410. True Mother's Suffering and Victory

Book 4: May You Blossom, My Beloved
Part 4: The Wilderness Course and True Mother's Victory
Chapters 2 & 3: True Mother's Suffering and Victory + The Wilderness Course and the Day of Victory of Love 

Chapter 2: True Mother's Suffering and Victory

True Mother's three years of suffering

The Unification Church launched its activities in earnest in 1960, on the basis of attending Mother. Despite persistent opposition from the nation and from Christianity, you laid the foundation to push through that opposition so you could welcome Mother and attend her. However, this did not mean that Mother could just live with me right away. Just as you had to go through a three-year period of separation after your marriage Blessing, we too had to do dispensational work in order to secure our family. The path of the Principle is the same for everyone. The first seven-year course was to indemnify the problems in Adam's family and make a family-level foundation centering on Mother. Since Adam and Eve fell at the completion level of the growth stage, we had to pass through that level to enter the completion stage. (106-267, 1980.01.01)

After we were married, Mother's own mother, father and uncle were not allowed to enter our home through the front door. Did Adam and Eve have a mother, father or relatives? Our relationships of the heart had to be united vertically and horizontally. It would not have done to unite them vertically and let them flow away horizontally. I called Hong Soon-ae and told her that she should never enter by the front door. I said to her, "For three years you can only enter by the back door!" When I was about to enter the room, she had to leave the house. Who can stay at the home of Adam and Eve? Can the mother stay? It is only God who should stay there. This is something that the secular world cannot understand. True Mother also could not have any ideas about her relatives. Being the Mother is that difficult. I told her to cut herself off from everyone because there still remained responsibilities for her to fulfill. There was a course she had to complete for God for seven years, which took precedence over her family. She had to walk that seven-year course from the completion level of the growth stage to the completion level of the completion stage. Without going through this seven-year course, God's Day, Children's Day and Day of All Things could not have been established. (170-123, 1987.11.08)

What did Mother have to do during the seven-year course? It was important that she not complain about having to walk the path of the cross, to live based on that standard of heart. There are pearl gates that 12 women from the east, west, north and south can pass through, centering on Mother, and what are these pearl gates? They are the gates of love. Only the people who truly love Heaven can pass through those gates. Those who love only on the human level cannot pass through them. Those people will go to hell. That is why Mother herself must bear on her shoulders everything that has been done wrong by innumerable women in all historical ages, and she must not complain about having to bear that cross. Instead, she should be grateful. (212-081, 1991.01.02)

The great thing about Hong Soon-ae is that she received revelations about everything and reported them all to Mother. She already knew about what would happen on the next day, and she told Mother everything, even the names of people who would come, because she knew the lonely position Mother was in. When you see something like that, you can know that the spirit world is indeed alive. (163-253, 1987.05.01)

If something happened, Hong Soon-ae came to Mother in secret and told her about it. Daemonim did that for three years. When she said something would happen the next day, it happened without fail. Therefore, she told Mother to be absolutely obedient to me. She taught Mother about such ways of obedience. Eve acted of her own accord, reversed the positions of the subject and object partners, and consequently destroyed the ways of heaven and earth. Yet Daemonim, True Mother's mother, did the things she did in order to make up for all of that. The spirit world taught her everything. Thus, Mother was able to pass that stage. She crossed over the wall, the wall of the family. She went beyond the environment wherein she would have had doubts about her husband. (195-150, 1989.11.07)

For three years, from 1960 to 1963, all the blessed families in Korea went through the course of restoration on the national level. Since the national-level foundation was lost in Jesus' time, all members in the church left home and participated in mission activities to restore the nation. During that time, as they worked on the front line, Father and Mother joined them in heart by eating the same meager food. When we ate, we did not place our food on the table but on the floor, just as many members did. When we did so, we had even the child inside True Mother's womb set the condition of participating with other church members to make the condition to restore the nation. (054-225, 1972.03.24)

Until 1963, True Parents worked with you, sharing your situation and eating humble meals of barley rice. We had to set that indemnity condition for three years on the family level. At the same time, you had to go out and struggle to give birth to your spiritual children. Just as you ate barley rice, True Parents also had to eat it. Now we will have to offer our sons and daughters internally when we go to America for a course of sacrifice on the world level. This is what we have to do. All of you ate seaweed soup with rice after Ye-jin was born; it was as if you were receiving blood from Mother while inside her womb. As Mother ate soup with rice in it, you ate the same food, which was like receiving her blood. It was the same when Hyo-jin was born. On this foundation, I established Children's Day and then Day of All Things. It was because we attained such a standard that I had the foundation to establish these Holy Days of blessing. Thereupon, when the first seven-year course came to an end and True Parents' family was liberated, I instituted God's Day. (047-340, 1971.08.30)

Victory in the three-year course

How is the standard of the perfected mother to be established? The perfected mother cannot come to be unless she passes through the connection by which she has been born through the mother at the growth stage. That is how things are, based on the Principle. In the end, the mother in the completion stage of the growth period must restore all that has been lost until now in the fallen world. In other words, as the fallen mother, she must indemnify all lost historical conditions and stand on a level where Satan cannot accuse her. Otherwise, the age of the mission of the perfected mother cannot be ushered in. (159-072, 1968.03.03)

