3. The Lord of the Second Advent and True Parents

Book 1: Global Unity Through True Parents 
Part 1: The Life of Hak Ja Han Moon as True Mother
Chapter 3: The Lord of the Second Advent and True Parents

The Lord of the Second Advent and True Father's indemnity course

Though Jesus died on the cross before he could completely fulfill the purpose for his coming to this earth, he achieved spiritual salvation during the 40 days of his resurrection, and thus the history of Christianity was begun. Christianity, however, was divided into many denominations, because it did not know God's Will or the true purpose of Jesus' coming. In spite of this, God nurtured Christianity and paved the foundation to send the Lord of the Second Advent. At the time, the Second World War had just ended. Until the time before the Second World War, the victorious nations were in control of the defeated nations, but after this war, the victorious nations helped the defeated nations. Such a providence came to pass because all the nations in the world had become brother nations, for the time had come for the Lord of the Second Advent to appear. (2006.07.20, Nairobi, Kenya)

After Jesus' ascension, God prepared the environment where He could keep His promise to send the Lord of the Second Advent through the Christian cultural realm, right after the Second World War. God allowed western culture to rule over the world because it was His great Will to send the Lord of the Second Advent through the Christian culture at a certain time, and unite this world as one. Though the history of Christianity in Korea is a short one, it sums up the essence of Christianity. At the time of the Second World War, Christian history was 2,000 years old, but the only people who believed at that time that the Lord would come again in the flesh were the Christians in Korea. (2006.05.30, Jakarta, Indonesia)

You must have learned from True Parents' words that the time when Heaven was able to seek out humanity and achieve His Will was the year 1945. In 1945, after the Second World War, the foundation of Christianity was ready in an environment where the Lord of the Second Advent could be received, but that Will was not realized. Historically, Korea is a nation where all the religions introduced have come to fruition. At that time, when Christian history was almost 2,000 years old, the history of Christianity in Korea was less than a century long. At a time when all Christians in the world were looking up at the sky, believing that the Lord of the Second Advent would appear from there, the Christians in Korea were waiting for the Lord who was directly connected to Heaven and who was to come substantially in the flesh. There were even spiritual groups who received revelations on what the coming Lord would look like and what size clothes he would wear, and they made clothes for him in advance. Even in the world, when a king is to be enthroned, he needs a foundation to stand on and subjects to rule. If there is no foundation and nothing is prepared in terms of ceremonial procedures or clothes, it will not be enough for somebody to just appear and say “I am king.” All the Christians in the world are meant to be the subjects of the coming Lord, but not one Christian denomination has made preparations to receive the coming Lord. Believing in a Lord who will come upon the clouds may be said to be a far-fetched, illogical faith. Christian history has had both Cain's side and Abel's side. Cain's side, which came into existence first, expanded and grew phenomenally, while Abel's side had only a handful of people who could receive the Lord. (2006.05.04, Miami, USA)

Among today's humankind, has there ever been anyone who knew about God's heart and circumstances and wished to liberate Him? Though Heaven continued to educate the people of Israel, they failed to accept Jesus, with the result that they had to wander around for many years.

However, Jesus' death on the cross set the condition by which the foundation of Christianity could be laid on this earth, so the history of Christianity continued for 2,000 years, and the foundation to receive the Lord of the Second Advent was finally prepared by 1945. However, those who were prepared failed to connect to True Father.

For a person to stand as the lord of a nation, there must be citizens. Similarly, in realizing God's providence, the people who are following Him need to fulfill their responsibility. However, when True Father came, his followers failed to fulfill their responsibility, leaving him no choice but to begin again from the bottommost part of hell. (2006.07.19, Nairobi, Kenya)

True Father was called by Heaven at the age of 16 to begin working for the providence. It is true that Heaven prepared the environment surrounding True Father, and also built a protective fence around him. True Father's great uncle was a Christian pastor. At the time, Korea was under Japanese rule and the people who were taking part in the independence movement against Japan were Christians. True Father also knew when Korea would regain independence. The people who had received spiritual revelations from Heaven knew when Korea would be liberated. Under such circumstances, Heaven chose a central figure and made preparations, but the forces on Cain's side were just too strong and the ideal imagined by those on True Father's side were very different from reality, so he received much persecution. Even after Korea was liberated, it could not gain complete independence and, torn between America and the Soviet Union, it was divided contrary to its wishes into North and South. At that time, True Father still had to embrace the whole country, and so after staying a while in the South he went up to the North to lay his foundation. There, he was persecuted and imprisoned. (2006.05.04, Miami, USA)

When Father was 16, he received his mission from Jesus and assumed the role of the only begotten son. This was when Father had to fulfill his responsibilities at the growth stage, during which Adam and Eve should have looked only toward God with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience under God's realm of protection. During that time, Adam and Eve looked toward themselves instead, which led to the Fall. Father also had to pay indemnity for all the responsibilities that Jesus, the only begotten son, had not been able to fulfill, which was why Heaven told Father, who was in South Korea, to go to North Korea.

