully, anything is possible. (021-211, 1968.11.20)

During the period of the first seven-year course, we the Parents struggled internally before heaven and earth. We paid indemnity to clear up all the tangled bitterness and sorrow that originated from the Fall. This was the period when we could resolve and clear up all the historical circumstances in the area of lineage that arose from Adam and Eve's mistake. To move forward, we had to sort out relationships that could be offered to Heaven, offered for the sake of the Will, not only in mind but also in body. This is how we were finally able to complete the first seven-year course and True Parents could appear in this world victoriously. (077-215, 1975.04.12)

The Unification Church has passed through the initial three-year period of the first seven-year course that began in 1960. The number three is the number for finding children, and the number four is the number for restoring material things. We have successfully carried out this first task. We prevailed during these three years and laid the foundation to advance to the world. Upon this foundation, we need to restore the Second Israel. Therefore, the remaining four years is the period during which we need to work hard for the restoration of the people. Exerting all our energy, we need to work diligently and victoriously restore people and territory. You are doing in four years what I did in 40 years. In the future, even the matter of taking down the Unification Church signboard will depend on you. Instead of a Unification Church, we need to make a united Korea, and on that foundation, we need to make a united world. If you cannot fulfill this responsibility, I will have to get another nation to do it. (013-091, 1963.10.22)

True Mother's victory in the seven-year course

It was not easy for us to secure the family of True Parents. We had to rise all the way to the highest position in the world, passing the formation, growth and completion stages. There was a seven-year course to reach the completion stage. Adam and Eve fell at the completion level of the growth stage, so we had to walk a seven-year course starting from that point. Until the establishment of God's Day on January 1, 1968, Mother had to travel an arduous path as a woman. She passed Heaven's tests without any problem, and this is why she could become what she is today, our amazing True Mother. (170-034, 1987.11.01)

Mother's mission was to have unshakable confidence in her husband, regardless of the circumstances. Whatever happened, even if she should die, she had to keep an unchangeable attitude toward her husband. That must be her commitment, even if the nation opposes her. Eve fell into a position Heaven could not trust, and because Eve made Adam fall, Adam could not trust a woman 100 percent. Therefore, Mother had to maintain a firm position in which Heaven, God and her husband could have 100 percent confidence. For the first time in history, when God and man could trust a woman 100 percent, God's Day could be established. Do you understand? That was January 1, 1968. In order to restore the standard of restoration by indemnity for both men and women, Eve had to go through the completion stage from the top of the growth stage. Upon entering the eighth year, after completing her seven-year course, Mother and I could obtain Heaven's seal as a true, perfected family, and we could take our position on earth. (113-140, 1981.05.01)

After seven years and the beginning of the first day of the first month of the new year of 1968, the entire path of indemnity has been overcome and God's Day has been established. The authority of the mother has emerged, and the era of settlement on this earth has come. We are advancing to a global level now. After undergoing the three-year course in the 1970s, the standards for the nation and the world could be transcended, linking the foundation of the people with the foundation for the Bride that Jesus was not able to establish, which was completed on the foundation for the tribe and race. This paves the way of indemnity to move on to the world level. (162-233, 1987.04.14)

In order to dissolve bitter pain and sorrow, indemnity must be paid and there must be complete restoration. I went through a course of struggle to restore and perfect Adam and laid the foundation for his victory; hence, I can stand tall as a man. Likewise, in order for Mother to stand tall as a woman, she as Eve must go through the course of restoration through indemnity. This requires her to undergo a course of battles in heart, in body and in faith that no one else can fathom. The path that Mother had to pioneer was as dangerous as walking a tightrope. While she was completing that indemnity by the end of her first seven-year course, we instituted Parents' Day, Children's Day and Day of All Things. Then, on January 1, 1968, we welcomed God's Day. Thereby Mother finally gained the qualification as the original woman on earth and stood in a position equal to mine on the family level. (059-284, 1972.07.27)


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