Mother has suffered greatly until now. She had to lead women who were like wolves. They did all kinds of things, including praying for Mother's death. She had to go through such a path of suffering in order to firmly establish a home where I could live in comfort. To try to stop those arrows of hatred, I did not even allow her to sleep in the same room for three years. It was at such a time that she gave birth to Ye-jin, and because she slept in such poor quarters, she suffered from postpartum illness. She lived in a place where she trembled in the cold and where even her own husband did not visit. How could I go to see her every day? If I did, all kinds of rumors would have flown about, saying that I was engrossed in my wife. Therefore, I had to leave her in loneliness. As time went by, those women came to know about it too. After a year, they stopped whatever they had been doing and started saying that I should not leave Mother where she was. All of them also went to see her. (231-352, 1992.07.01)

True Mother lived separately from me for three years. Daemonim was so great that she received a revelation of my daily schedule from the spiritual world and talked about it with True Mother every day. True Mother's greatness was in obeying my direction absolutely. During the three years of separation, every grandmother, old woman and middle-aged woman in the church opposed Mother out of jealousy. However, owing to the support of the younger women, after three and a half years True Mother was liberated and could live with me. (280-214, 1997.01.01)

If Father had brought Mother into his family right away, the opposition and jealousy on the part of the other women in the church would have been so fierce that they might have become insane or even tried to kill her. Father had to deal with such an intense spiritual whirlpool. So for the three years after Father married Mother, he intentionally ignored Mother, almost casting her aside. He just left her alone. Sometimes Father would visit her. Mother didn't know what was going on, and Father never explained it to her. Father would almost never take Mother with him, only occasionally. Most of the time Father would take along women of different ages and different kinds of character. But Father did this on purpose, taking those people and going to some public place. Mother was left wondering why Father did that.

After two years, those older members told Father, "Mother is too pitiful; you should not treat your bride like that. Let us not hurt her anymore; let us bring her in.” They started speaking to him like this. If Father had initiated such an idea, they would have gone in a different direction. Father knew this. Mother was the youngest, only in her teens. There were women in their 20s, 30s, even 60s and 70s, and they all felt they should be Father's spouse. But finally, they realized that they had to serve Mother, even though she was young. This took at least three years. Nobody knows the incredible suffering Mother had to go through. Then for the first time, they said, "Mother, you have suffered enough for our sake. We will serve you as our Mother. You are our Mother.” (235-253, 1992.09.20)

Chapter 3: The Wilderness Course and the Day of Victory of Love

True Parents and the wilderness course

Today, this morning, is the beginning of a new day when Mother turns 40 years old. She is young, but she has been attending this husband of hers who is like a teacher or a parent, or sometimes like an older brother to her. Father, please pour out Your love on Mother who has endured well while walking the bloody path to establish the Unification Church as we know it today. She has a big heart. She has loved the children of the enemy, and she has stood in the position to love her own children as well.

Now at the beginning of this second 21-year course, because of the historical mission of uniting the blessed families with True Parents' family, Ye-jin's family and Hyo-jin's family, I come before You, Father, with sincerest gratitude that the surprising event of this engagement and marriage can take place according to Your Will.

Father, the families of this son and daughter are not fully aware of their historic mission of becoming unified families. Surrounded by the blessed families, these two couples, whom the angelic world cannot defeat, are working wholeheartedly to resolve historical resentment; they are forming a barrier around everyone, coming before Heaven with seriousness and showing You filial piety. Thus, they can stand in the position to teach others.

Through this work, and through achieving the standard of peace centering on the realm of the family, then the realm of the tribe, race and nation can be realized. Only then can the parent family pass through the standard of national True Parents and go through the course of the world-level Parents. They then can become the True Parents' family of heaven and earth. The foundation for God's love can then be established, as well as the foundation for God, liberated from eternal pain, to rule as the king in that nation. Please think about this amazing truth once again. Father, please bless this precious time as we enter the year 1982. (116-167, 1982.01.01)

The mother's role is to help her two sons to unite. She has to make the older son into the younger son and the younger son into the older son. She must embrace Abel with her right arm and Cain with her left and go to Adam. Mother did this before she was 40 years old. She took her own children and the Cain children and took them together to Father. After that, she brought them to God. (116-200, 1982.01.01)

Mother is now a distinguished person. Therefore, I am giving her full authority over everything. (124-257, 1983.02.20)

Heung-jin's sacrifice and the Day of Victory of Love

In December 1983 I spoke in eight major Korean cities at Victory over Communism rallies in order to unite the citizens of the Republic of Korea in defense of their nation. I also assembled 72 national delegates from the Professors World Peace Academy, representing the world and Christianity. I had a fierce battle with Satan as our rallies swept the nation. The entire nation of Korea was caught up in our activities. Through these rallies, I intended to subjugate Satan, who was working through North Korea to invade the South. At that time my own family was under extreme duress. As the representatives of the entire world, my family was under attack. Since Satan could not attack me directly, he attacked my son Heung-jin. During the last Victory over Communism rally in Gwangju, while I was actually speaking, my son was involved in an automobile accident.