True Parents' position, reestablished by Heaven in the fallen world, could not come about without indemnity. Consequently Father went to prison. In the prison, Father was in a situation in which he was to have been executed the following day. Heaven could not ignore this, which is why Heaven worked through the UN Forces in order to make it possible for Father to return to South Korea. The historic work of the UN Forces would not have been possible without Heaven's help. If Russia had voted against it there would have been no way for it to happen. However, Heaven moved the UN to vote in favor of sending troops.

True Father fulfilled the restoration through indemnity that Jesus had not been able to achieve in his 33-year life course. True Father wrote Wolli Wonbon, the first version of the Divine Principle, in Beom-il Dong during the hardships of the refugee period. That is why we have the Exposition of the Divine Principle today. The only begotten son of God must find the Word. (2016.08.01, CheongPyeong Training Center)

The Will cannot be achieved without embracing both Cain and Abel. After the Second World War, Korea was divided into North and South and the North was dominated by the Soviet Union. Even though True Father knew this, he still had to go to the North. At that time, many spiritual and heavenly phenomena were taking place in the North, centering on Pyongyang. There were people who believed that the Lord would come in the flesh to that region. True Father crossed the 38th parallel to embrace his Cain children, but he was imprisoned and persecuted. Thanks to the UN troops, however, he was freed and he was able to return to the South, where he founded the Unification Church. True Father was imprisoned six times. He could have avoided that path, but in order to bring Cain and Abel together as one and register them both as his children, he had to fulfill his mission of the True Parents, even in prison. In other words, True Father was in a position where he had no choice but to follow such a path of suffering. (2006.05.30, Jakarta, Indonesia)

When we consider True Father's family, we find that he had a great-uncle who was both a Christian pastor and a central figure in the independence movement. That great-uncle also had a close connection to President Syngman Rhee. Had he been connected to True Father, therefore, it would not have taken long to build the foundation we have today. The Korean peninsula was divided into North and South due to the Korean War. Thus, the foundation prepared by God was lost, and True Father had no choice but to begin anew. Consequently, he began his work again in Beomnaetgol, Busan. He also had to go through an indemnity course of being imprisoned six times. (2006.07.07, Tirana, Albania)

True Parents comforted the heart of God and emerged triumphant

All people were meant to have parents centered on God, but they have come to have false parents instead. Unification Church members have learned through the Divine Principle about God's miserable situation. He is unable to take dominion over humankind as long as they have false parents. Throughout the thousands of years of human history, there has not been one person who understood the grieved and anguished heart of God and tried to comfort Him. In the course of God's providence, many prophets came forward to uphold God's Will, but they all ended up failing. In light of this, God's heart must indeed be in indescribable agony. He pinned His hopes on each of them in turn, but whenever they failed and stood in the position of having to pass on the mission of achieving His Will to the next generation, the anguish God must have felt in His heart would have been beyond words. Not even the prophets, however, understood this painful heart of God. (2006.07.01, Amman, Jordan)

Christians are just looking up at the sky, waiting to receive the Lord coming on the clouds. You, however, have been fortunate enough to meet True Parents. You have no idea how difficult it has been for True Parents' names to become known around the world as they are today. True Father has had to go to prison six times, and overcome innumerable life-or-death crises. In the course of human history until now, True Parents are the people who have known better than anyone else about God's heart and circumstances, and who have proclaimed and worked in order to perfectly achieve His Will, no matter what indemnity they have had to pay. (2006.08.09, Lima, Peru)

The history of the Unification Church had to start out from the lowest place, like a wilderness course. In spite of the difficult environment where nothing was prepared, True Father strove to develop Korea in earnest so that it could join the ranks of the advanced nations. In the early days, the members of the Unification Church consisted mainly of women and middle and high school students. This small number of people took the lead in reviving Korea according to True Father's will, through the New Mind, New Life Campaign and the New Community Movement. As they propagated the teaching of the Divine Principle, they also devoted themselves to restoring the polluted rivers and denuded mountainsides. Korea today has joined the ranks of advanced nations and is exporting many kinds of goods to the rest of the world. The one who paved the foundation to make this possible from the bottommost place was True Father. In the 1950s and 1960s, nobody could have imagined that Korea would become involved in the machinery industry. It was a time when there was no foundation of any kind. However, at that time True Father began to make preparations and train engineers. Anyone who starts a business desires to gain something from it. In short, they desire to make money. True Father, however, did not ask for anything in return; he invested everything solely for the will of the providence. (2006.07.21, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Right after the Second World War, God prepared the foundation on which the Lord of the Second Advent could come and achieve His Will. If Korea at the time had upheld God's great Will and prepared the ground to attend True Father, it would not have been divided into North and South. You may have learned from the Divine Principle that the difficult course of indemnity was begun because human beings failed to fulfill their five percent responsibility. This being the case, True Father had no choice but to start out from the bottommost part of hell. Though many prophets and martyrs have come and gone in the course of history, the only person who fulfilled the Will during his life on earth was True Father. Moreover, True Father was able to perform the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship and the Cheon Jeong Gung Entrance Ceremony and Coronation Ceremony of True Parents, the King and Queen of Cosmic Peace—something that could not even be imagined in the fallen world. (2006.06.20, Dushanbe, Tajikistan)