It was like the nation was the father and the church was the son. In this situation, Christianity was completely opposed to us. All this had to be indemnified, so a great ransom had to be paid; an extraordinary sacrifice was required. For that reason, God allowed Heung-jin, one of the precious sons of the True Family, to serve as that sacrifice. Due to the opposition of Christianity on the earth, the path for Christianity centering on Jesus in the spirit world to cooperate with the earth was lost. This means that the Christian spirits in the spirit world centering on Jesus cannot come down to the earth and cooperate if there is opposition from Christians on the earth. Therefore, the spiritual and physical worlds must be connected through offering a sacrificial condition. Then the organization that gave the sacrificial offering, through its surroundings or through the physical world, can develop and move forward as the replacement for the foundation that was lost, using the vertical connection to the spirit world to spread horizontally on the earth.

Many things were accomplished through Heung-jin's sacrifice. In life he was the most filial son, but now this most sincere and pure child is in the embrace of God. If it were not for Heung-jin' s sacrifice, there could have been two very unfortunate developments. First, the North Korean military could have invaded South Korea; second, my earthly life could have ended. Already, because of the success of the Victory over Communism rallies in Korea, Satan could no longer attack South Korea. Satan still tried to attack me, but instead, at the exact time when we were harvesting victory in Korea, he ended up claiming Heung-jin, and my son became a sacrificial offering. (130-289, 1984.02.07)

On December 31, 1983, we, as True Parents, visited the hospital and conducted the Unification Ceremony. That ceremony placed Heung-jin above both the communist and democratic worlds. It was a serious moment. Even though this robust son whom we loved more than anyone else was about to pass into the spirit world, we could not allow ourselves to shed tears. During the three days after the Unification Ceremony, when we instituted the Day of the Victory of Love, we could not shed tears. Since we were marking his victory over death while standing as the True Parents of humankind, we could not permit ourselves to be sad. By their mistake, Adam and Eve built a high wall that would separate human beings from God. This created the valley of death, the hell of death, hell in the spirit world and hell on earth. Standing at the highest point, we put everything in order and offered up our son. You cannot imagine how serious we were. As a parent, if l could have slowed the passage of time, I would have. But at a time like that, I had to send Heung-jin off without any hesitation and keep a steady heart in front of Heaven. I even had to tell Mother that if she cried, she would invite misfortune. Only after we had held the Seonghwa Ceremony in Korea and sent him off to heaven, could we cry as his parents. Only after the ceremony was completed, did I shed tears, but those tears of grief were mixed with tears celebrating his victory. (408-293, 2003.06.17)

Heung-jin passed away, but he is not dead in the physical or spiritual world. I believe he will bring about the realm of the resurrection of love. This means that though he went there through death, he will resurrect love through his death. He will hold onto the spirit world and the earth and proclaim the realm of resurrection of love. Through this, he will depart from the realm of death.

You should not think that my son overcame indemnity conditions and died for the sake of proclaiming this Day of Victory of Love. Putting aside his bodily death, you must know that this was a fight for the sake of God's love. You must think of God's love more than a mother and father think of their child who has passed away. You must think about a love that can win over the realm of death.

I take full responsibility. That is why we decided to perform the Unification Ceremony. I told Mother, "At this time, you and I should stand as parents that Heaven can be proud of, that all the ancestors in the spirit world can be proud of, and that the spirit world, angelic world, the thousands of apostles, saints and sages can be proud of. We have to create a mood in which all humankind will bow to us because they can see that there is no mistaking that we have the authority of love that can rule over the realm of death. We have to make all humankind testify to us, saying, 'You are indeed the center of God's love.’” Even after sending my son off, I hold aloft the banner of love and move forward into action for the sake of a new world.

You must understand that the Day of Victory of Love is the day of a new beginning that commemorates this. It could become the standard for establishing the new direction of love nationally and worldwide. That is why we give this day the name "Day of Victory of Love,” as proclaimed at four o'clock on January 3, 1984. (130-203, 1984.01.15)

You must understand that people in public positions must maintain a strict standard. I told Mother, "Mother, you must know this! The shoots on the very top of the tree are very high, so when the wind blows, they have to overcome the most dangerous circumstance. However, even while doing so, the shoot must grow. No matter how painful it is, even if there is a storm and it finds itself shaking, the shoot must continue growing in order to drive the roots deeper.” Therefore, we have overcome the realm of death, and the world that we are entering from now on is one centered on the Day of Victory of Love proclaimed by True Parents. Now is the time when we can establish the condition by which the realm of death cannot reach beyond this wall. As long as you love me more than your own life, Satan cannot attack here. This is because Heung-jin passed away in your place. Based on that, if you become people who can love True Parents more than Heung-jin did, then Satan cannot move at all. Until now, Satan ruled over love, but from now on, God rules over love. (130-205, 1984.01.15)


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